Hip-Hop Rumors: An Insane Jay-Z Rumor / Steph Lova Speaks On Slander!

First of all, head over to illseed.com for a crazy Jay-Z / Foxy Brown rumor! YIKES!! They are saying Foxy is spreading lies about Jigga! But…are they lies?


Steph Lova has been in the game for a minute, but now she’s stepping out for all the wrong reasons! She got pulled into this reality show mess call “The Gossip Game.” Somebody tried to spit on her! And Kim Osorio called her a liar…but Kim was scared to fight! LOL! Here is an exclusive quote from Steph about the mess.

She told AllHipHop exclusively her thoughts on “The Gossip Game” and the notion that she may be homophobic.

It is interesting what people say and do for their five minutes of fame. I have proven myself in the entertainment industry as a talented radio personality and credible entertainment source.  Being on a reality show is not easy. You open your life for everyone to judge you….good and bad. I am not perfect, BUT I am honest, loyal and trustworthy.  I would never judge any person based on their sexuality, race or religion, despite what other people do to try and  gain fame and notoriety.  People that know me know that I am about expanding my brand professionally.  For example, I am the new DJ Ambassador for Monster products’ new DNA headphones.  So, I do not engage in the negative….”I ain’t got time for that” – Steph Lova

I also have been told that she will be on Kay Slay tomorrow night to address this stuff. Remember, Funk Master Flex put hands on Steph a few years ago and caught a charge.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • I remember that Flex / Steph ‘chet!

    Flex has been a cornball ever since!

    The Jay Z rumor is Bananaz!

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      jay doesn’t seem gay to me. the jay z rumor is foxy looking for attention not bananaz………..there i fixed it for you my dude.

      • You don’t think Jay Z tapped some Virgin Foxy Brown pu$$?


        What is the legal age in NY? 17? Yeah, 15 is a little young..but….

        Average dude would have put on a boxing glove shaped condom & beat that coochie up…..& would beat it for years.

        *If things worked out

        Does he seem gay?


        I think plenty of gay ‘chet goes on with the boule’ rappers, so I don’t doubt it, but what is iLL, is Foxy Brown saying it, with Jamie Foxx’s Wanda?

        J Foxx is the man….gay or not!


      • DJ7

        J Foxx is a booty bandit fam….Ole boy Howard Stern was about to put him on front street a couple years ago but fell back….I didn’t need his conformation b/c when you know what / who you are…. you also know what / who you are not & this Foxx character is a fag!!

      • Chris

        Truth. I remember when Howard Stern and Jamie Foxx were beefin’. Stern said something about “Precious” that J. Foxx didn’t like. Jamie stuck his chest out but quickly fell back in line when Stern threatened to expose him. SMH.

      • That is wild!

      • Stop playin’?

        >> Falls out computer chair in disbelief

      • tammy gilbert


      • Celz

        Check the birthdays if Jay was 27 Fox was legal.. Still too young for me though.. But legal..

      • Nah, it’s a 11-12 yr age difference….#IJS

      • Celz

        So which one is lyin about they age? If Jay was born in 69 and Fox was born in 78..

      • Good point!

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  • Michael Thompson II

    Beanie Sigel- “I can say,shit, that make B look at you different”

    • EL_BARK

      Yo i told niggahs this a while ago on here & they aint believe me….!!!!!!

      • EL_BARK

        Lol @ a jay stan v my post…. Get mad all you want. U know i am right.

    • Celz

      Off of Beanie’s strength I doubt he would be chillin wit a down low tranny smasher..

      • EL_BARK

        Man if its is true that dont got nothing to do with beans….
        But when there smoke there is fire.

      • Celz

        There is no smoke though.. And dude connected two unrelated statements.. So IF they are connected then it has everything to do with Beans.. They were past a working relationship the Roc was hella tight back then.. Anything is possible though

      • EL_BARK

        I wont go into it again. But ask some of the old schooler. I talk about this when B sigel first drop that line.
        ” i know shet that will make B look at you differernt”
        Now what can make a WOMEN look at a man differernt?

