Schoolboy Q Says Jay Z Won Battle Against Nas

(AllHipHop News) It has been over a decade since Jay Z and Nas went head-to-head in one of Hip Hop greatest battles. While the two competitors have moved on to record tracks together like this year’s “BBC,” the classic verbal competition is still one of the most debated topics in the history of the culture.

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One of the voices of the new generation has offered his opinion about the outcome of the battle. Speaking with VladTV, TDE’s Schoolboy Q reveals his belief that Jigga came out on top.

“Honestly, I think Jay Z won,” said Schoolboy. “I mean Nas is my favorite rapper, but Jay Z, he was pretty scandalous.”

The Black Hippy member goes on to give his explanation for why Nas’ “Ether” is viewed as the winning blow in the bout by a lot of other observers.

“Jay is the best rapper and everybody don’t wanna believe that Jay – even though Nas is my favorite – Jay is like LeBron, Kobe, Jordan, people just wanna say no or hate,” offers Q. “He’s so good you got to hate him.”

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Watch the full interview below.

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288 Responses to “Schoolboy Q Says Jay Z Won Battle Against Nas”

  1. Ray

    I respect this, I been saying this same thing forever. Jay in the end really lost because he made himself bad guy, talking about messing with Nas’ girl (even though ex at the time), being a commercial entertainer (even though he was still street), while Nas was just a regular cat that could rhyme his ass off. The people saw a hero in that, and while I could see myself rooting for Nas more than Jay, Jay had the more vicious disses, line for line.

  2. Frank

    next week, Jay rock says something crazy, then the week after Ab-soul. Then it’s Kendricks turn again to keep the buzz going..

    • Elayorx El

      Feeling this comment! Shock-Hop! Gone are the days of just putting out totally insane material, and making a name, or legacy off of that. The Shock-Hop syndrome of calling out people that inspired you, or even worse, dissin them, has taken over for some time now. People are forgetting that that battle consisted of more than just, “Takeover”, and “Ether”, respectively. I forget all of the names of the songs involved, but when you put them ALL together, and compare, and contrast accordingly, it is clear who came out on top in that battle. TDE need to focus on music, because the potential for greatness is just on the horizon for them as a whole.

  3. Frank

    Not only did Nas win,but since that happened I can probably count all the good Jay-Z songs on one hand. Nas has had some heat since then. Nas is going through life, Jay is winning so hard, he don’t know what to rap about.

    The only reason I know “Tom Ford” isn’t a Walmart brand is because my girl likes to watch the red carpet shows. Otherwise I don’t know wft Jay talking about.

    • Sean Power

      jay-z give him verse in song that cause to do a full song

      that one verse most been powerful and truth be told nas career was falling of until jay-z called his name

      • BulldogCG

        its true, Jay gave Nas life again. I always liked Nas, but nobody was really checking for him (mainstream) until the beef. He was mostly looked at as unfulfilled talent, came out hard and went soft. Not that he didn’t have lyrics, he had trouble mixing those with the right sound an themes. Jay gave him focus and he hasn’t lost it since, that is to his credit, but it took Jay’s challenge. I am a bigger Jay fan actually, content and impact, especially as I have aged, but I think Nas won. “Takeover” was nice, but the responses to “Ether” were sloppy at best.

      • SBRon

        That’s all true, but I just can’t go with Ether over Takeover…
        Jay sounded like one of “The Great Debaters”, while Nas sounded like a 2nd grader playin’ the dozens on the blacktop during recess…

    • johnblacksad

      “Nothing makes a n!gga happier than not knowing the answer to your question… just ask a n!gga anything… :
      -uh… yo, what’s the capital of Zimbabwe (or what is Tom Ford)?
      – I don’t know that sheeeeeeit”
      -Chris Rock

      N!gga 4 u


    To RapiTup listen to the last real nigga alive vs. supa ugly.u tell me won NiggasAgainstSociety!You big DUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kmac_Jones

    The word Ether is only the word Ether because of the song Ether… This discussion is done. Nobodys is walking around talking about, “Nigga you about to get that takeover” lol … No, it’s a nigga about to get Ethered!

  6. TruthSerum

    Nas won the battle, Jay won the war. No one can argue that Ether was the better diss track but you also cant ignore that Nas went and signed a contract to work for Jay a few years later. Never seen the winner ask the loser to give him a job until then lol

    Still the best mainstream battle of my era tho, I respect them both for holding their ground.

    • HalfPast7

      Ehhh I mean yea Jays the multimillionaire here while Nas is just a millionaire, so he obviously winning anyway but come on Jay OFFERED Nas a contract cuz he wanted the best on his team b. You can’t possibly believe Nas went n asked son for a job lmaooooo. And I can’t say Jay won the war either, he ran outta sh!t to say. Listen to him now n then listen to Nas now. Nas still spitting flames while Hov gets outshined by Kendrick and that emo Canadian cat, jus sayin.

