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Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill Blamed For Hitting Breezy With A Bottle, Disturbing Hospital Photos Of Chris Brown's Security Guard Leak

Okay, so now people are coming forward and saying that Meek Mill is the person who started the whole fight between Chris Brown and Drake last night, AND that Meek Mill is actually the one who hit Breezy with a bottle and NOT Drake.

According to a source at TMZ, Meek Mill started the whole thing when he began screaming at Chris Brown from Drake’s table. The two allegedly engaged in a screaming match and were arguing back and forth with each other. The source says that the argument was NOT about Rihanna, but ended up getting out of hand and that’s when Meek Mill allegedly hit Breezy with a bottle.

Drake’s rep also released a statement to TMZ saying that Drake had no involvement in last night’s fight.

“Drake did not participate in any wrongdoing of any kind last night at W.i.P. He was on his way out of the club when the altercation began.”

The rep adds, “[Drake] did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to person or damage to property.”

A photo of Chris Brown’s security guard  at the hospital after the fight was also leaked today and dude looks like he really got hurt. Check out the photo below:

Wow, that photo is very telling at how dangerous the situation was last night. Sources say that Breezy’s security guard, who goes by Big Pat, was practically “scalped.” Below is a photo of Chris and his bodyguard in better days:

Rumor has it that Meek Mill already has two strikes, and if he is found responsible for any injuries last night, he could be in a world of trouble. Meek is scheduled to be on Funk Master Flex’s show on HOT 97 tonight to talk about what happened last night.

  • Damn it.I hope meek ain’t do that

  • Weedras

    too many sides to this shit… most ppl saying Drake, some ppl saying Meek…

  • This is some sad shit.SMH

  • jsj23

    Let’s pray Big Pat makes it.

  • Tee Mac Morgan

    come on now we all know it wasnt drake we seen him on punked lets be real lol

    • hahhahahah he was like a woman on punk’d

    • Detroit Chick

      lmmfao!! hell Yea!! I told niggas he was a hoe, an Punked proved it.His lil hood accent dissapeared quick as hell! lol

      • Tee Mac Morgan

        right and i like his music but im jus being honest about it he not that type of dude 

      • his hood accent disappeared his canada accent came out dont cha know. u betcha

  • WoW!

  • immackulate

    “Drake did not participate in any wrongdoing of any kind last night at W.i.P. He was on his way out of the club when the altercation began.”
    The rep adds, “[Drake] did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to person or damage to property.”

    this some sucker shyt … niggah play tuff then somebody get hurt he curl back up in his shell and damn near threw Meek Millz under the table – if you gon’ be apart of something he need to stand by that shyt rather GOOD or Bad

    • Casor_Greener

      ROFLMAO!!! that’s just lawyer talk!!!  I love it when these chumps live out their rhymes.  I guess I’m old school.  All this $#!T talking on wax/twitter/facebbok/raps blogs gets old. Eventually it’s got to spill over.  

      That bodyguard got worked. A lot of these dudes is just fat chumps who stand around for show and really are soft as teddy bears. It’s the bouncers at the bars who really bring the heat (physical not gun-wise).

      • hhhahahaha more bouncers shud bring the heat (gun-wise)  mills is a dead man walking now anyways

      • Casor_Greener

        Because of who? Chris Brown? come on man you really don’t think CBreezey (LMAO) is going to take it there do you?

      • kmon breezy will attack him with hair bleach lolol… but seriously his bodyguards people will get him watch

      •  Hahaha lmaofalat hahah @hair bleach

      • mike malarkey

         nigga please!!!!

      • EL_BARK

        Them bodyguard be cup cakes trust me!!!!!!!

        Looks how long it took wayne body guard to get out the jeep,
        When 40 glocks approach them
        In LA.

        Now i will say this might be publicity for meek & chris brown.
        They both got albums dropping this summer.
        This shet might be staged.!!!!!!!!

      • Casor_Greener

        I wouldn’t put it past them.  That fat dude just ended up being the victim.  

      • drycry

        chris brown moveing records

      • immackulate

        lawyer/PR talk – dude shuddah just STFU becuz he basically implementing Meek Millz did it … but if he dont say shyt than THEY DONT KNOW SHYT – unless comebody got it on they cell phone – til then he shouldah STFU and played coye

      • Casor_Greener

        true-true but you know how they do when they get in damage control mode.  they will say anything to take the focus off of them

    • drycry

      u right…crazy

    • Restlesscali

      church! real talk meng! no matter what!

  • immackulate

    body guard FOREHEAD look like IT absorbed the whole thang … phucked up

  • Bitch nigga’s throw bottles.Real men throw them hands.They ass is about to catch some felony’s for this shit.NYP thirsty anyway.They want a reason to lock young black men up.

