Suge Knight Sued By Former Drug Dealers Wife

Lydia Harris has filed a lawsuit against Death

Row Records [now called Tha Row] and several other co-conspirators,

including lawyer David Kenner, stating that she was deprived her of early Death

Row profits and publicly slandered throughout the music industry.

Harris, who operates and owns Lifestyle Records,

says she was a co-founder of Death Row, but Knight and David Kenner, her former

attorney, altered the legal structure of the record label to exclude her completely.

“I was cool with [Suge] and Kenner, but they identified my loyalty to Mike

[Harris, her husband,] and tried to get rid of me,” Lydia Harris said.

Harris is best known as the spouse of incarcerated

Michael “Harry O” Harris, former drug dealer. According to Harry O,

he provided 1.5 million dollars in start up capital for Death Row to launch.

Harry O claims to have made up to 15 million selling illegal drugs.

In 1991, Lydia Harris began working with Death

Row as a 50 percent shareholder in a company called GFP Inc., (also known as

Godfather Entertainment), which was the parent company to Death Row, according

to Harris’ attorney.

The lawsuit against Knight and the other alleged

coconspirators says that he has called Harris several derogatory names since

early 2001 on radio and in interviews. According to documents, Harris said her

suit was "in order to restore my good name and reputation, which [Suge]

has callously attacked in recent months."

Harris executive produced a recently released

documentary film called "Welcome to Death Row” via Zenon Pictures.

Michael “Harry O” Harris has been incarcerated since 1988 and is currently

in Lancaster State Penitentiary in San Quentin, California.

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