Layzie Bone

EXCLUSIVE: Layzie Bone: Tears of Blood, A Thug’s Plea (Part 1)

It’s one of the most intriguing and fascinating sagas in Hip-Hop history.

The story of Bone Thugs N Harmony has been told, and re-told, for the better part of two decades. Their journey from homeless thugs on the streets of Cleveland to international superstars is well-documented. But despite their groundbreaking style, multiple awards and millions of records sold, the Bone Thugs story has been overshadowed by inner turmoil for the better part of the new millennium. Whether it was jail time, bad record deals, or feuding members, Bone Thugs seemed to always be making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

With their 20-year anniversary approaching, it seems fitting that the newest set of Bone rumors have surfaced early in the calendar year. Talks of the latest reunion album are heating up, but this time with a twist. If you believe the rumors, the latest effort would take place without the man considered by many as the group leader, Layzie Bone.

Layzie has heard the whispers and he’s had enough.

In this exclusive, Layzie holds nothing back when discussing the past, present and future of his legendary group. In this honest, unfiltered, and emotional sit-down, Layzie makes it crystal clear that things within his camp are far from perfect. In this explosive interview, the 37-year-old speaks with a purpose. He’s tired of the games, he’s tired of the discord, and he’s tired of the confusion within his group. This is a story that goes far beyond music, far beyond a group of rappers trying to get on the same page and cement their legacy. This is a story about family, a story of one man’s relentless attempt to remind his four brothers what really matters. This is a thug’s plea: I’m here with Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony with Layzie, I’m going to start with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. What’s the current status of the group, because we haven’t heard you talk about it since Uni5 came and went?

Layzie Bone: Well, first of all, much love to AllHipHop and you, George. Yeah, man, the current status of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is like it always is. There’s a little discord within our family and we’re trying and trying to put it together, you know what I mean. But sometimes it feels close to impossible, sometimes it feels like we’re really close to getting it together. At this current stage right now, you got myself, Bizzy, and Flesh talking on the daily and trying to keep our bargain of the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony brand alive. And then you got Krayzie and Wish out touring the world as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, but promoting [The Life Entertainment]. That’s basically where we are right now, it’s like we’re a little bit divided. I’ma keep it one hundred, we’re divided. Fans listening to this, especially your immediate fans who follow you on Facebook, Twitter and what not might be a bit confused, because a couple of weeks ago everybody was waiting on you. Now do you want to clear that up in terms of how that’s going?

Layzie Bone: Oh, I definitely want to clear that up because for one, let me tell you one thing, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has never had to wait on me. Ever. I was always the one, whether it was Bizzy going through his trials and tribulation, my brother, big Flesh, going to the penitentiary, going through his trials and tribulations, whether it was Krayzie Bone quitting the group and Wish following everything Krayzie do, I was always the one telling everybody Yo! We gotta come together, we’re family. We gotta do this together, together, together, together. That’s always been me. I’m the one with the motto that says “T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More.”

Now, with that being said, it was some things that happened over the Internet, when me and my brothers were talking, face to face, not long ago in Cleveland, a couple of weeks ago. We’re sitting there talking about the possibility of things like going on tour as the five-man group, touring the world as the five-man, we never did that. There are deals on the table with people that really want to see Bone Thugs-N-Harmony as a whole.

Now out of the sky blue, I turn on my Mac, and I’m looking at Facebook, and I run across Bob Francis’s page. Now, Bob Francis was our manager during the Uni5 album, and during the I Tried movie. And Bob Francis had the fate of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in his hands and it didn’t quite work out. It was a lot of emotions and different distractions and different manipulations, whispering in this one ear, telling Kray he’s the greatest, telling me I’m the leader, telling Flesh he’s the oldest and he should be running things. It’s like all this manipulative things, this dude just pops up after I was forced to give dude the news that he was fired.

So now he’s saying, “We got [Bizzy], we got [Flesh], we got [Wish], we got [Krayzie], now we’re just waiting on one more.” And that was like a subliminal ass shot, because he named Krayzie, he named Wish, he named Bizzy, and he named my brother. So now you’re waiting on me when I was just sitting here throwing all kinds of plans and ultimatums on the table of what we can do? And this guy just sat there and straight manipulated our whole [Uni5] deal. He’s renting cars, he’s paying people out of a budget that we hadn’t approved, it’s taking too long to see the budget when we requested it, and flippin’ on this guy. You know what I mean, it was just a bunch of misappropriation of funds.

