Hip-Hop Rumors: Nas And Kelis On A Date?

What the hell-o is going on? There is a crazy rumor going on that Nas and Kelis were recently seen on a date. Now, Nas has been doing shows like crazy recently, so I cannot call it fully. But, according to, they did just that out in Cali. Here is what they had to say over there:

Not sure how deep the relationship is these days, but we definitely know they’re still real close. The Milkshake rapper Kelis brought the boy, Nasty Nas to the yard on Thursday night in Hollywood where the two were spotted on a date night. Hollywood Bowl played home to love music last Thursday night as the one and only Anita Baker and Esperanza Spalding gave concert goers a night of love music. Well we were there and guess who we ran into on a date. Nas & Kelis!

Kelis exited the area and came over to take the picture with me and she walked down a bit which seemed weird. Until after we took the picture. Kelis began walking out and then when I looked back, Nas pulled his fishermans hat down and tried to walk out quickly. So I yelled out, “hey Nasty Nas” and he just smiled and walked by.

  • therealest1

    Failed marriage shit. More stupid N!gger Nas shit.

  • brotha_man

    its cheaper to keep her

  • dominicancoke

    Eather he trynna wife her again cause she keep on leaving his pockets like rabbit ears or that b!tch milkshake tight as f#ck

    • therealest1

      Its the money my dude.

  • Alf Capone

    whatever…………he can do what he wants………..just keep making albums

  • KLewis

    Let’s not forget that these two share a child together. Must we always jump to “they’re getting back together?”

  • DC

    false.. they were at the same place,same time..two different crews. Anita Baker concert, everyone in the city was there. Notice there is no pics of them together. Someone would have snapped it..especially the guy telling the story. And..Kelis looks like shit now..

    • therealest1

      Uh, she’s been looked like shit my dude.

  • big mike

    This was a Sad weekend in black history…two of the most successful
    rapers in hip hop history did a festival less than 100 miles from each
    other that’s some real Divide and conquer shit.instead of strengthening
    the hip hop genre they do a separate show…..willie lynch is still in
    the minds of many in 2012…this is a sad day in hip hip
    history….kanye and jay should of been headlining at rock the bells not
    doing shows with pearl jam!!!!! if you understand black history you
    will know where I am coming from Jay is the one of the greatest of all
    time..but that doesn’t mean hes not a Uncle Tom, Sambo of our time Sammy
    Davis Jr..

    • wtf are you talking about son? lol No offense but I gotta call a spade a spade…you sound ignorant and racist. Jay headlines a festival with different genres and different races so that makes him an Uncle Tom? You call it divide and conquer, I call it spreading hip hop. You gotta be trollin’

  • YungKizz

    uh oh nuff said

  • Big Crimes

    i was FINALLY able to purchase that Life Is Good album on vinyl! Loved it so much had to do an illegal download just to listen in the car. LOVE THAT ALBUM // SUPPORT THAT ALBUM

  • Guest

    They have a child together. Are they supposed to ignore each other when they are out and about?

  • Why do these corn ball writers always call R&B artists rappers? SMH!

    • Nasir Isaac

      I can’t comprehend that too!

  • King Cold

    bullshit….the remix

  • Phil

    Stay the hell of other people’s relationships or business, who gives a damn if they’re together or not. that’s their own personal lives. bitches!!!

    • Slaughtr

      Tell Em Cuz.

  • johnblacksad

    nothin like sex with your ex a while after break up… it’s like new puzz all over again

  • D_Ably

    Kelis is just gaggin to be relevant

  • dee84

    well she is his baby mother.of course he still hitting that but even if he wasnt. him being cool with his baby mom is a good thing 4 teh son 2 see.they have 2 raise a kid together

  • Don’t make me laugh

    This is a problem. People are to concerned with other personal lives as opposed to taking care of their own. Let them people be.