Tashera Simmons

DMX’s Wife Takes Shot At 50 Cent Over Cancellation Of “Starters Wives Confidential

(AllHipHop News) DMX’s wife Tashera Simmons has weighed in on the cancellation of her reality show “Starter Wives Confidential,” which was recently canceled from the TLC network’s lineup of programming.

Tashera Simmons was one of the ex-wives/girlfriends featured on the show, which also included ex-girlfriends/wives of Floyd Mayweather Jr., Lamar Odom and rapper 50 Cent.

While 50 Cent has claimed in reports that he had a hand in “Starter Wives Confidential’s” cancellation, TLC recently issued a statement after the show was axed, blaming bad ratings as the reason the plug pulled was pulled.

In a statement released today (February 21), Tashera Simmons lashed out, claiming the show was canceled due to “many inflated egos.”

“I am no stranger to television and what just happened was unheard of and completely unorthodox,” Tashera Simmons told AllHipHop.com. “There were millions of dollars and a lot of hard work put into this project by the producers, staff and my costars. It’s hard to believe that there are still some fundamental issues in our society about women speaking up or having a voice.”

According to Tashera Simmons, “Starter Wives Confidential” was more than just a reality show – it was about a group of women “stepping out of the shadows of their ex’s and finding their way in life personally and professionally.”

Tashera Simmons took an obvious shot at rapper 50 Cent, claiming that a double standard existed in the entertainment industry.

“It’s okay for rappers to get on television and tell their story about how many times do were shot or how they were heavily in the drug game, but it’s not okay for women to share their story about their life experiences,” Tashera Simmons said.

Tashera Simmons is working on her memoir titled “Finding Tashera,” in addition to coaching her son Xavier Simmons, as he embarks upon a career in the music business.

  • solo0ne

    ehh,..next topic

    • johnblacksad


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  • disqus_L3VUK7RRan

    This is foolish. IT’S NOT OKAY FOR SOMEONE WHO WAS SOMEONE else’s wife to use that person’s fame or power in order to make money. If that person never existed they’d be half dead somewhere…

    • Behind every good man, is a good woman, behind every bum, is a B’ish!

      While she may not have been writing rhymes with him, she was / is instrumental in his success, just like the homies who supported him when he was down, gave him the strength to persevere, or even just made them stronger with their BS.

      • Nick ManGold Jimenez

        said no one ever

      • TruthSerum

        I dont care how many famous quotes you post up there bruh, a woman with no talent who uses her relationship with a man to get on a reality show is a leech. Nobody is responsible for anybody elses success unless they were directly involved with it. Unless she wrote his rhymes, did his paperwork or something of the sort then she has 0% claim to anything he accomplished.

      • She was married to him for 17yrs?

        I highly doubt she didn’t contribute. Any decisions he made as a father, because he is a father, factors into it.

        On the surface, she didn’t write rhymes, but best believe she played a role in those 17yrs, or X would have been out.

        It’s her story, yes, because of X, but it’s still her story.

      • TruthSerum

        So by this logic, every member of his family deserves a reality show??

        I’m sure X’s brothers,Sisters, Parents, Children, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Nieces, Nephews and countless friends all played some role in his life and have a story about it they’d love to share….Does that mean we should line them all up with networks or maybe start the DMX reality TV channel???

        My opinion is if you dont have any talent, keep your ass off camera….. I got cut off in traffic once by a guy who looked like Ray Lewis, maybe somebody should interview me about it…FOH

      • Been saying this shit since forever. Tired of these “famous for no reason” motherfuckers flooding TV stations, the internet, social media, etc. Go sit y’all trifling, skeezing, scheming asses down some got damn where!

      • Slaughtr

        Cuz stop talking you talking dumb shit cuz because in that case don’t none of these reality shows need to be on TV. Fck Ass logic.

