Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Says He Wants To be Selfish – He Ain’t Sharing The Stage

Jigga man has been actively getting his 40/40 Club back on the market for high-level events, just recently hosting President Barack Obama for a $40K a head fundraiser. Hov was back at it last night, holding the NBA 2K13 launch party at his establishment. Jay decided to walk the red carpet this time around and spoke with Jeff Rosenthal of Rolling Stone about his upcoming eight-show kickoff at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

If you were hoping to see any special guests, think again. Jigga wants to be selfish this time. Check out what he said about giving special guests the boot below:

“No one’s appearing, no one’s performing. It’s Brooklyn! This is my one chance to be selfish. Can’t I? Can’t I be selfish? Thank you.”

“Just for these eight shows – then I’ll get back to my “Jay-Z & Friends” shows. I get all of these guys to come out for me, so . . .”

Jigga doesn’t really have a good reason for doing 8 shows, but says that anymore and he would “fall over from exhaustion.”

“My stamina,” Hov said frankly “When I got to eight, I felt like I would probably fall over from exhaustion. It was just eight shows. Eight shows for H.O. I should do H.O. merchandise! [Slaps his forehead] What the f*ck is wrong with me?”

Hov kicks off the Barclays Center with a bang, performing his first show tomorrow night. Will you be in the house? Any disappointment regarding Jay’s no special guests announcement?

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  • johnblacksad

    October 5th… still tho, i’m mad i ain’t makin it to the first one!

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  • Guest

    He should help out his old girl Foxy brown….I mean she lives like 5 blocks away, and she could use the help….lol

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  • He should help out his old girl Foxy Brown, she lives 5 blocks away…It’s due time he help a sister out.

    • $28825362

      Wait, you know you talking about Shawn right. LMAO

  • Alf Capone

    this guy is making a lot of money………..more than he could probably spend

  • FuckU_PayME

    Selfish bastard could’ve at least put fabolous, lil kim, busta, mos def up there with him he act like he the only one puttin on for the BK…..and he better do a tribute to B.I.G

  • Galactus

    Typical Jigga. Whatever.

  • Sosa_Limone

    it could’ve been dope if he just did a whole brooklyn night… mod def, talib, fab, AZ, foxy, etc… but it is what it is.. i aint mad at duke for doing his thing… he usually puts mad people on during his shows… i bet bleak will still be the hype man though

    • brooklyn

      he went to school with busta and busta was a local celebrity jay hated so he wont let him shine , he went to school with az and az used to always be fly and had a lot of girls so the conflict is deep and jay still hating so he wont let him shine either

      • Weedras

        so just because he went to school with dudes he gotta call em up for HIS show… lol!! your talking about a guy that did a retirement show and shared the stage with a slew of hip hop heavy weights.. making a fuss about nothing….

      • johnblacksad

        whatchu sayin would make sense if Busta or Az were selling out Barclays center in BK for eight nights almost in a row… i doubt Jay still stuck on the people that were flier than him in high school…

  • Numbuh Four

    I just read all of his quotes with the Jay-Z voice…

    Managed to catch 4 tickets to the second show, could’ve got the first but I waited too damn long and those resale prices for the closer seats made me not wanna go..Jay is cool but 1-3k per ticket is some BS, I wouldn’t pay that much if they said Jesus was coming back; and he’s solo for each show…nah

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  • YungKizz

    Nas is better than Jay forever remember that

  • KennethSoNewOrleans

    I read someone say he selfish, how is this man selfish when most of his concerts he have people opening up for him……when he perform at the Garden most of the time he brings out half of NYC

  • brotha_man

    he was selfish during the ROC Era nothing has changed

  • Derrick Yelnats

    Great business move ! He’s laying down THE BLUEPRINT to show these RAP NIGGAZ how to get that paper …. How many RAP ARTISTS you know that can pull off 8 shows SOLO no special GUEST , first 3 SOLD-OUT ??? I CAN’T THINK OF NOT ONE , MYSELF .

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Jay in a class by himself….he has put in the footwork and has paid the cost to be the BOSS for real…if he wanna rock dolo he can do that…Jay is the MJ of hiphop…pick one…Jackson…Jordan…whatever

    • SDS_Overfiend

      If i recalled he said to “Be Bobby then is to be Bobby now”
      so im quite sure he wants to be Michael then and be Michael now right?

