Chris Brown and Drake

Hip-Hop Rumors: The Fight Deal is REAL! Will Drake Accept $1-9 Milli To Fight Chris Brown?

Well, there has been a lot of talk about this offer with Chris Brown and Drake and whether or not its real. Well, we can officially end that speculation. Billionaire Alki Davi and Damon Feldman, a boxing promoter, have been pushing this deal heavy. I didn’t think it was real until I spoke to somebody on the team who spoke to the right people over there and its REAL. Now, it seems like Chris Brown is down. Did you read Sydney’s report? CHECK IT OUT!

If, they accept, the worse they can get is $1 million and a shot at $9 million for the winner! Check out the video below!

I personally don’t see why they wouldn’t take this deal. Well, if somebody has no hand skills, then I get it. Anytime there is a milli on the line, I think its a worthy risk. Get in the gym with Pac Man or Mike Tyson and get that paper! No more bottle throwing! Guard ya grill, knuckle up!

Lets hear that classic song from Naughty By Nature!

  • Guard YA GRILL! 

  • #naughty

  • TruthSerum

    As I said on the other page, Drake is too much of a coward for this. He looks & acts like he has never had a fair one in his life & he wont have his bodyguards with him in the ring to protect him. He already knows the world calls him a sissy anyway, he ain’t gonna give the world a chance to verify it on tape.

    If it does happen, I’m gonna make a fortune betting against young money fans cause Chris Brown would beat the breaks off this dude

  • Both these dudes is stupid rich, they dont need the money… Nothing really in it for them…

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      then they can do it for charity or to pay them massive tax bills in advance??? the IRS can use that money, no i meant take that money……

    • TruthSerum

      Nothing in throwing bottles in nightclubs and risking their freedom or getting sued either, yet they still do it.

      This would be a legal way to handle their problem without having to worry about repercussions. But Drake wont do it, too much of a chump.

      • amen.. Chris will beat the shit outta Drake an he knows it. Birdman an those other “sweet” niggas as common put it are gona talk him outta this one fast! Tht boy career would be over in one round. Rap nigga gettin ur ass kicked by a singer? Yup thts all she wrote, of course chris is down thts easy money. lmao


    • They arent as rich as you think, lol smh. AN they are slaves to the companies that own them. Shit they are a couple bad investments away from being broke. Niggas better ask MC hammer, who at the time ws richer than both of them, or TLC who sold 10 million albums in a yr an had a sold out tour an made 50K a piece tht yr. Everything tht glitters isnt gold an js because ur fav rapper takes pics in expensive jewels, fucks celebs, an rides in lambos dosent means he is wealthy. They are not Jayz an Diddy, 50 or Birdman so they could use the money. Especially after they get the shit sued out of them, they are gona need it.

      • danny4572

        mc hammer went broke for giving too many people jobs from his neighborhood.. and he isnt poor now… but 9 mill is not pocket change especially not for drake… drake will be rich but not as much as people think… chrs probably gets paid the most but he still wont make even a mill on a regular basis… i heard he gets paid 40k a show and just think his record label gets the money from the albums… if they were generating 1-9mill on a regular basis they would end up being two of the riches guys in the world… charlie sheen was the highest paying actor and he got 3 mill an ep for two and a half men and i doubt they getting close to that…again especially drake since all of his money goes to multiple labels xD

  • MadVillain

    maaan i hope this goes threw, watching deez 2 dickheads fight will be some of the funniest shit ever


  • rep87

    Fake Fighting

  • Southcidal

    I’d rather see Rihanna and another bad biitch fighting in some KY. I wouldn’t pay $2 to see these two ducks chicken fighting.

  • forget the boxing get in the cage and lets see what they really got!!! MMA style!!!

    •  So you would rather watch them hug each other and roll around on the floor half naked?  You sir, are gay.

      • TALK_BOSS


      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        yea dog…..dats madd funny but true

      • lol.. boxing is boring tho.. but yeah u right mma is boring when they rollin on the ground.. but at least in MMA chris brown could fly around the ring kicking him in the face.. hahaha

      • Celz

        He never said shyt about rollin on the ground. And the ref will make em get up if no one is making any grappling progress.. The thought is funny as hell but you’re the one who brought up the gay shyt.

