• Toni ToniToni

    She looks nice here! She looks like she is in pain or like she really didn’t want to take that picture. I think someone set her up to look like that. 
    I would have a stern talk with the make up artist who did her up for the YO SHOW.

  • She is very attractive. Just looks like she didn’t want to take the pic.

  • Kai

    she still looks horrible…like shes on drugs or something…she still looks horrible. What are they talking about she redeemed herself…nothing has been redeemed

  • This picture shows that life goes on and some people go through things and change and others stay the same. Thats Just life for ya.So you deal with it and move on.

  • Alicia Love

    She looks as if she’s uncomfortable being a full figured woman. If that’s her makeup artist for real, then she needs to fire him. She’s still very beautiful. Wash off all that funeral home makeup, let the hair down, buy a nice form fitting while not clingy dress, buy a bra, and she’d be back to her amazing form….