Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Durk Gets Busted Upside The Head At His Own Show! Gunshots Fired!

Good lord!

Lil Durk fans ain’t nothing to f**k with! The rapper, known for his penchant for trouble, got all that he was asking for in the video clip below! In the clip, they keep saying over and over “Turn Up, Turn Up!” And guess what happened? The fans TURNED UP! somebody threw a damn BAR STOOL all the way across the stage and it hit Lil Durk! Then, you hear mayhem ensue! Glasses break and shots fire!

Wow. Glad I like another grade of Hip-Hop.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Space Mack

    You can hear someone say, “Shoot!”

  • MrNoName2K

    lol well goooooottdamn..a bar*t got kinda real up in there for a sec. Lil Durk aint bout that life he speak lol

    • Casor_G

      Yah he is.

  • johnblacksad

    Still don’t know who Lil Durk is…
    I’d look up on google if I cared to, but you already know…

  • maya washington

    otf lol that was probably jojo throwing chairs from the grave at Durk wack a**


    All these new niggas need to off they self shit is bad out here

    • CheLoc64

      Hate like this is what bridges the generation gap

  • Madstacks520

    He rapped a few songs and than said turn up too many times so somebody wanted him to have a seat he wouldn’t have this problem if he had bars.

    • Action Ant

      I don’t know why this got down-voted… But “Have a seat” is hilarious to me.

  • “The age of the ignorant rapper is done, Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone” KRS ONE

    • Brickz Flair

      too bad you are a fag

      • chihova

        says the guy with a Rick Flair icon……smh

      • LOL~N

        That’s my word, I was gonna hit him with the exact same line.

        Funny how he created an account just to try & kiss the tip of my 4-9-3-11.

        SMDH @ Today’s youth.

      • Celz

        And what you sell so many drugs that you cleverly named yourself Brickz Flair instead of Rick Flair.. Sit yo lame young ass down..

      • The youth are bugging, every new nut the huggin.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


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  • Obi Won

    It don’t get no more disrespectful than that

  • Thenatural503

    And this is what happens when you get too many ghetto ass niccas in one place. The state of black America is so pathetic right now. F what he “Man” is doing we’re destroying ourselves.

    • n n

      You got white men sleeping with dogs and going to school with assault rifles. Yeah “black America ” is a mess. Smh

      • Thenatural503

        So are you saying that’s worse then the what Detroit Chicago or DC is going through with Black on Black crime right now?

      • PhillyForever

        True. Can’t worry about any other community than our own. At the moment, sad state of affairs.

      • Schooly B

        Do you live in Chicago? I do, and guess what. For the most part everything you have seen and heard is a lie. It’s nothing more than pre election/real world problem diversionary tactic propaganda. How amazing is it that the crime rate in these cities with a very large, very black populations became talking points after the Trayvon Martin case popped on the worlds radar? Is there crime? Yes. Is it war in the streets as the media and talking heads would have you believe? Hell no. Is there crime in Oregon? I don’t know, but I know you guys have a big meth problem out there. You deal with that and I’ll deal with mine. In the words of Public Enemy, “Don’t believe the hype”. The next person that speaks ill of my hometown as if they “Know” what’s going on is getting slapped. Especially, wack niggas from Oregon. Go play some Oregon Trail and die of dysentery or something clown.

      • Thenatural503

        Sorry I’ve been paying attention to the rising murder rate of our own kind in Chicago for the last 5 years. Trayvon has nothing to do with the way how I feel. No one said it was war in the streets. The fact is that black on black crime is the reason why our black brothers and sisters are the only race that the will decrease in the next 50 years compared to every single other race increasing in numbers.

      • Schooly B

        Instead of throwing our people under the bus take the time to question what may be the systemic causes of such violence. Or if you have been paying attention for the past 5 years, as you say, try this instead get up get out and be the change you talk about when in conversation with other “enlightened”, “educated” negros. I do. I get up go to a non profit that takes those young men and women and gives them another way to make it out here by teaching them developer skills. If you’re interested and serious google I.C.Stars. But, sitting here Talking does nothing but make you look ignorant especially when you have no idea what it is that you speak of.

      • Casor_G

        Stop passing the buck. Whose fault is it?