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        If you say so…I get the feeling being Shawn Carter ain’t so bad

    • True_Fan

      WRONG. MJ was never defeated by anyone in the finals during his prime. Jay-Z got ethered by Nas so technically Jay Z has a blemish. Therefore he can’t be MJ, maybe the Scottie Pippen, but not MJ.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Jay-Z ain’t even a Pacer, circa ’98. To even be Bull in their best form, you have to have some physical skill and team that would bring it. at most, He is Isaiah Thomas with a great comeback as a coach. Thomas was a b’tch who had appeal, and Jordan was the all star that was undeniable..not in that g’damn Kobe way..but in that can’t nobody be in his lane, and just make you love the game..kinda way.
        Jay is a brand not an artist. Lets not get it twisted. He is not making money off of his .02% of ownership of these brands with Hip hop music (being sarcastic, but in reality he does own these brands, or a heavy precentage)
        He is a gaurantee to lock a demographic and numbers/appeal.

  • $28825362

    I use to be a HUGE Jay-Z fan from Reasonable Doubt to American Gangster. After that (to me – just my opinion) Jay change so much. The demonic symbols in the videos (which I know was just for marketing purposes) how he played with the Occupy Movement and his statement after. I was a bigger Jay fan than Pac or B.I.G, but I just can’t support dude now.

    • Mos High

      I agree to a extent with symbols look at the Jesus piece he is rocking like the millions of others who wear that symbol of death , destruction , lies and deception. Other then that these symbols people talk about overrated. Start looking at the things right in front of our eyes!!! to many looking for hidden symbols. 70,000 people chanting at “redskins” game. Like the demons who slaughtered the Natives of North America

      • TALK_BOSS


  • digitallife

    Can I be selfish? You sold out your own people for 0.15% stake in a basketball team…you got used as the public coon so ppl would be more ok with families getting kicked out of thei homes

    • Weedras

      families were already being PAID to leave before dude bought shares in the nets…. don’t see how making business moves is selling out…. and majority of that neighborhood are and were well to do folks….


    That’s just how the game goes I don’t owe nobody jack
    Grown men want me to sit em on my lap
    But I don’t have a beard and Santa Claus ain’t black
    I repeat, You can’t sit on my lap
    I don’t have a beard Now get off my sack
    Scream at me

  • Honestly I’d come to see him anyway so it doesn’t matter who else performed. He’d be who I was watching the clock for.

  • So Jay-Z has partial ownership of the Barclays Center, The Brooklyn Nets, and he has the 40/40 club inside of it? And he is the doing 8 shows all by himself? Wow….No comment.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    (… look at Syd doing Hip Hop related something or others)
    What I cannot take away from him is his honesty to be selfish. He has never lied. Money or not, b’tch-made or not, I am over dude. I am just the right age to enjoy the rest of my hip hop youthful life to see this dude retire. The distribution squeeze and his common knowledge publishing/shine theft can catch fade. “Hater” doesn’t cover it.

  • hoeyuno

    Really jay being selfish is news?? Didn’t this guy pay beans and everyone else who was rockafella 1200 a show when he would prob get 100000 easily.

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    what a bunch of fuckin haters lol

  • Weedras

    dudes in here are funny as hell… last i checked Jay-z is a SOLO Act…. dude has been known to do shows and always had guests performances.. heck he just did a whole music festival, his ‘retirement’ show had a bunch of hip hop and R&B heavyweights, his shows at MSG always has guest performances… Dude did a concert at Carnegie Hall and got Nas to come through…. i mean make a fuss when there is a valid reason, WTF are ya’ll getting ya’ll panties tight for the FACTS are there that this dude regularly shares the stage….

    • johnblacksad

      “some of these n!ggaz are b!tches too” Pac.

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  • johnblacksad

    and to all you other cats that’s throwin shots at Jigga
    You only get half-a-bar : Fcuk ya n!ggaz

  • TRUTH powell

    Stop worshipping money people.
    Jay is dope but like someone said earlier he really isn’t on a Jordan or Jackson undisputed tip.
    He just created this myth and people ran with it. Rakim, KRS ONE, Nas, Biggie, Big Daddy Kane, Ghostface, Raekwon, Q-Tip, Common, Lord Finesse………..Jay Z. See and feel the diference?

    • Tril Beats

      You forgot 2pac bruh…..

  • go to youtube and check out SnapCity Freestyles
    got some hot shit

  • S. Long

    Oct. 3rd I’m in da building!!! I see y’all crabs in the bucket, let a Black man get some shine for something good once. Y’all would hate on your own Mama, if she was shining harder than you. This guy might not be perfect, but shit who is. He is doing BIG thangs for Hip Hop. and his home town. BROOKLYN STAND UP!!!

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  • Tril Beats

    He’s always been selfish, nothing new!!

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