Let's Slow Down: Mister Cee is Our Hip-Hop Brother!


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It’s easy to kick a dog when he’s down. The Mister Cee saga has so much fodder that’s ready-made for bloggers looking to throw stones. As much as I love going in on the f**kery of hip-hop, this story saddens me and since I ain’t your average sheepish blogger, I won’t go down that path. I’m sure there’s a gang of memes coming down the pipe.

Yes! It looks as though Mister Cee has been “outed.” It looks as though he has a fetish for guys who dress like women. Mister Cee’s ouster—a gay, cross-dressing blogger who goes by “Bimbo Winehouse” allegedly exposed Mister Cee in a audio video, which sounds like Mister Cee. Bimbo is given a Benjamin to perform fellatio on Cee, which, according to this cross-dresser, never happens.

It is never okay to “out” someone! People should be able to stay “in the closet.” Whom someone sleeps with is none of our business (unless they are raping/date-raping someone), so let’s not give this blogging cross-dresser a standing ovation (He’s getting his “15 minutes of fame” via these internets). (And for you heteros who subscribe to the belief that a BI man is “polluting the pussy population” [i.e. spreading diseases from gay sex to women]–check the statistics! It’s a misnomer, a hood tale, an UN-truth, a lie! HIV and other STDs are spread more commonly among straight men and women than they are from BI men.) On the other hand, there is a belief that so-called straight men that “use” the gay community for sexual favors while feigning straight should be outed. Perhaps that was this blogger’s thinking?

They say this is the 4th time Mister Cee has been caught up in the drama of transgender/transsexual/cross-dressing male prostitutes. There was a curious hush-hush in hip-hop circles the first time Mister Cee pleaded guilty to sexing up a tranny. Nobody was talking out loud! Not DJ Kay Slay—not Angie Martinez or Miss Info—nor any of the rest of the crew at New York’s Hot 97. When this story first broke, it was Mister Cee’s best bud Funkmaster Flex who stepped up to the plate and gave us a rousing and theatrical denial of the allegations. Emphatically, they were false! But now we know they were true. This s**t has come home and taken a big bite out of hip-hop’s homophobic a**. Talk about the “Chickens coming home to roost!”

And then—just a few short months ago Mister Cee was arrested again (for allegedly soliciting a male prostitute), causing much ado at his job, New York radio’s Hot 97. The talking-heads at his J-O-B did not shy away from the issue as they had previously done. Their H.N.I.C. program director, Ebro tweeted about Mister Cee, suggesting that Cee is family and the issue is not his sexuality, but rather the breaking of solicitation laws. And then the interview followed where Mister Cee emphatically denied that he was homosexual.

Internet gangsters, keyboard killers and mouse-pad mobsters may have “gone in” on Mister Cee, but industry heads gave Cee the benefit of the doubt out of respect for what he brought to hip-hop. Mister Cee is revered in hip-hop circles far and wide. It was Mister Cee that pushed Biggie Smalls into mainstream prominence. Everyone has mentioned his name on wax—from Mysonne to Biggie to Jay Z. The first time Cee was arrested they asked Ja Rule about Mister Cee and he gave a half-hearted-walking-on-eggshells-response about people having the right to do whatever “floats their boat” behind closed doors. Nobody in the industry really wants to go in on Mister Cee.

Yes! On the surface this is one man’s problem, but the larger picture is—our homophobic society and hip-hop’s relationship to society, which, at some point, must be addressed head on—even stronger than Macklemore!

Say what you want about DJ Mister Cee’s dilemma. This is the time for all homophobes to relish in this man’s misfortune. “He’s a f@g! He’s a down-low trick! He’s this! He’s that!” Everybody who’s a nobody has an effing opinion, but nobody wants to deal with the reason why people like Mister Cee have to stoop to these lengths to have some semblance of sexual freedom.

Mister Cee’s “sh*t-uation” should cause a paradigm-shift in hip-hop’s homophobic mindset. Hip-hop/rap has held its head high and been aloof towards gays and transgendered people. But now, with Mister Cee’s apparent trans-cross-dressing-fetish, it is time for hip-hop to rethink its homophobia.

