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Hip Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Made How Much From His G-Unit Sneakers?! Plus, Shots Fired At Swizz Beatz?

Say what you want about 50 Cent, but one thing’s for sure, he is one hell of a business man. The frequent Forbes Cash King list maker revealed just how much money he earned for his G-Unit sneaker collaboration with Reebok, and it’s insane! 50 must have been in a braggadocious mood yesterday when he posted the tweet below, revealing that he has earned $80 million for his G-Unit sneaker!

50 really never needs to make another record again and he’ll be just fine financially. In another tweet, 50 thanked Paul Fireman, who sold Reebok a few years back for $700 million in cash!!! Now, that’s a real Cash King! No shots, just saying. Check out a pic of Paul below with A.I.

While it was a nice gesture on 50’s behalf, the tweet also seemed to hold a subliminal diss towards anyone who is endorsing Reebok these days…a.k.a. Swizz Beatz and Rick Ross. Check out his tweet below:

Should Swizz Beatz be offended? If you are still doubtful that 50 was taking shots at Swizz Beatz, check out the tweet 50 followed that up with:

If you didn’t know, Swizz Beatz also has a partnership with luxury shoe designer, Christian Louboutin a.k.a. Mr. Red Bottoms. Could that be another subliminal tweet, or is it just a coincidence?

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  • so swizz bought a gay french designer for $1,300.00??????

    • Alf Capone

      u still bitter that i beat u in guitar hero then took ur guitar?…………..u still the same ole bitch nigga

    • 7yoyo7

      Someone skipped the “Reading 101” class…

    • J.R Smith & Wesson

      No, he bought the shoes from the gay french designer for $1,300. Then tried to sell them to 50.

  • How’s he dissin’ Swizz? If anything, he was dissin’ the new Reebok chief.

  • TY

    It’s shots at Ross Obese ass not swizz numb nutz. Ross also signed a Mega Deal w/Sara Lee Pies and Cakes but they pay him in food not money. they sued him bcuz he driving them into bankrupcy they want to opt for cash payments lol

    • Lmao hahahahah

    • Jas1ne

      Is that why Hostess is a done deal as well?

      • TY

        Yep, he drove Twinkies under lol

      • Damn! He ate all the twinkies?

    • DLOUPO


    • Bumpy Johnson

      y u got to call dude a numb nut though…can we all just get along.

    • BruceLeRoyGlow

      lol @ ” Mega deal w/Sara Lee Pies and Cakes”

  • Lyve Wire

    5 million pair? interesting. ive been all over, and never seen anybody rocking them.

    • fabbidavisjr

      A bunch of white kids in indiana iowa and idaho bought them

    • Dre Madison

      i had like 3 pair…i was a kid, idk wat the difference is between rockin gunits and rockin shell toe addidas, or rockin gunits and walkin round wit a bandaid on yo face, or rockin gunits and wearin one pants leg up, or rockin gunits and sayin yolo, i can go all day, my point is wen u a kid n yu like an artist u gon support wat they got goin, notice that every thing i named other artist did and didnt make a dime off it, but 50 actually makes money off his brand or gimmick or wat ever and its a problem? think about it

      • Dre Madison

        cept the shell toe shit lol

    • not any more but back when he hot lots of people had them, not me i never liked them they looked like some average shoes to me.,

    • BruceLeRoyGlow

      shit I had a pair back in 04 i believe. Rocked those thangs till the soles came off

  • 8Galaxy5

    And you really belive 50 made that money just by this tweet? I dont belive that shit until i see some real proof.
    These rappers brag all the time about how much money they make but 90% of them lie

    • Casor_Greener

      Exactly! Remember when he said he made $500M off Vitamin Water. Internet gumps always fall for the okey doke

  • johnblacksad

    so Fifty made $80M while the white dude made $700millz?
    hmmm… i see how it works

    • brotha_man

      its still 80 mill more that he didnt have

    • PorchBoySlim

      50 made 80M from a shoe…the white dude made 700M by selling the whole company bruh

    • Tony G.

      the man made his money by selling the company…that had nothing to do with fifs shoes..tho im sure he made money on that too..THATS how it works…reading is fundafuckingmental

      • johnblacksad

        “Shaq is rich, but the white dude who signs a check to him is wealthy” -Chris Rock

        Same thing here… thanks ya’ll for ya concerns but my reading is just fine…luckily, i know the money you make from licensing a (meh) shoe line can not compare to what you’d make selling Reebok… as a mothafcukin company!

