Hip-Hop Rumors: Beef Between The Wayans Brothers?

Now, this rumor hurt me to the core! But, it seems like the Wayan’s brothers – Damon and Keenan – are at odds for some reason or another. I grew up watching “In Living Color” growing up. It was just the funniest show at that time and made a lot of stars like Jamie Foxx and Jim Carey too. But anyway, the show was supposed to come out again and the old cast was supposedly down! What the hell? The show re-boot is now completely cancelled! Its been speculated that Damon Wayans, at the last minute, refused to do the show, causing others to pull out too. Now, one thing I don’t believe is that all the original cast was down. Why? There were too many seasons for everybody to go back to that place. I doubt that Jim is going to be doing Fire Marshall Bill again. Will Jamie Foxx be doing Wanda? UH….NO. He’s too busy playing a vengeful slave. Anyway, heard this has caused a huge riff and subsequent beef.

But uh…

Jim was crazy.

Illseed, Out.


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21 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Beef Between The Wayans Brothers?”

    • imaman2012

      eddie next 20 movies could flop and he’ll still be worth billions.

      i believe instead of getting a salary he got points on his movies.

      just did s quick search. he got points on shrek (his kids, kids, kids will eat off that) and klumps. he got 14 mill for bhp2 and that was back in the 80’s.

      he’ll be alright.

  1. therealest1

    Jim Carey was only funny on In Living Color. He showed he was wack after he didn’t work with The Wayans family anymore.

      • Doe Boy

        shit the wayans is caked up too…thay got old money “im gone get u sucker” all the way to “white chicks”…jim may get money to be in movies…but the wayans get budget to make movies,tv show,and stend up

      • Charlie Kelly

        jim carey net worth 150 million, keenan wayans net worth 65 million.. they caked up but they dont see top movie star money like jim.

  2. RichFromBX

    I don’t think they could ever do an entire season but it would’ve been cool if they did a 1hour special or something with the original cast…

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