Hip-Hop Rumors: Tank Wages War on Drake, Big Sean

Kind of…

Y’all know that Tank is a sanging a$$ mofo so he obviously feels some kind of way about rappers using their shower voices. Don’t get it twisted, he might be an R&B dude but he’s about that life and waged war on Drake, Big Sean and any rappers trying to sing who really shouldn’t be. Peep game:

What kind of battle would that be though? A sing off with riffs on riffs on riffs?

  • CooL_KiD_305

    Tank is tryng to sell that wack ass album he made with them other niggas!

    • Tony G.

      kill yo’self

      • Caliwaver

        Damn is this Tank? You sure are going hard for this guy pun intended.

    • Casor_G

      Tank been done since TGL or whoever, but he wasn’t really clowning them at all

  • junj03

    PREACH!! They should stop singing, not cause its hip hop and
    they should rap, no no. They should not sing cause they sound horrible. Drake
    sucked big time at the MTV Awards, I like most of drakes music but dude can’t
    sing live for shit!!

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  • Caliwaver

    You mad bro? That Chris Brown single not working for you so u have to put Drake name in your interview to get some pub. We see u Tank!

    • Tony G.

      really?…u think Tank needs to use someones name for pub?…lame lol

      • Caliwaver

        Lol uhhhh yeah I do!

      • n n

        Nah I think what a lot of people don’t know once you get one monster hit you can sit on your ass the rest of your life fortunately for tank he is eating off Omarion and he is eating off ” slowly” forever.

      • Caliwaver

        Yeah the only thing I herd of tank in the past few years was when he was snaking up o’ girl from destiny child in the that one movie and that hi drake I’m doing a song with crack head Chris brown dissing u.

      • Tjzoo

        Of course he does! his career is way past its prime, its just like that time Brian McKnight was making porno songs just to get attention.

      • wickedjones

        i almost forgot abt that… (brian mcknight) sad

      • DJ7

        He is no where near past his prime as a singer….it’s just not what the machine is marketing to you numb skulls right now…key words being “marketing”, “numb skulls” and “right now”

      • Tjzoo

        Not questioning his talent, i said his CAREER, he can sing his ass off better than these people on the radio, all im saying the ERA where R&B Singers really singed has passed, now these cats need attention from somewhere to stay relevant.

      • Matt Swan

        But that “song” McKnight made did get him attention; maybe not the kind he wanted, but it brought out his name for when he dropped his next single. EVERYTHING in big music is about the bottom line of dollars and cents. Marketing makes that money happen. And even if the intent is to shock you or make you vibe with it, you know the artist, the name is in your head, and you might buy the CD. Ever wonder why you know the words to the songs you hate? Marketing. Even when you don’t like it, it’s out there enough to where you HAVE to know it.

  • R & B beef?

    • Caliwaver

      More like Tank need PUBLISITY lol.

  • manonyme

    wow, this is quite the quandary…if rappers didn’t evolve and try diff stuff, ppl would say the scene is dull and dead…i think tank, all due respect, missed the artistic expression that they are using. it’s not tht they sing to try and do wht he does…just like monica, fantasia and THE GR8 MJB. they all have joints where they rap (spoken word). just to flip it up. they aren’t rappers now per se…now if he doesn’t like it, tht’s ok and he’s entitled. but to think tht it shouldn’t exist is a bit obtuse

    so we thank tank for his concern for the genre, but he can actually go ahead and have a seat.

  • DJ7

    He has a valid argument…rappers channeling their inner r&b singing fantasies fail miserably compared to those who truly has that gift. The lines have been blurred as of late when considering what qualifies as actual singing or just humming melodies so, I really don’t expect the new generation to get what he’s speaking on b/c they know not…

    • Slick Rick can’t sing for ‘chet, but always rocked it.
      Same with Biz Markie, who sings like Rosanne…. “Oh bay-BayYY YOUuuuuuu….You got what I knee’id…And you say he just a friend….”

      I always thought Drake was a singer who rapped.

      • DJ7

        I got you b.u.t I gather you also got me…

      • Of course, but look at the type of dudes singing.

        Other than Jahiem, Boys 2 Men, Bobby Brown & like 2 other dudes, the dudes singing were / are on some suspect chin ‘chet.

        Johhny Gill, Usher, Frank Ocean, Omarion, Pretty Ricky (Spectacular or whatever the dude’s name in the red panties issuing a grinding dance battle challenge to whoever?)

        I’m not saying he’s Mr Cee, but even Tank on some suspect chin ‘chet with this interview.

