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Hip-Hop Rumors: Dr. Dre To Take “Break” From Music and Detox Dies?


Dr. Dr has basically proclaimed that his album Detox isn’t coming out. Oh well, that kind of stings. Look at how he positions his “break” music.

“These are the next two artists I’m working on, Slim Da Mobster and Kendrick Lamar. I think that’s when I’m gonna just wrap it up for a minute because I’ve been working on music for 27 years now and the longest I’ve ever been out of the studio in 27 years has been two weeks. So yea I feel like I’m gonna take a little bit of a break. I’m never gonna stop music, it’s like air to me. So I’mma take a little bit of a break. Enjoy some time with the family til I get that itch to get back in.”

Not sure of the source, but it certainly reads like its real. As you might expect, Dre also said that he’s focusing on his headsets, which are clearly the money maker now.

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  1. EL_BARK

    Blacls folks.

    Only niggas can take a break, while
    Being on a break.

    @ dre.
    How you going to take a break, when you been on a break for about
    8 years.?????

    Thats given if you really did produce your last couple of tracks,
    For 50 or the detox.

    Cause we all know u be getting your puff on, when it comes to tracks.

    • mellowhype

      his son died smart guy, stfu, drop a record or do something that doesn’t involve typing on a screen, how you gunna write an essay explaining why another man should do work, put some work in yourself and hop off dre’s d*ck, the man has classics, if he wants to chill and spend time with his family, more power to him.

  2. Grind_Extraordinaire

    Dre be grindin cuz! Dre runs Aftermath, which is parent company to shady records, G-Unit records, etc. Dre has been in the past decade working with the likes of Eminem, 50 cent, Busta Rhymes, Eve, Game, etc….not to mention these new artist he’s mentioned, other artists who never got the light they wanted, so on so forth. If he was only a producer, you can say he been bullshittin, but running a company comes with world of responsibility that people who only produce, or only produce and rap/sing have to uphold. His label is still up and running. Infact, Dre has NEVER been apart of a defunct label. Ruthless and Deathrow records both only submerged after Dre left. Aftermath is still up and running. everywhere he’s been, the organization has thrived. He taught EM how to Produce. Again…teach a man how to fish…..Dre be grindin!. Dre is a true pioneer!

    bullshit does not accomplish this. Old money does not accomplish this. consistent professionalism accomplishes this. 

    • EL_BARK

      Are you serious??????

      Dre be grinding??????
      Shady & g-unit. Lol

      Eve & busta,

      Touch it was about 6 years ago,??? 05 if my memory is correct.
      Eve ? When the last time she had an album out?????
      Tamborine? Was a flop and her album got shelf.

      As far as aftermath as an label.
      I wait for one artist, that has drop
      On that label & that label alone.????
      Game doesnt count cause he distrubuted by intetscope
      You know that white guy jimmy, that signs dre checks.??? Lol

      Shady records is EM label, just like G unit is 50 label.
      50 as a label head reports to jimmy not DRE, which is why 50 took g-unit
      To EMI for banks album.

      50 as a artist reoorts to DRE & EM, i think your confusing the two.

      Speaking of 50, who been washed up for a bout 4 years now.
      Considering BISD went gold. Only after moving 60,000
      Its first week, or whatever numbers it did.

      Beside EM album recovery which only sold cause he white,
      How many tracks did dre produce of his last 2 albums.??

      I cant tell you, Dont listen to EM but i aay dre may have produce
      Maybe 3 at the most per album, if that.

      And he prolly burn a producer for credit.

      Dude has been working on detox, for 10 years.
      Drops kush, and that shet didnt get no spins,

      So now he giving up on detox, cause he wash up, and cant re-create anothet classic
      Like he did with the first 2.

      You giving him way 2 much credit, i not knocking his contribution to the game,
      His resume speaks for itself.

      But dude hasnt been relevant for a while, and he knows it.

      When is the ladt time he had and 1 record.

      For somebody that say he aint been out the studio for longer then 2 weeks,
      Well where in the hell is the results at.

      Man everybody paint this picture like dre this, and his busy in the lab,
      And he a work-aholic and perfectionist.
      Man that ish be BS. And 50 & EM know it. Lol


        I don’t think Dre did anything on the Recovery album, and maybe 2 songs on Relapse. All together maybe 10 songs in 10 years. But he hasn’t had a hit song in years, but I disagree with Em only selling because he’s white (that’s bullsh*t). Em is what kept Dre relevant up to this point, 50 wouldn’t have blew like he did if Em wasn’t co-signing him. When Dre was on the Row he got credit for a lot of work that Daz and the junkroom producers did. He gets way too much credit, just like Eazy-E. How can you be mentioned with the greats if you never wrote your own sh*t? I guess he need a break from steroids and trannys!