      • danny4572

        u do realise thats not mma? do u watch ufc? yes a lot of wrestler fighters in the ufc will grapple and use submissions but its basically just flat out fighting… like the current ufc champ is a boxer… u need to learn ur shit before commenting on something u dont know nothing about… im a big boxing fan but these two having a boxing match would just let everyone know who can box better… an mma fight would prove who would win in an actual fight… none of them are professional mma fighters so they could basically fight however they want without having to worry about getting trapped in a submission… not to mention it would be much more brutal

  • A milli?
    Dudes on my block will fight them both, at the same time for $40.
    Hope they take the money!

    That Naughty By Nature track is & always will be FiYah!!!!

    Guard Ya’ Grill!

    •  Damn you know some bougie ass niggas E, I know some cats that’ll fight em both for a dime bag, a 3 pack of grape White Owls and a loosie.  LOL

  • This entire story should be the inspiration for the next Def Jam fighting game, really, you can’t make this shit up.

    • Celz

      They say life imitates art

    •  i heard that!!!

  • These two guys are adults, entertainers not boxers, its childish for people to even think these two would fight, shit happens sometimes you have a misunderstanding with someone thats life, and most grown up and smart people have the ability to squash any beef without fisting up,while trying to live a life in the spotlight, shake make diss woteva or they can just ignore each other, but fighting aint the answer. And people can just let em be.

    • TruthSerum

      Mature adults wouldnt throw bottles at each other from across the room and injure innocent bystanders because there too scared to face each other. I don’t know what kind of Fairy dust your smoking but that kind of behavior isn’t “Adult” from where I’m sitting, its childish.

      If they got beef with each other and its so important they have to act like that, a one on one seems like the mature, adult way to handle it.

      • Heard, in regards to the innocent bystanders caught in the middle that aint fair but this aint UFC its a drunken misunderstanding between two entertainers what i can gather, they dont need the money, they dont need example to be sent out to fans that the way to settle things is with a one on one, you’d have kid fans all over the place starting ruckus thinking its ok cos Drake & Chris Brown did it. Aint as simple as just getting in the ring while in the spotlight is it?!

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        1st of all faggot drake nor breezy SHOULD NOT…i repeat..SHOULD NOT set examples for any kids….whut can these two rich ignorant narrsacists teach any kids?…get involved with big forehead whores…dance one’s ass off…beat-up said big head girl for passing one of her many std’s….date porn stars then call an old girlfreind in an drunken daze crying how she can do better….lose mind over said girl….play a cripple on an canadian show…then try to be a gangster rapper when everyone knows u Pu$$y….throw bottles at each other…….look john ur heart is in the right place….but as far as your mind….well allow me to make an suggestion:….(ahem) WAKE UP…or better yet wash your face….because your talking from the pre-disposed notion that your defending “mature adults”….but here is the issue….THESE TWO ARE NOT MATURE ADULTS…..mentally drake aint eve human…and breezy aint been sane since ri-ri……these two have already taken this dubious path…why stop now….they better make that gwap because in a few months there all getting sued……even mill and santana….once u overstand ur not defending “mature adults”…then u will be fine……oh and i was raised that aint nothing wrong with shooting someone a fair-one…where da phuck u from

      • Im the Phuck from Britain why gonna send a cleaner? 

      •  I did not say they were MATURE ADULTS i said they are adults that dont need to send out an even worse example to they younger fans that fighting will make everything allright. 

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        quick question fam…..whut good example have you seen these 2 batty bwoys set…ever…u dont think a walk in the park is better than throwing bottles in’it….which set a better example blood…breezy is ok but drake is a…they cant set a better example fam….(u see how i’m trying to sound like u britians..i got family in england…mi luv di way di youth dem a gwaan)

      • Mi no say dema set example, me say dema fools fi wot dem did, and dem need cal fight off for de youth dem sake seen? Nah dont get it twisted i dont know the full details, just tryna put out word that it aint the only option and there is young’ns watchin as they got lot fans between them and they gotta try save a situation before its outa hand, and lot them youths start thinkin its usual procedure, the music industry would not allow that surely? 