      • Ze

        Nigga u must be out ur mind . U just said he got outshined by Drake!?!?. Oh hell fuxk to the NO.

      • HalfPast7

        My dude, I hate Drake and what he represents but Jay-Z wack now, compare what he spits now to what Nas spits now, it’s all wack.

      • johnblacksad

        I hate people that act like they really know hip hop when everything they say clearly shows they just hear hip hop tracks here and there… nothing like peole who really invest their time into this hip hop sh!t….

        “Jay-Z wack…” like you have a clue what you’re talkin about… smh

      • HalfPast7

        Sad black john, read what I put, Jay-Z wack NOW, he don’t spit like he used to, he’s nothing like what he was before. And yes I do know and listen to real sh!t, Jay is one of my favorite rappers but Nas is above Jay on my list. Nas still nice and Jay ain’t as nice as he used to, if you can’t see that you’re delusional.

      • TruthSerum

        regardless of the specifics he still had Jay Z signing his checks after it was all said and done. And Yeah, Jay hasn’t aged as well but I’d still rather be him then Nas if I had the choice to trade places with one or the other. Jay could have quit 10 years ago and lived off his savings, Nas gonna be rappin to pay that Kelis alimony for the rest of his life lol

        Jay won the war in the long run.

      • HalfPast7

        So u wanna be Jay cuz he got more money than Nas? If that’s the case I’d rather be Bil Gates then. We not talkin bout money or success. We talkin about a specific battle bro. Jay has commercial appeal I’ll give him that, he has the ability to reach middle America and become a household name, think about that. With all that power and the majority still gives the win to some unknown rapper named Nas……that’s cuz Esco won, plain and simple just let it go. I know it, you know it, the American people know it.

      • SBRon

        Exactly what it’s all about!! When I watch sports, if it ain’t one of my fave teams playin, I root for the underdog. My justification is always the same…I’m a black man in America, gotta root for the underdog!! On the same token, my guess is these Nas heads can relate to him more (child support, alimony, house repos)?He’s more of an “Everyman”…

  7. breaking NEWS

    Its funny how people really think Nas won that battle , I mean Nas is a good rapper but Jay honestly won the battle completely ,>Takeover=God MC< Its everything menh… who ever thinks Nas won that battle doesn't know ish about rap and need to take a seat

    • HalfPast7

      Son u sound f*ckin stupid if u really gonna sit here and say I don’t know sh!t about rap cuz I feel Nas won that battle. Let’s go line for line b. Let’s dissect each n every bar from both of em. After that Jay ain’t want it wit Nas. Nas won that and I actually listened to Angie’s interview wit Hov that same day and yes that ni99a was butt hurt hardbody and he did admit that Nas got that one. All Jay did was talk about sons baby moms who he was hittin off n they wasn’t even together, the b!tch was salty that Esco jus fucked mad b!tches n ain’t give a f*ck about her, das all the ammo he had.

      • James

        “All Jay did was talk about sons baby moms who he was hittin off n they wasn’t even together…”

        The song you’re talking about is “Super Ugly” and not “Takeover”. Super Ugly was released in response to Ether. The third verse of Takeover was aimed at Nas, while the whole of Ether was aimed at Jay, and Super Ugly was in response to Ether.

        If you’re going to make an argument, at least get your facts straight.

      • Cereal Killa

        “You know who did you know what with you know who but let’s keep that between me and you”-Takeover Get YOUR facts straight.

      • HalfPast7

        Dude preserve what? Carmen n Nas wasn’t together, Jay would smile in this nigga face n only hit Carmen cuz that nigga was around her sweatin her n beat after doin the Drake move n tellin her how she could do betta, meanwhile Nas fronted on Beyoncé cuz her breath stink, Jay da type to smile in ya face n try kick game to ya girl, if that’s watchu respect then it says more about u, n he still lost the battle.

      • HalfPast7

        Ok and NONE of that was better than Ether, I don’t care cuz ur opinion is ur opinion n I respect it but don’t say ni99as don’t kno sh!t about rap just cuz we feel Nas lyrically came out on top, I been listening to both since 6th grade I def know what m talking out fam.

      • johnblacksad

        Yeah let’s dissect the line… Nas coming back at Jay with “Em murdered you on your own sh!t” because Jay said his ‘bodyguard’ Horse’s verse was better than Nas’ in Oochie Wally…

        What a fcuked up world we live in… because Horse actually murdered Nas on Oochie Wally when Em actually just mumbled a bunch of good sounding alliterations but in no way did he murder Jay!

        dissect more?

      • HalfPast7

        Please lets do…..dissect each n every line
        from each b lets go, u straight frontin if u think Em aint rip Jay in his own track, makes me not even wanna have this convo witchu b cuz there’s jus no swayin a delusional Stan anyway.