      • EL_BARK

        So your trying to tell ME that EM sales has nothing to do with the fact?
        He has a greater demographic then your average black MC???.

        So i guess vanilla ice sold 8 million, cause niggah in the hood rush to their local mom
        & pop store to cop his album in 91.

        Lady gaga selling a million records in a week, because little black girls lover het style.????

        I think you can see my point. EM sells and always did crazy number because he is white.

        Now i not saving, blacks dont listen to him, or buy his music.

        Buts to say his core group of fans arent white prolly would be a little naive…..

        EM came out with a gimmick, from his first album,
        In fact his first single was a gimmick.

        You cant argrue he put 50 on. Cause begore 50 signed with him

        50 was buzzing all over NY & could had signed with anybody.

        He chose to go west coast, to get away from cats in NY.

        EM subject matter is one, that i dont think many cats from the hood can relate to.

        I talking the real hood, not the fake rap hood……

        Yeah he nice on the mic, buts he only relevants cause he white donminating a black genre of music… He the great white hope for white people.

        And yes, i give you, he has kept dre afloats,
        Since 98. thats even more proves my point about dre being an non factor in the game as of late.

        That niggah be in the gym, training with a pic of suge in front of him,
        Instead in front of an mpc & keyboard. Lol

        Seem he been hiding ever since that award show. Lol

      • Brendget Jones

        You are right in the first instance that Em’s first single was a pile of sh1te and i still really hate that song but how can you talk about gimmicks, Eminem wrote about some weird stuff but it was fiction in the same way that most rappers talk about selling drugs or shooting people up, now im from the UK but if someone put out as matter of public record that they killed someone or sold crack i would like to think the police would investigate it.

        Now im not going to get into the ‘art imitating life’ debate cause that is just childish nonsense. But you cannot say for definite Eminem’s skin colour had anything to do with him selling the amounts he does. What about Jay Z and Kanye etc pushing BIG numbers and still having artistic integrity?  Some of you would like to akin their success to some mythical organisation that they ‘sold their soul’ to REALLY?  

        I understand the record labels might find it easier to market a white artist to white america but if that were so blatantly so where the hell are the other white rappers, you have people like machine guy kelly and yelawolf coming up now but if it was such a hard and fast rule why isnt the market saturated by white boys. You do Eminem a major disservice by saying his skin type is what has sold him millions of records and on the Dre thing… i think we all knew Detox was never gonna see the light of day, but thats cool i respect the man.

      • EL_BARK

        Jay and kayne sucess both comes from
        An mixture of them having crossover appeal.

        The reason why there arent more white rappers during the time,
        Because it has something to do with, its not enuff room in hip hop for that many.

        Dont forget, the white rapper gimmick has been around for some time now.
        ie. Beastie boys, ????
        Marky mark & funky bunch, vanilla ice, all had their fun during the early 90’s.

        Also you dont see that many other white rappers, because EM just happen to get lucky and had a black fanbase, something that would be an incredible challenge for most rappers.

        You can only have do many white rappers on black urban radio,
        In heavy rotation. Other white rappers has come out but few,
        Will donminate in such a way EM did. Also EM popularity
        Was like i said before. In the late 90’s hip hop,
        Had cross over, to white people in a way it had done before.

        In the 80’s if you went to a hip hop show it was all black people.
        You didnt have to many shows in place like denver colorado.???
        Or seatle.

        However as the culuture grew, so did the fans and the once hip hop begin expanding,
        Late 98 cats like jigga realize this, and this is what allow jigga to do crazy numbers.
        Because he cross over to a white fan base.

        Same with EM, the fact that he could actually rap, and his skin color push him to the top or among the elite.

        When jay was talking bout dealing drugs,
        On his first album he only went gold.
        On his vol 1 he made more radio friendly top
        40 songs. And double his fans by going platinum.

        By vol 2 he scored his first major hit.
        Hard knock life, cause he had an classical white song from a classic movie annie,
        As his hook!!!!!!!!!

        See where i going with this, boom he sells 4 millions and never look

        Jay & kayne both only sell well, cause they have cross over appeal.
        Like most rappers who moved crazy units have.

        Ie nelly, ja-rule at one point, 50,

        I always thought EM was overated,
        His first album, wasnt that good.

        His second one was better, but just okay.

        I think his best bars came after he signed 50,
        And murder inc were trying to get they bully on. Lol

        if EM was black and had the same content, he would not do the numbers he does.
        Thats a facts. Its because he whites, and a lot of whites can relate to
        His music more then blacks.

        Another example is lil wayne.
        He made lolli pop and he sells damn near a million,

        You would had to agree the majority of the buying public that buys album is white folks now days, when you look at the mainstream artist. That are moving units.

      • Brendget Jones

        But you talk about skin colour as if it were a ‘gimmick’ so by that rationale Jimi Hendrix was only successful because he was black,  ie he was in a culture which were mainly populated by white people.

