Ronald "Slim" Williams

Cash Money Records CoFounder Ronald "Slim" Williams Pays For $7.15 Million Home – In Cash

(AllHipHop News) Cash Money Records cofounder Bryan “Baby” Williams is well-known for flaunting his wealth, but his older brother Ronald “Slim” Williams, the other founder of Cash Money, is much more low-key.

But that may be changing, as Ronald Williams recently purchased South Florida’s largest single–family house.

According to the Miami Herald, Slim purchased a 30,000 square-foot, 9 bedroom, 12–bathroom house, in South Florida’s triple gated community of Windmill Ranch.

A variety of rules were put in place to maintain the secrecy around the purchase of Slim’s new home, which was previously owned by Richard Nilson, the cofounder of Mattress Giant.

The house, which cost  $7.15 million, was purchased through a company called S Vision LLC.

It comes with amenities like an indoor tennis court, a wine room, a movie theater, a 6,000 square-foot multipurpose room and almost four acres of land.

And true to his record label’s name, Slim does not have a mortgage on the property– he paid for it in cash money.

  • EzE

    i doubt he paid actual cash for the house… the tax hit on 7 milli in cash would add almost a extra milli on the price tag… he paid it off in full but i doubt its str8 paper.. thank all the artist and their royalty checks for the krib buzzin

    • imaman2012

      his ‘company’ purchased it. this is what business men do. their shell companies purchase big ticket items.

      do you know what type of tax breaks companies get.

      if they time comes he get sued for anything…this home will not be touched because slim doesn’t own it, a LLC does.

    • Casor_Greener

      Please explain to me why he would have to pay $1M more for buying in cash.

      • Smart Man

        none of these people with in the financial industry. That was a smart thing for him to do. Why would you take a loan out and you have the cash to pay for it? Thats why niggas where they are now apartments. This guy probably have more than 100 mil liquid. He is not like his brother baby, Slim is the brains of CMR he has never been flashy. These the same niggas who would get a benz, gold chain, and keep all their money in a bank roll

  • imaman2012

    did it right. A LLC purchased it not him…

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  • dominicancoke

    Is he gonna let the lil kids from lil haiti swim in his pool? Are the kids from liberty city gonna take trips there to see what they can acomplish with hard work?
    carol city overtown north miami? Than f#ck em his company does nothing but spread poison into ghetto youths minds about getting faded shooting guns this dude.and babies child molesting self is house n#ggers

    • GuestwithacapG

      Mufucka does will smith, denzel Washington, don Cheadle, or any of them let the kids from Haiti come over for a swim? Shut your bitter ass up

      • OnlyFaDaReal


      • johnblacksad

        R Kellz lets the little girls come over for a swim… No no pedo!

      • dominicancoke

        Those folks u mentioned dont.promote violence and thuggery

      • GuestwithacapG

        Denzel played Frank Lucas, Alonzo, don Cheadle was a killer in devil in a blue dress, a porn star in boogie nights.

      • Clay Thomas

        your name is DOMINICAN COKE….poisoning the child….violence and thuggery….GTFOH!!!!

    • imaman2012

      Will you let little kids from kenyan use your laptop when you’re not posting here?

      Will you let little kinds from nam wear your jordans when you’re not?

      he’s only obligated to his own.

      what are you doing for the cause? it’s always about someone else.

      edit- i just peeped your username.can you say ironic.

      • dominicancoke

        Im dominican coke since 99 thats my actual street name dr coca I left that behind dude I am a humanitarian I work with disabled children I even whent to haiti in 2010 I work with kids in the ymca alot more than you

    • Heartless_Bajan_Bastid

      I agree that his label is full of fake thug wannabes spreading poison to the youths through their bullshit music. The whole label is a waste of space. On the other hand, when your name has the word coke in it, a drug that poisons the youth, grown folks and anyone who uses it, I don’t think you should open your mouth or type shit…..smfh…

      • dominicancoke

        I feel you but im dominican coke thats what people in the bx know me as. Ps is a metaphore

  • Boyenyc Media

    Wow, and everyone was hating 50 when he brought Mike Tyson’s old mansion and ppl were saying he’s not from NY

    • Frank

      Because thats stupid. We are talking about millions of dollars in prime real estate.

