Rock The Bells

Rock The Bells Festival To Return In 2014

(AllHipHop News) Rock The Bells is coming back in 2014!

The festival was forced to cancel key dates in Washington DC and New Jersey/ New York.

Guerilla Union founder Chang Weisberg detailed what happened with the unfortunate cancellations in his opinion in an exclusive interview with VIBE.

“It wasn’t the cost of the holograms that killed Rock the Bells, or anything like that. The bigger reasons, the macro-version,” Weisberg said. “There were a lot of great shows that were out touring in our same time period; that could be a factor. The fact that Jay-Z was on sale, the fact that Kanye was on sale, the fact that Drake was on sale; there were just a lot of great hip-hop shows, and I wish all of them well. I think competition increases the market, and I’m happy that all these acts can be touring, and ultimately, maybe, that was one of the issues.”

But, he said that perhaps the festival took on too much this year.

Weisberg said, “Maybe the vision was too great.”

In the video below he makes the statement announcing that Rock The Bells would return in 2014.

  • Eric Cartman

    I go every year

  • Eric Cartman

    Best damn weekend every year

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  • sesa

    Please add more venues. Show was dope @ Red Rocks (even though RZA wanted to chin check the sound man.)

  • It’s still 2013, we can worry about this later..Give us a break

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  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    gotta give dude props for mannin up and speaking the truth on the situation. I’ve went to Rock the Bells a few times back in the day and its always cool as hell

  • Jonathan Smart

    Can some black person with money step up and control some portion of hip-hop? I’m pretty tired of seeing everyone but us running the distribution and mass promotion of what originally was our product.

    • Koo-C

      Hip Hop does not belong to any one race of peoples. It never did. Without us Latinos Hip Hop would have never left the Bronx. B-Boying died for the Black brothas in 75. It was the Latino and White kids that kept it alive through till the 80s. Check your history before you speak on it.

  • Fuck boy killer

    It’s 2013… No one wants to go to a festival of just all rap music. Everyone and they mama give out free “mixtapes” which also lessens the art and value more. You can’t sell music or performances to those who are accustomed to today’s market. The line-up for the past couple of years has not been anything special either.

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    They need to keep the list simple. I don’t want to have to see Wu tang while Nas is performing or Mobb deep. Keep them at separate times. That way I won’t miss all of the greats. They must don’t really know hiphop as I can tell. Keep chief keef, 2 chains and riff raff far far away. They are not hiphop. They are wack ass jokes to the craft.

  • bigdoe6

    Keep it hip hop. No weirdo shit. No multiple stage shit. Incredible line up all on one stage.

  • Ju Oso

    Best line up was at the PNC arts center next time give Ice Cube the main stage instead of people like Dip Set

  • ADA

    So is there going to be a Rock the Bells 2014???