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Hip-Hop Rumors: Lauryn Hill Plans “The Return”!

After 14 years of keeping her fans waiting for the follow up to her debut album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, we hear Lauryn Hill has announced that she is working on her sophomore album, The Return. The album is rumored to drop later this year, and Lauryn is planning a huge listening session for it next month.

The singer will debut a handful of her new songs at a headlining show at London’s IndigO2 on April 14th. Tickets are already on sale for the date. I wonder what the music will sound like? Will she be singing, rapping, or both? So many questions. Are you still checking for Ms. Hill?

  • As long as she’s not scatting her way through the songs like she does at her shows now, I’m still checking for her. I don’t expect “Miseducation” Lauryn. Those days are done; that’s like expecting Nas to make another Illmatic but she can still be great.

    • couldnt have said it better myself.
      It CAN be quality.

  • Benjidoggy

    we will never see it. Just like the Detox..we will never see. Just like Mayweather v Pacquio….we will never see!!!

    • johnblacksad

      what’s a “Detox”?

      • Benjidoggy

        dr. dre’s long awaited album…never heard about this????

      • johnblacksad

         who’s “dr. dre”?

  • Strike while the iron is hot?

  • Thoughtsareus

    We all know this alum like the Fugee’s album will NEVER be released. She will flip out and do all that stuff she’s been doing at shows that has fans walking out. Her lable says she has over 100 unreleased tracks so……………………………… what’s the wait ? maybe because she just told them she has unreleased songs but really doesn’t. What other artist who really had all that unreleased material can go 14 years(not including the MTV unplugged) without releasing any music and it’s all good ? If the songs existed they would have been out by now. You know how shady and money hungry these lables are.

    • churchboy2

      You’ll be back on the bandwagon soon enough…

    • Jessica Latten

      lol Tupac had a crapload of unreleased music too.  Being prolific is a trait of a genius.

  • churchboy2

    Yep, I’m still checking for the G.O.A.T.

    Wait, did I just respond to a Sydney Lace article?

  • rep87


  • $18916246

    Ditto rep87 sentiments……Lauryn Hill is the QUING!

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    of course i check for ms hill….sings naturally and way better than garbage ass beyonce and could rap circles around fake azz manaj….is a better artists than all these whore’s in the music business and she dnt have to be no whore(like rhirhi) or be a dyke to be succesful in her music..primary application of true raw talent lauryn hill….it’s about time…come school these slores

  • AbramJamesKottmeier

    She is in the middle of an extended nervous breakdown and this will only be the next chapter, unfortunately. She is a brilliant artist with something to say…that just can’t keep it together.

  • Big_Grams

    it’s about fuckin time. 

  • Yo..I don’t know about yall, but I REALLY hate the way this website is on mobile now. Crap takes me to places I don’t wanna go. It’s not convenient AT ALL. Allhiphop, why do you keep making yourself wacker and wacker by the day??!!

  • D_Ably

    Its funny the way people are going on like shes just gonna pick up from where she left off and be as sick as she was last time. That shit ain’t happenin folks, sorry.

    • churchboy2

      Your seat on the bandwagon is also reserved. We’ll see you soon…

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  • illymac

    Yo, I hope this isn’t some bullshit,
    where they get her back in the lime light,
    then kill her off like they did
    Michael Jackson
    Heavy D
    and Whitney Houston..

    shady ass industry…

  • I hope it is real. @howtohustle_com will be keeping close tabs on this one.

  • As much as Black Women act tough, they obviously can’t handle the industry…Lauren Hill either needs to get with it or end it gracefully……When they accumulate all the money they need then they act crazy, the minute they go broke they are back to rapping again.

    • RoyalFlyness

      Word, Lauryn Hill acts “Tough”? She went through some wild shit. Why does she not deserve a pass? The double standard is way too hard on black women in entertainment. Look how nutty Brittney Spears is and her people still express empathy. A lot of black men only survive in this industry due to the lack of responsibility being placed on them by their own community and their willingness to obey record execs.Think about it R. Kelly pissing on little girls, DMX going to jail/rehab everyday, Kanye throwing drunken tantrums on live television. Now THAT’S acting crazy, yet nobody asks that they just go away (X was buggin when he was in his prime). Every big name in hiphop is far more “controversial” than Lauryn.  It’s not that the women aren’t as “tough” it’s that they aren’t respected/appreciated and have to deal with seemingly unrealistic expectations. With all of that said people like Latifah, Missy and MC Lyte have managed to put together careers that most male rappers damn near sell their souls for.