Now not only did he misappropriate, I don’t really appreciate that man. He on the internet, and then I read further, and he’s bragging about 6x platinum is the I Tried movie. Now, mind you, we ain’t seen a muthaf*ckin’ dime off of this movie. So what happened was, while he’s bragging about being the executive producer, his pockets probably fat as f*ck off of it, because what they did was go to Interscope and negotiate a deal that was supposed to be like a videography type of thing. So what they did was, they wrote it into our recording budget as a video.

And for us to be 6x platinum, which is 100,000 in the DVD world, for those that don’t know I want to clarify, but that’s 100,000 times $20 that somebody made. So that’s 600,000 times $20 that somebody made that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony didn’t see a f*ckin’ penny on. Now here you got this man Bob Francis bragging on this sh*t, on the Internet, and to me it’s spittin’ in my muthaf*ckin’ face because I’m always on top of our sh*t as best as I can. I’m not the best person in the world, the most educated, but I am an intelligent muthaf*cka and I read people like a book. You can’t play me. And that’s the reason why he got fired, because he was causing too much division within our camp.

So I see this, and I call my brother, because I don’t leave no stones unturned. I say, Kray, tell me you ain’t dealin’ with this, with these n*ggas. And, matter of fact, I done talked to everybody but Bob since then ‘cause I care not to talk to that muthaf*cka. He’s a snake. And I’ll put it out there. And I’ll be in Boston, I know where he live, and it don’t matter. Because a muthaf*cka took food out my baby’s mouth.

Now Kray felt like, “I don’t burn bridges, and I was taught to keep my relationships. I let bygones be bygones.” So what did I say? Okay, man, dude f*cked us, and dude f*cked up a lot of things, but you want to be friends with him? What did I do, I said okay, man, I’ll be watchin’ your back from a distance, bro. Because, God forbid, anybody try to hurt any one of my Bone members, you will understand what the #1 Assassin means.

And I mean that dearly. That’s not a threat to nobody, I don’t threaten people, but I’m just trying to get my fans and everybody to see, the littlest guy in the group got this big ass heart full of love for my brothers. And I’m passionate when I say these things, and I want to get it out there truthful, and I still want to give our fans that hope that I will never give up on these guys. Because I grew up with them. Because 20 years of success is something you can’t get back. And I’ma cherish that till the day I die. We talked a couple of nights ago on the phone, and one thing I don’t think people realize is that while this is entertainment and music to them, this is real life to you. When I was talking to you I could hear pain in your voice and a sense of desperation for the situation. Try to explain how deep this runs when it comes to you, because this is something that you’re not just brushing off and saying I’m going solo.

Layzie Bone: Yeah, I mean I might do a solo album but I’m never going solo. I don’t like being by myself. I spent some time, August 23, 1989, I went to jail for the first time in my life. And that was the very first time I was away from my n*ggas. When I got back, the very first thing I did – they was all separated and divided – was put my n*ggas back together because while I was in Texas, when the Bone came to me with a friend of mine named Al Roundtree, it was like them niggas is all I got.

I ran away from Texas, stole my uncle’s plane ticket, took a plane out to Los Angeles, in Inglewood, California, only in attempt to make it back to Cleveland to get to them. So when we talk about this sh*t, dawg, I think about things like this. If something happens to us, who is gonna carry the casket? Who is gonna take care of our family? Because we are all we got, to me. Family is everything. I don’t lie in my music.

And I challenge any member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to say your actions stood up to, say, Family Tree [The Art of War], (sings) “this is my family” … or Friends [The Art of War]. Did your actions really show that? Me myself, I got a timeline that I wrote, and I know who did what, when, and do your actions speak for everybody? Mines do.