The problem is not Mister Cee’s now-confirmed taste for transgender fellatio. No! The deeper issue is our society, which has caused many bi and homosexual men to deny their homosexuality for the sake of career, family and society. The problem is that the “Mister Cees of the world” have to be “down-low” in order to be respected in our society. It is our societal norms, which causes brothas like Mister Cee to go undercover. What does that say about our supposed “Land of the Free and open society?” It says that, indeed, we are not free to be sexual creatures of varying degrees! It also says that no matter how much we say that we don’t care about what others think about us—we do! No supposedly straight hip-hop head wants their name soiled in the saliva of transgender consciousness.

Although we are shocked, we shouldn’t be. Why? Because hip-hop is a microcosm of the larger macrocosm mainstream populace where some 20% of Americans identify as bi, homosexual or transgender/transsexual. You might think Mister Cee is a hip-hop anomaly—an aberration from the norm—a wandering down Hershey Highway, but I assure you, other notables will be exposed, because hip-hop is not immune to homosexuality.

Some may judge Mister Cee because he is married. Some will come out of a religious bag—like they really know something about God and scripture and some will just hate the fact that homosexuality is a reality, even in hip-hop. My issue is the total destruction of homophobia!

Let us not point the finger at Mister Cee, but embrace him. Let it be known that whatever Mister Cee’s sexual likings are—he is hip-hop and he is ours! Let this be the time that you stray from the herd-mentality and shed your homophobia, because next time, it will be someone famous who you look up to—or a beloved family member who comes out the closet. Before your grubby little fingers start pecking away some cliche’-ish, unfunny and fool-hearted response, ask yourself, “Why am I reveling in this man’s demise?” Are you a hater and a homophobe or are you just looking to be flippant? Do what you gotta do, but for me? Mister Cee is (still) my hip-hop brother!

Hip-hop is teaching us! Are you listening?


Khalil Amani is a blogger for AllHipHop. He also writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. Amani also writes for Hoodgrown, Maybach and Sext Magazines. He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” iuniverse.com 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One at http://www.khalilamani.ning.com Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Youtube @ yahweh 12 Khalilamani@yahoo.com

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  • Donny P

    This aint got shyt to do with what he did in hip hop. That’s not even questionable, but it does have everything to do with being REAL with yourself. Yea, everybody got jokes, so what? He likes D**k, and that’s his business.

    1. Keep it 1000 with yourself and loved ones
    2. Keep it indoors if you wanna stay low

    This ni99a chose to keep touching the hot stove after being burned before. Who’s fault is that?

    But don’t worry, after a few days no one will give a Fukk. The industry will sweep this under the rug because half, if not most, of those higher ups in the game likes D**K also.

    Don P

    • Real Spill!

    • Pierre Elliott

      I CO SIGN

  • Huh?

    Dude, nobody cares he’s gay or he’s chasing trannies or he’s a hip hop legend. Please get off the mic!

    The problem is his self-hate issues. He’s here, he’s queer but he doesn’t want to deal with it. This is the fourth time he’s been caught but he still refuses to see himself as a gay/possibly bi man. Instead, he plays the victim role.

    • Pierre Elliott


  • Pierre Elliott









    • $18592567

      Why Game look like that nigga w/ the face tats.lol

  • Charter

    While I don’t agree with lifestyle, I’m human enough to say “if that’s what he likes, then, hey… as long as he ain’t playing with little kid butts”.

    Hell, if he had just come out from jump, he coulda at least scored some points for being “brave”… there’s no coming back from this one though.

    RIP to his sleep cycle.

  • maya

    A lot of you are some of the PHONIEST m0therfu*kers. Talking about the problem is that he is not being real. YALL not being real. On top of that, how many of you still run around saying hateful things about gay people, so young kids who are gay can hear it and they will grow up hating themselves and thinking something is wrong with themselves. Shame on you. Shame on the culture that Mr. Cee grew up in. Shame on the culture that we all grew up in.

    • Fugg That!

      Like your favorite fake rapper, he lied. While you may not take that as disrespectful, others do.

      Look at Big Freedia, he has support & does his / her thing & doesn’t give a Fugg, and no one else does, but Penis Puffing was Mr Cee’s Achilles heel, and he got shot in it.

