Common and Serena Williams

Hip-Hop Rumors: Serena Williams Goes In On Common’s New Girlfriend On Twitter!

Common is allegedly in hot water with his former flame, Serena Williams, because of his new girlfriend and her Twitter-stalking ways. Serena went H.A.M. on Twitter yesterday, blasting Common’s new lady friend and referring to her as a “boy” because sources say that Serena allegedly thinks that Common’s girlfriend looks like a man. Really, Serena!!! Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Anyway, Mediatakeout snatched a screen shot of the tweets before Serena deleted them from her timeline. Check them out below:

Serena refers to Common as “The Bread” in her tweets probably because he’s the breadwinner in his new relationship and his new girlfriend is probably broke. Check out a few photos of Common and his new boo. Does she look like a man to you?

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  • johnblacksad

    I just hope he doesn’t release another Electric Circus… fcukin with them weirdos

    • mxtralive

      lol…Right he almost lost me with that album, but all is well lol

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        they both look like men with disguises on.

    • hoeyuno

      HA HA….

  • his nickname is Cornbread…that’s why she calls him “The Bread”

  • Is Common’s new girl white? If so, maybe White Bread?

    Serena look proper though!

    Common loses on this one, Serena = Winning

    • Keith Brickz

      no, you lose for saying serena looks proper

  • peter

    Why is Common’s new GF after Serena?? Looks like Serena’s moved on to another man, but remain solid friends with Common …recently I saw Common sitting with Serena’s mom & sisters at their doubles match at the US Open this September!

    Common should’ve stayed with Serena, she’s more sexier & multi-talented

    • johnblacksad

      and more caked up… i aint talkin about $$$ only

      • Ideal4real

        Like my man Wesley Pipes says….She got that DONKEY A$$…

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  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Lmao at Serena ol Ben Wallace lookin ass tellin ANYBODY that they look like a dude. Seriously bro? Yup I called “her” bro.

    • ben wallace hahahahhahaha

    • Robbin hood

      ROFL ben wallace…..classic!

  • Alf Capone

    wait…………….. i thought serena……… …was a man……….isnt that how she beats up on all those little europeon bitches?

    • why are European bishes tanning & having injections to look like Black women?

      • Alf Capone

        im black first off………….second off…….u can say the same thing about black women………..y are they bleaching?…………scroll up and look at serena with the blonde hair………….y is she doing that to look like white women?……….dont be dumb my nigga………..they just do what they do………neither is tryna look like the other……….i sure wouldnt call tanning trying to look black

    • peter


  • she got bigger biceps and a bigger jawline then common lol.. and she talkin the other girl look like a man.,. wow..

  • Roberto Ciamora

    Grown folks airing out their private business on twitter is an automatic fail, every time.

  • sakiru oresanwo

    SO someone not earning as much as his/her partner means he/she is broke?SMDH in 3D for you Sydney Lame..i mean..yeah Sydney Lame

  • Tony G.

    S/O to all the dudes talking ish about Serena but would smash if u had the chance..

  • hoeyuno

    Serena cool but she shouldn’t have even gave this chick the time of day. Maybe common cheated with her on Serena???

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Aside from SW having a big ass what does she have….ok, she filthy, dun mean you getn any of that bread….bytch is truly unattractive….looks like a gila monster with muscles…..she look like Wesley Snipes in Too Wong Foo

  • ya’ll all sound like a buncha Don Imus’

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