      Shhhh honey. Go back to playing with Barbie.

  • Mike9130

    The only thing I have to say is good that he paid cash money for it. Never understood why “rich” industry people get mortgages.

    If you pay cash you own it.

    • johnblacksad

      The answer is Treasury!

      …even if you have it in cold cash, NEVER front the whole thing… you secure that mortgage and then you try to make the rest of the money work harder. Never let the cash go fully… Cash remains KING! Gotta stay ready for unexpected hits, setbacks and opportunities.

      If you ask me, yes it may be super ballin… jus like how us negroes excel at it, but i can’t think of anything more stupid to front 7.5 mil$ when you obviously have the credit to get that mortgage… but yes, it impresses n!ggaz, so fcuk it…

      • imaman2012

        Do tell me why you shouldn’t outright buy?

        Please don’t say the tax credit you get on interest is your deciding factor?

        Fck credit. I never buy anything on credit. That’s what a mortgage is.

        a 30 year lay away plan.

        what’s 7.5 mil? i rather drop 7.5 mil on that rather getting taxed on that later in the year.

        who knows maybe he needed to get rid of 8 milli for a reason and ‘investing’ in a tax shelter is downright american

      • johnblacksad

        Yes, you shouldn’t outright buy. Not because of tax credit.
        Because you don’t front 7.5 mil when they give you the possibility to pay it over 30 years… you pay the mortgages and in the meanwhile you try to make that leftover cash still sitting with you (since you didn’t outright front the whole thing) work at least as hard as your interest rate.
        Cash is King! It’s better to sit on a house for which you only downpaid 1.5 mill and still have 6mil$ sitting on your account that can allow you to react to any unexpected situation, than to sit on a full paid house… with not even enough money left to maintain the property’s value (not sayin this is Slim’s case) and then have to urgently sell it the minute a major setback pops off at a lower-lower-value because you need the cash asap… etc…

        Unless you are really really caked up like Rhubarb pie, unless you’re really payin ‘D.Wade’ for them ‘thangs’, unless you know Pablo, unless the real Noriega owes you a hundred favors, i don’t advise you try to ball like Slim. Get the mortgage!

      • Casor_Greener

        He can always get equity from the house if he owns it outright. I don’t see your point.

      • johnblacksad

        not sayin other wise… jus that Cash > Equity.
        equity is good, cold cash better

      • Celz

        You can always take a loan out if you have credit, collateral, and income. You don’t even need all three. He definitely wouldn’t have to short sale.

      • snacks

        for a average person its not good to buy outright but for slim 7.5 mill is nothing to him and he dont go round like baby and buy everything rich makes it even smarter since he manages his money well

      • johnblacksad

        tru… tru… i don’t see him with the big bright ugly red jewelry… he does seem to manage well, def not jus an ‘average’ baller

      • tab58064

        I agree and hell yeah he should’ve paid cash for that house since he has plenty of other cash which is a cushion. As you said he’s not nearly as reckless with his money as his silly-ass brother is. They probably wanted more for the house, but buy paying cash he got if for less most likely and the value may be much more than he paid. Either way at least it’s his and if he should ever need to use it for cash he can. Many rich people follow the logic that the guy above suggested and in the end they end up losing their homes after investing and losing. At least if shit goes south for Baby he’ll own his home and can do with it whatever he wants to.

      • hoeyuno

        I’m wondering how much homie would pay in property tax every year.

      • imaman2012

        say he chose your route….

        say he got that 6 mill in bank or whatever..then come April 15 2013 he will have to pay tax on that.

        why get taxed on something when you ‘invest’ in a tax shelter.

        now he got 8 milli that’s not going to get tax and can be used for collateral for a loan one day.

        i don’t know about business or taxes like an accountant, i did stay in a holiday inn express last night.

        remember s vision llc bought the house. not ronald williams.

        and being liquid isn’t what it seemed. say you got 20 million sitting in a bank. a us bank, do you think when sheet hits the fan you can withdraw like that..

        ummm can i have my 20 million all in 20’s and 50’s haha

        trust. he’s a smart cat and he’s aware whats going on.

        he’s the quiet cat for a reason.

        around this time you always see business people buying sheet.

        only to get rid of that cash not to get taxed.

        we call that rich people problems.

        cash is king gold must be god.