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        yes brethen….mi see u

      • danny4572

        ye blud its all gud… wanna skit ull?

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        skit ull?….nigga u jus ask me if i want some skittles?

      • And some tropical fruit bubba;licious

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        oh dont start dat no violence shit…..i got family in the u.k…….they say ya’ll be beating niggaz to death over soccer games….a wha u call dem:hooligans…..fuk outta here…and its not a cleaner….the newspaper in jamaica is called the gleaner

      • Not the case to best of my knowledge, bit stereotypical aint it? 

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        just a bit…sterotypes as ignorant as it sounds is usually spot-on….i mean i do enjoy fried chickens,kush,and big booties…and most asian folks i knw cant drive…mexicans do roll deep….the majority of a white males cant dance to save there lives….my ricans will cut u…red-necks are usually stupid..and i’m usually late to everything(working on dat)..and i do have a big jamaican d!ck…so sterotypes are not as false as we like to think

      • Celz

        Lmao! Real Shyt!!

      • Lmmfao! U hit the nail on the head with this one sirr! Someone on here has some sense

      • Why so hostile towards Rihanna?

      • Brian Miller

        I don’t know how things are where you from, but here in Chicago that would be a excellent example to send out to fans, if you got a problem settle it with a one-on-one. if more people took that approach it would be a lot less people in cemetaries.

      • Depending on situation yeah, but all trying get across is that they got younger fans out there who already know bout the incident and to see it form into a pay brawl with bets etc probably aint the way to settle it, seems people just wanna shit stir things up until it get outa hand. 

    • jackknight

      entertainers but a club got shut down. people lost their jobs. people where hurt , cut, and almost hurt permanently because of these entertainers right? please? put on the gloves and fight like men instead of fake gangster entertainers behind thug friends who they pay.

      •  Fake gangster entertainers behind thug friends who they pay? They both part of pretty big gangs/crew woteva these days how do you define Gang-Ster? They aint fake in my opinion they just don’t need the bullshit of a fight date that only causes more problems instead of solving

      • Celz

        If Drake ain’t fake in your opinion it’s because you’re fake. Wayne didn’t start claiming Bloods until he was 25 and he doesn’t even rep a set. It’s all marketing and promotions. Real recognize real and Drake is unfamiliar. Chris Brown kept it real tho. Sent him a bottle a champagne to show no hard feelings cuz he smashed his ex wifey. Man up Chris Brown shoulda never wifed a rat, rats get smashed by other niccas. And then Drake wanna get his feelings all into it when she was always just a jump off to him. Chris Brown kept it G but Drake always been a joke to anyone over 24.

      • danny4572

        i actually have 10x more respect for chris brown than drake especially how chris brown has come this far after the incident … cant take anyone from young money seriously.. at least chris brown is actually himself and has a lot of talent… although im not saying drake has no talent but the majority of young money do not…  not to mention they all act hard when they are with each other so i would just love for 1 of them to get knocked out.. then they can go back to their money throwing music 

      • Steve Basler

        man chris brown is known for slappin bitch’s! besides go to youtube and check out 40 glock punkin trying to get at little wayne while he hide in his escalade. 

      • Fake as they come. Anyways why so hostile towards Rihanna? seems to me like you got the hump cus they both been close to her? What goes on behind closed doors is they business, as long as they keep making the hits i couldn’t give two, bout love life etc

      • Steve Basler

        studio gansta, cash money is a bunch of wanksta’s. 

      • Cash Money Young Money one the hardest working in the biz right now. wanksta’s is a matter of opinion but ya cant knock the hustle

      • Weedras

        that club was on its last strings, the bottle incident was the last straw that broke its back, underage drinking, and drug dealing to name a few of the strikes against the club…

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        aint heard nothin bout dat until they almost scalped a bouncer,bust a white b!tch sh!t and almost blinded tony parker…..weed you basically described every club in north america…whut dat got to do with anything…sheesh

      • Weedras

        well i’ve been in there few times and cops have hit there before and shut shit down… if you you live in the NY area then you might have seen it in the Daily News a couple times… thats a Manhattan club dude that’s a whole ‘nother ball game right there shit can happen in the brooklyn and bronx joints but Manhattan a simple slip can get you shut down.. thats all i’m saying… dude tryna make it seem like the one incident fucked it up.. i’m just pointing out that there has been issues with them in the past and they were already under investigation..