    • killa

      Nas is a good rapper?? u sound stupid ion even like nas AT ALL BUT he one of the greats and he Killed Jay-z Period jay got the money albums all the hot songz compared to Nas one classic album illmatic thats what jay-z said it was the truth and he left “CONDOM RAPPERS UNDER NAS BABY SEAT” but lets be honest play ether its ova son got bodied y is this a argument over ten years later but when shit dropped on hot 97 even angie lookin at Hov while he freestlyin on Nas srry bro u took n L.

    • johnblacksad

      smh @ that urban legend ya’ll runnin with…
      Picture any grown man cryin on the radio because somebody said ‘fcuk him’ and called him gay!

      Keep that legend alive all you want… lol… mfs hate Jay so much (lets me know you’re pretendin to like hip hop but only on the surface… even as respects Jay but ya’ll insignificant mfs still wanna talk sh!t… good luck in life, that’s all I can wish)


      • keith peru

        Johnblacksad, you are using logic and reason… You will not be able to sway these cats opinion. They’re minds are closed … All you are saying is true, but they are refusing accept it.

  8. chippc

    I thought Takeover was hard. Ether was a bunch of lines about this niggas physical features. I think people gave Nas the edge because they actually counted him out and left him for dead.

      • Ze

        That was on the first takeover track. REMEMBER the takeover track on the blueprint had a verse after that dissing nas about how wack his albums were and how he use to fag model for esco (clothing line) ads. How did u frgt that!?

      • chippc

        Went from Nasty Nas to Esco’s trash
        Had a spark when you started but now you’re just garbage
        Fell from “top 10” to “not mentioned at all”
        To your bodyguard’s “Oochie Wally”‘s verse better than yours

        You said you’ve been in this 10, I’ve been in it 5 – smarten up, Nas
        4 albums in 10 years, nigga? I could divide
        That’s one every…let’s say 2
        2 of them shits was due
        1 was “nah,” the other was Illmatic
        That’s a one-hot-album-every-10-year average

      • johnblacksad

        ha ha… you saw the boy chippc’s reply?

        now what’s your reply?

        Niggaz kill me… so you think Nas won because he said “Fcuk Jay-Z”, called him gay, said he had big lips, called him a camel face? Waow… how creative!

        I’d rather my nemesis call me names than have him having fcuked my wife… but that’s me

  9. keepitthoro

    The question nobody ever asks though, is which one of the two had the better wrap up song?

    Like they both kinda ended the beef by putting out two separate but dope tracks respectively but who’s was better?

    Nas had, “Last Real Nigga Alive” & Jay did a track called “Blueprint 2”

    • johnblacksad

      You either never listened to Takeover and you here pretending you know sh!t about hip hop or you a grown lyin ass man…

      Only mention of fcuking Nas girl in Takeover was “you know who did you know what with you know who but let’s keep that between me and you”
      Skeeting on her in the car didn’t come until his response to ether… yet you here with you ass/mouth wide open like you know what you talkin about…
      get fuckin lost

      I cant even hold debates with mofos that only skim through the culture and wanna talk like they invest their time into this fcukin art!

      • AlbertoRipRon

        And you’re expressing a hostile subjective opinion as if you are on Jigga’s PR team. Chill out bruh, people think and move differently then you. Imagine that, my dude.

        You gotta brain but you don’t use it. If I mention that’s all I remember from jay’s diss tracks then that tells you one thing. Jigga made no impression in the battle that was worth remembering compared to the delivery and verses of Nas’s Ether.

        Jigga’s tracks came off like some dude hanging around his boys getting brolic. Nas just kicked thoroughbred lines, dissing his personality, his weak nature, his silliness, his hawaiian shirts…dude just went down a list. Then only thing I remember from Jigga is “Lame!”.

        But yea, don’t hold a debate with me. And remember to wipe your chin when you done.

      • johnblacksad

        At first, I really thought you was gonna say something intelligent… smh

        Take that wipe your chin joke to your momma… it might make her laugh because I failed to do so.

        Ciao nigga!

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Comments on how he enjoys hip hop debates. Proceeds to resort to childish forum reply passive aggressiveness for personal silly win.

        Whatever bruh, I’m about politicking. Not forcing my opinions on others.

        Peace nigga

      • moonfromsoufcack

        nah jay dedicated 3 verses to trying to air nas out about carmen! listen to “Is That Your Bitch” which is Bleek song on Bleek album but Hov had not 1…not 2!…but 3 verses…nigga couldn’t wait to yap

  10. dee

    i use to say this til about 3 years ago and if you really listen to ether he went hard at jay none of his responses added up to ether … all jay talked about was showing nas his first tek and fuking his girl

  11. DaHomey6Deuce

    First time this backstabbin ass nigga said something smart…Believe me this nigga is jealous of KL…I’m just waiting for that beef to pop…..but back OT

    Been saying this ever since the batlle… Jay won in my opinion for 2 reasons:

    1. Jay had a VERSE and Nas had a TRACK..Nas needed a track to BATTLE jay’s verse
    2. Jay hit em with FACTS…..plain and simple