      • Schooly B

        It’s not passing the buck. Passing the buck is standing idly by saying there is a problem and doing nothing to fix it, What I speak of is accountability, civic duty and pride. Get off of your asses and go talk to the young men that are out there. Ask them why they do what they do and the overwhelming majority will tell you they see no other way to make it. And when you give them the opportunity to change for the better they take it. Some may fall back but the majority stay the course. And how do I know? Because I do it. I go out there and have one on ones with these kids. The violence is a symptom of a larger problem. That problem is lack of opportunity and high barrier to entry into accepted society. No jobs? Sell drugs. Need protection from the jackers? Get a crew, get a gun or join a gang. Somebody trying to take your spot or testing you? Kill him or be killed. Go straight to jail, hell or the hospital don’t pass go. Get out and do it all over again. And that is how the problem that you question is created.

        Class Dismissed

      • n n

        Why do people with no argument leverage their argument with the same 3 states.? Do you think that isThe only states black people live in.? No truth is black people are not shooting each other like the media makes you think, and number two white on white crime has jumped so much they are scrambling to hide it. Bet you don’t know about the white female that stabbed her daughter to death.? White media has to keep the ” white people are saints lie up” .

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      why you using lil durk concert to represent all of the state of black america?
      there are more black college grads than ever before, more black owned businesses than ever before, more black ceo’s than ever before. what u mean state of black america is pathetic? yes it can improve, but so can america as a whole. lil durk is not a reflection on all of blacks. we have a black president too you know, why dont u use him to dictate black america and not lil durk.

      • One Black does something good, he did something good, but if he did something bad, we all did something bad.

        You know how “THEY” do it.

      • Weedras

        there are alot of positives but most of it is shunned or goes unnoticed why? because we got rappers and outlets such as VH1 glorifying the shit that makes us all look bad….. we got young black kids here making waves in academia but they don’t get any shine.. it’s the negative shit all day… and until we start stifling that crap it will always be what ppl use to judge us..

      • Matt Swan

        I’m thinking that he was using it the same way the media would use it; a way to show that no matter how far we’ve gotten we’re still the lil mammy’s and sambos from the minstrel era. I’m not going to blame mass America for what is shown about blacks, but I will blame blacks for not being more involved in what IS shown about us. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, three times, all hell it’s all my fault. We need to find a way to put the successes we’ve had and HAVE out to the masses and not just through sports (typical), but through the hard sciences, aeronautical (many of today don’t even know we’ve had black astronaut’s and one even commanded the shuttle) mathematicians, and child prodigies. There is so much to love about being black that it’s lost in the shuffle of perpetual ignorance and condemnation from within. We are in another time of Blaxploitation and we really need to redouble our efforts to shine a good light on how F*ckin good it is to be black, and not just because it gives jobs to PO’s, CO’s, cops and judges.
        *******This was another anti-n*gga PSA from me**********
        And I approve this message

  • Prince Akeem

    I didnt hear any glass breaking or gunshots, you sensationalist faggot

    • Thenatural503

      You got hearing problems then lol.

    • jd

      Listen again my man. It happened.

    • Caliwaver

      U must have bad hearing.

      • Prince Akeem

        those little tapping sounds at the end? those are way too arbitrary to determine that they are gunshots. they could literally be caused by anything. Gunshots have a distinctive bang and reverb in a large room. Unless those were hood niggas in the FBI firing guns with silencers I dont think they gunshots. Either way Just not enough information to definitively call them gunshots.illseed is a sensationalist it’s in his nature to exaggerate and flat out lie for a few more comments.

      • therealjjohnson

        what about the breaking glass?

      • Prince Akeem

        Upon second review I can hear glass breaking in the ruckus, which is pretty standard for a rowdy crowd. But nothing associated with gunshots.

      • I heard a shot.

      • DJ7

        Shots were fired B…

      • PBM1986

        If you’ve never been around gunshots then you wouldnt know what they sound like… Soooo why even comment?

      • killajing

        ya must not know wat gunshots sound like just bc it was a clap sound dont mean shit 22s sound like that especially in a club smh i can tell niggas never been in a bar or club when shots go off

      • Prince Akeem

        no, no i havent. And i’m proud of that fact. I’m just speaking in terms of physics here.

      • That wasn’t a .22, it’s just that the mic has a sound cut, etc. so it sounds like that. Definitely a 9 or better.

      • 00:53 secs = 1 Shot

      • Jason Almenas


      • acapwn

        You’re an idiot.

  • don king

    LMFAO!!! “Turn Up, Turn Up!…OUCH!… chill, chill, chill”

  • theKID

    He asked for it! He said ‘throw sumthin else’….They did.