      • johnblacksad

        If i’m not mistaken, you don’t get taxed on your assets (not includin property tax) in the U.S…. only your revenues

        I’m assumin the 7.5 mills been taxed before it reached his pockets so he won’t have to pay tax for the 6mill$ to just ‘sit there’

      • Sam Schiffman

        You acting like this guy only has 7.15 milli… lol. 7.15 milli aint shit to this man… he’s worth at least six figures, just as Baby is.. he aint worried about 7.15 milli… come on son..

      • Kevin Farley

        you mean 7 or 8 figures

      • dareal504

        I always thought the same shit, why these niggas get mortgages when they can buy, I guess bc we see so many ex-athletes lose their homes and shit.. It’s like damn nigga if u owned it, when u hit hard times u can cash out and come back up… but these cats ain’t that smart to keep the cash and make it work for them… Me and mom’s just had this exact convo yesterday and mom’s always says that cash is king and keep your money….makes sense, I’ll never forget what I heard Russell Simmons say yrs ago… “Others ppl money”.. Even tho he got the paper he’ll take out a loan to invest in shit just incase shit don’t work out he still has his own paper stashed.. When u thank abt it, it does make perfect sense..

      • Mike9130

        If you need a mortgage you can’t afford it. Keep in mind I’m talking about “rich” people. You may “want” a 7.5mil house (I know I do) but nobody “needs” one. Average person doesn’t have 300K laying around so for working class to get a reasonable mortgage in relation to income is fine with me.

        I guess the best way to say it is the way someone else did.

        “100% of foreclosures happen on houses with mortgages.” You could get sick, lose job, die, etc.. Never know what tomorrow will bring. Once it’s paid for you own it. Stress free.

        Think about this. If you rich, why you need credit?

        Plus not like it’s interest free. I don’t know anything about slim, but quick search said networth was 100mil. If so not like this wiped him out.

        I get where you’re coming from, but respectfully disagree.

    • hoeyuno

      Yea that’s how I would look at it. Like if you win 5 mil or something buy your little castle out so if you fuk up the funds you don’t slip up and lose your house. But that’s why my wifey makes the real decisions ha ha.

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Good to see somebody that came from nothing work hard and reap the rewards! Continue to do big things homie!

  • $mike

    Slim is actually older than Baby and what’s wrong with the brains of the operation enjoying a few perks from his 20 plus year grind. Some would call it a REWARD.

  • It’s funny how they spend all the cash, and pay their artist in old gold from 10 years ago…..O well..Great for him…Just know that a 7.5 million dollar home cost about $500,000 or more a year to maintain.

  • hoeyuno


  • hoeyuno

    You would think this guy woulda learned from fif. 50 has that rediculous 50 room wigwam in ct that he hasn’t been able to unload. Your power bill alone would be more then most of us average folks make a month.

    • tab58064

      Yeah, definitely gotta think about maintenance cost but I think Baby will be just fine. He doesn’t strike me as a fool with a bunch of shit to prove to anyone. He’s way smarter than Baby and way more mature.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    I thought this meant in cash (like the strip club) but buying up front without a mortgage is SUPER smart. He just saved himself millions of dollars.

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  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    slim always 360 of his brother, low key and if he do some thing you gonna here about it from someone else not by bragging and flashing it in your face like the baby bird. he gets much respect for that…

  • Ron Howard

    What you think a 100 million dollar plus nigga suppose to do, FINANCE IT. “FREE GANGSTA”

  • BTV Global, LLC

    if you got it spend it

  • That was a great buy for the price and location. I’m surprised it wasn’t 15 or better. Paying cash was a good move too, a 30 year mortgage on a super jumbo loan would have cost him almost 30 mill to pay off. True most wealthy people don’t pay cash to stay liquid and make their money work instead of being tied up but on something as good of a deal as this, cash it out and keep it movin.

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