    Also to me Ether doesn’t have REPLAY value…that’s my PERSONAL might have to another nigga, but to me it lacks replay value

  12. FRUKOH

    Nas won that easily. Jay Z even admitted he lost. Nas voice is better than Jay Z for one, Nas word play was slicker and his lines were laced with facts, Jay Z only had a few points against Nas. Schoolboy Q wrong for that 1

      • FRUKOH

        verse 3 ether, read the lyrics and if you still in denial perhaps you do belong in eygpt

      • johnblacksad

        You seem to know a lot about denial…

        Hov slept with Carmen… I don’t think he’s gay like Nas’ lied about

      • Kmac_Jones

        At that point in time jay and dame wanted to be the next puff and biggie (1) Roca fella died of AIDS that was the end of his chapter (2) KRS already made an album called “Blueprint” (3) Biggie was his mentor but he got the nerve to say he better than big? (4) Jay z do got dick sucking lips!… No Homo (5) Listen to the radio interview them nigga’s was dealing with emotions like bitches (6) Look at jayz’s Barney collection he traded his soul for riches (7)

      • johnblacksad

        I’m pretty sure you can also list the facts in Takeover, so now I know that you know Jay won…

        1… meh
        2 & 3… who gives a fcuk?!
        4… Jay said if I ain’t better than Big I’m the closest one… so because Biggie is his man, he is supposed to say Biggie is better than him? Do you or Nas know what hip hop is about?
        5… like you said : no homo
        6… meh
        7… meh

        but thanks for the intake

      • FRUKOH

        listen john black jay z groupie, ‘your ass went from kane to irv to big and eminem murdered you on your own s***’ thats 4 facts for you but you got jayzs nuts too close to your eyes to see that…tfoh

      • johnblacksad

        I’m coherent with myself still… I never really fugged with Em… his alliterations were ok but the meaning is ass… I prefer Jay’s verse which is deeper by far

      • SBRon

        It was Em’s track so he had his shit tight well before the collab…

      • johnblacksad

        Not only that, but his shit just sounded good to hear not nowhere near as meaningful as Jay’s.

        On the other hand, when Horse really had a better verse than Nas on Oochie Wally… but none of Nas supporters ever address that…

        Nas got mad because he knows it’s the truth and he went back at Jay with that “Em murdered you on your own shit”… just childish!

      • SBRon

        Word! As soon as I heard Ether, I thought the same thing…
        His subject matter sounded like a lil boy who’s momz just sat him down and said, “Nas, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time…Olu Dara ain’t your real daddy!!” Just BOOM!! BLOW TO THE HEART!!!

        So what does he do? Come back with “You no mustache having, with whiskers like a rat”? WTF?!? Head Start shit…

      • johnblacksad

        What about Horse’s verse on Oochie Wally being better than Nas’…??!

        I’mma need you to address that as well…

  13. Papi Peligro

    YO. I left condoms on your baby seat. If that don’t hurt you don’t have a daughter. OH NO. Ain’t nothing you can say after that. I mean great fights you argue about the decision.

    NAS HAD IT ALL DAY but his best personals on ETHER weren’t written by him. It was though the idea that he went back and took not his broad. THEY COME AND GO. But he took his FATHER. The DUDE that took him under his wing when nobody was checking for Jay Z. Not his Dad. I mean Sean Carter was forced on him. AS A MAN HE CHOSE THE NAME JAY Z a name play off JAZ-O.


    • johnblacksad

      Jay z is a play off Jaz-O as much as Ray Cash is a play off Raekwon…

      Ya’ll niggaz stay sayin the stupidest sh!t… just out of hate!
      That’s terribly sad…

      • Papi Peligro

        Dude got his his name cause he was JAZZY.So I don’t get what’s stupid. Jaz-0 and his lil homie Jazzy.

      • Papi Peligro

        Jay-z gets his name because his friends thought he looked JAZZY. Jaz-O and his lil homie Jazzy.

        Only thing dumb is your analogy. Who you think wrote. “IN 88 YOU WAS GETTING CHASED THROUGH YOUR BUILDING CALLING MY CRIB I didn’t even give you my number”

        That was Jaz-O who already had a rap name Talking to JAY-Z. SO………

  14. killa

    nah nas won he killt dat nigga hov aint nobody hatin JAY got all da money in da world but Nas one dat its just a rap battle niggaz shouldnt show favoritism keep it real NAS came out on top.#period

    • brotha_man

      Fact 1- Foxy got you hot ’cause you kept your face in her pu$$
      What you think, you getting girls now ’cause of your looks?
      Ne-gro please – which is true no money, no beyonce.

      fact 2 – You no mustache having, with whiskers like a rat Compared to Beans you wack

      fact 3 -And your man stabbed Un and made you take the blame You a$$, went from Jaz to hanging with Caine, to Herb, to Big And, Eminem murdered you on your own sh*t You a di*k-riding fagg*t, you love the attention