  • mike malarkey

    thats the definition of a headcrack!


    Mmg rumor # 14.

    Funny how a meek stan.
    Dopebrodi states meek is a two time felon on tge first rumor page abiut this story.

    And good ole sydney lace reads it, and plug its in on this rumor page.

    Sydney you dumb bitsh, Meek doesnt have any strikes.
    Because meek was never indicted by the feds.

    I see you just as dumb as illcoon. And write anything.!!!!!!!!!!

    Also he has never been lock up in NY, so how does he has two strikes yet alone one????

    • Casor_Greener

      Hey El, they probably got that 2 time felon rumor from one of his rhymes. ahahaha

      • drycry

        he does have 2 strikes

      • EL_BARK

        Niggah you dont know what your talking about…

        What two striked he got and i will wait?????

        You forget niggah criminal records it public record????
        The niggah from my hood and i remember when he caught his case
        He got book by undercover narcs, who jump
        Out on his block.

        Futhermore, that 3 strikes & your out is a fed law,
        And you have to be convicted 3 times of the same crime.

        In state court, when you convicted of the same crime more then once.
        You dont get life, you just get a longer sentenced. Because each conviction
        You get. You get points.

        The more points you have, the longer the sentenced is. Also the rules applies to
        Taking it to trial by jury 3 times. If you cop out, like meek did,
        The point system is different.

        Niggah i did my fair share of sitting, in court rooms.
        I know what i am talking about.

        Until the feds pick you up, you dont get a strike
        Although the feds can you your past records as a strike if they chose to,
        Although it wont count as a strike towards a life sentenced.

        Google king tut……

        Also on the state level
        the 3 strikes has to be a violent crime.
        Murder, rape, armed robbery, but it still comes down to your points.

        And even then you
        Only get 25 years. Not natural life in jail……..

        When the feds give you 3 strikes its natural life.
        Not a life sentences…. Either way meek aint got a conviction in NY,
        So his felony in PA dont matter.!!!!!!!

      • Kevin Farley

        i posted that other comment before i read this. last time i was in court the dude whose case was heard ahead of me got 5-10 for boostin a steak from the supermarket its was his 3rd strike for shoplifting

    • Kevin Farley

      pa has 3 strike laws too bein indicted by feds has nothing to do with it.and your strikes in another state(ny for instance) can be held against you in pa.not sure if it works the other way around though

      • EL_BARK

        No your wrong!!!!!!

        When most people talk 3 strikes & your out law.
        Unlike the lames on here, most people are talking about
        3 strike and you get LIFE…… Or a lufe sentences which is 25 years.

        Why else would somebody say. Uh oh you got 2 strikes and if you get one more then your done.??? Should it be the 3 strikes and you get a 5-10 law then????
        If you only get a 5-10 for three strikes, people wouldnt be thst afraid or scared, ???
        Right???? How much deterent is a three strikes and you get a 5 year bid.
        Its not scary. What you are talking about, and the reason why the dude you alleged got a 5-10 was because in PA, every conviction gets you points on your record.
        THE more points you got, the longer the sentences is.
        The fact dude got a 5 -10 was prollu based on his past conviction record,
        And when you get convicted of the same crime more then once its more points.
        Also unless you had dude personal record with you, there is no way you could had known how many points he had, or how serious his first 2 shop lifting cases were.
        Also if the amounts of are over a certain amount,
        A shop lifting case can be a felony or grand larceny.????

        So its not the same, and in PA the cases have to be violent crimes,
        Robbery, murder & rape. For the 3 strikes law.
        And unless the case in another state is for the same crime,
        It cant be bought up by the prosecution. Its irrevlevant.

        If i caught a drug case & got convicted.
        The DA cant mention that conviction if i am on trial for robbery.

        Dude your talking about prolly got a 5-10 because he was on parole or had probation to walk off, or his points from past convictions got him
        That much time for a loaf of bread. Which i still dont believe you,
        Because a judge or DA wouldnt waste tax payer time on a dumb case like that.

        Also the pettiness of the crime doesnt matter,
        King tut got 3 strikes and life for alledeglly snatching a lady purse,and some furs i think.
        Being a two-time felon not the same as having 2 strikes.
        The law was meant to get repeat offenfer off the streets for good.
        A petty shop lifter, is not effected by the law. You are comparing apples & oranges.