And all I’m saying is my n*ggas is everything to me, dawg. When I talked to you the other night, the reason why I wanted to re-talk to you is because I was hurt, I was crying, man, that shit broke me the f*ck down. And I feel like every time I talk about this sh*t, I want to break down. Because I ain’t got nothing but these n*ggas. When it all comes down, all the new friends, all the deals we had, when you take all that sh*t away, it’s just gon’ be us.

We got our kids and all that, but our kids yearn to be together, which we don’t even take time to make sure they’re kickin’ it and get it like that. Lil’ Ant [Krayzie Bone’s son] love lil’ Stevie [Layzie Bone’s son], lil’ Stevie love lil’ Ant. We live 30 minutes away, do we see each other enough? In my opinion, no. Because family is everything. We buried Wally, we put a Faces of Death cd in his, buried my n*gga Hollywood, we buried Terry, we buried Boo.

How many we gotta bury? And then I can go on and on and on about how many n*ggas I done put in the ground and had to pay for the funeral. All the people that was around because it was a flame, or because the light was on, they wasn’t there, man. And that’s what motivates me to keep Bone together. And I’m not venting, I don’t have a problem.

Let me tell you, this is why I was so hurt the other day. Because it was a certain leg of shows that the promoter was trying to book Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Now only three of us can travel across seas. Now Bizzy can go now, too, thank God. And now we’re working on Flesh. I’m trying to make sure all of us can go at the same time and give the world the whole feel of what we’ve been doing. But it broke my muhf*ckin’ heart because Knuckles, my manager at this present time, Knuckles Management, Mr. Chris Dumas, get a call from somebody in Germany, like, “yeah, we’ve been looking for Lay. We wanted to know what is his minimum that he’ll take to come over and be a part of this tour.”

I’m like, sh*t, well, it’s whatever. But at the same time, dude got us on the phone for two-and-a-half hours and he’s hittin’ Krayzie, and he sent me all the correspondence that they talking about, sayin’ that he asked Krayzie Bone to get in contact with me to see what it was that I would take to come be a part of. And they hit him back and said, “it’s only me and Wish. If you talk to Layzie Bone, then ain’t nothin’ happenin’, the whole deal is off.”

If they talk to me? Now I’m sittin’ here wondering what the f*ck did I do to you niggas? I’m the same nigga that was talking for the group in the beginning in 1986, in 1989, in 1990 when I was working at KFC. And I was bringing chicken home, and I was living at Vickie’s house ‘cause my mother was in the penitentiary, and they was living with me at my girlfriend’s house. And her mother let me live there because she had a two-family house, and they let me live downstairs because my mother was in the penitentiary. N*ggas stayed with me. I’m the same n*gga who bought the clothes for the talent show. You feel me, like, what the f*ck did I do so wrong that you puttin’ it out there like, we don’t f*ck with Lay. Now I gotta talk. ‘Cause that’s treachery to me. You makin’ people think I’m this f*cked up ol’ entity. And it’s a lot of things that went on that I won’t go into now, but you better believe my book gon’ be a motherf*cker, and I don’t have to lie about nothing.

That’s why I broke down the other night, man. I’m trying to get it together, and guess what, I’m still trying. If Krayzie Bone can read this and dispute it, I’d love to hear his take on it. Because every time there’s a problem, I go straight to him and he tell me we straight. So what the f*ck are you telling people that if you talk to Layzie Bone, then the whole deal is off? I can’t get no money with y’all n*ggas? If I can’t get no money, can’t nobody get no money. Period. And that’s how the f*ck I feel, dawg. And I live by the street code. Real n*ggas do real things at all times. If you have a problem with somebody, you take it to them.

Kray is a quiet individual, he tends to sit back and harbor things in his mind. That’s why our team was so f*ckin’ strong, because he’s sittin’ there thinking up them bomb *ss ideas, and he got that nice, soft voice, and Bizzy’s voice mixes so well with that high *ss pitch, and Flesh right there can go either way, and me and Wish with our strong ass, straight up strong voices, it all comes together like glue. I’m all about rekindling things. I’m all about forgiveness. I’m all about we’re not perfect, we tend to f*ck up. But that Bob Francis muthaf*cka, I wouldn’t trust that n*gga as far as I could spit. The way Bob played his hand, and tried to play me and pit one against each other …

Dawg, for the Uni5 album I had a deal for our reality show called “Living in Harmony”. Bob somehow got into Krayzie and Wish’s ear, and they shot that idea down. I had a tour, they shot that idea down. It was called Uni5 for a reason, we were supposed to unify and I believe if we had fully unified without the serpent in the middle … You know what I mean, Kray quit the group for four months at that time, sent in a letter, ‘cause we would have been signed to Interscope.