        If Em was black he may not have the same content in his music but then who knows Tyler’s solo stuff could be compared to Em’s earlier stuff dark narratives, rejection of the traditional gangsta themes etc. I just dont understand why colour equates to mainstream appeal. I don’t get my music from radio stations i never have. People who are authentically into hiphop will usually shuns so called cross over hits as being crap or selling out but music is a business and the artists have to sell their product.

        If lollipop was the high point of Waynes career Carter iv wouldnt of sold like it did because in the same respect his ‘rock’ album didnt sell well, because it was in my opinion an inferior product.

         I dont know as im not a fan of rock music but i wonder if people on those sort of sites have the same problem with the likes of weezy and n.e.r.d crossing over into their music. I like it when artists try to reach new audiences and try different stuff, I mean how many times can you hear the same old “selling crack and drinking bottles in the club” that stuff is more redundant than “throw ya hands in the air like we dont care”.

        Now Ive only listened to hiphop since 98 so i missed out on the golden age, but it was eminem that got me into it and since my tastes have diversified from stuff like immortal technique thru to lil wayne then onto scroobius pip. If hip hop is anything its a music that transcend boundaries we cant be too perish about who started it because if it was like that people from Stratford would be repping shakespeare and chaucer. I see hiphop as a medium to allow the poet/rapper to express themselves regardless of background. Well unless your rapping about apple bottom jeans and boots with fur in that case, thats corny

        and with regards to sales i cannot possibly comment on that as i have no statistics to prove either way, i buy albums because i like to support artists i like whether they be mainstream or indie based. But i do download stuff that im not to bothered about so i dont know tbh.


        I hate to admit it, but you’re somewhat on point. To sell a milli these days you gotta have an large white audience, because they are the ones buying albums. But he sells for the same reason Jay, Wayne & Kanye sell and that’s because it’s pop music. Same as Gaga & Mrs. Jay, but I think it’s more because of the gimmick versus him being white. Bubba Sparks & Paul Wall haven’t came close to the numbers Em does, he’s an elite pop/rap star

      • Jessie Barber

        lol 2 songs? dre produced evrey track on relapse u noob havent u seen eminems interview he saisd it him self dre already finished detox i dont think its coming out before this christams  but we know dre he lieks to add finishing touches and produce fire hes taking a break haha lol in dont think so hes gona rop detox like bomb shell when its least expected 🙂


        No Dre didn’t, Dre is a lazy ass dude. Just ask anybody from Death Row, other people make beats and Dre might add a snare or kick here or there and take credit for the whole beat. I bet you think Dre produced all of Doggystyle, The Chronic & 2001 too, nah… Dre greedy as hell 2, he didn’t give Daz, Warren G or Quik any credit for producing tracks, hell he didn’t give Snoop or D.O.C. credit for ghost writing either, he’s really over rated

  3. Royal_Chiefa

    I wouldn’t be surprised…that’s why there’s so many leaked copies and unofficial copies of Detox that DJ’s have…

  4. ladynamor

    In 85 when no one else was doing beats…Dre was doing it. People have to learn to respect that. Some of you wasnt even born and talking shit.



                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

  6. Brendget Jones

    and the interesting thing here is that you feel like you should have to personally connect with the music you listen to, like i say im from England i grew up in an awful area but i dont listen to hip hop because i connect with it on a personal level in the same way i dont watch Transformers because i hang with giant robots. Music can be alot of things but is usually defined by the listener from a subjective point of view. I listen to Jefferson Starship as well that doesnt mean im a hippy that does copious amounts of acid.

    • EL_BARK

      Naw i didnt say i have to personallly connect to it.

      I saying EM sells because ones he is white, and more white people can connects to his music then most blacks. I like a few hall & oak, and mike mac donald,
      Songs. And i sure we from to different enviorments.
      But good music is good music. I agree but EM music or most of his music, i cant vibe to,
      Or its just isnt good music in my opinion.
      Not cause i cant relate to it, just isnt good to me.

  7. C4our

    I heard DRE got aids, thats why hes been workin out so hard and showed himself @ EazyE grave at the end of I need a Doctor video! oh well, Dres albums were never about him rappin just about the features n beats, so go buy the music of the artist who was finna be on there, Eminem, Royce, Snoop, Kendrick Lamar, 50 cENT, Game, Daz, Kurupt, Mel Man, Xzibit, lol you know how the Chronic Smoke people, the dude is 50 n wack! 

  8. Apollo Showtime

    I bet the albums just about done, and the prevent the leak, he’s making this statement to kill the anticipation for a leak then just drop it on niggas outta nowhere and sweep up in the 3rd or 4th week.

  9. Tril Beats

    thats pretty wack Dre… didnt you have a video already for a single on Detox?? I dont think this nigga can release another Chronic style album… this is a Fail!!

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