        I was just talkin bottom line period… fifty happened to be in the position of the one who had a shoe deal and white boy happened to be the one who owned the company… jus sayin

  • disqus_kv7ZSSA6zG

    This dude braggin on selling 5 million shoes in 10 years. dude G-Unit Sneakers came out 9 to 10 years ago ….thats less than $10 million a year. Now thats good money by my standard but not by the Boss standard you are trying to portray. Big Meech spent that shit in 6 months at a strip club and car lot. #just saying

    • PorchBoySlim

      where is big meech now? nigga in a cell complaining that Jeezy aint giving him no money for a lawyer lol

      • CD Mitchell

        exactly!! Fif is a black man doing his thing LEGALLY! You gotta respect that!

    • Tony G.

      but u act like thats his ONLY money…come on dude..wheres ur sneaker line?

    • CD Mitchell

      u sound real dumb, dick ridin how another man spend his money! your or i will probly never see that type of money, but you on here hyping a convicted felon, smh!!

  • 50 cent is crazy….I only applaud him for being like this from the first record he put out..But 50 cent need to stop with this bullshit, I notice 50 only assist in tearing down his own kind, he need to address real issues like payola radio stations, or assisting indie artists instead of already established artists like he done in the past…Point is 50 need to REALLY use his voice and speak up for the voiceless community….These Hip-Hop related tweets are childish.

    • tearing down his own kind?? lol ok. and he has worked with unknow artists, like that kid kid, hell banks and yayo werent popin before 50. next time try to make an actual point.

      • Okay being that you didn’t understand…Let me break it down for you….Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo were friends for 50 before the music…Lets get that clear….Now after 50 established his G-Unit brand he signed Mase, Mobb Deep, Olivia, Shawty Lo………………Now Jackson has engaged in feuds with other rappers (Own Kind) including Ja Rule, Nas, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Cam’ron, Puff Daddy, Rick Ross, and now former G-Unit members The Game and Young Buck…………So why don’t you do your homework before you post your silly questions.

      • buck wasnt established, olivia wasnt, spyder lox wasnt.. and i ask that question, i was mocking you. who cares if has had rap beefs, everyone of those guys u listed had beef before so its not like theres a difference.

      • Your confused.

      • nah not really tho

  • king

    Fifty is a lame

  • brotha_man

    I respect fif if he dont like u, u will know and will still make $ off of it in the process.

  • Ah 50. Proving you still hadn’t grown up

  • Keylon Jackson Di Natale

    lol this dude a lie 5 million pair, Im from ny and never left and I aint seen none rocking tha street, #lies and this 80 was a contract of 80 millie on 10 years so lol

    • PorchBoySlim

      come on bruh be 4real…those ugly ass shoes were selling like hot cakes when they 1st came out…those and S.Carters

    • Tony G.

      so no one outside of NY wears sneakers????

  • Dadon850

    50 just doing whatever now cause hiphop will never be the same now that the worst thing ever has happened. Enter Trinidad James. The king of buffoonery. The prince of shucking and jiving. Hip hop will not recover from this.

    • Tony G.


  • lmao @ the dick heads that said 50 needs to show me proof lol. i’m form ny. lived in philly for 9 years. i seen folks draped in that shit. i remember going to summer jam when yayo came out and seen dudes draped in gunit gear. what he eat dont make you shit. deal with it. how about some of you guys start your own business instead of critiquing someone elses.

  • icecole

    Why is it that every time dude says something it gets blown up? There was no diss to Swizz there. Not even a little bit. I really don’t get these new fans. You ask for someone that’s real but nod your head to a cat that lied about being a correction officer (which is a great job) but raps about being a drug kingpin. I remember when he said Noriega owes him a 100 favors.