    • boxers are entertainers DUH

      • Some peepz jus be spoiling for argument. I said my bit, thats my opinion hate it or love it wrong or right  i may be, i’m stating my view on the situation. Said my bit with nothing to prove. I’m out

    • danny4572

      i think if u were offered up to 9 mill u would rather fight it out instead… just sayin.. 

  • WillVetterGoodin

    I already said this, drake is an actor from Canada, he doesnt fight. Maybe Common should step in!

    • Yep, Drake is acting like he is a rapper and a tough guy when he is bitch mad from the cradle.

      • Steve Basler

        lol, maybe drake would take the fight if bieber was in the other corner. bieber would woop that assssssssssssss!

      • Madi Jackson

        yeah right

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  • funny how all these lames will do anything for a dollar like sell out their people & do songs w bieber but they wont fight for a million?  baby i thought u were about getn that money !!! u & wayne even kill people for money look at all those tattoo tears

    • danny4572

      wayne hasnt killed anyone u moron… hes been raised on tv and if he were to kill someone he would have been caught quick.. he doesnt have the brains to get away with that

      • but wayne has so many tattoo tears he mustve killed several people

  • Chris will beat the shit outta Aubrey an he knows it. His name alone lets u knw what kinda dude he is, a soft one. lol Probably never been in a fist fight in his life.  Birdman an those  “sweet” niggas as common put it are gona talk him outta this one fast! Tht boy career would be over in one round. Rap nigga gettin ur ass kicked by a singer? Yup thts all she wrote, of course chris is down thts easy money. lmao

    • danny4572

      pacman is a singer… and also considered by many the best boxer of today… although i would say hes 2nd to floyd but w/e 😉

  • Doc

    Its a brown thing he ready to bang

  • bigdoe6

    Either way its a win win situation for both. Fight, get paid, and put that bullshit behind and make money together.

    • Its not that easy now these days. I couldve worked 20 years ago but niggas wanna be superheros now these days

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  • if these Black men let these jews pimp them for that crappy ass money they are fools.

    • Celz

      Trust me they are used to it by now..

    • BruceLeRoyGlow

      crappy ass money? These niggas not getting a million to 9 million $$ for they album sells how would this be a bad idea 

      • This shit is a form of cooning to the highest degree Chris Brown can make a million dollars while he sleeps white people always want to make a dollar off black peoples ignorance.

      • danny4572

        actually i think alki david just wants promotion for filmon… he pays random people to do stupid shit on there… chris brown cant make a million while he sleeps though… he probably gets about 50-100k a show though… but 9 million certainly isnt pocket change… and its for sure not for drake since hes already getting pimped by birdman…

      • You know that his records sell around the world and he owns his publishing right? yeah he can 

      • TruthSerum

        How would it be “Cooning” exactly??

        2 Men who have a problem with each other deciding to settle it honorably in a structured environment and they could give the proceeds to a charity

        Cooning is these 2 clowns throwing bottles at each other in night clubs and Chris Brown trying to rap about it………Cooning is Drake talking tough to that Lilly White Tattoo artist a few months ago, getting challenged to a fair one and then sending his tough guy bodyguards to the guys job to make a scene

        There is nothing about a fair fight in a ring that says “Cooning” to me, everything else these 2 do could be described that way but this would be a respectable way to settle their problem

    • Casor_Greener

      Man stfu with this racial nonsense. Is mayweather cooning when he fights? Man you bitter brothers make me sick



  • King Cold

    chris is gonna whup dat ass

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

     This would be such an uninteresting fight.