        Also what J may or may have not done behind his close doors is not tied to beans in any way… Noticed i said.
        “Closed doors” but like my first post. I made these accusation 3 years ago on this same site….. Ijs…. The smoke was me speaking on it 3 years ago. Now foxy is putting the same exact things i said 3 years ago. What the chance we both saying the same things????? That the fire…….
        Ndtx, amen-ra, edogz, and a few others can verify i said this 3 years ago.,.. Verbatim.

      • DJ7

        I remember but back then I was just a reader & couldn’t reply due to the type of phone I had….I wanted to b/c I woulda said you were 100% correct….there are more fruits in the industry then ppl want to admit/believe & I’m talking about A-listers….hint: dead & alive….believe that one G

      • Celz

        I’m a cali nicca so I don’t know what the streets of NY be sayin.. I can tell ya’ll stories about Cali rappers that’s never been on any websites.. So like I said I wouldn’t put anything past anyone.. If it’s true he wouldn’t be first or last nicca to get turned out and start experimenting after having too much money, drugs, and women..

      • PhillyBornOhioBred

        El Barksdale did speak on this same chet a few years ago. During the old STC days. I haven’t posted in years, but folk def talked about it.

      • johnblacksad

        You of all people know very well Beans would not keep fcukin with Hov knowing he gay… Beans wouldn’t do that for no money

      • EL_BARK

        Bean never said he was gay, & your right beans wouldnt had fuk with him if he knew he was gay. But if beans SEEN some questionable shet or “things that make ya go um” that is another thought. No i doubt hov was out in the open with his skeletons, so who to say….

    • <3

  • hoeyuno

    Didn’t jay make foxy millions?? She’s mad that he won’t write her raps anymore. But if him and her have a past it would kinda put hov in a awkward place with his wifey. Move on Foxy. Jay a powerful dude. Shit just gonna make you look more crazy in the end.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Foxy crazy….but jay was messin round with her when she was 15 and was pickin her up from school and shit….thats facts!!! Everything else? Cant go that far…..but after guru, mr cee and these afrika bambaataa rumors, u just never know anymore…

  • brotha_man

    I dont know what to think, after reading the article it doesnt seem that far fetched. *scratches head, throws arms up in disgust*

    Jay-Z should sue for slander, if he doesnt I’m gonna chalk this up as a true tale told by Foxy Brown

    Note to Illseed: You said NBA Balla Larry Johnson…..but the pic is of NFLer Larry Johnson

  • Chris

    Even if the Jay-Z rumor is true, no one is going to believe it. It’s Jay-Z after all. Nggas will put Jay-Z above their own Mamas.

    • Celz

      Might also have to do with no evidence, corroborating witnesses, and her waiting decades to come clean…

  • ladynamor

    Wonder why you couldnt post the Jay-Z bisexual, molestation story on this site. LMAO Because this is Carter Country.


    As a Jay-Z fan I can believe some of this stuff (him taking her virginity). Over the year’s in the past there were way too many clues that they were “together”. I remember when Vibe magazine had their own rap magazine called Blaze, they were doing a cover story on Foxy & Jay showed up at the photo shoot & the reporter saying they left out for a long time & then she came back in & finished up so I don’t doubt their old relationship! The rest is just salacious gossip & hating going on! You always have to ask why is she saying this now?!?!!? I remember her performing with him on the “Fade To Black” DVD & he kissed her on the cheek & was smiling then so what is she trying to start up now?

    • ladynamor

      But isnt child molestation enough? You say that like him fuck!ng a 15 yr. old is cool. Rihanna will be next to tell when she is off gag orders.


        I never said it was cool but let’s face it The Baller’s/Neighborhood Superstars in the hood have always had their choice of the best Teenage dime’s!!!! That ISH is never going to change.

      • ladynamor

        Teenage? 15 . Sick. You dudes are sick. This is what is wrong with society today. You guys are a jail sentence waiting to happen with that mentality. This dude Celz talking about I dont care BUT It “probly” happened when she was 17 or 18. GTFOH! Men are so fuck!ng nasty and stupid with it. Stay away from my daughters, and I hope you have none of your own, Cuz this may happen to your daughters one day, and they will be treated like the offender and him the victim like you are doing now. And the Mogul dude talking about “Superstars had their choice of the best teenage dimes”, like they are horses or slaves or something. You sick loser mf’S! R. Kelley, is that you again?