    • churchboy2

      You remind me of the person in the front row of Chappelle’s Block Party who asked her, “Where you been?”

      And Lauryn pointed to her son and said, “That’s where I’ve been”

      Dude, she had SIX kids since her last album, and put her family first. As much as I miss her music, I refuse to hate on her for that.

      “Look at your career they said,
      Lauryn baby use your head,
      But instead I chose to use my heart.”
      ~To Zion

  • Id love to see lauryn hill back not for entertainment but what she stands for

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  • can’t wait for her return.

  • Lauryn Hill is STILL the greatest female hip-hop artist of all-time. 

  • daveofthematthews

    Lauren Hill does without doubt have a great voice and made some great music but to be honest those racist rumors kinda put me off supporting her music, i know what she said was blown out of proportion but she did say and admit to saying “I love my people, Black people, and i will continue to make music for them” I wonder if that was said by someone like Mariah Carey for example and if the word Black was replaced with the word white Whether we would still be able to celebrate her as a hero and construe her words as being so innocent as much as some do for Lauren! i guess a hypocrite would say yes… Anyway Just a thought. after all she is human like myself so i still wish her the best.

    • churchboy2

      Forget Lauryn for a second: there is nothing wrong with a black person saying that they love black people. Good night.

      • daveofthematthews

         I kinda agree with both churchboy2 and dan o’neill and hope i did not offend and i do understand what you are saying. I just believe when a person come’s out and defines any group of people or a single human being as either black or white then they are either intentionally or non intentionally adding to and intensifying an excuse some people have already wished to use to divide us. I would probably have to concede that commenting on this topic has led to me contributing to it myself. I just find it sad that no matter how much of a broad and non race minded person i am, some of the people i admire or have admired may not share the same thoughts as myself, i would also concede that by me being a white male maybe it is easier for me to have come to that opinion… I don’t know. maybe i am just too optimistic or just too ignorant of the big picture to fully understand. Either way Lauren Hill is a great singer/entertainer and i just wish us all luck for the future.    

      • churchboy2

        Well said, Dave.

        I think that you must always consider context in issues like this. Anyone can be broad-minded (and perhaps should be), but our views are always informed by the context of our experience.

        In this case, Lauryn Hill is a Black-American, and being black in America means that you will always be concious of your race.

        The tension in the U.S. is VERY tangible. I feel it every time I enter the country – just like one might feel the tension in a room with a couple facing divorce. It is invisible, but obvious. And this is the context in which one must read Lauryn’s comments.

        How can she possibly be black in America and not love her people and want to sing of and from their experience?

        Her comment was about race, yes; but were in no way racist.

      • daveofthematthews

        I think you put your point across very well Church and i can not find fault with or argue against anything you have said, They do say Life is not about the amount of years we live for, It is about the experiences that have made it. I think prior to my first comment i may not have taken enough time considering the fact the Experiences Lauren has had are probably almost certainly going to be a million miles away from those of myself. I have not had the chance to travel much so far in my life so i admit my own personal experiences are limited. Maybe when i do it will expand my own knowledge and understanding of how it feels for other people living outside of the UK.  I appreciate the debate and education though. I am just sorry it is about such a negative and counter productive subject. I feel this has broadened my mind that little bit further and i hope while doing so i did not convey any feeling of ill will or disrespect and i wish everyone the best.  

      • churchboy2

        This is perhaps the first intelligent discussion that I have had online. Kudos

    • dan o’neill

      Whoa, now. Replace “white” with a specific nationality/minority culture, then you’ll have something similar to compare that kind of statement to. “White” is an exclusionary term; it doesn’t define a culture, a history, or a set of values in any but the broadest sense possible. The only thing that “white” delineates is “not black,” and there was nothing wrong with what Lauryn said. If an Italian-American singer said “I love my people, Italian people, and I will continue to make music for them,” would you take offense?

    • illymac

      Was it okay when racist ass Elvis Pressley said it??

      • daveofthematthews

        I know very little about Elvis Pressley’s history and have no desire to change that but In my opinion No it was not. 

  • I just hope that she comes correct.  

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  • gandralf


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