Rev. Jesse Jackson Examines The Business Of Hip-Hop

(AllHipHop News) Rev. Jesse Jackson will examine the in’s and out’s Hip-Hop and business in panel of executives as the Civil Rights leader kicks off his Rainbow Push Wall Street Economic Summit today in New York City.

The forum will examine the impact that Hip-Hop has had in business and also how many opportunities are overlooked by young people. It takes place at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan.

A statement says, “The Hip Hop business demographic is the one of the most coveted in the business industry and crosses all races, creeds, colors, and genders and is one of the most financially equitable markets in existence today. It has become ubiquitous and covers everything from food service, to the front end of blue chip, and high tech corporations worldwide, yet still remains a valuable tool for the small business entrepreneur.”

There will also be a supplementary event where participants can network and explore other opportunities in business.

Panelists include Londell McMillan of The Source Magazine, Harvey Butler of Butler Management Group, Martha Diaz of The Hip-Hop Education Center, Deborah A. Williams of Her Game 2, Craig Wilson, Founder National Museum of Hip Hop and others. The conversation will be hosted by Jineea Butler of the Hip Hop Union.

The rest of the Rainbow Push Wall Street Economic Summit carries on through Friday February 1 and touts appearances from President Bill Clinton, Motown founder Berry Gordy, Rev. Al Sharpton, Michael A, Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia, Jamie Foxx, Roberta Flack, Dionne Warwick and other “surprise guests.”

For more information, go to

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    this n! gga need a job

  • The Big record companies are not cutting him checks anymore to be quiet….mission accomplished…. fukin sellout

  • How about we have our people analyzing Jesse Jackson’s business field.
    The church business. The last resort for weak minded black mothers all

    around the world (mine included). Putting their life in Jesus’ hands and

    hoping for heaven. Paying large sums of money every time they attend

    church. Money that is badly needed in the household. Switching hope

    less sisters into a zombie state for 6 weeks a week. Keeping the bible

    channel running, fearing god’s anger if they switch it off.
    Jesse Jackson’s business is still more profitable than the drug business

    in our neighborhoods and probably the the biggest drain on African
    nation’s economies. The preacher has the biggest billboard on main street

    bigger than the bank’s or car dealers. Making Millions from poor people in

    fear they won’t go to paradise, because they might be sinners. Those

    preachers then take poor mans money and buy Mercedes Benzes and
    property in the UK and send their useless Children there to study.

    The people wonder why money is never flowing back to their own economy.

    • Real talk

    • Maitreya One

      word Asher i agree

    • Q.

      I felt that. TRUTH.

    • Much applaud to Asher. The first chain has long been removed from our wrists, but the second chain is wrapped around our minds; quite often, our own so-called “brothers” are the culprits. The preacher’s sermon and the rapper’s lyrics are both part of the same money-making conspiracy. Religion is truly the drug of the masses. Our elders are hooked on it… and our youth quote the Bible and Koran while spraying bullets at their brothers. Such a sad world.

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  • Maitreya One

    can’t afford this shit thanks rev for nothing

  • Maitreya One

    I can’t afford to go! Thanks rev for the high price of your event thank you bro Martin would be proud of you

    • SpaceAge2012

      M.L.K. is turning in his grave right now lookin at his Judas teamin up with Dionne Warwick & ol pimpin Al 2 discuss new ways 2 make $ of da Hip Hop culture while these kids r killin each other & idolizing these fake ass gangsta rappers.

  • Q.

    Judas, I mean Jesse Jackson couldn’t be less relevant to Hip-Hop… Economics for who? If they’re not talking about youth-focused inner-city job creation for the immediate future, then the whole event is a waste of time…IMO.

  • Maitreya One

    i cant afford this Rev prices are to high to get in

  • Guest

    stop erase my comments !!!!!!!!

  • BossBeaux

    This coming from a nigga that doesn’t even acknowledge his daughter he had with the chick he cheated on his wife with man GTFO!

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Jesse I hope you see this. You are a lame. An FBI Agent. You went on the balcony and rubbed MLKS blood on your shirt to make it seem like you were there when he got shot, Then you did an interview with the press 10 minutes later against the wishes of his best friends. You posed in that picture pointing up, thats your extent of being there. You were ordained because you got Rev. Clay Evans, a building permit in Chicago for a new church and they faked your ordination in return. Im glad you faded into the quackground, because you’re like samuel l jackson in Django but real life.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Our Real Black Leaders got killed, so now we have this played out ass country “safe negro” stealing from the corporate collection plate to pay off his secret babys mamas. Why in the world does anyone take Jesse Jackson the least bit serious.

  • somebody alwasy wanna hate on religion, im not defending it but seriously I think the damage caused by music is a lot more than what the church has done… the church tells you not to kill etc the total opposite of what music is doing these days influencing our youth… so although you may have some points – please look at the bigger picture…