  • ccwaterbound32

    drake vs chris brown? i aint gonna lie if they decide to take 5 and bang(louisiana slang for fighting) IM WATCHIN THAT S*IT!!!!! personally i think brown got it hands down because he look like he got a nice reach as for drake he probably got some hands i mean them funny azz dudes got hands look holiday heart!!!!! that would be somethin make nicki minaj the round card girl put wayne and birdman in that n*gga’s corner and buck his head up to fight, trey songz in chris brown  corner eggin the s*it on talkin about “knock that h*e azz n*gga out talkin about when i laugh out loud on the phone im probably having a phone moment with trey songz B*TCH YOU GOIN GET YO MIND RIGHT TODAY H*E!!!!” i crack me up….

  • water_ur_seeds

    hahaha cant wait for this, hope it does get pulled off.. im routing for breezy, cant stand pussies like drake that perpetrate like they are hard and are soft as schitt… if drake didnt front with that fake tough act then i would route for him, but i cant stand that hard persona when hes really a fruit… atleast chris grew up hard…

    hope this is a big event, like load of episodes with real boxers training them, and get the final episode being the fight… would like to of seen alot of the money going to charity though…

    oh, and this comment approval thing is fckn joke, its a hip hop website, if anyone is offended by swearing then they listen to the wrong genre of music…

    • Steve Basler

      every singing rapper acts hard, if chris brown don’t take the fight this white boy will for a hundred grand to knock that punk b tch out!

      • water_ur_seeds

        drake grew up on tv show geek, now hes got this hard act, its so cheesy… cb is wasteman, but atleast hes really from ghetto…

        anyone who still says the words ‘punk ass bitch’ is a corn ball… 

        lol @ you knocking anyone out

      • Lionel Thompson

        nigga, pipe down. They both bitches, but Chris is more of a bitch for throwin’ bows with a female. Doesn’t matter if it was years ago, he still beat the shit out of a girl. I’m sure both of them don’t even know how to fight, so it’s not going to happen. Wake up nigga.

      • water_ur_seeds

        think you need to wake up starrr, i said they both wack, but since they are fighting, im saying who i wanna see win… rihanna prolly asked for a slap anyways, i bet shes a hand full… drakes a b*tch and gonna get ko if chris aint smoking meth in the changing room before he gets in the ring… pussyole

      • the4thcoming

        Why do y’all mofos keep mentioning Drake n hiphop under the same breath? Since when did hiphop consists of half-jew pussies that were born rich with a golden spoon in Canada?
        HIPHOP came from the streets n from niggaz who ACTUALLY HAD TALENT. Not from the suburbs by some halfbreed cornballs who grew up on Nicalodeon with NO KNOWLEDGE OF HIPHOP N NO TALENT. . These new dudes is POP. Far from hiphop. . Know your genres .. Now gtfo of my class!!

      • water_ur_seeds

        there has always been jews in hip hop from day one, and it consisted of latinos and blacks from day one… some of the best graffiti artists where/are white since the 70s… putting the race factor into it is irrelevant… drakes a rapper, and at first before he was ymcmb he was alright… before he was trying to be gangsta… you prolly dont even buy records so fck off battyman… 

  • probro

    Shame on everybosy involved.
    thought we were through with shit like this.
    hip hop is supposed to be pro black, not pro whites cheering for two black man going at each other- even if it is for 9 million
    every real mc and every one with self respect should be blasting the promoters.
    what happened to your common sense, illseed ? 

    • water_ur_seeds

      its a boxing match… hardly pro white… undo your top button and lossen up…

    • TruthSerum

      People like you would find a way to put a racial twist on the weather or the time of the day if it didn’t work out the way you wanted it, FOH, back when Tommy Lee from Motley Crue & Kid Rock were fighting in casino’s over Pamela Anderson and acting like clowns there were a few people who made the same kind of offer, to step up and do some Celebrity Boxing” for charity………And in case nobody told you, Tommy & Rock are white guys…… Shocking isnt it, a couple of white celebrities acting like clowns once got the same offer these 2 are getting!!!!!!!

      The promoter is doing this because 2 grown men hiding behind bodyguards are acting like clowns, race isn’t a factor.

    • ONE

      Drake is black ? lol

  • water_ur_seeds

    alki davi looks like drake lol

    • Q.