      Fact 4 – How much of Biggie’s rhymes is gonna come out your fat lips?Wanted to be on every last one of my classics You pop $hit, apologize, nigga, just ask Kiss

      fact 5 – All I did was give you a style for you to run with Smiling in my face, glad to break bread with the god
      Wearing Jaz chains, no tecs, no cash, no cars
      No jail bars Jigga, no pies, no case
      Just Hawaiian shirts, hanging with little Chase

      you’re da man-

      Fact 6 – Fame went to they head, so now it’s “F*ck Nas”Yesterday you begged for a deal, today you tough guys I seen it comin

      fact 7 – Like the Exorcist, then they gave birth to my seeds

      to be continued….

  15. Malik


    Like Jay’s camp didn’t already reveal how devastated Jay was when Nas came knocking with ‘Ether’

    Like Jay wasn’t on Hot97 with Angie Martinez damn near to tears (I’ve got a copy of the audio in the archives for you stans)

    • johnblacksad

      Yeah it’s believable… a thrity-something grown black folk cryin on the radio because somebody called him gay and said he had big lips, a camel face etc … yeah nas surely won with all these elementary school name calling… smh @ niggaz

      I understand Nas is ya’ll champ… so ya’ll can say he won if it makes ya’ll feel better

      • Malik

        Just say the word and I’ll send you a copy of the audio where your idol – that can do no wrong whatsoever – was close to tears (shaky voice and all) on air…live on air

      • johnblacksad

        that’s how urban legends are born… I’ve heard the audio

        Now imagine when Nas first heard Takeover and all the truth in it… I’m glad for the sake of his career that this moment was not recorded

      • SBRon

        Yeah, I think Jay underestimated the sheer number of “devout” stans who damn near gave that boy Nas the “Messiah Complex”!!

      • johnblacksad

        WHOA! You be droppin some cold truth… Messiah Complex… I never formulated it like that but you damn sure nailed it!

        Hate me now video, God’s Son tattoo, Street Disciple album cover…

      • brotha_man

        dont forget the “you 36 in a karate class, you tae bo hoe”

      • SBRon

        (In Cedric the Entertainer’s voice about Luther’s curl – R.I.P.)
        The gay, cock-a-fella & dick suckin lips talk was “something that always concerned me about Nas…”

  16. moonfromsoufcack

    is that your bitch



    super ugly

    last real nigga alive

    wanna be me

    Jay had 3 songs, Nas had 3 songs….NAS WON!

  17. Immortal

    Eh opinions are like a$$holes, everyone’s got one, and they all stink. Nas won, But on the real WGAF? I have bills to pay.

  18. pauleyPee

    I’m as big of a Nas fan as i am a Jay-Z fan. I actually was into Nas atleast 2-3 years before I got heavy into Jigga (which was ’99 when Volume 3 hit). Look, “Ether” was devastatingly epic for several reasons… The most notable was being that Nas’ career was a virtual wrap at the time. He was about two years removed from any kind of notable success (an eon in rap). So to have happen to him what happened, in terms of the timing of “The Takeover”, and then to unexpectedly rise from the grave with “Ether”? It was the stuff of urban legends. Until this day, the only rappers to arise out of nowhere like that and make me respect their champion? Dr. Dre with “Still D.R.E.” and 2Pac with the “All Eyez On Me” album. However, his lyrics really did amount to mere name calling and jest. Now, i understand that that sort of thing resonates with some… Well, not with me. The reason I thought Jay-Z’s “The Takeover” was so epic is for two reasons. 1) It was pretty factual. Nothing to really elaborate on because it was simply pure persuasive argument grounded in fact. It was a first round knockout. No coming back. 2) The internet wasn’t as developed as it is now so I hadn’t even heard about what happened at the Hot 97 concert months earlier. Much of the radio public hadn’t heard about it either. So to be outside Rasputin’s Music for the midnight release of the “Blueprint”, be thoroughly surprised by the murder Jigga did on Nas, and then to wake up to Airplanes hitting the WTC just 4-5 hours later? Ain’t nothing Nas could have said to top that moment. Jay-Z won by any metric.

    • killa

      You typed all that bullshit to state yo opinion? Jay aint pay dat beef enuff attention to even win he shed light on it wit a few bars Nas dropped one song that trashed that simple i understand errbody love hov for they own reasons and only true hip hop head really like Nas but Nas won plain simple this aint ah debate Jay has never won a rap fued he just talk out his ass and reminds everyone how paid he is

      • pauleyPee

        Uhhhh, yeah, I typed all of that to state my opinion. You typed all of that to state the obvious?