      • DJ7

        If we were time travelers we could probably point the finger at majority of the cats that’s EVER graced the stage B…now ain’t that a bi*ch…unless you enjoy silence, chances are you’ve done the two step to a sugar britches track or 2…I planted my 1st seed to Luther Vandross’ if only for a night song…Turn out the lights by Teddy P was my sh*t back in the day…Say you didn’t jam to Freddie Jackson and I’ma have to give you the Shaq face and an Ed Lover “Come on son”… see where I’m going with it?

      • I going right with you, I just forgot about Teddy & Luther, which supports my position…

        Majority of them R & B dudes are SugarBritches.
        I know not all, but the majority, especially the ones that started in the industry when they were young.

        Declaring war on Drake & Big Sean?
        That doesn’t make Tank a homosexual, but it does make him a fa99ot….muscles & all.

      • DJ7

        No arguments here….

      • Remember when Tevin Campell went gangsta? Same time Hammer did…..I found out there were at least 2 words that shouldn’t be sung, the “N Word” & “Mac – 10″…well, three words, that shouldn’t be sung by a dude, trying to “ACT” like a thug.

      • RapItUp

        I have to hear those words harmonized, lmfao!!!

      • Sung…on a high note! = SMDH

        In Hammer’s defense, he rapped….about catching bodies?

        Still just as unbelievable, except for the Cali angle. No doubt Hammer has seen it up close.

      • Matt Swan

        But Hammer was never about “that life” if you’re using it in a “thug” sense. I give him his due being form Otown but that’s about it. How can you take someone seriously who the year before was dancing with Deon Sanders in parachute pants ( I’m not going to lie I had a pair too), looses his money and now is a gangster rapper? I have more respect for him now with his gold hustle. And Tevin, well you hit that one on the head. But in the end, this site as usual is making ado over nothing and we’re eating it up.

      • Hammer was a stretch, but being from O Town, you have to assume he grew up around that life.

        Hard to take him serious?
        No argument there, but he was on some G ‘chet.

        Maybe not a thug, but he fed the whole hood.

      • Matt Swan

        Bruh I don’t know about all that gay ish. Everytime a R&B singer comes out there is a gay rumor associated with him. Aaron Hall, Teddy, Luther, Johnny, the list goes on. I’m not defending them as much as the misconception that all male singers have to have some sweetness in their coffee. Keith Sweat never got called out, New Edition was never called out, so why the others? We play into stereotypes and assume. Larry Blackmon wore a damn red jock strap and no one has the balls to call him out? Especially when he’s wearing it with some tight a$$ leather pants talkin about candy? I think the whole Frank Ocean thing was the perfect marketing ploy and it worked. Cater to the LGBT and make money with the crossover. Lady Gaga did it and cashed in. Omarion….rumor, Ras B….not a rumor, Diddy….ANY negro that has tantric sex for 24hrs and said it was as good as actual sex IS gay. I dunno about Tank and I don’t know what “bout that life” means like someone commented below. Drake, I don’t like his music since his first album, but he’d catering to a younger crowd trying to be Neyo and 2Pac all wrapped in one, and will soon be forgotten along with his butt buddy Beiber. If you’re a singer, sing, if you’re a rapper, spit, if you’re Diddy…sit and be gay.

      • Not all, but most are suspect chin Ninjaz.

        Ralph Tresvant = Sensitivity = Suspect

        Drake = Suspect Chin ….although I like his new music better.

        Larry Blackmon? He’s “STRANGE” & any dude that wears leather pants with cut outs for his @$$Cheeks is on some suspect chin ‘chet.

        Marketing? Maybe, but still suspect.

        This current crop?

        For the most part, suspect chin Ninjaz.

      • Matt Swan

        Naw bruh. Most of these rappers from old to the new puff their chests out and show a ton of broads in videos with them as if they’re on some pimp sh*t, knowing good and full well that when the windows close and the lights, dim it’s their a$$ up face down with one of their “patnas” behind them. Any ninja that glorifies jail life is suspect more so than Larry Blackmon wearing a$$less chaps. Hell Prince you would think was on some gay ish, but he was KILLING some of the baddest women from the 80’s, 90’s, and in this millennium. And he did it wearing a$$less chaps and high heels. It takes more man to be a man than to be a “man” hiding behind a façade of hardness and “thuggery”, True R&B singers are on stage signing alone normally, and are doing their thing. Damn near every rapper has every dude from his town and the one he’s visiting onstage saying his rhymes with him. Who’s suspect now? I’d much rather be the R&B dude having women throw their undergarments at me (al la Teddy) than be onstage with a bunch of dicks surrounding me. But we might have to agree to disagree on this.

