Hip-Hop Rumors: Shots Fired! Gunplay Asks Saigon Some Rick Ross Questions!


I don’t know if there is much to see here, but I suppose its worth a mention. Saigon recently was on the promo trail for his new album The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread And Circuses and he said he wanted to punch rappers like Rick Ross and 2Chainz in the face for pushing negative messages to kids.

Well, after the interview, Rick Ross’ capo Gunplay – who is on house arrest – had some questions he posed in his how interview with HipHopWired.

“I got a son too, Ross got a daughter, Ross got a son. I dare you to do that sh*t…To each his own, if that’s how he feel… try to punch him in the face. You saying this [but] you’re tryna punch somebody in the face? I’m sayin’, what’s wrong with dog? I don’t know what’s up with that sh*t…Why you goin’ in on Ross? Go in on everybody else. You just singling out two people ‘cuz they the hottest n*ggas in the game right now. Why you singling them out? Everybody has kids, what makes yours so special?”

I don’t know why this is even worthy of commentary. I guess I’m a bit disappointed, because Gunplay wasn’t his usual crazy self. Maybe, he can’t get hyped up on that white girl in the house? I don’t know!

Anyway, Sai has since fallen off of his original words of wanting to punch folks in the face.

“I say them things on purpose. If U notice I say people names at the end of the interview.In my mind Im thinking I just dropped a deep interview but I have to say some super ignorant Isht to bring people to even watch it so I said a name or 2… I just been doing this for a while and I understand how the Hip Hop media works..I hope those 2 guys understand it was simply a strategy and not personal at all.. Though I DONT agree with their content. I do not want to cause them any harm or see them harmed.”

What do you think about his reasoning?

“Diamonds” remix with Kanye West. This was kind of “eh” to me.


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