      • moonfromsoufcack

        jay’s first lick in this beef came in his 3 verses on “is that your bitch” he had already hit carmen and nas wasn’t responding so he claimed the throne of NY….that’s what this was ALL about

  19. Crenshaw on my shirt

    Jay had the money and clout to have Nas blackballed, so you can say he won in that sense. But lyrically, Ether was a serious knockout blow, so you can say Nas won the battle on wax

    • killa

      right Nas trashed hov on the song give Nas his proper due hell never be as rich or popular as Jay or as good of an artist but ETHER that was it its ova aint shit to argue bout song speaks for itself

  20. moonfromsoufcack

    deeper than rap…all this was about the throne of NY….”cuz in order for him to be the don Nas had to go”…nas understood that

  21. R.O.B

    Ether was better than The Takeover. However, The Takeover wasn’t completely about Nas. If you all want to compare two songs it should be Ether vs. Blueprint 2. Jay-Z destroyed Nas on Blueprint 2 and Nas just basically threw his hands up after that, didn’t respond and decided to take the high road. He came back with a track on God’s Son called “Last Real Nigga Alive” where he tried to take a more introspective approach but that track was on the weak side. Jay-Z has gone on to become way more successful than Nas not to mention Nas actually worked under Jay-Z. So in conclusion I say that Nas won the initial battle, but Jay-Z has won the war by far.

    • SBRon

      “Can’t y’all see that he’s fake, the rap version of T.D. Jakes
      Prophesizing on your cds & tapes
      Won’t break you a crumb off the little bit that he makes
      And this is with whom you wanna place your faith?”

      That track was slept on!!

      • brotha_man

        act like nas aint got bars for jiggy. in my honest opinion nas’ lost tapes album of his unreleased music is better than reasonable doubt.
        Nas killed jay. but jay wins in the money game because he understood commerical rap is where the money is at

      • SBRon

        “Commercial Rap”? How does Nas get a pass?!?
        “Is it Oochie Wally Wally, or is it One Mic? Is it Black Girl Lost, or shorty owe you for ice?!?” NAS ESCOBAR….?!? C’mon yo!! Nas WAS my dude (still one of em) but his flow & beats fell off well before Jay’s!! In fact, Jigga is to Nas what Kanye is to Taylor Swift!! Unfortunately, Nas ain’t a weak voiced white chick gettin rich singing country songs to 12 year olds…

      • brotha_man

        every rapper tries to get a taste of commercial money some fail and some succeed. i think even nas understands that his best option is project window rap.
        u lost ur mind…streets disciple, hip hop is dead, and life is good are dope albums.

      • SBRon

        Well, while most check for beats 1st, I’ve always been on lyrics, then beats. And IMO, Nas started getting a lil sloppy! Squeezing in too many words between the beats to the point the flawless flow was gone by his 3rd or 4th album…

      • SBRon

        True dat! But, I can honestly say it’s good to see them putting in work together these days…Therefore, Jay is indirectly (maybe even directly on the QT) helping Nas get through his financial difficulties!

      • johnblacksad

        “Straight up sh!t is real and any day could be your last in the jungle…” probably my favorite Nas flow…. sh!t was flawless indeed… “killer coppers, even come thru with helicopters”… He hasn’t rapped like that in a loooooong time… I most def hear you on the squeezin in too many words flow…

      • SBRon

        Yep! “Life’s A Bitch”, “Memory Lane”, “One Love”!! Then what happened…nigs anointed him the Chosen One or some shit, and he kinda rested on his laurels! Or, maybe he’s just one of those cats that didn’t deal with success very well…? I think he’s learned from his past mistakes, though.

        So when Jay said, “4 albums in 10 years, nigga?”…Translation:
        You’re LAZY!!! Consider all Jay’s accomplishments, coupled with the fact he STILL averages about an album per year…
        ‘Can’t Knock the Hustle”!!!

      • brotha_man

        truthfully if DMX didnt go off that water he would easily dethrone jay back in the day!!

      • R.O.B

        Yeah it was slept on majorly….

        “I’m a legend, u should take a picture with me
        U should be happy to be in my presence, I should charge u a fee
        I’m big dog, Glenn Rob, listen god u a flea
        And the little homie Jungle is a garden to me
        What’s the problem B? You not as hard as me
        Nigga hard as we, nigga R O C, nigga
        That’s why they follow me, they feel my pain and my agony, nigga
        I won’t rest till you on one knee
        You want war then it’s war’s gonna be, nigga
        Until you on one knee, you want war then it’s war’s gonna be, nigga”

        Jay had a lot of emotions on that track too, u could hear it in his voice.

      • johnblacksad

        mayne, just because Nas wears a kuffi don’t mean that he bright

      • R.O.B

        “Cause U don’t understand him it don’t mean that he nice
        Just means U don’t understand all the bullshit that he writes
        Is it Oochie Wally Wally or is it 1 Mic
        Is it Black Girl Lost or is it Shawty owe you for ice
        I’ve been real all my life they confuse it with conceit
        Since I will not lose they try to help him cheat
        But I will not lose for even in defeat
        It’s a valuable lesson learned so it evens it up for me”

  22. brotha_man

    dont matter who won nas is still a better MC. Illmatic, stillmatic, lost tapes, and it was written are better that any of jays albums…including blueprint and reasonable doubt

      • anemia716

        Tell us, what is the difference between an emcee and a lyricist. Pretty sure they are in the same column.
        and no, nas won. stop trying to sound like you have a more profound or refined point of view. You do not.

