B.o.B. [BGA] Ft. Andre 3000 "Play The Guitar"

[ahh_audio src=/12-28-11/B.O.B.ftAndre3000–PlayTheGuitar.mp3]

  • markeithwin


  • This is hot and Dre bodied this

    • Mongo Slade

      ITS MURDER!!!

  • TiteJumpa


  • 3 Stax is just a MONSTER

  • Mongo Slade

    GOT DAMN!!!!! BOB went in and ANDRE 3STACKS commited murder on this shit!!!!! Wow, that shit cray… nigga said “I encourage any kid to pick up an instrument so when you mad at your dad or your mum / you can grab it and strum / eat your cabbage and corn and by the time that your done / you’ll realize that they meant you no harm / was only tryna save your crazy ass from what’s to come….. The track is rocket fuel and these dudes embody real hip hop music!  

  • Do u cry n tune nigga /do u laugh n tune huh? hip hop a’int dead . Your favorite rapper is molesting your eardrum/ you loved ’em when u was young/ In there hearts Elvis fans know he dead but n they minds he live on/Still waiting 4 that new song/ they hate everything and any1 that has moved on / New = pass + present/do the math homez./ Truth = true 4ever ../gone.

  • rep87

    ANything outside the box is better than what the public is being fed lets hope more artist begin 2 give the people what they want beside this fake azz flossing lying bout how much money you got  fake dope deals and countless of bitches you not banging