  • ccwaterbound32

    where do i begin…. if this is what actually happened as far as the alleged parties involved with this situation i would have to say they are complete idiots! 1. these people  make more money than anyone could ever imagine. 2 they get paid to f*cking party! 3. what the hell can you be mad about when you have walking sperm banks (freaks) to deposit your sperm at? 4. they live in gated communities with big houses and drive fancy vehicles at all times! 5. as much business as these clowns give the rolls royce dealers, mercedes benz dealers, Ferrari,Bugatti,dealers WHAT IS YALL MAD ABOUT!?  total square sh*t at it’s finest…. IF these are the alleged parties who took part into these bizarre activities…

    • bcz they dont have all of that. its just props & rented verhicles & mansions. meek prbly has close to nothing

    • MannieCarlo_SS

       Money does not make them immortal. What you do is contingent on your mind-set. They just some ignorant niggas that don’t know how to have money.

  • Detroit Chick

    Thts a damn shame, an somewhere rihanna is laughin at these niggas. IT wasnt over rihanna..0_0 Right! lol they jus happened to have beef a wk after all those tweets to each other, for some otehr  non related reason?? Bullshit!!  Drake soft as hell, so maybe he did it to try an toughen up his  image since common spanked his ass an called him Canada dry..If  Meek is  supposed to be a hood nigga so if he threw it tht wouldnt be surprising, He js starting to get a buzz though, he dont wana go to jail/

  • WillVetterGoodin

    These dudes is little girls, this isnt what the life is about. Lame.

  • Daniel Davis

    Mane Chris brown needs his ass kicked he be acting like a bitch more than anybody…

    • MannieCarlo_SS

      When you have big-time lawyers shutting your mouth is not an option.

  • RichFromBX

    way to break those stereotypes…again, you can’t get mad when people think that all rappers are just thugs with no self-control…these cats have no reason for going at it, it’s just some dumb macho sh!t…maybe they ain’t the richest cats in the game but they sure as hell have enough money to not get caught up in petty sh!t like this…

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    So what I take from this is… we’re about to lose one of the better young talents in the game (Meek Mill) if this is true. SMH. Gotta be smarter though, bro

  • In the words of Jimmy Conway from Goodfellas -“You learned the two greatest lessons in life today, never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.”

  • Restlesscali

    Straight dry snitching! Drakes camp should of never barked! thats basically implicating Meek… WTF! And if Meek does have 2 strikes, why in the (**&^(*& would you put him on blast?!!! Straight sucka shiiish!! check it out here theroom.tublr dot com

  • B.

    Philly nlggas always have been bltches… fawk a week mills

    • All philly aint bitches watch your mouth before I get this shit traced and be at the foot of ur bed after u have that nightmare about this Philly nigga!

      • B.

        Not all?  SMH listen bltch nlgga go wolf somebody else and realize you just partially co-signed what I just said… #stayinschool

  • BXironlunz28

    damn homey got his shit split real good…..lets c wat comes next afta that….first degree assault, reckless endangerment, mayb even assault wit a deadly weapon etc. shit take yur pick….smart move Meek…glad 2 c u enjoy being on MMG!!!!

  • Young Brothers with Lots of money but no direction..smh..

  • When keepin it real goes terribly wrong.  Niggaz try so hard to be street, but in actuality, you take a chance on losing what you work hard for in the first place.  Sit back, make good music, enjoy your money and leave these loose b#tches alone.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    drake just used meek for his beef  lol

    and he snitch on him after



    Yall gullible fools.!!!!!!!

    1st. I am now convince, this is STAGED!!!!!!

    So somebody from chris brown crew just happen to
    Leak a picture of his bodyguard strect out,????
    And i say his crew, cause aint no hospital staff,
    Going to risk they job 1. Violating HIPPA laws, by taking a picture.
    And they for damn sure not going to take a picture
    Of a victim, while people are in the room, to witness
    Them doing it. So if this picture is real, chris brown
    Camp leaked it.

    Or if shey did go down, they dry snitching. Lol

    But i still say BS, since when niggaz post picture
    Of they wounds, like its cool,

    And a pic of your bodyguard strecth out in a hospital bed. Like what sense
    Do that make. He suppose to be ya muscle???

    Also meek not built for jail, he not going back.!!!!!!!!!
    Now did one of his hanger on do it,
    Being joe, idk…….

    But meek didnt throw it, he rap about being on paper to much,
    And thats not him.!!!!!!! Plus he wouldnt had tweeted about it,
    And i doubt drake threw it.!!!!!

    Meek not a goon, but he still ftom
    The hood, the fact that he tweeted about it, lets me know he aint do shet,
    But did prolly instigate it, for laugh and attention.
    Its all promotion…

    • D D

      How do you stage getting scalped?

      • EL_BARK

        The fact that you ask me that,
        Means you not worthy of an answer.

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  • where was ymcmb? like pusha t said , them niggas aint dying for u

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  • Surely we need bodyguards to protect US from him.