Shyne Calls On President Obama and Jay-Z To Stop Chicago Violence

Shyne may officially be better known for his religious conversion and Twitter rants than his music career. There was the recent bashing of Kendrick Lamar’s debut album and his weigh in on Meek Mill.

Now the former Bad Boy artist has set his social media sights on an even higher target. Yesterday, Shyne sent a series of tweets directed at President Obama, asking the Commander-In-Chief to confront the ongoing violence engulfing the streets of Chicago.

“Dear @BarackObama there has to be something the former US senator from Chicago can do for his former constituents! The genocide must stop,” tweeted Shyne.

Shyne then turned his attention to another fellow emcee and Obama supporter, Jay-Z. “Dear @BarackObama call Jay-z to fly his private plane Down to Chicago & u fly yours the same way u called in the stars to win Ohio #help.”

Chicago’s murder rate soared 16% in 2012. There were 506 recorded murders in the city last year which was the highest rate since 2008, and 2013 is already starting off on horrid pace with 22 reported murders in the first 13 days. A large portion of the violence is attributed to gang warfare involving minors. Since 2007 over 250 victims of shooting deaths in the city were under the age of 17.

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Many youth advocates believe one of the major factors that fosters this level of violence is the lack of youth development programs and poor educational options for young people in certain sections of inner cities. Shyne goes on to addresses these issues in a later tweet saying, “My comrades in Chiraq need opportunity! They need education & hope! @barackobama declare a war on poverty! Declare a war on lack of education.”

The Obama administration has not gotten directly involved in the violence in his hometown, but the President did comment on the situation in an interview with MTV’s Sway in October saying, “what I know is that gun violence is part of the issue, but part of the issue also is kids who feel so little hope and think their prospects for the future are so small that their attitude is, ‘I’m going to end up in jail or dead.’ And they will take all kinds of risks.”

While Obama has had mostly overwhelming support from the hip hop community including stars like Jay-Z, Ludacris, Common, and Young Jeezy, Shyne isn’t alone in his criticism of the President. Killer Mike called Obama a “talking head telling lies” on his song “Reagan”, Lupe Fiasco called him a “terrorist”, and Big Boi revealed that he voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the last election.

Even though Shyne was not eligible to vote he did publicly endorse Republican nominee Mitt Romney for president in 2012. The Belize born rapper took issue with President Obama for not helping to prevent his deportation in 2009. Shyne was deported back to his home country after serving a ten year sentence in prison stemming from a club shooting in 1999.

  • I agree with Po on this 1……but im calling out anybody that can help the Chi get it back together.

    • king

      Black people need to quit acting like fools..

  • Yeah Chi Town Is Out Of Control Right Now…Lupe, Kanye, Barack, Common, Oprah… Hell Even Chief Keef need to open up they mouth and try to get these ppl to chill cause Chi is really Chi-Raq right now

  • king

    No black people are out of control not Chicago!

  • sakiru oresanwo

    After the unfortunate hurricane sandy ppl beckoned on jay-z for assistance,that’s understandable as he’s from NY,why would this dude call on jay when other chi natives are there.lets stop the violence

    • DollasTX

      that comment looks and reads real IGNORANT and shows you dont have the mental capacity to think outside of the box … you suffer from REGIONAL THINKING lol and fail to see the broader picture/perspective

      Why do you think they call on Farrakhan when rappers are going at each others neck’s? Some people have the respectability of their peers that transcends state lines AND although it may not solve the problem outright it might save 1 kid’s life – that should make it all worth it.

      • sakiru oresanwo

        So you couldn’t make your point without the insult,hope it made you feel like a big man.also would you really put jay-z and Farrakhan in the same category?

      • DollasTX

        it did LOL —

        and why not put Jay-Z and Farrakhan in the same category
        they both about a dollar right –

      • sakiru oresanwo

        One is a rapper/business man/mogul and the other is is the leader of the syncretic and mainly African-American religious movement the Nation Of Islam. The killings in Chicago have little or nothing to do with rap/hiphop IMO so calling in a rapper might increase the notion that the problem has to do with rap/hip hop.

      • DollasTX

        so tell that to RAY LEWIS an athlete/motivational speaker not only to athletes but to people in general … tell that to Dick Gregory who started out a comedian and ended up being an activists …

        you are debating JAY-Z vs Farrakhan but you admittedly said Kanye would be a better look being that he’s from Chicago … so lets review your first response

        “After the unfortunate hurricane sandy ppl beckoned on jay-z for assistance,that’s understandable as he’s from NY,why would this dude call on jay when other chi natives are there.lets stop the violence”

        you debating me down about Jay-Z but if SHYNE would have said “KANYE and FARRAKHAN” would that have made you feel better? You all over the place my man… lol

        are you debating for the sake of debating because i think you clearly understand the point im trying to drive home – dont say “IMO SO CALLING IN A RAPPER MIGHT INCREASE THE NOTION THAT THE PROBLEM HAS TO DO WITH RAP” after the fact, when you initially thought “why Jay and not some other artists from Chicago – namely Kanye” in short

        either way rather it be Kanye/Farrakhan or Jay/Farrakhan – somebody need to step up … the who,what, and where they’re from is TRIVIAL – makes me think you just want to debate … im cool, with that too

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        I agree that location/region should not matter, Jay did that big show in Philly for a cause last year. But it would be more effective if his partner on the set (Mr West) reports in to the youth of his home town, because they may feel he can relate better coming from those same streets they struggle on daily. the same with Birdman in N.O rather then just giving away free birds & toys during the holidays just to show they have money…..I hope shyne walking the walk because there is a lot of suffering folks in Belize as well, so he should be proactive there as well.