      • Celz

        I said it could have happened.. And after looking at their bdays in another comment the age dif is 9 years.. which brings the nasty age of 15 to the questionable but legal age of 18-19…

      • Nah, it’s an 11-12 yr difference.

      • Celz

        69 to 78 is 8-9 yrs.. Unless ya’ll know somethin about someone havin they publicist change birthdays or somethin..

      • Celz

        “so Jay could easily be a gay child molester with a hot flow.. Or Foxy could have started lettin him hit not much later around 17.5,18, 19 and be pissed that Jay never wifed her..”

        Can you not read? Like how you gon disregard a whole sentence that agrees with your viewpoint; so you can twist my comment into a I’m down with child molesters post..

      • Where I’m from, that’s hustling backwards though.

        You are right though, as I think about it, but most dudes would rather have a stable jawnt, with a crib, car, job, etc.

        I was never a baller or superstah though.

      • Celz

        I don’t put any of them on a pedestal so ANYTHING is possible.. Everyone has haters and skeletons so Jay could easily be a gay child molester with a hot flow.. Or Foxy could have started lettin him hit not much later around 17.5,18, 19 and be pissed that Jay never wifed her..

        No proof = I don’t care.. And she is basically sayin she was down with a gay, child molestin, tranny smasher up until a few days ago… Right.. I don’t get why celebrities think it’s a W if you call out someone you associated with when ya’ll beef.. If they take an L you take an L for being an adult and co signin they foul behavior..

      • This is what Naughty By Nature’s Treach failed to grasp.

      • DollasTX

        she still down with him

    • hoeyuno

      Right..and if jay really did have a thing for trannys why would he tell her??.

  • n n

    Marley marl was doing shante at 15 also Elvis was wanting his wife when she was 13 .so this stuff happens.

    • DJ7

      don’t make it right tho

      • NEWSKULL

        The way things are going with the gay community… I am sure one day it will be right

  • tra mo

    Foxy got u hot cuz u kept yo face n her puss-nas I believe all dat shit fox ain’t da only one been saying foul shit bout jay but we as humans all hve skeletons it just so happen jay is a celeb just like busta passing herpes around

    • tra mo

      I remember either a jazzo or dehaven interview not dat long ago they said him and jay caught a std from da same ho

  • Madstacks520

    Damn that’s some crazy shit!


    Put it together. …I rock hoes yall rock fellas–nas

  • True_Fan

    So Nas not only won the battle, he may win the war. That Ether diss is just way to relevant to this situation to overlook.

    • DJ7

      it’s realer than you know B

    • obamasucksballs

      beanie said summit to about if beyonce knew the real jay she would look at him different.

      • johnblacksad

        dumb azz, you think Beans would have kept fcukin with Hov knowing that his gay? what would that make Beans?

      • NEWSKULL

        What he always was a “Rock-a- Fella”

      • johnblacksad

        Cheesy n!gga… u might think that’s funny but the truth is it’s Roc-A-Fella as in Rockefeller… that’s why he sittin on hundreds of millions while your mind still stuck on gay sh!t… keep up, we’ll see where that leads you

      • DollasTX

        100’s of millions doesnt constitute heterosexuality – fyi CLIVE DAVIS

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        no its rocafella as in rocafella a dude from the marcy projects back in the 80’s. jaz-o had a song about the dude. your answer to the origins of rocafellas name are just like the origins of sean carters name. Jay-z, nah its not from the J and Z train, its because he was jocking jaz-o and cats were calling him jazzy.

        But you know, telling people you named your company after an extremeely successful business tycoon and you got you stage name from the subway station in the projects you grew up in, well that makes for a better story.

      • obamasucksballs

        an how do u know beans didnt hear these rumours before illseed posted them u idiot.

      • DollasTX

        money will make a niggah turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to anything

    • which line? “I rock hoes, you rock fellas.”?