      • TruthSerum

        Your right, dont none of these reality shows need to be on TV. Thats not “Fck ass logic” as you put it, thats the way to go as far as I’m concerned. Send talentless people back behind the scenes, where they always should have stayed

      • Giving reality show vs Cutting off?

        If they blessed her…if “Blessed” can be used, she deserves it.

        Reality shows aren’t about “talent”..unless that talent is grabbing eyeballs!

      • hoeyuno

        She raised his kids while he toured the world. I agree reality shows are ridiculous but America buys into th this shit. and half these woman don’t get a dime child support so making some reality show money to have a camera follow u around the grocery store is a positive.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        your right when you thinking about artist that may really need baby moms on a reality show like Scrappy … but when we talking the baby moms or wifes of artist like 50 Cent or DMX ……… they were well taken care of ……………………….. financially that is … we all know DMX def did his wife dirty mentally and relationship wise with groupies and all that and that was Wifey …….. so in a sense i kind of agree with Dmx wife getting a show …. but Fifs baby moms … NO WAY …… unless fif aint playing his part …..

      • bigdoe6

        In her case, i disagree with what you’re saying. She was with dude before the deal, before the fame, before the tours and money. I can’t call her a leech.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        the thing is these chicks dont need the show … altho they probably want to start making thier own paper and have thier own career but they are still living in the rapper shadow to do so who they are not with anymore …. Jim Jones & Chrissy was good cause they are still together … you dont think Fif would easily give his baby moms some start up money to start her own biz ……???? (well hopefully he would not gonna assume) the difference here is these chicks are going on national tv to potentially discredit these artist …. it aint like they are still in a happy situation … its almost similar to what the The Game did to fif … these shows are like diss records to rappers …. these ladies are seprated from thier rapper ex husband or baby father….. and going on a Gossip show that gets coverage from the Gossip communities …. theres nothing postive about it ………… if i were X or Fif …. id be like baby you might not had it the best … but you have it better than the REST !!!!!!! real talk dont do that too me …. theres a better way @ doing this ……

      • ” id be like baby you might not had it the best … but you have it better than the REST !”…Real Pimp Spill ( #IJS )

      • hoeyuno

        And for every ridiculously hot female there is some dude sick of her shit.

      • Um, yeah!

        That was most definitely #2.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        but you dont see them homies trying to relay the ish into a show on vh1 lol … lol i can see now … call it … The Homies Gotta Eat Too …. LOL !!!!!!

      • Diddy relayed it into a career…#IJS

        It’s the “Butterfly effect”, go back in time & change 1 little thing about your past & who knows what changes about your future?

        IE: Take away baby moms & instead, Fif, with less will to live….dies from the 9 shots, or instead of hitting the hospital for birth, gets hit up again & destroyed this time.

        I’m just saying that our experiences make us complete.
        If the coach didn’t cut Jordan, would have have practiced so much to show the coach that he made a mistake?

        Did the coach make a mistake?

        FiF’s baby momz gets 100K? child support a month?
        Different from X’s, who might get nothing?

      • Hmm, good idea…think about it….Wu-Tang’s would be off the hook!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        so @ed you saying without Fifs baby moms or Xs ex lol … they wouldnt have been successfull ??????????? cause imo that would be the ONLY reason why they would be entitled to do what they do ……. i mean for DMX imo its different because as far as i know they were married … Marriage is different …. for fif thats just baby moms ………………………………..

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  • Super_Hero

    The first problem was being on TLC. Not the kind of audience that is into groupie scripted reality shows. Would had gotten better ratings if it was on VH1, BET or MTV.

    • Lyve Wire

      only ppl with 37 kids, and/or midgets get shine over there.

    • DLOUPO


      • U BUGGING

      • DLOUPO


      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        fif smart tho he def tried to take credit lol and alot of folks bit the bait

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  • BossBeaux

    So Outta Pocket!

