Lil Wayne Comments On Gay NBA Player Jason Collins

(AllHipHop News) MTV caught up with Lil Wayne and got the rapper’s views on the revelation that NBA hooper Jason Collins is gay.

Lil Wayne kept his response terse and to the point, but made it clear that door have been opened for gays in sports sports.

“What it does for sports? It’s opening a lot of doors and it’s showing that it’s a fair world out there. Just to see how many people came to his support and things like that, that’s a pretty fair world out there. Be you.”

A$AP Rocky shared a similar opinion, but also took a moment to chide those men that stay in the closet hiding their true selves.

“That’s his business,” Rocky said in an interview with KYSDC radio in Washinton DC. “I respect men more for coming out. People joke on Frank Ocean a lot but at least he’s not out here fronting. It’s a lot of people, a lot of motherf*ckers be out here, they be the closet motherf*ckers, you know? I don’t respect them. I respect gay men who identify it and who are out with it. I don’t have a problem with gay people at all. So it’s like, that’s his business. It don’t concern me. Number one, I barely get to watch basketball like that as it is. Number two, I don’t even know who this n*gga is that you talking about. Dead a**. He probably has ten times more money than me but I don’t know who he is. We got the Frank Ocean of the NBA now who came out and did what he had to do. Shout-outs to him.”

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47 Responses to “Lil Wayne Comments On Gay NBA Player Jason Collins”

  1. Mob BanCster

    SMH. The purpose of life is to keep it going, not settle for the opposite sex, therefore promoting it to other people so that they’ll look at being gay as a possible option too. smh

    • hoeyuno

      Not really. It might push ppls to be more open and not have to live there life hiding. I doubt it will make straight kids all want to be gay cause of this one nba dude. There will still be way more ppls dissing gays then ppls promoting it.

      • Mob BanCster

        That’s not what I’m sayin. America be on that “be open about it” shit but if people understood that we’re all meant to be with the opposite sex then nobody would have to be open about it because they’d know there’s no reason to be gay anyway, it’s just proper teaching. There are roots to the world’s problems, so when I speak, sometimes I go deeper than the topic of discussion and try to dig up some of the roots, so that things can be fixed from the source of the problem.

      • RMfag

        They’d still be gay though. You want your daughter or sister to be marrying some man who secretly wants man-meat? And marries some poor, unsuspecting woman just because society told him to?

      • Mob BanCster

        Yeah because God knew that the world was gonna face these problems but the future can be better because now we have all seen and learned from experience, so we can change things and hopefully in the future, more people will be having kids and not turning gay instead of simply accepting something that can be changed by having the proper understanding for why being gay isn’t good for us as human-beings.

      • Mob BanCster

        It’s called nigga bisexual is still gay

      • RMfag

        Bisexuality is when homosexual and heterosexual decided to procreate.

  2. WSPD_Commando

    Wow they really gonna ask the 2 most suspect niggas in Hip Hop what they think about another man coming out the closet? C’mon Son!

    • Pouria Pars

      LOOL exactly what I was thinking… lil wayne kissed his “daddy” on the lips and asap just doesn’t seem like a normal dude

      • Bumpy Johnson

        hell yea, that nigga ASAP leaned his fukkin head on drake shoulder for a pic, thats homo son.

      • Mob BanCster

        He leaned his head on Rakim when they slapped hands and hugged when they met in the radio station. Maybe that nigga is gay but if not, I think he just a lame type of nigga that do shit that street niggaz don’t do.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        street niggas!! naw bruh even normal men dont do what he do..i feel ur point tho

      • Mob BanCster

        Naw, I’m sayin’, some white kids I’ve seen would do some shit like that. Way different than niggaz be. They be on some weird fun-loving type shit

  3. The Black Fist

    It’s good from him (JC) that he came out the closet BUT why promote the shit??
    lots of JC supporters say it’ll give others that are gay some courage to come out the closet and JC & his supporters also say it’s his personal business, Well, if so why go public with your personal shit? SHM at all this gay shit! 1st, America welcome same sex marriage then allowed it into the Military to Represent our country, Now hip hop shelters gays and sports has a home for them, WOW!! the world is comin to a END!

  4. Lamar Star

    This coming from two gay niggas themselves, and why has there been so much gay sh*t on Allhiphop lately ? . If it’s not another post about Mr cee, or the secret 90’s rapper who date rapes his fans its this RMfag n*gga talking about sucking some dude off. SMH

  5. Weedras

    Why are they making such a big deal about this one NBA player when there have been so many lesbian sports stars who have come out and that shit wasn’t publicized much..

    • Lamar Star

      Well you would expect some female sports stars to be gay such as the ones in the WNBA who carry themselves around like men. But this sh*t here dosent suprise me

  6. WhatupJ

    Rappers terrified to say something bad now that Ross got dropped from Reebok. Wonder if its gonna have a impact on the music, most of it is garbage today so no real issue but its interesting.

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