  • Celz

    What a fucc nicca.. Why would you incite a crowd on purpose? Let the nicca do that shyt with no security escort out that bitch

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  • Schooly B

    Thats some Boondocks shite for real… Just another Nigga Moment. Where was Riley at?

    • Weedras

      Riley probably was the one who threw the damn stool lol!

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  • El Chapo Gwapo

    Durk didn’t get hit, security did…. That’s what they get for throwing water into the crowd

    • johnblacksad

      Totally agree.. they was being wild foul throwing the water like that… but at the same time, that’s what this crowd gets going out to see Lil Durk on stage… like really?! you ain’t had nuthin better to do?!

  • MikeMillz

    Im sure this wasn’t what he wanted.

    • Casor_G


  • Me

    Who’s Lil Durk?

    • Negro Peligro

      Man a guy that pops up in AllHipHop rumors.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • a b

    Thank God for Kendrick Lamar…. Phuck these savages!

    • PBM1986

      You mean kendrick who had the chick poppin her ass for 1 min of his video…LMAO… Nigga’s no different.

      • Jeff Active Reynolds

        no different? man you dumb as hell

  • Abrasive Angel

    That’s not Hip Hop. That’s Ratchet Coon shit.

  • CJ MAC

    An 88 year old white man was beaten to death by two teens in Spokane, Wa. I was relieved, because I know that it aint that many of us in that place. I’ll be damned if it wasn’t two little niggas who were on the surveillance cameras.

    • Casor_G

      yep. damn shame.

    • Must have never been to Spokane. They could have tapped Breaking Bad in that bitch if they wanted. Smokers lurk 24/7 out there. Armpit of the state.

    • DJ7

      Why else would it be news? You knew after the Trayvon incident “they” have to continually remind “them” how barbaric young black men are…just in case some may forgotten….in other news…a young interracial couple was attacked outside of a Queens NY bar and guess what color their assailants were?…I couldn’t tell you because no description was included in the footage…wonder why (rhetorical… for the slow of course)

      • Matt Swan

        Part of me totally agrees with you and the other side say’s hold on. When that black dude was killed in the village that made news. Along with the fools that did it. They weren’t black btw. The gentleman who was killed by those boys was 88. 88 years young and had served his country in WWII. The Soldier in me boils over at the thought of another being beaten for no good reason, and the man dies over it. The black man is me is asking where were these kids families? I blame the kids for doing this, but I blame the families as well. Same with the three adults who killed that ball player in OK. Because you were bored? I hold the family units accountable because that is what is failing in todays world….race is immaterial at this point. When the PS3 and Young Jeezy are raising your kids, when your kids are out at 2am and the parents are in the house playing cards or whatever, the unit is breaking down. Every one of these incidents could have been prevented at the family level had the families been more involved. I’m a product of the 70/80’s and when you messed up, that switch got to know you real quick. Can’t do that anymore…..child abuse. Black men are no more barbaric that any other race, but what (in many cases) other races have over us is that both parents are home and engaged in the lives of the children. That’s not always going to solve everything, but in the black community lack of fathers, mothers having kids before 16, grandkids before 34, lack of work/work ethic and immoral influences seem to be prevalent. I know this firsthand. My Goddaughter got pregnant at 17 in HS, had to give up her basketball scholarship for her child (which is the right choice to me), and at 19 is in a shelter raising her son WITH the father. I was/am hurt by this but the silver lining in this is that the parents are together and are both working together to better their lives and the baby’s life. They don’t ask for handouts or sympathy.The fact that the father is there and working makes me feel there is hope even when the press makes it out to be none.

      • Kevin Farley

        its not that big of news……not close to trayvon…….people are idiots who buy into all that…….zimmerman is half spanish……if he was elected president they’d call him the first latino president like they call obama the first black president…..but in zimmermans circumstances its a better story to refer to him as white

  • Anybody seen Durks baby moms though? Somebody need to throw a chair at that broad!

  • Well, they we’re shouting TURN UP! Niggaz….I love me some black people though…

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Shit ain’t funny if that fool a deadbeat who’s a opps
    N what we do with opps they get pop bang lets get them
    Just sayin

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    this ish is funny they went from shouting turn up to chill out/ calm down in 60 seconds

  • Luckey Bono

    Nigga that was some gang shit , that’s how they get down in Chicago . You see durk an them niggas were slightly anticipating the action from the crowd . Y’all niggas just got to see some real live gang shit on video lol

  • CheLoc64

    Violence has been around since the beginning of time. America is the most couldn’t country on the planet. African Americans only make up 14 % of the country ..You do the math