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Hip-Hop Rumors: Consequence Talks Fight! Lupe Fiasco And Derrick Rose Win!


DAMN. I haven’t done a sign the world is coming to an end in a minute. Why? It totally feels like the world is coming to an end. Seriously, a woman strapped her infant child to her and jumped 8 stories to their death. Why? Why’d she strap her kid on? A kid in New York cuts his moms head off AND takes pics of it? A baby in The Chi is shot five times and the father lives unscathed? What the? We got AIDS (America Is Dying Slowly).

But, if there is any sort of nicety to come out of this, Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has stepped up to help the family of 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins. The super star ball player has agreed to pay for all of the funeral costs. The father was changing the baby’s diaper in the front seat of a mini van with the baby was shot 5 times. Police have no suspect but the father is working with the cops in full. At the present pace, Chicago will top the murder rate from last year, which was over 500.

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Shout out to Lupe Fiasco who wrote “Jonylah Forever” in dedication to the slain baby.

Good to see some folks from Chicago caring.

Consequence is talking and he let the guts spill with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez about the fight with Tahiry and Joe Budden. I didn’t listen yet, but I will shortly.


Damn. There are Meth naked pics leaking online.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Oknas

    Black people need to know their history(worth) and stop all this bullshit

  • Pobzlo

    Cons is dry snitchin.

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  • therealjjohnson

    I’m convinced someone is writing for “illseed”. How do you say “I haven’t done a signs the world is coming to the end in a minute” and you just had one last week? The one about the open letter to worldstar, a positive thing I might add, but was still called a sign. Strange.

    • Calico Joe

      “Illseed” did like two or three “signs the world is coming to the end” last week. By the way, the woman that jumped out the window died, her baby survived.


    Please…Somebody donate some grammar lessons to allhiphop. Obviously, they don’t have spell check. Y’all been functional for how long, and can’t put a proper grammatically formed sentence together? Y’all making journalist look bad as a unit. lol. P.S. There’s nothing wrong with proof reading before you hit send!! 😉

    • Lyve Wire

      but you’ll be back tomorrow

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      How about all the false info illseed says the baby was shot but the father escaped unscathed BS the father was shot also he’s still in the hospital but stable condition last I heard

      • Q.

        He got released last night. Cat can barely walk without assistance.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        That’s what I’m talkin bout that’s a far cry from “unscathed” as illseed reported.

    • Q.

      Thank you! N!ggaz call me a “grammar nazi” if I say it though. LOL
      Stay on they necks.

  • Good look for Lupe & Derek.

    WTF is a dad supposed to do when they shoot his infant to death?

    May God give him strength for the journey ahead.

    RIP Jonylah

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  • SugaBooga


  • J.C.

    this con dude gets elaborately emotional over the smallest matter

  • BasedApostle

    I dont believe what cons is saying cus why didnt he do anything when Joe Budden was there?

  • Q.

    Salute to D. Rose & to Lupe for the track.

  • ONE

    To see the picture of that cute baby and know that her life was taken by a senseless act violence is heartbreaking.