  • El Chapo Gwapo

    Ugly bitches don’t deserve a show, I don’t care what channel its on…

    • wickedjones


  • southside4lyfe

    plain in simple in my pimp c voice( bitch when you get your own money you can do whatever the hell you want ,but bitch the only reason why you got something is cause of child support and alimony.

  • hoeyuno

    There’s nothing wrong with these woman making money off there stories. other then 50’s ex I’m sure none of them get 20 grand a month child support. I mean I don’t watch the crap but this gives these ladies a opportunity to make there kids lives better. it’s too bad dmx and tashera didn’t work out. they been together since they were teens. peace to dmx

    • Calico Joe

      I disagree. I’m pretty sure their stories include negativity surrounding their ex’s. That’s probably what gave this show the green light in the first place. If people paid more attention to their own lives, these shows would never air. Who is really interested in these women’s lives anyway? And 20 grand a month is ridiculous especially for one baby.

      • Preach!

      • Not when you pulling in 200K a month…IJS

      • Calico Joe

        But $240,000 a year for a single child? And you and I both know only about 25% of that being spent on the baby if that much. I would’ve told the judge to suck my d*ck, or at least fight for custody.

      • Or made nice with the mom!


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  • brotha_man

    I have a great idea….how about u get a job. and STFU

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  • BillyBobJohn

    these hoes need to go out and get a job and stop living off men they used to date

  • dee

    Kimora lee Simmons all i have to say she didnt do reality tv shows telling about Russell she got her own had her own show about her these women especially dmx wife been making money off that past relationship for years now we know all about X its to the point where it seem like she trying to degrade him

  • Mike Swiff

    AHH kut that out; she could be talking about any rapper at this point…not buying that BS!

  • Abrasive Angel

    Nobody was interested in Ratchet snitching attention whores and Fiddy had paperwork and started litigating behind the scenes that got his babymama yanked from the show.

  • brollya

    “one word out of her mouth, i cancel that show out” 50 cent voice

  • i dont think many people where checkin for Tashera’s messy acting huggy bear lookin ass

  • son of nigraseed

    Get a job already!!

  • mike malarkey

    wasnt really a shot at 50 but just a general statement. in the end nobody care bout these bum bitches….

  • Yusef Cutliff

    Lmao… My coworkers! Anybody can star in a reality show… Im waiting on my big break. Unfortunately I have a hardworking job… I cant sit around and gossip at restaraunts all damn day..

  • Erica Price

    I LUUUUUV that show I thought it gave all da ladies a chance to tell there story I was inspired and very proud of all of dem I really love love Lamr Odoms BM I thought she was cool, I like her personality, and she wasnt a industry whore. She is SOOOO STRONG. I really wanted to see more me nd my friends watched it every TUES night, hopefully they get picked back up. Im yall biggest cheerleader yall!!!!

  • Some things I’ve noticed about 50 cent is that he hates on other successful black folks. He’d be happier if he was the only successful black person alive.

    He also makes false claims, such as him being responsible for shutting world star down and now he’s claiming that he is the cause of this reality show’s failure.

    The dude is trying desperately to create an image other than what he is. He wants people to believe he is more powerful and influential than what they may think. This guy is just deluded.

    Where’s the joy in ruining others livelihoods even if you were responsible for it?

    I am beginning to understand why he is hated by a lot of people now.


    most women say its hard enough being married to a regular nigg so imagine your daughter being married to a celebrity, with all the cheating, the drugs, the kids by their self, & the drama and you gotta smile for the camera like everything is alright when its not… Anyway NOBODY even knew the fuckin show was on that was TLC fault

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  • trlvman357

    Y’all living off of somebody else’s fame nobody gives a shit about Tahsera Simmons your always gonna be DMX’s wife and when people ask “who are you” that’s exactly what your gonna say. There is no “personal” when it comes to reality T.V.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    it aint about woman … it would be the same if stedman (oprahs man) tried that bs too … sit your $5 a$$ down before i make change lol

  • Lisa Smith

    She is not attractive DMX should have met a sexy girl on Blackcrushdate