At first they didn’t want to do it, but we could have made that thing work, we just sold a million f*ckin’ records over there. So Kray quit the group for a minute, sent in a letter unbeknownst to any member in the group, he sent this letter sayin’ I’m no longer in the group. Just like he quit the group all the time. That shows character, huh? What kind of character is that? Damn sure ain’t no integrity in that. But me being me, “Bro, what’s wrong? Come on. We gotta do this.”

So whatever reason it was, I was taught that a quitter never wins, and a winner never quits. So with that being said, you ain’t never seen Layzie Bone give up. So all these different things that been goin’ on and been bubblin’ is festering inside me. I don’t feel like I became the best artist that I possibly can be because I hold in a lot of sh*t that I want to say. Why? For the respect of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Because of our fans, I don’t want to confuse them, but somehow we always do. That tour they just went on, n*ggas braggin’ about 47 dates, and we just did a whole worldwide tour, you’re sellin’ them that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

But I just seen an interview just [a few] days ago that they ended the tour they was on in New York City. So many fans hittin’ me thought that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was comin’. Since you’re out there “I’m The Life Entertainment,” why not call it “Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone Represent The Life”? Why is it Bone Thugs-N-Harmony featuring Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone? Well, why not just be honest and say it’ll be Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony? People think I’m coming. They hittin’ me on my Twitter, they hittin’ me on my Facebook. They think I’m coming. Why don’t y’all talk to your promoter and tell them how to promote it right. But we all know, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony draws the f*ckin’ crowd, not The Life Entertainment, so be honest.

And to have an attitude of a superstar – I’ma be totally honest with you, ain’t nann n*gga in Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rich. We do alright. We get by. Them records we sold keep good royalties coming in and we’re always on tour for the rest of our lives. But we ain’t rich, dawg, so who the f*ck gives anybody the right in Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to think they better than another n*gga? And I ain’t doggin’ nobody, I ain’t disrespecting nobody. I’m just hoping one day that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony can put themselves in the studio. I own a studio, Krayzie Bone owns a studio. Between them two studios, what the f*ck do we need a company for to make an album? Muhf*ckas act like we need a budget to make an album. That sh*t is insane to me.

Check back for Part 2 of’s epic interview with Layzie Bone later this week!

  • Roberto Ciamora

    Bone thugs have been a walking “VH1 Behind the music” special since day one, but I always liked their music. I actually think its in part due to that craziness that the records came out so timeless, alot of great artists throughout time were a lil nuts and hard to deal with…..

  • TY

    powerful interview. Be interested to hear Krazie’s take on it 

    • Vincent Salamatino

      Krayie’s one of the most talented spitters in hip hop history and never get’s his due because he’s too laid back.  His tongue control is the stuff of legends, and nobody who ever touched a mic can twists words like Krayzie into melodic cadences that dance in your head days after the songs over like Kray Jackson.

  • Nadia Sanni-Adam

    Layzie has every right to be upset and emotional, but honestly I really don’t believe this is everything happening behind closed doors. Has it ever occured to him that sometimes in life things do run their course and you have to do something else? This Bone Thugs has run its damn course already. I’m saying that as a long-time fan. Even family members need their space. If anything, it sound to me like he is upset because a group/brand he has put so much into is on the rocks and its possible that this was the most succesful/profitable. Nobody cares about Mo Thugs anymore. (Yea it was probably in poor taste for Krayzie and Wish to bill the shows as a BTNH thing when it was only two members. Kinda disrespectful and misleading to the fans.) Sometimes you really do grow apart from the people you were close with. Most of the people I used to hang out with years ago I don’t speak to at all because we are different people. That was the impression I got when I first ready Krayzie’s interview a while back when he quit. Dude is in a different place is his life and he wants to pursue other things. I dunno I just don’t buy that we are getting the FULL STORY HERE man.
    Btw, he is kidding himself if he thinks a reality tv show based on them would be successful lol. I don’t know anybody that would watch that. Good thing it never happened.

