EXCLUSIVE: Erica Dixon Speaks On Lil Scrappy’s Mother, Calls Her Old and Miserable (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is a little short on love these days. A week after a rumored April 11th physical altercation with Lil Scrappy ex Shay “Buckee” Johnson, Erica Dixon talks exclusively to AllHipHop about her rift with Scrappy’s mother, Mama Dee.

At the April 18th premiere party for Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, the often outspoken reality TV starlet attributed her soured relationship with Mama Dee to Erica’s unwillingness to be Mama Dee’s “puppet”. Erica even suggests a deeper psychological reasoning as to why Mama Dee is so fixated on Scrappy’s love life:

[Her gripe] was I don’t spend time with her or do anything with her or take her. I’m like ‘I’m with your son, not you. You seem to be confused.’ She might just have the Oedipus Complex. That’s your son, not your man.”

Dixon also claims that any attempts on her end to reconcile the two women’s differences are impossible because “she’s old” and “she’s miserable”. The inflammatory comments culminate in Dixon making a salacious accusation of Mama Dee’s sexual promiscuity:

“I’ve been around 11 year come August. I’ve seen Mama Dee run through about 10 to 15 men.  No one sticks on. So that in itself speaks on her character.”

Recently there have been reports that her engagement with Lil Scrappy has dissolved. In a recent interview with GlobalGrind Erica does not clear up those rumors and hints at a possible breakup:

“It’s like I wish this n*gga would get his sh*t together because I know how it feels to be back and forth and to actually really love somebody and to want to be with them. It’s like ‘Get it together.’ And eventually, you know, if I know somebody going through a similar situation, I tell them like ‘He’ll get it together eventually.’ It takes some time ’cause it takes longer for n*ggas to mature but they’ll eventually get there.”

Check out Erica Dixon’s full interview with Ms. Drama for AllHipHop:

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