      Yeah, he does. Same initials too. Low-key that’s probably his uncle trying to rig the fight. LOL

  • globalgame






  • Q.

    Comedy. So, what…these sissies gonna slapfight and mud wrestle in man-kinis or…?

    Peep the marquee: …”The Thrilla in Manila?”….. Nah. More like…

    “The Sissies in Mississippi”
    “The Yella Dorks in Nueva York”

    …or something like that. LOL

    • LMAO!! The Sissies in Mississippi damn I’m going to be tripping off of that shit all day!!

    • immackulate

      LLAMF @ “sissies in mississippi”

  • daRealMigos ▬|ι═══════ﺤ

    it would be a white man to want 2 black men fightin’…don’t let them pimp ya…

    • Casor_Greener

      man shut up with the corniness. that white man didn’t make em talk all that b.s. on twitter and throw bottles. 

      • daRealMigos ▬|ι═══════ﺤ

        you’re part of the problem…

      • digitallife

        That billionaire ain’t white bro..the promoter is but that billionaire is only light skinned until it’s time to go through airport security lol then he’s grouped into “colored” with the rest of us.

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        these dudes do everything else that whites tell dem too….they been part of the problem……and if ra is part of the problem well guess whut ur black ass is too as well

      • daRealMigos ▬|ι═══════ﺤ

        don’t even get me started on you Jamaican’s you guys coon like no other group of blacks…dancin’ on light poles and dry humpin’ like monkies…

      • Mos High

        Wait a damn second how can u say such a ignorant stupid ass comment “coon like” “dancing on poles” just because u seen some dancehall extreme videos your going to paint a whole people. U must be the white guy, scratch that. I are the trader that pops up in every black power movement. I’m sure u have heard these jamaicans bob Marley, peter tosh, Marcus garvey queen nanny I guess they were Coons right. What a sick chump comment please go mess yourself. Damn low life behaviour

      • daRealMigos ▬|ι═══════ﺤ

        those are the real faces of jamaica bt thats besides the point…they playin’ into the white mans hands

      • I drink white wine from the furry cup. How dis get get race related?

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        go suk out your mama

    • toreal

      If the white man wanted to give me millions to fight, I would too.

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    yeah, go fight yourselves! I would die to watch how you pulling the heads off from each other 😛

  • rmac138

    lls @illseed tryna give sydney credit

  • Riyad Ahmad

    Rihanna probably put up a better fight than drake would

  • digitallife

    It’d fight both them dudes at the same damn time for that kind of money…but the fact that the singer is the one whose down and the bragging rapper isn’t..speaks volumes about todays hip-hop..picture that in the 90’

    • …this wouldnt happen in da 90’s.somebody wouldve been ko’d already!!this shit is too pretty now,half these dudes scared to break a nail!!

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  • Damn wth is wrong wit the ppl talkin bout race on this topic? Drake is half white but it aint about race its about the money. Besides Boxing is a real sport where ppl get paid to fight. Black on Black, White on Black, White on White, Spanish on Spanish, or whatever. And ppl on here talkin bout how racist this is??? No bodies forcin anybody to fight they just tryin to make a fight happen, make some money, and let it ride. I would watch it. And I am a fan of Drake but Chris Brown would whoop his ass. Them dudes from VA dont play. lol

    • lscheely

      NPN VA ALL DAY BITCHES!!! 🙂 Chris goin to rock dat bitch aubrey, Aubrey busted a bottle on face dats cool, Chris going to cave aubreys face in.

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    Hey people would y’all pay to see this?

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    Really? This beef has gone to a new level! In today’s society, someone can take a situation and make money from another persons success or hardship without regard of ethics. Ask yourself…Should this event take place and will it end the beef? Do you care? If you answered “No” to any or all of these questions then here’s a reality check. Someone does want this event to happen, the beef will continue, and there are people willing to pay for this type of entertainment (SEE WWF). Like it or not, ethics around the world are deteriorating and money is at the root of it. I live in Chicago where violent crimes are on the rise so it baffles me when I read about billionaires willing to promote and make more money off this beef instead of using their resources for projects that promote ethics and conflict resolution.

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