      • sakiru oresanwo

        My point exactly,location doesn’t matter but there are others who are better suited

      • DollasTX

        and you believe Kanye to be the better suited, right?
        Kanye aint spoke on Chicago since HOMECOMING years ago
        people no longer take Kanye serious in or out of Chicago he’s look at as a clown
        which is why i agree it with Shyne’s statements

      • DollasTX

        unfortunately, Jay get more love and overall respect in Chicago than Ye does – you say how do i know when i’m not from the Chi – easy, i know a couple people fam on top of Jay being the niggah that put Ye on – making Jay the bigger attraction TECHNICALLY of the 2

        Maybe bringing out Birdman or Wayne in N.O. because they dont really rock with Jay like that down there – they homegrown, supported, and operated in the N.O. — sorry to say Chicago (though it’s a real city full of real love) aint as closeknit as N.O. is

    • Product of Da Reagan Era

      Honestly because these kids will listen to they favorite rapper as opposed to their mothers and fathers. He knows that the kids respect Jay and they will listen to him. All the other rappers either don’t have as much clout or are lost themselves.

  • Obamanator

    you reap what you sow, usa breeds violence and then you lames act surprised when it happens alot smh

  • Shyne refund everyone that bought a cd off of you. You was alsoin a gun battle probably even more than once. Your part of the problem. Lmao whats wrong with these people.

  • DollasTX

    i admire that man’s move on this one … check mate!

  • Joseph Thomas

    the pic of obama for this article is the best one to be used for this……..it looks like Obama is looking at him like “who the f is this confused goof”….

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      I know Obama is busy, dealing with those a##hole republicans that’s blocking everything, even if it helps America – but We’re disapointed in him because he has done Nothing special for Negros or blacks – like any other race would do for theirs

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        and one thing he should do – is Stop any new public aid and Section 8 – and use that money for the National Guard to secure crime spots in America – so people can travel around to schools, jobs, and benefit themselves safely.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        man once the military leave its back to the same shyt

  • Chris

    I’m willing to bet that Euro Jay has zero clout when it comes to gang-bangin’ in Chicago.

  • I remember when they were trying to get the olympics there… SMH

  • Martin Raheem

    Po who? Po Jew. Po Republican. C’mon Son! Po need to get of twitter, leave Paris and go home to Belize. Maybe you can do some charity work over there???

  • It’s all good and I support his movement, but it’s just funny to me that ALL the time that SHYNE spent in the US he wasn’t so concerned about any of this stuff, now that he is banned from the USA, he wants to be this charismatic leader. I just don’t understand it.And if so can’t Shyne be a charismatic leader from where he is? Why so concerned about the affairs of the USA? First he should come clean and redeem himself of following some silly street code that got him in prision and banned from the U.S.A in the first place.Our kids must learn that first, that this code of the street concept is killing our people.

  • disqus_xVd2S16Gc1

    That was real talk by Shyne, regardless of how yall want to spin this, or attack him personally. Something needs to be done, its outta control and I believe the president should def try to get a hold of this and put this in his priority list, cuz shyt is outta control!

  • The violence is Horrible here In Chicago. I don’t know what all can be done but trying anything is better than nothing. Yes we need more programs for our youth but that probably wont help anyone over age 7-8 at this point. We need better parenting .

    You have to get these guns off the street. You have to pay probably almost double what they are worth our at least retail to get these guns off the street. We have gun turn-ins. But No one is going to turn in their gun for $75. Debit cards worth at-least $500 plus and then maybe some of these individuals will think about turning one in.(debit cards can’t be spent on firearms, liquor or Tabacco.)

    I know the problem is so much more emotional and psychological, I’m just saying.

  • hoeyuno

    obamas home is still in the chi. once he has to pack his ish up and move out of the white house the reality of his daughters growing up n Chicago will hit him.

    • Blackstallion777

      who says his daughters will grow up in Chi? He could choose not to move back if he wanted. Even if he did, his daughters will not be anywhere near where the violence is taking place and most likely will be in private schools. Not to mention the secret service Obama gets for life

  • Blackstallion777

    Obama can’t do anything about a single city, even one he calls his own. Chicago as a whole has to step to the plate and do something about this. That includes Chicago rappers that supposedly rep the Chi

  • we as Chicagoans need to correct this. what would jayz do to correct this? He’s got 99 problems and chicago ain’t one. Just last week a kid, was murdered within a block of me, and guess what, it was mistaken identity. he was 14 and shot 7 times. I didn’t know the kid but i saw him almost every day. Chicago has let the funding for its police department slip so much that it has become the wild west, and every cat with a gun won’t hesitate to wild out and start spraying. its scary living here now. fcuk shyne and trying to care about chicago to get his name out. we as a community need to stop this.

    • johnblacksad

      damn, it be real like that? sorry…

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      man every city every hood need help but yall in chicAGO NEED TO DO SOMETHING 4REal

  • crucob

    The problem is these young cats now-a-days don’t respect anything or anyone (& it ain’t just the black youth running amok either). Someone trying to talk to them isn’t changing the situation, especially when the youth they’re trying to reach doesn’t respect them or their morals to begin with. They’ll only listen to someone who’s bout that life too, & even then that doesn’t mean they’re going to give up that life. This all goes much too deep for anyone to just be able to talk away.

  • southside4lyfe

    its crazy because all the old heads ain’t doing nothing for the Chi except common even twista don’t do shit for Chi thats why I love Houston we got rappers like trae thats from the hood that will come out and do shit.

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  • Dennis25

    Thank you for your acknowledgement to my City and home town (Chi-Town) where I was punched and circled by a gangly youth from my old neighborhood over a basketball game we called it (21)

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