      • johnblacksad

        I’ve been to Nas’ concerts and I’ve been to Hov’s concerts, and undoubtedly, Hov is a better Master of Ceremony!

        “I confess, God in the flesh, live among the serpents,
        Turn arenas into churches…”
        -God MC, Jay Hova!

      • Sean Peterson

        GUESS the homie just explained it to u youngin……study the art before u speak on it,, big difference between MC and lyricist…..

      • Sean Peterson

        10 months ago u asked me a stupid phukin question and 8 dumb ass non hip hop heads gave u the ups. i hope by now u have realized the difference between an MC and lyricist…. sincerely yours,Hip Hop……

      • brotha_man

        Did u just put canibus and ll in the same sentence as jay z and nas. you could have shown a little respect and use pac and biggie….u made the rap gods angry. ll has not been a rapper since his red track suit and kango hat….LL is a musician.

      • R.O.B

        You’re right, LL is more than a rapper now in 2013, but he wasn’t on the level he is now back in 1997 when he was beefin’ with Canibus. When you compare the disses line for line, Canibus came harder than LL, hands down. The same way when you compare Ether to The Takeover, line for line Nas destroyed Jay. Then The Takeover wasn’t completely about Nas so I always say that Ether vs. The Takeover is an unfair comparison. As I said earlier, if you compare Ether to Blueprint 2 line for line Jay kind of edges Nas out. That combined with the fact that Nas didn’t really have a response to Blueprint 2.

  23. Sean Peterson

    the takeover spoke about shit that we as fans seen with our eyes and heard with our own ears,,,TRUTH,,,Ether on the other hand did not,,the beat was hot,but he only spoke about shit that he saw….jay got the win for that alone,,,,NAS IS THE BETTER LYRICIST BY FAR..BUT HE DIDNT WIN THAT BATTLE…

      • Jovaughn

        When I heard takeover I was nervous for Nas, I thought it was over for him. Stillmatic came I was like it is aight but then one day my boy called me at work. He was like yooooooooo “I just heard some sh!t from Nas.” He told me about that ether, I listened to it the whole night,. He destroyed Jay! Anybody with half brain can acknowledge that!!!

      • Charlie Kelly

        and yeah when takeover 1st dropped everyone was like damn jay killed nas… but then when nas came back… all that talking stopped!!! the real kno the deal!!!

      • johnblacksad

        Nah… it’s just that the “fcuk Jay-z” in the intro got ya’ll hyped, and made ya’ll think Nas was bold with it… (as if he really ever stood up on the rooftop with two glocks… lmao… Pac been said Nas livin fantasies and been rejected his deposit)

      • SBRon

        “There’s only so long fake thugs can pretend
        Nigga; you ain’t live it you witnessed it from your folks pad
        You scribbled in your notepad and created your life”

      • johnblacksad

        You and your momma gotta be stupid for thinkin that I think Jay is a hardened criminal… sellin a few bags here and here don’t make you one… smh

      • ShortDogg

        Again, all the greats went at Nas because they knew Nas was and still is the shit! Who went after Jay that was great! Gotcha!!!

  24. YungKizz

    yo yall ninjas dono man how yall can say j destroy nas the real reason nas hasnt been as yall say he is becuz his mother passed away around that time god son was comin out an beside that jay begged nas to joyed def jam

    • johnblacksad

      punctuate, nigga!

      You need to joy a crew that will teach you about hip hop… what does God’s Son and Ms. Anne Jones passing have to do with this battle?

      “Culture is like jam, the less you have the more you try to spread it”

      • HalfPast7

        Hopefully, you’ll never have to find out how losing a loved one like ya moms can affect ya work. Of course it has everything to do with the battle, Nas’s absence in the game during that period was used as ammo by Jay “went from top ten to not mentioned at all”. At that time, Nas was dealing wit his sick moms n was raising a daughter, Jay wasn’t doing any of that, two different type of priorities for both men. Jay decided to exploit alla dat, dat was his decision.

      • ShortDogg

        Way to put it broh! Jay to me was a major asshole! I don’t like dudes like Jay!