      • That’s a distinction between RAPPERS & MC’s.

        If the industry is saturated by sugarbritch ninjaz….these are the ones they select.

  • The Real Will Cannon

    Rappers need to get back to spittin’…PERIOD!!! Ja Rule got sooooo much flack for harmonizin’ in betwwen 16’s when Murder INC was winnin..but look how much rap has transformed into that formula since then. Max B did the melodies, but the music had so much substance& content. Drake is honestly not as talented as people think…He’s a good rapper,but not a great rapper. He’s an ok singer, but not a good singer. People don’t think about the production that goes into makin’ these dudes sound good. Ever heard them sing raw& uncut with no music or mic?

    • Caliwaver

      Who cares. Them nigga is making hits and getting money. If u don’t like it cool but for the ppl that do like Drake or any other person u don’t like u think it’s going to change there minds?

      • RapItUp

        Johnblacksad was right.. You are a Drake warrior bruh!!!!

      • Caliwaver

        And you are a hater and dick warrior. So there you go.

      • RapItUp

        Bahahah!! In your feelings exactly how a Drake fan is designed to be. Hey, how many Drake concerts you been to? Every one that came through your town, huh? Or even within 150 mile radius? You pansy

      • Caliwaver

        Actually I’m going to the one at the Staple Center so if u think your offending me lol.

      • RapItUp

        I know you are, DJC… I know you are.. Its evident in your postings. Lol

      • Caliwaver

        I think Drake is dope. Me and my wife is going to have a good time. I’ll make sure I tell Illseed about the concert so he can put it in the rumors section. Don’t thank me know thank me Nov 29th lol.

      • The Real Will Cannon

        Bruh you’re on the wrong website…I think you meant to leave your comment on WSHH…that’s where all the fan boys are. All ya’ll niggas reply’s are the same…”They’re makin’ hits& get’n money”…Sorry it’s more to life than sell’n your soul for money nigga…and I do mean nigga.You can’t take money with when you die…but relevant music stands the test of time. I bet the same niggas you on here vouch’n for a splash champagne in your face, throw money on your head, and wouldn’t acknowledge unless you were buyin’ their merchandise…You’ll probably walk away with a picture and autograph at the most…FOH

      • Caliwaver

        Blah blah blah. Let me wipe your comment with my ass. There is now shit on your comment for the shit face you are.

      • IDestroyStupidPeople

        I bet you would let Drake use your tongue to wipe his ass.

      • Caliwaver

        To bad u did it before I got there.

      • DreamZ

        im dying laughin

      • RapItUp

        Bruh don’t even waste your time on this clown.. Dude flies at the speed of e-sound to defend his boy Drake. Just let the little kid learn, he’s apparently “inspired”!

  • sakiru oresanwo

    Can someone please explain what it means when people say “bout that life”. What life could they be talking about?

    • PhilTheGreat

      It usually means gangster a$$ ish, or real a$$ ish in a nutshell.

      • sakiru oresanwo

        Oh right, didnt know Tank is/was a gangster according to Friday Foster

      • PhilTheGreat

        Lol who knows about anyone really??? _(^.^)_/ Niggas might be on that Cendrick The Entertainer “Be Cool” role type of life.

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  • The Legendary Troll

    who cares if them niggas want to sing? the reason they gettin air play is cause they the new niggas. Yall had yall time a while back. if u want a hit how bout u do a song with em

  • jubileeshine

    stumbled across a free tank show at Baldwin hills Crenshaw mall last month. he did his thing.

  • Weedras

    damn! if you go solely off the comments on here to gauge what he said you’d think Tank said some venomous shit… lol! dude isn’t calling out the Rappers as illseed is trying to put it he’s calling out the industry especially the radio and marketing section that are only catering to these acts as opposed to the traditional R&B acts… as i said a long time ago…. on certain Trey Songs, Chris Brown etc. tracks you can’t tell whether their rapping or singing and the same goes for a Drake joint… the lines are blurred nowadays and the acts that are sticking to the roots aren’t getting as much exposure especially on the R&B side…. based off what illseed wrote and some other you would think it was some beef ish…. but he’s right they’re now competing as if its one genre rather than two different ones.

    • That’s not iLLseed..he’s MIA.

      • Synista

        Friday foster,sidney lace,RM fag,inmad……whatever,it’s all Illdweeb he ain’t fooling me!

      • Weedras

        my bad… apologies to illseed.. thatnks for pointing that out @EDOGZ818:disqus

  • digitallife

    Anyone can sing…not everyone can SANGGGG.

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