      Remember that BIG line about looking so good that he’d suck on your Daddy’s dick?

      Don’t do ‘chet that you are ashamed of.
      Simple solution.

      • maya

        YOU ARE NOT HIS B!TCH! He owes you NO explanation – WHATSOEVER. Get over yourself and GET A LIFE. The internet has yall losing touch with reality.

      • Maybe you are his B’ish…wait, he’d rather have a BALL than some sugarwalls, so I guess you aren’t either, but your hero is sitting some where, one hand holding the toast to his temple, the other on a bottle of sleeping pills, thinking of an acceptable explanation and apologizing to us, for lying.

        You sound like one of them dumb broads that can’t accept the truth, and accept your man’s lies, because you don’t know if you will ever get another.

        Chances are, Throw Backs at Noon, was the first time you ever heard the songs played, so GTFOH with that.

        Dudes would have accepted Officer Fawlse if he kept it 100%, and Mr Cee would have done for your fellow Penis Puffers, what Top Gun did for Navy pilots, if he just kept it real. He was better off saying nothing, instead of lying.

        He’s married, and if he will cheat on / fugg over his spouse, he will do some fugg ‘chet to you & I.
        (*On a personal level )

        He already did by lying.

        Some of ya’ll (*Stupid Mudda Chuckaz) are so dumb. Cee is part of the industry, and aligned with the powers that be, that are fugging up Hip Hop.

        This ‘chet right here is just a symptom of the bigger problem. A red flag if you will.

      • Why should he want to fugg up his own business.
        It does not make any sense. Better see it like this.
        Its the internet age. Rumors spread faster than
        light. Before you had to buy a magazine to get

        some info. Get used to things changing. There

        is no pink mafia softening Hip-Hop or whatever.
        Sites like AHH need sensations in order to sell
        adverts, because the speed in which rumors
        are being delivered has increased 100fold. The
        best rumors of course are gay rumors, because
        this is the only shock value left. Anything else
        has lost it’s appeal.

      • There is a Pink Mafia, take note of the feminine agenda in Hip Hop.

      • RapItUp

        **see A$AP Rocky.. prime example

      • Or Dreezy, Weezy, Yeezy, etc.

    • Huh?

      This is a grown ass man. In his 40’s. Not some teeanger in school getting bullied for being “different.” Miss me with all that.

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        maya’s a buffoon….

    • Craig

      kids arent born gay and aint nothing u can do to prove otherwise. if a 3rd grader going around talking about he gay, he need his head examined and the parents are worthless for even exposing a kid to that kind of stuff.

      • Maybe not born gay. But when you hit puberty you for sure know where your attraction goes. there are guys who all of a sudden get hard when seeing guys. It’s not a choice. Your hormones decide which direction
        you are going.

      • Craig

        dude just because u get hard that dont mean u are gay. Mr. cee says hes not gay and I believe him, its a shame people are gonna try to get him to so called come out of the closet when in fact he just has a sexual problem. What u do behind closed doors dont mean it should be made public if the man want his dick sucked by a man thats between him and his beliefs, humans are weak he has a wife, that doesn’t mean he should just adopt a different lifestyle because of a certain agenda, the gay agenda.

      • maya

        You are HILARIOUS. If you get hard, you are very ATTRACTED. Homosexuality is being ATTRACTED to the same sex. Even if you DON’T act on it. You can be a gay virgin. Sorry to burst you bubble.

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        amen to that

      • maya

        You don’t have the knowledge to say, either way.

      • Craig

        why not? the facts are there for everyone to see, all u have to do is look at history, being gay is monetized now similar to how the religion became with fake spiritual preachers and forcing and influencing a certain religion an a group of people causing them to forget their own people still suscribe to it just like this wayve of gay stuff u see on commercials and tv programs, if it wasnt for sensationalism< media and journalism we wouldn't hear anything about who an individual has sex with outside of court cases and scandals(ex. anthony weiner). And those are facts, When I was young there wasnt even the mention of gay people not that my parents hated them but just that none were around or making noise, an today its everywhere like weed being sold and pushed in every outlet.

    • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

      But there is something wrong with them…They are gay…..

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  • main0

    Dude is on the radio crying right now admitting everything. Hot 97 had to let him go for the prostitution part, but at least theylet him resign. If he came out the first time this happen I don’t think it would have been a big deal.

  • Craig

    I aint got no problem with gay people I dont like the mess or agree with it but I respect people, That said I dont like them pushing the gay agenda on black kids and black men, tthey using black women and celebrities to spread the message that gay is something to be proud of, don’t fall for that mess. When 2 men and 2 women can make a baby get back to me. F***k outta here.

    Oh and the gay folk and white men just discovered the power of HipHop, the invasion has begun, next thing u gonna see is gay friendly programming like they did at the gay themed VMAs, macklemore was just the beginning(white men I might add) Stay woke. Peace

    • Why does everyone claim there is a gay agenda pushed towards black people? There have always been gay black people. Look at our music.
      Disco, House. all that comes from gay black people. Its just now as we
      are growing more conservative we start noticing. Nobody would have

      called Rick James or Prince cross dressers in the 80s. They just wore

      high heels and permed hair. In early Hip-Hop especially in NY you could
      find some gay people and some new wave or punk people in a club
      dancing to some Run DMC giving High 5 to a b-boy.
      we don;t see that anymore.

      • Craig

        I didnt say there never were black people who called themselves gay, I’m saying that these days its actually being pushed as in a way to influence, I see it all the time, and its undeniable. There are gonna be gay kids cartoons before long, and remember u heard it here 1st.

      • The only difference is people found ways to make money from it. because once there is a gay topic people pay attention. We have 200 plus stations on cable TV also there is massive

        competition from the internet. So people try anything to get
        attention.. Business is just like that.

  • Dear Khalil.

    Finally an article by a person with common sense.
    I agree 1000%. I would write it the same way.
    Who we are to judge this man. He did not harm
    anybody. I believe in freedom. Let him live his

    life and let others live theirs.


    In the words of that african in the film Dangerous Grounds to Ice Cube: You’re not my f***ing brother

  • Sam_slam

    Whoever wrote this doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. His pro-gayness is blinding him from the facts or its his lack of scientific understanding. Bi men are passing HIV around in the black community. The transmission rate from man to woman and woman to man IS NOT THE SAME. There’s a less than 1% chance of an HIV positive woman giving it to a man. He’d have to have a cut or abrasion on his penis or the virus has no way of entering his body through heterosexual sex. (Before you jump up to tell me I’m wrong, you should look it up so you won’t look stupid). HIV is passed from man to man and from man to woman. Men are the vectors.

    • Daniel

      This sounds like some REALLY stupid nonsense made up by men who want a rationalization to have risky sex with possibly HIV positive women, even if the rationalization is stupid.

      Why don’t you cite a source if you want make such an extraordinary claim?

      • Sam_slam

        Ding ding ding ding. I have my first victim in Daniel. I warned you to look this up before you challenged me (a medical professional) and I make you looks stupid as f**k. And I’m going to make you look twice is stupid for even questioning “my rational”. I don’t rely on wishful thinking when I make statements. Accusing the author of not having a scientific understanding should have been your first clue that I had one.

        My source? Try the CDC’s website HIV transmission rate

        Although I didn’t get it from there, I’ve known this for many years. You can argue how unrational THEY ARE. And since I’m now under the impression that you ARE DUMB. I’ll do the math for you! “Insertive penis-vaginal intercourse” better known as heterosexual intercourse. 5 cases out of 10,000. 1% of 10,000 is 100 cases. And I quote MYSELF “less than a 1% chance!” *Drops mic!

    • Marie

      Ah shutup! We’re talking about masculinity, the hiphop community and acceptance. You over here debating on STD’s. READ!

      • Sam_slam

        Um excuse me no one is concerned with masculinity fool! What IS CONCERNING AND IS AN IMMEDIATE THREAT is the RISK his activities and self perception, still considering himself straight even though he engages in male-male intetvourse, poses to the black community at large. I’m trying to increase awareness. You sound like someone already infected, trying to shut me down. Sorry this info came to late for you. READ BETWEEN THE LINES.

