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Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Disses Kim AGAIN In "Stupid Hoe"

Oh man! Nicki is acting like a sniper and just picking Lil Kim apart right now. The funny thing about Nicki is this is a jokey sounding dis with a jokey sounding beat. I guess this is one of the ways to clown people. She just repeated refers to Kim as a “Stupid Hoe.” Sheesh…she calls her a “Bubbles” as in Michael Jackson’s monkey. I wonder if Kim can make a comeback with this stiletto on her neck. “Stupid hoes is my enemy…stupid hoe shoulda befriended me then she coulda probably came back…” is the most telling lyric. Nicki is silly…lol…

The diss is below but before you listen, Mary J. Blige recently commanded this two to stop beefin! She even suggested they all get on a song together.

“Kim is my friend, and I love and respect Nicki. I just met her and got to know the young lady and she’s a sweetheart. But it’s people putting fuel in it. Everyone is just thinking so negative about it and everyone is in it, but if a bunch of people would say, ‘Yo, stop this and let’s help these girls do something together or to see the light. Maybe one day a track with all three of us will happen. I’m hoping. We just all got to think positive.” – MTV


  • Casor_Greener

    Straight Garbage. From the beat to the lyrics

    • lol still funny tho. At least Kim could make hers entertaining

      • As if bodyin’ Nicki Minaj wasn’t entertaining enough.

  • TruthSerum

    LOL, Lil Kim do kinda look like bubbles tho

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    Thanks, that 3 mintues of my life i wont get back……

  • She foolin’ on this one. 

  • Nicki , Kim & Mary J?

    Hmmm, if they follow Mary’s lead & act like women , respectful & intelligent…might work.

    Nicki Minaj’s diss was a finishing move on Lil Kim though.

    • Romia Blue

      It would be a nice thought but it would take both Kim and Nicki to evolve into “women” like MJB did. What I mean by that; MJB will be the first to tell you that drug issues and personal conflict with KC aside, she had animosity towards Puff for working more with Faith Evans back in the day. I won’t say it was “jealousy” but r&b never really had “beef”ers like in Hip Hop. The fact that Kim is the veteran of the scenario, it should never have even taken this off-ramp. Kim ph*cked up her career by purging herself, going to jail, and then coming out like this was still 1999. And poor Foxy lol..I just thought I’d mention her so she know we still remember

      • MrTroyMercy

        Cosign !!! That was realest post !

  • 100% GARBAGE!!!

  • shalove220

    If there was no Kim there would be no Nicki. Little girl need to stay in her lane and leave grown folk alone. She’ll just be a foot note in 2 years. Nicki who?

  • Damn Nicki is just making herself like a stupid hoe, haha. she cant even make good diss tracks, this sounds exactly like a remake of that wack roman in moscow but this shits even waaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. time to assssignate the wack popsickle, wit a siiiiiiiiiiiickle.

  • mike malarkey

    id still fuc k lol

  • $17637591

    I think Nicki running out of creativity cuz she keeps going back to the lil kim well. Its like yaaawwwnnnnn Nicki dissed Kim again. I dont think anybody cares no more about their beef.

  • At Romania:
    Fat Shout to Foxy Brown….ok, LOUD shout! ( LOL )

    Mary J , all issues aside, conducted herself properly.

    It takes time & experience to know that beefing is for crabs.
    All would be better keeping it moving & improving , but some can’t improve , or want to.

    Crabs think pulling some one down actually elevates them . Crab in a Barrel mentallity.

    Hip Hop or just people in general? have this mentality.

    You have haterz , then you have : Congradulators , up-daters & innovators.

    It’s easy to turn the other cheek , when your at a disadvantage , hard when you have the advantage.

    Nicki dissing Lil Kim actually helps Kim’s career , maybe not as much as putting KIM on , but life is like poker:
    ” You get what your hand calls for! ”

  • Terrible. SMH.

  • simondimes

    ooooooooh bitch at the bet awards looking real stupid,ooooooooooh lil kim and wayne got on the same jeans,ooooooh something wrong

  • simondimes

    you rappin like baby ooooooooooh that mean they trash

  • wack. she still ant say lil kim name. sounds like nikki is dissin her self.

  • $12135851

    Lmao lyrically this is beyond trash! I see why her main fan base is 21 and under!

  • daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    STRAIGHT UP WACK!!!!

  • DezBundy

    Wack! Annoying and wack…..female hiphop is dead.

  • 5 – 14yr olds    yuck!!  lmao

  • ThetaCi

    Nicki stole Game’s pastime…

  • Taba Givagops

    I like Nicki and Kim, but I’m kind of tired of hearing stupidness. So what, both of them are dimes. Yeah Yeah Yeah it’s fashionable to diss  and beef, but after a while, when you see folk you admire going crazy commercial, to the bridge, one can get bored. The both of them should step up the game and go beyond the money. Yo the paper’s depreciating anyhow.  All we artists really have is the ability to inspire life.  Think of the children.  Stupidness is ok every once and a while, but all the time talkin’ about dumb stuff is boring.  Please youa’ll step up the game.

  • rep87

    kim time is up and nicki minaj enjoy because when its over its over and thats fact

  • King Cold

    Lmao another wack ass diss from nicki? Wtf? At least kim shit went harder, this is garbage.

  • this song was “Bloody awful” As nicki would say in one of her stupid sounding accents. Im jus smh at the fact that hiphop has gone down the drain so far that a non rapping, idiotic lookin, plastic bitch that sounds like she has tourettes syndrome can even feel like she can step on a dog’s neck let alone the Queen Bee! The shit she says is blasphamy, how dare you?! I mean really, how do you come in the game emulating,imitating,swagger jackin, a bitch an then have the audacity to diss her? You wana be her! “Black barbie dressed in bulgari” Bitch she said it, in the “how many licks video” Bitch she did it, the Barbie shit is hers!  “Crush on you” video, kim rocked 4 different color wigs, an color coordinated the rooms an her outfit. You took the lil kim blueprint an created nicki re-tard, tried to make a newer version of Kim accept she forgot she th fact that in order to do so she needed TALENT! Well maybe to get rich she dosent since ppl obviously like bullshit music or bitches wit fake asses an they went out an bought the shit. A friend tried to give me the cd, tellin me i had to jus listen, i got to the second track an decided it made a beautiful coaster and or weed tray. I would say at least she seems like a nice person in the interviews, but she is always acting like a idiot so you never get to see her true personality.  Besides Kim killed her with the Black Friday track, real HipHop fans know that so idgaf anymore about anything she ever says about KIM.  “Im the architect of the blueprint, my DNA in ur music Muthafucka you stupid!” In the worss of Jayz, the same way he spanked Wayne’s ass an sent him on his way, Kim did Nicki an  even the broads suckin on nicki clit, deep down know that shit.


    uh yo imma
    diss this barbie bitch right here/ have you not learn that beef with
    kim was last year/ ran out of shit to say?? bitch you fading fast ya
    time is near!/ look at this stupid hoe with her bunch of split
    personalities/ lil kim swagger jacker ever heard of originality?/ no i
    dont think so, keep lying crusty the clown with ya over grown nose
    Pinocchio/ have you not notice you the only female rapping for right
    now/ hypocrite fool didnt you sell your mixtapes on paypal/ next time
    think before coming out the jaw/federal government shouldve sued your
    lame ass for fraud/BITCH!