  • thats the thing about titles…. any nigga with power can make up one out the clear blue and a sucka will cherish it!! “I got it!! she can be the DJ Ambassador!!” lmao.

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  • It might be true, but Foxy Brown and Jay-Z are not dead, someone need to simply interview both parties and get the real story.

    • I agree… interview both Jay and Foxy…. then leave it at that 🙂

  • Tee Mac Morgan


    • Severe Thebeneficent

      true…but pac also said biggie & puff set him up…which turned out to be bullshit…

      • You’re bugging, they did set him up.

      • EL_BARK

        Lol edog, u funny …. Lmao

        U know bishop got himself into that..

        Puff & biggie may have been complicit only by association, by the fact that they were there….

        But they didnt set him up, nor did they know before hand?
        Afterwards well hell yeah. But pac was warned?

      • >>In Joe Pesci Voice : “Okay!OKay! OKAY!!”

        He may have gotten himself into that….but Pac & Biggie were more than complicit by association….after the fact.

        They knew before hand…..Big knew & semi warned him….but they had to know that night…..and had to help.

        Dexter wasn’t just chilling in the lobby, with a hammer, on a humbug.

    • Big and Pac exposed a lot about Hip Hop and High Society. That is why they got got. Shit is crazy and scary at the same time.

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    wow….is this all were good for? rumors? gossip? I mean the more days go by the further away HIP HOP CULTURE strays away from reality…click on hip hop websites and its 1000% horse shit on each site… everyday… 24/7/365 …a bunch of nothing…its fuckin depressing man…..

    • What did you expect when you clicked on the Rumors?
      Advanced eco science?

      • Banksy

        Thank you!

      • NEWSKULL


  • ZUBU

    Not certain how much of this is true, but it is quite ironic how many people have said this about Jay: Beans, Jaz-O, Foxy, Nas, DeHaven, etc. Also word is bond: Nas said Bey’s breath hella stunk, say he had a chance to pull her but said her breath stank. Camron claims he smashed Bey when he worked with her on a song back before she blew. Rumor has it she was doing several Dallas Mav players. Personally I don’t believe shit she or Jay say. For example: Hov never flipped major worked, he watched other brothers flip and dribble down in VA. Jay was a lil’ sidekick at best much like he was with Jaz-O. Nas put him on blast with ether Jay calling Nas’ crib he didn’t even give him his #. Jay wearing Jaz-O’s chain, no work, no guns, etc. Gotta give Jay his props he is a good fiction writer lol much like Fakeass Ricky “The Cop” Ross. In the rap game Jay met Klark Kent and Dame had the paper the rest is history or shall I say his-story!


      Hey ZUBU, since your so knowledgeable about Jay’s “Work” past, explain to me why Quan (once signed to Nas’ label) said he remembers Jay down in VA putting in work?! He didn’t say shit about Jay just hanging around! Every 3 year’s the same old BS come’s up about Jay. The same hater’s come up with shit to put down anybody Black that’s become Very, Very Successful! Kanye’s this, Oprah took an oath, Diddy did whatever! Self Hating Black people with the same crab ‘n the barrel mentality!

      • ZUBU

        Hey Bro, I have zero knowledge of this so-called Quan dude nor what info he is privy to. I’m quoting people with “DIRECT” links to Jay not people like Quan who are spitting hearsay. I never said Jay never went to VA, from what I have read he took trips but it was never his sack/work it belonged to DeHaven, Emory, and other brothers whom I can’t quote their names. Essentially Jay was a sidekick along for the ride, he was not the man. Nobody picking/hating on Jay just calling out his deception. Brother you lost me with that blacks hating blacks shit. I for one love most of my black people, but I call it as I see it. I’m a well educated brother a Sociologist much like the great WE.B. DuBois. I love brothers such as Cornell West, Tavis Smiley, Prof. Gates, etc. Our president and his equally intelligent wife. I don’t have desire to hate on anyone I’m too busy trying to keep myself correct. You sound like you’re taking this Jay-Z bromance pretty darn serious. As far as that crab in a barrel mentality, naw black, I adhere to things such as: “each one, reach one, teach one.”