      • Marie

        I sound like someone already infected? Dude, you’re out of your mind.

  • Opposite Of Everyone

    “Who’s the tran with the master plan?” sorry, had to be done…

    • Rico

      “DJ Mr. Cee / On the Dix”!

  • Luis Rivera

    Mi nah support batty bizness. The author is a fool. Mr cee is sexing men dressed as women and calling him a fag makes you ignorant, but then calls us homophobes like we have a sickness. Just cuz you are all for cross dressing and gay sex don’t mean we have to accept that bullshit

  • redviagra

    New York State of Mind!

  • dfwricwil

    Something to think about!!!

  • Marie

    CHUURCH! This man has it right. The real issue here was Mister Cee’s inability to be honest with his own community. He hid behind closed doors because he believed he wouldn’t be accepted, but is that his fault or ours? Don’t think about it, it is our fault as a society, as the hiphop community.

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  • hoeyuno

    The fact that there is an openly gay writer writing for a major hip hop site should be proof enough that times have changed… but do you think if this was a country and western radio personality the whole thing would have played out any different???? Probably not. I hate when people say it’s the homophobia in hip hop. It’s the homophobia on planet earth!! Mr.Cee is a celebrity and makes good money playing us records. One of the cons of being a celeb or public figure is that your gonna get made fun of by us “Internet gangsters, keyboard killers(that one was funny) and mouse pad mobsters” when something publicly like this happens. And to tell you the truth nobody believed Mr.cee the last time he got busted. And to tell you another truth this is the most press the man has got since ready to die came out.. at the end of the day Mr.cee is gonna gain more fans then he will lose. If you ask all of us sheep on ahh if we give a fucc what someone else’s sexual preference is 99% of us will say “who gives a fucc”. trust me we got some of the most ignorant ppls on the planet here on the daily to.

    • hoeyuno

      O he’s a straight gay hip hop advocate. sorry Amani, didn’t read that right.

  • kushdaddy

    person who wrote this BS could be 1 of mr cee cross dressin male prostitute.

  • Devious

    Mr cee is a hip hop faggot

  • cb1913

    Bump that. He’s no victim. He chose to marry and bring a woman into this dirt, and theres NEVER an excuse for that. How he chooses to live is beyween him and God, and he’ll answer for whatever choices were made; however, when he brought a wife into the picture, he also brought in vows, commitments, and loyalties that he had no intention of keeping. WHATEVER your crazy lifestyle, THAT is not ok. People have gotten so concerned with “not judging” that they’ve gone buckwild with accepting any and everything as ok. We were bought with a hefty price, and our lives are not our own to live frivolously. When will we get it??? (& that’s ALL of us)

  • Hypestyles

    Interesting. I’m not in NYC, so Mr. Cee’s presence on New York City radio and the club/concert scene there is not on my radar and just not part of my everyday frame of reference in hip-hop. My memory/frame of reference on Mr. Cee mainly centers around his history as Big Daddy Kane’s DJ and the guy who introduced Biggie Smalls to Puff Daddy (before people assume I am dismissing his other contributions to the culture, I’m not.)
    Before this latest incident, I only remember one other publicized scandal involving him and a transgender person; I don’t know if that was the first publicized incident or not. I felt it was kind of bizarre, but I don’t know the man at all so I had no idea whether close friends/family knew that this was a part of his personality/habits or not.
    Obviously grown folks can do whatever they want in their personal lives– though ideally if someone is married/engaged/cohabiting, etc., then “stepping out” whether with the opposite sex or the same sex, is extremely risky every time it happens.
    In hip-hop, much of the origins of the culture were birthed in the dynamic of expression and counter-expression. Whether somebody was an MC, DJ, graffiti artist or b-boy/girl dancer, a person busts out their routine, and the next person says “later for that” and busts out their routine. So in that respect, the pushback/debate regarding an LGBT presence in hip-hop is perhaps reflective of that. The culture has proven to be more than just one city/region’s take on what belongs, etc. (see the east/west/south wars, gangsta/political/backpack, etc.) We’ll see what happens next.

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    this shit smellin’ dick nig#er ain’t my brother

  • HatesElvis