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MMG’s Teedra Moses Returns to NYC and Admits “I’ve Been Celibate For An Extremely Long Time!”

Maybach Music Group’s first lady, Teedra Moses, is on the road. In her latest stop, she’s on the way to New York City to perform at City Winery night club tomorrow night (Thursday, May 31).

Definitely notable for the 2004 jam, “Be Your Girl”, off her debut album, Complex Simplicity, Teedra has been hard at work prepping her sophomore effort, with the Rick Ross-headed MMG machine behind her.

AllHipHop.com had the pleasure of speaking with Teedra Moses on her upcoming show in New York City, an update on her album, and life being celibate.

It’s been eight months since the last time Moses came to NYC, and the New Orleans-bred songstress is ready for what she calls her “favorite city to perform in!”.

“The New York crowd is so sincere. I don’t know if it’s because they are just fans of mine. I don’t know! They push me so much, to the point where sometimes, I think they push me too far,” said Moses, “and I get so excited. I get really turnt up when I perform in New York. I can’t explain it. It’s like a whole ‘nother feeling. I love performing everywhere, but I think New York and D.C. are my favorite, because the audience are kind of ratchet a little bit. So, it brings it out of me a little bit, which is always fun.”

Check Teedra in the Philthegod directed visual for “Another LuvR” featuring Wale:

While also performing many of her fan favorites, Ms. Moses is introducing two new songs. One is called “War For Love”, and the other is “Incredible” – the latter hitting close to home, dealing with her current struggle with celibacy:

“It’s more sex, mid-tempo. It’s about my celibacy. I’ve been celibate for an extremely long time, and I’m just waiting for that person to come and blow it away. I’ll know who he is; it will be a connection. I haven’t found that yet, and sometimes I don’t want to wait any longer, like f*ck it, I’m just gon’ go for it. But, I don’t want to do that. Something clicks back into me, because I just want that incredible experience. This song is me singing to this guy. His love is really incredible. It makes me go! It’s everything I’ve been waiting for.

Though she’s celibate, it doesn’t change the fact that she still thinks about it all the time:

“When you’re not having sex, you’re thinking ’bout it a lot. [laughter] You’ve got a lot of motivation. You think about when you were engulfed in someone. You think about when you will be again.”

As an intimate soulstress, Teedra reveals she’s more concerned about making you feel at home during her live show, revealing:

“I want people to feel like they’re in my living room, and I’m like, ‘Hey! Listen to these songs.’ I very rarely just break out and start performing songs for my friends [laughs], but that’s what I want them to feel like when they come to my shows. I want you to feel comfortable. I normally got a glass of something. I want you to have a glass of something.

“I’m gonna drop it when I feel like it’s time to put it on the floor, so hopefully you drop it when it’s time to put it on the floor, too! I just want us to have fun. I want people to come and have fun. I want the sound to be great. No matter what happens, I want you to have fun.”

Moses says her album should be ready this coming September. We hope so!

Check out Teedra Moses in New York City at The Winery on Thursday, May 31. Details below.

  • mrgibson

    Never really checked for any of her music, we’ll see i guess.  She looks like a bloodhound in the face though.  

    • tab58064

       A bloodhound?  Dude you done lost yo mind!!  She’s a nice looking chick!

      • mrgibson

         make-up bruh….stop falling for it

  • Biba Adams

    I LOVE Teedra Moses… Beautiful voice… Great songwriting. I am glad that with the exposure that comes with being signed to MMG that she will finally be known and loved by a larger audience.

  • timwest1000

    T.M.I!!!!! Who cares about your sexlife? Fail, right out the gate.

  • I dont believe nobody that works for the police!

  • Damn how old is she 60?


    • Apollo Showtime

      Late 30’s early 40’s

  • Apollo Showtime

    She’s getting alot older, but the music is pretty good. She’s always been a good feature, but she deserves her shot at stardom on a larger platform!

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  • i never really heard of her before, but its good to know that she isnt another industry smut

  • keep shining lioness!  your are the truth