Hip-Hop Rumors: [Video] Young Buck Speaks On Jail Time….

Man, I am eternally sad for the way Young Buck has developed as an artist. I mean 50 Cent is merciless! And Buck’s own woes have finally caught up with him. Well, with a year and some change in jail time coming up, Buck is speaking out on his own drama. He recently released this video on the whole mess. I can’t believe this dude was once one of the dopest rappers in G-Unit.

Yeah, and I know this ain’t no rumor. It just is.

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  • therealest1

    After midnight shit. Squandered opportunities shit by Young Buck.

  • dolomite205

    young buck cant blame nobody but himself. 50cent gave buck 200,000 to pay his taxes.Buck turned his back on him.

    • sakiru oresanwo

      If that is true then that was a bad move. then again only he knows why he turned it down (if it did happen).

      P.S dont mean to clown him or make fun of his situation but just remembered one of his lines where he says something like “we go to prison to lose weight” or something like that

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  • TruthSerum

    They say what dont kill you makes you stronger. If Buck survives everything he’s been through these last 5 years and takes this bid to slow down & get his head together, he’ll be alright, forget the rap game, nobody makes money out here no more anyway, not like they use to, I’m talkin bout Buck gettin his life together period. 50 gonna hold you hostage by that contract till the day you die regardless, accept that and start looking into other avenues to use your celebrity to make money off summin 50 has no power over.

    • atle fjeldstad

       Buck been makin videos for a while now, plus other stuff..
      He`s gettin` there 🙂

  • johnblacksad

    Buck the dopiest? I ain’t know he blaze like that

    #spellcheck sh!t

    • Dopey?

      Not Dope! LOL-N


      • johnblacksad

        *looks around*… uh… who are you telling really?!

        I spellchecked you and you even corrected it… you said Buck is the dopiest… which is a word indeed, but not the one you meant to use… you prolly meant to say he the ‘dopest’… which is how you ended up correcting it anyways… and yes dopest is not a word per say, it’s slang, and can be used as such.

        You got other questions, holla at a grammar champ!
        Been killin these spelling bees since i was toddler

        Hold up… i thought you didn’t read the comments?! #SayOneThingDoTheOppositeSh!t

        Max Seed, i’m just fuggin witcha… even though ‘we’ loooove talkin sh!t to you, i think ‘we’ actually kinda like you

  • if dudes dont stop wearing them small as gucci hats lol 😉

    • johnblacksad

       fake ones at that…

  • damn buck hopefully learn from them mistakes and reach your goals !! 😉

  • tbirdandkoolaid

    Homeboy voice was cracking….What he got 18 months FED for a pistal while being a felon?

    fool, what you crying for….

    to his fans:

    you can get a list of his stuff that’s being auctioned. i dont think ahh will allow me to post the link.

    • True, but it’s pouring rain in his life, but Yeah, Mando Min = 5YRs

  • Good Luck Buck!

  • digitallife

    You know something though, he’s still young enough that if this right here doesn’t put the nail in the coffin he might actually just be crawling through sht to come out clean on the other side. Honestly nothing would give me more pleasure as a fan of hip-hop and perserverance than to see this kid balance it out and he’s definitely got the talent to have a fighting chance at it…out of the hundreds of rappers in the game this dude has worn his heart on his sleeve the last few years and he’s just taken hit after hit (many of his own doing..some not) but he’s a real mofo flaws and’d be nice to see him win once for those kids of his tho.

  • Baby_Bluez

    Blessings do come in a disguise… Make good of a bad situation Buck. Map it out, re-load and go get it.

  • immackulate

    niggahs love to hate …

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    • johnblacksad

      actually, i like the ‘camaro/creditsolver’ spamming ninja more than you… at least he tries to get creative with his… You’re like a fail while failing already

  • Casor_Greener

    Boys talk all that garbage on their records and then you can see how their shook when it’s time to pay the piper.  I have no sympathy for him. None at all.

    • immackulate

      you must NOT know about BUCK … niggah even said   “far as DAVID my pride is thru the roof and my head is held high … certain things im being held accountable for and i just gotta handle it” 

      maybe SHOCKED but he dont sound shook

  • dude looks super poor now

    • immackulate

      compare to WHO … you?

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  • one of t6he most underrated…

  • immackulate

    R.I.P Ms. Melody #BDP #SelfDestruction #LadiesFirst

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Buck got heart! Keep it moving…

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