    • LevelSelect

      A reality show with them during that time would have definitely been Successful had it been pitched and promoted the way it should have been instead of a Manager slacking off  and trying to disrupt the process for his own personal gain. Of course this isn’t the full story, You don’t know a lot of things that has been going on. But I can tell you Layzie is telling whole truths in here, NO LIES. 

        I’ve seen Krayzie’s words, I’ve seen his actions. I’ve seen him contradict himself plenty. For one, being that he left Bone thugs, but still trying to promote himself as Bone thugs. There’s no way in hell they should ever Trust Bobby Francis again. If Krayzie really wants to pursue different things thats fine, then why is he still running with that Bone thugs name. He left it. Move on. Or revert back to what he was saying on the Gemini album of wanting to get the group back and make it whole. But don’t run into someone that fucked up last time for the group. While Krayzie is very talented in the music department, aside from that it’s a totally different story.  But remember you said people do grow a part and want to do different things… Krayzie talking to Bob Francis about getting the group together.. pretty much tells you how contradictory that is. 

      • Nadia Sanni-Adam

        Do you personally know Bone Thugs Level?? How do we know Layzie is telling no lies here? Is that you Layzie lol. Yes you are right it does seem funny that Krayzie wants to break away, but doesn’t mind continuing to use the name to his benefit. What happened to him trying to become a Jehovah’s Witness? The Witnesses would be against the type of music Bone Thugs make wouldn’t they? Unless he changed his mind and realized that this group has been his only of eating. I did say people grow apart sometimes, but I also said that things run their course. This group is done. Time to find other avenues Bone members.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        bottom line they ain’t getting no younger, so they might as well get together and make that money, that long over seas money. Truth is people want to see bone thugs as a whole group. why not come together for a tour and invest in getting their own dvd movie made to sell world wide. they been depending on them record labels (The Machine) for to long. 

    • Vincent Salamatino

      I disagree.  Look at somebody like Bun B and imagine if Pimp C was still alive they’d still be churning out UGK classics while also doing their own thing.  This is the point Lil Lay is tryna make.  The problem with Bone, especially Krayie, is they feel everytime they make a record as BTNH it gotta be a blockbuster and have a big budget cuz well they’re BONE!  But Layzie’s smarter he knows music has changed.  He’s asking why can’t we just get together and make records without an album in mind. Just Bone and the mic in a studio making whatever music comes to their head.  Then put it out for the fans, and if a major label comes knocking then put out a commercial release.  But theirs no excuse not to be making music together.  And above all that it sounds like he just wants his brothers back.  I can feel that.

    • rep87

      REAL hiphop heads will watch the ones who grew up on real hiphop ,this crap today is wack  its better than watching that fake azz love and hip hop, BONE THUGS OG”S none of these fakes can come close to these BROTHERS !

  • dudes. really. for real. for reals? smh. yall just cant get it together. cleveland still in the house tho. damn.

  • Vincent Salamatino

    The most talented rap group to ever exists.  I love Bone, and if you grew up with them it’s hard not too.  What’s most amazing about them is their chemistry, they’re truly brothers because they’re the only musicians in the history of music that can go 2 years without even talking to each other then hit the studio and bang out records like they never left each other.  They keep the same pitch control and cadences and play off each others rhymes so well it’s special.  Even tho some people didn’t like Uni5 it was still amazing that they basically sounded the same as they did on Art of War.  But most of Uni5 was cut due to budgeting you gotta hear songs like What Have We Done, Debt II Society and Cradle To The Grave to understand what they accomplished with Uni5, but what also was swept under the world so the world would be robbed of greatness.