    My other question and i think this is where I feel where fif is coming from on some of this stuff. Real talk, if I was shot and then actively blacklisted out of the rap game and everyone turned their back on until Em and Dre came around I wouldn’t be all buddy-buddy with cats either. You wanted a street dude, this is a street dude with money. I look at him like I look at Jay, they are at opposite sides of the same spectrum. Jay is always getting at folks but he moves like a boss, just like he spoke on in Reasonable Doubt. Fif is the opposite. He’s aggressive and enjoys being an enforcer. Enforcers don’t care. He’s not comfortable around cats that he has a problem with, he feels they need to know. These are the dudes that want to die on the battlefield.

    Serious question: what do you think Tupac would’ve been like if Twitter was around?

    • andone


      • icecole

        Right! No one will touch those questions.

    • Casor_Greener

      Probably wouldn’t have been on Twitter and if he was I guarantee he wouldn’t be talking this ignorant $#!t.

      • icecole

        That’s a tough call right there, Ra. Pac took every opportunity to let folks know how felt. Look at the slew of tracks he was putting out in the year leading up to his death. I’m saying if Twitter was around when he was alive, he would’ve been riding on folks via the platform. Like, for real, you would’ve seen an instagram of Faith Evans before the track came out.

        I’m not saying that fif and Pac are the same person but what I am saying is they both possess that rider mentality at times to a fault. I respect your opinion though. Keep it coming.

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  • I don’t know what all you guys are talking about.
    50 probably made this money. Everybody and their mother were wearing those G-Unit shoes. all over America, Europe, Africa down to Japan.
    The shoes have just been a fad, that’s the problem. Nobody in 2012 would still
    rock G-Unit sneakers. Same as people won’t sport jhery curls or those ugly ass crocs shoes.
    The problem here is 50 is trashing his own game. He could just shut up and go ahead with a new sneaker. There is a lot of inconsistency with African American businesses.
    And we are not supportive at all. there were so many African American real brands. Not just some rappers with endorsement deals.

    Karl Kani Jeans
    Maurice Malone

    Those were all Black Owned and could have been worldwide brands if we would spend our money right. Instead we trade those in for some Louis Vuittons, Gucci and other brands who don’t give a damn about our people. 10 years ago they would not even let us shop in their stores without calling for security.

    I rather see the whole world rocking G-Unit and 50 making money from it than those Euro brands who don’t respect black people at all.They don’t invest in Hip-Hop. We are just disenfranchising ourselves.

    • Scuffs09

      True story

    • Casor_Greener


    • Mos High

      Love that post right there

    • Mark Olford


    • Real Spill!


  • johnblacksad

    HA HA HA… where ya G-units now? i’m very proud to say i never had nothing G-unit… not a shirt, not a shoe, not one funny-wifebeater, no hat… nada… nothing… i did own a pair of S.Carters though… the original classic first one… black&green bottom… that’s…

    I let a ninja have my Shaqnosis back in high school in 1998… that ninja still hasn’t returned my sh!t… now i see them sh!ts bout to come out again and i feel like finding this ninja… i need them sh!ts! Can’t wait for the Shaq Attack to drop also…

    • Tony G.

      he no longer has g unit clothing..but the point is he made his money

  • Richard Savage

    He’s right. Back in 01 to maybe 05 reebok was the shit. You had the G-unit’s, S. Carter and them A.I. joints. They never was real copmpetition to Nike in the first place but they was doin they thing

  • Richard Savage

    By the way any MAN that wears those shoes that swizzz beatz and that gay dude made is SUSPECT… MEN dont wear shoes like that

  • Tony G.

    How is that tweet a diss to Swizz….fuggouttahere Sydney

  • Sean Peterson


  • terry

    if anything I don’t think he was dissing swizz, if anything he was bigging him up at a power move swizz did by getting a designer and charging everyone $1300 for something only $8 bucks. thats a compliment from business man to business man..

  • i never wore these ugly things