Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Kanye’s People Pay To Make The CHEAT Scandal Go Away?

I genuinely believe that chick lied on Kanye West. But, apparently…there is more to the story.

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Well, here is the latest. They are saying that the hoe was straight paid off!!! HERE IS A LETTER SENT TO THEDIRTY.COM:

Nik, wanted to share some exclusive details with you regarding Kanye West and home wrecking Leyla Ghobadi. What people don’t know is that Leyla Ghobadi has had sex with Kanye more than once. On their 2nd or 3rd time that they had sex, Leyla actually left her iPhone on and recorded both of them having sex all the while Kim Kardashian was at home pregnant. Leyla and Kayne’s lawyers are in the middle of talks for Kanye to acquire the video for a measly $250,000. How dumb is Leyla? This tape is easily worth over 2 Million with the attention she would get from this… I think she forgot why Kim Kardashian’s whole family is mega rich… its all because of a sex tape. Leyla needs to be smart about this and get paid millions, not pennies.


Damn. “Be smart” means trouble for Kanyeezy.


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  • junj03

    #1 Wale the gifted : 157,871

    #2 J. Cole born sinner: 83,652

    #3 K.West yeezus: 65,721

    Info on hits daily double, born sinner will sell more then
    yeezus, watch!

    • dexter

      nice change up junj03… but I think ye done F’d up with this one… I just dont believe she KK has his best interest. thats all. so all this will be the vehicle to dismantle what he has built…bottom line u cant turn a hoe n2 a house wife ye…& trust me hommie I tried to also:( lol!

      • $11625525

        I think we all have, if we’re honest.

      • ZUBU

        Word is bond, we all have though a lot of peeps let their pride stop them from being honest with themselves. The main difference is that Ye going through this shittt with the masses looking on.

      • dexter

        & its gonna cost him in all area of his life specially those pockets… IJS

      • junj03

        Well he is “in love” with KK so if that happens then its his fault. now, yeezus is definitely not good, i mean a couple of tracks are okay but the rest is just odd sounds and nothing fits well at all, it seems rushed…i bought all 3 albums, the gifted , yeezes and born sinner and out of the three i listen to borns sinner and the gifted the same, yeezus i cant stomach it….oh and im sorry you had to go threw the process of turning a hoe in to a house wife 🙁 lol

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yeezus isnt meant to be played like gifted or sinner … gifted and born sinner was made for acceptance and repeat play … yeezus was made to upset you its suppose to rub you the wrong way its not meant for repeat play … it generates discusion … its kanye experimenting and seeing how the people react …. NEW RULES !! something wale and jcole cant afford to do @ the moment … Yeezus = career suicide for them ….

      • junj03

        Your logic sounds correct but its not…808’s & heartbreaks was also an experimental album for kanye west but it was well thought out, it has production value, the songs have feeling. they are written,yeezus has no subject matter, no soul, i mean nothing…

      • dexter

        W.e ni@@a… lol

      • junj03


      • PhilTheGreat

        Damn, sometimes you get caught off guard. Like damn you a hoe?!?! Then when the honeymoon phase wears off she be like… “Yeah and U.O.E.N.O”

      • dexter


  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Weren’t they mega rich before the sex tape? Robert Kardashian was a lawyer for celebrities. I think he was was oj Simpson’s personal lawyer. He wasn’t a criminal lawyer, so no I am not saying he was his lawyer in the murder trial. Anyway they were rich before he sextape.

    • He was for OJ’s trial.

      Still, KK is worth 40 Mil on her own?

      • obamasuxass

        how KK get that worth? I only heard of her bangin celebs

      • Reality show, clothing line, etc.

        Maybe from her family, as Bruce Jenner had that “Wheaties” $$$ & Olympic career.

        That was an online estimate, but either way, she has guap.

      • obamasuxass

        your estimate might be abit off lol

      • >>Shrugs

        That ‘chet did seem high, it was on AHH? about Ye’ & KK’s worth.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        she was only able to do that because her family life was so set that she could go out and do random ish like that … had she come from a family who was scratchin and surviving … shed be too busy doing the same thing and no clout to jump head first into the limelight …. so you still gotta credit pops somewhat ….. no knock to kim cause thats how most folks become famous ……

      • Indeed, poverty is contagious & the most malignant form of cancer.

  • ile315r

    “I think she forgot why Kim Kardashian’s whole family is mega rich… its all because of a sex tape. Leyla needs to be smart about this and get paid millions, not pennies.”

    Smfh…only in America

    • 5789007


    • Escobar

      That’s a partial the reason why Osama committed a terrorist act against us. As a country, our Media has put sex tapes as a door to fame and success.

      Go ask a random person about Egypt and their status, their face will blank, but ask them about Kim Kardashian and they’ll be in the know.

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  • tra mo

    O dam I thought kanye paid for da gay scandals to go away

  • Brindle

    I always thought he’d get caught with a man.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      lol #pause

  • gomer_1

    That was obvious and when I said it on the last post about this you funny style dudes started getting attitudes and shit

  • Linkz


  • Sean Power

    you can’t release a sextape and make any money of it unless both people sex sign off on it if she leaks it would be of web in secs and she would get eat by his lawyers

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    $250k by no means is pennies lol … it aint like she getting the short end of the stick … shes getting the only portion … this is to kill the tape … not for distrubution …. if this was a distro deal heck yeah go for the millions ………

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