  • heart breaking, i love bonethugs it is just sad that things never remain the same, i wish i havent even read this interview i know it is going to affect the way i feel youre music now. so much drama over money real niggas like yall should know better

  • fleathamain

    How come nothing happening?  They need to sue some punks and get the shit out, (dvds of reality show, concert dvds we have all seen advertised on the net)

  • You know I will say iv had the the pleasure of kickin it with layzie early last year, now the best part of kickin it with him was his love for his family. One conversion we had was about kray, as layzie expressed the love he had for kray and how one day the group would be whole again. He talked about his kids, he talked about the hard times and good, but the way he told the story you could feel the love for each one of the guys in btnh,

    Now a few months ago I Hung out with my boy lmac kray and the gang, went on stage with donta and kray Hung out back stage n chilled took some pics with kray, drank up at the hotel. But I did happen to bring up the conversation to kray that I had with layzie, and the reaction from kray seemed interested, you could see the love he had for the group as well.

    Much love to layzie,lmac,kray, from your boy Jake in Denver,

  • JudgeMethos

    I knew Kary had a studio but Layzie too??? Damn. I will say that some of these “up-and-coming” producers they use(d) are shitty. Still, Bone is awesome. They do NOT get the respect they deserve in the music industry AT ALL!

  • rep87

    BONE THUGS AND HARMONY / this was a good article and these brothers need to get back together nobody can do it like them these dudes are real HIPHOP hate that snake got in did the damage he did but what dont kill you make you better ! just like that snake Jerry Heller who broke up NWA back in the day . waiting on part two ahh.

  • “””God will always iron out tha wrinkles in any situation….we definitly living in revalation and I do know that BONE THUGS n HARMONY is tha modern day voltron that we need in these times…….Big shout out to BizzyBone whom im very close to…and Layzie who i have a deep understanding with thats deeper than music. I hope tha good spirits  handles this issue, cuzz tha new generation needs to witness tha essence of Bone Thugs when all 5 members is together as 1 unit'” -TeamNittyGrittystyle @MrFrankNittyLbc  

    • Killionaire

      Waddup Nitty.
      1 thing i didn’t appriciate bout Kray: Ya nigga was incarcerated for a while. Y’all makin money and shit. Nigga finally got out, must have been eager to be back to makin music finaly. And than Kray bails. Wtf man! Give a nigga a break. Slip that nigga some money and brotherly love man! Dont leave right away. Shit

  • Lazy bone kept it real. been a hardcore fan since their first album. Money seems to be the root of all evil, and I don’t blame lazy for hating on Bobby. I’d hate him too for using BTNH. I just hope they get it together, especially wish and kray. 

  • Stevie,Stew,Stanley, get it together…..The niggas you buy close n food for will do you wrong,the niggas sleepin on your floor will do you wrong,the niggas you drive around everyday buy beer for sit on the porch wit at ya aunties hose will do you wrong niggas always forget the good you do n only remember when you GET IN DAT ASS about they HOE SHIT….BLEED

  • Stevie,Stew,Stanley,Get it together…the niggas you drive around n let sleep on yo floor will do you dirty,the niggas you buy beer for will do you dirty,the niggas you sit on your aunties porch wit rap wit n a die for will do you dirty,them niggas who you put clothes on they back will do you dirty…how i know…im living proof nigga

  • FuckLayzie

    Flesh and Layzie are telling fans world wide to not support Krayzie Bone. They hating on Kray because simply Kray is the best !

    • Krayzie Bone acting like a snake not wanting to get money with his boy STFU fairy boy

      • FuckLayzie

        Just because Lay said that you don’t have to believe him. Kray said no because Lay kicked him out of the group. Wouldn’t u done the same ?

    • That is not true at all, Flesh and Layzie always announce their support of all the affiliates ALL THE TIME!

      • FuckLayzie

        Lisa don’t try to defend lay when you know that he is not telling the truth. 

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  • dodie

    There’s a disconnect between this (Lay’s story) and Kray’s reason for leaving the group and it doesn’t make sense. Been a fan of this group all my life and I listen to these dude’s music everyday. But, I really don’t care anymore if they will ever put a new BONE album, Flesh released from prison was the last straw, as far as I’m concern. I just listen and appreciate their music.

    If there’s one thing that I can take away from this group, it’s that they love making music and they really going nowhere, it’s their passion, that’s the beauty of these individuals.

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  • FuckLayzie


  • Hmm I dont remember this guy