Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj Getting Her Own Clothing Line???!!

It looks like dear old Nicki may be bringing her unique fashion sense to a store near you! The Hip-Hop diva, who is known for her out of this world style – including once wearing a dress made of stuffed animals – is in negotiations with a fashion house to design her own designer duds.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Nicki’s manager, Cortez Bryant revealed that he is in talks with several fashion houses so Nicki can “sell her own line of clothes.”  I guess that’s why Nicki was sitting front row at numerous fashion shows during Fashion Week in NYC.  It all makes sense now!

Her management has been setting Nicki up for her own clothing line all along. In the past year, they have set up key fashion magazine covers, an H&M and Versace performance, and a televised Victoria’s Secret performance. Nicki will also be taking over for Lady Gaga as MAC’s Viva Glam Ambassador. Nicki is well on her way to taking over the world!!! Go ‘head with your bad self!

Quick question, though. Will Nicki’s clothes even be wearable for the average chick? Check out some of her most memorable and outrageous wardrobe choices below.

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  • count_210

    you can get this shit at party city now,up to 80% off after halloween tf

    • johnblacksad


      I know the local Dollar Store got some of them sh!tz

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Whats Crazy is NIGGAS be Co-signing this shit. Why because…… She Appears to be #Winning!! Foh!! with this coonery and bufoonery!!

  • Yuck.

  • $20956822

    I wanna bone her

    • real OG

      low standards, walk down the road grab any 5 foot shorty throw on some multi color wigs and stupid ass clothes and u got a nicki

      • lmao!! ur silly as hell

      • domo_briggz

        you just hater you can eat an ass bitch ass 

  • johnblacksad

    Wait till Lady Gaga comes out with the meat-dress line… it’s a wrap on the clothing game!

    Nicki looks like Marge Simpson in one of them pics

  • Darling Lilah

    she is cute…. but she’s lookin like Skittles on ROID RAGE

    • real OG

      cute as in another Ewok would hit it but not another human

  • real OG

    perfect for the stupid ugly bitch in your life that you dont want to have sex with.

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  • man i cant wait for real hip hop 2 come back so gay ass wayne and nicki and cash money(not busta)could jump off a cliff,that whole label is a bunch of homo’s.

  • Akwahman

    who buying that shit in the hood?? be real now

    – @Akwahman:twitter 

  • Masterful_Ronin

    Word? Fcuk… Goodbye, sexy, subdued clothing; Hello, seizure!

  • You Mad?

    LMFAO she’s gonna have all these dumb ass hoodrats (that includes men too) and gay people looking like circus clowns. People will follow anything. Goes to show how gullible humanity is. She’s not a rapper. She’s a joke. 

  • good luck? I guess

  • rep87

    Ready circus wear looking like stright bozo;s its the end of the world 4 sho!

  • SP

    lls girls bout 2 b lookin dumb

  • David Sentongo

    i mean, girls wearing jeans used to be the CRAZIEST of ideas like 150 years ago. 
    what she’s wearing in them pics is scary, dont get me wrong. but folks may be wearing it like its normal 100 years from now ha. 

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter 

  • Thats the last thing we need is lil black girls dressing crazy and looking like an idiot. She is pop star so her lookin crazy makes her money, a chick in the hood dressing like that will make them more likely to stay unemployed longer. That type of attire is’nt for the regular chick goin to school,work or any where in public if they want to be taken seriously.  #EpicFailForTheCultureButGoodForNickisPockets



      {__ REAL __} -*- {__ REAL __} -*- {__ REAL __}                                                                                                                 
    {__ REAL __} -*- {__ REAL __} -*- {__ REAL __}
    {__ TALK __} -*- {__ TALK__} -*- {__ TALK __} 

  • mike malarkey

    lollipop guild looking bitcch

  • god forbid