        ZUBU, I wasn’t specifically talking about you when I mentioned the “Crab In the barrel mentality”. As a Successful Black man who grew up with Hip Hop/Rap I always find it interesting that whenever there’s a story of Jay/Puff etc. making/doing a deal “our own” people hate on it & then when some “negative” rumor/news comes out about them the same people are quick to believe or cosign the story without any valid proof!!!! Go To any “Hip Hop” site & look at the # of hateful comments you see when a new deal or partnership is announced & then look at all the “I believe it” comments when a negative/bad story comes out! If that’s not self hatred I don’t know what is! It’s like seeing someone Black accompolishing Great things is stopping them from working hard & doing great, instead of being looked at as something motivational they want to shit all over it!

  • Herb_Bane

    that foxy story is about 15 years too late.. i’m just wondering why she’s bringing this up now?

  • Pedro Matos Jr.

    I’m not close enough 2 the situation 2 call her a liar u never know what people are capable of hidin but correct me if I’m wrong didn’t dis broad claim Kurupt was her 1st time & dis was after they had broken up she was talkin bout how she was so hurt. I can’t call it.

  • Damn ya still believe steph is a female? Jeez.

  • With no source? Obviously a blatant lie. Site a damn source.

  • Banksy

    Foxy kept you hot cause you kept your face in her puss/what you think you getting girls now cause of yo looks

    Put it together I rock hoes, ya’ll rock fellas

    I’m about to go listen to Ether again after reading this. No surprise though. Niggas been saying that shit about Jay, Puff, Dr Dre,Kanye, Mase, Mr Cee (of course) Busta, Wayne, Baby etc. It makes alot of sense when you think about it because these niggas all act masculine to hide the fact that they’re all chasing penis. Gay ass niggas

  • Oknas

    Pac is a legend, hes been telling niggaz that jay is gay lol

  • DollasTX

    im rocking with FOX she dont seem like the kindah bytch to lie for no reason

    • johnblacksad

      She was Ross’ boo for a minute tho #IJS

      • DollasTX

        that was cuz SHE’s supposed to take advantage of a sucker when the opportunity presents itself – if “PRECIOUS” called me out the blue and wanted to shower a niggah with lavish shyt like trips and jewelry – and shout me out in her movie credits lol – than so be it!

  • Many people are not aware, but Foxy Brown is gearing for a come back, I think this is just another random thing to get the buzz back, which is not nessecarily to expose Jay but to remind us of the history….This story been lingering for a long time, it’s interested how illseed gave us a link, and didn’t post it directly on AHH.COM., not to mention that horrible picture, there are thousands of recent pics with Jay and Fox, something more current would have been nice.

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  • Really?

    Read the Foxy post on Illseed and I hope some of you realize that Larry Johnson never played in the NBA. He was in the NFL!

    • Larry Demetric Johnson is a retired American basketball player who spent his professional career in the National Basketball Association with the Charlotte Hornets and New York Knicks. He was listed as a 6 ft 7 in forward

      wtf are you talking about this tha same nigga who was grandmama he was always suspect lol

      • Really?

        The pic of Larry Johnson with Jay Z was the one who was running back for the Kansas City chiefs. Click the link and google him if you want but I know my sports. Also I know who Grandmama is. They are not the same person.

  • What is Foxy Brown’s Motive? Revenge? Anger? and why speak on it now?

    Jay-Z got the sexiest female in the industry, its hard to believe Brown’s accusation.
    I think she’s hurting, but to lie in his name is unjust…. My Opinion

    • honestly alot of men are naive as shit you know how many gay mf’s got bad chicks think about before these fruity mf’s come out the closet real shit foxy brown been around jay z since she was 15 and he was mashing thats some r kelly shit 2 me bruh

    • DollasTX

      foxy aint got nothing but genuine LOVE for that dude – and aint never spoke disrespectful towards the man either – i think she was just being REAL – people gonna say she “gearing for a comeback” but that aint the case cuz she’s irrelevant in the rap game now – speaking what she believes to be TRUTH aint gonna get her career out of the sink hole it’s already in – so there are no ulterior motives, its just her speaking out loud – take it for what its worth and keep it moving