  25. YungKizz

    when nas destroy jay it was over no more jay knew dat he couldnt comeback from an one mo thang the real reason jay is so hot that he needed to spit a biggie line everytime he raps bottom line i rest my case

      • johnblacksad

        both of ya’ll pathetic… “I’m sayin Big rhymes I’m only biggin up my brother, biggin up my boro, I’m Big enough to do it, I’m dat thoro”

        But lol… ain’t no motherfcuker blinder than the motherfcuker that don’t want to see… It’s sad how ya’ll pretend to love hip hop, but you wanna go the hypocritical road and fake it like you don’t understand Jay is just keepin Big’s name alive. I love it when Mc’s reference other Mc’s favorite lines… but that’s because I really love hip hop you fake fronters… ya’ll actin like Jay stole the lines and tried to run with them like nobody would notice… smh

        N!ggaz is corny… n!ggaz is a joke… 4 real!

      • Charlie Kelly

        oh jay said sumpin bout saying his rhymes,, dat makes it cool… sike. its lame at some point… and the point was reached long ago.. lets be honest. lol guess what??? big dont need jay repeating his rhymes every song to keep his name alive, big name is alive and well for the rhymes he said.. dumbass. and again sure its cool when a rapper quotes another but at apoint it just straight up D riding. stop with the JAYscuces homies… no need to kiss his ass AND play with his nuts… lmfao… and no we are acting like jay done used nearly a quarter of his career repeating bigs rhymes… you da joke nigga!!! u kno it doe

      • YungKizz


      • SBRon

        There would be no need for Jay to keep Big’s lyrics alive, if Biggie himself was alive…?!? “Nobody do that where we grew at, nigga, DUH!”

      • ShortDogg

        Stop crying and back to the subject matter, Nas won! And… Jay stole some of Biggies’s rhyme.

      • SBRon

        Yo, let’s put that argument to bed!! IF you believe in a heaven where Biggie’s following the hip-hop game, what do you think he’d say about Jay using his lines?!? He’d be like, “Yeah, Jigga! Keep my shit out there!!” Even Nas knew that shit, but he was correct to predict y’all followers would say, “OOoh…he do be bitin’ Biggie’s rhymes!”

        FACT of the matter is, Jay is the ONLY MC Big felt was on par with him!!! I’m sure that left Nas a lil butt hurt, but oh well…
        When you consider that Jay has recorded somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 tracks (or more) since Biggie was killed, the % where he DIDN’T use one of his lines is somewhere near The Occupy Movement…99!!!

      • Charlie Kelly

        “how much of biggies rhymes gonna come out cha fat lips!” that one line killed jay ALONE!!! forget the beat forget the rest of ether!!! lol

  26. ShortDogg

    This dude is still talking about shit that was years ago and the fans already acknowledge that battle. Nas smack the hell out Jay! Lyrically bar for bar, Nas murdered this shit! Ether is on a mantel by itself! No one is going to make a battle record like that ever again. Stop riding Jay because you may need his help! I hate corny ass dudes that sucks another man’s balls. Nas is the greatest of all time lyric for lyric no one is messing with big homie, period! Dude thought process is too deep!

  27. ShortDogg

    Nah, I’m tryna’ kick the shit you need to learn though
    That ether, that shit that make your soul burn slow.

    How can you beat that? How can you come up with a word like ether? Dude had everyone looking that shit up! Nas is a freaking genius!

      • ShortDogg

        I don’t answer peasants but Masters big homie! Masters! I don’t mess with chemicals! I don’t know every word in the Dictionary! You are slow! Back to the subject matter, Nas won! Period!

  28. Ojay Juice Henry

    When I first heard ether!!! being a jayz stan,,, i knew there was no comparison. takeover was slap in the face and ether was a hulk smash!!!

  29. Malik


    I just hope you’re getting paid for all your efforts at laundering Jay’s image on AHH cuz this is too much work on your part for it to be free. #IJS

  30. Jovaughn

    I would of loved to be a fly on the wall when everyone was in the studio and Jay heard that ether!! Bleek probably came running in the studio yooooo did you hear this sh!t!!! LOL He probably wanted to tell Jay yo this shit is hot!!

    • ShortDogg

      You are materialistic! You only care about what Jay has! In a artistry stand point Nas will all day and everyday! No one is messing Nas lyrically! Nas ethered Jay ass and Jay know! Jay lost!

  31. Ravishing Quinc Rude

    Respect his opinion and the fact that he sticking to it, but we all know Jay-Z lost that battle. Jay-Z’s whole catalog consisted of “I fucked your baby mom, ha ha”. 3 songs.

    And on top of that, his moms made him apologize for Supa Ugly. Jay lost.

    • johnblacksad

      So… let me get this straight… while I fcuked your baby momma, you’re calling me gay… and… you won?!! Bwahahahahah… I wanna live in that world too!

      N!ggaz can not keep it real to save their lives!

      • Ravishing Quinc Rude

        Putting it like that, yes.

        The nigga who gotta say some low down, personal shit is usually the one that lost in the first place. That’s the same vein as a group of niggas cracking on each other’s clothes or something and one of them talk about someone’s crack head mama. You lost by default.

      • DaHomey6Deuce

        Nicca do you know what a catalogue is??

        Jay-Z’s whole catalog consisted of “I fucked your baby mom, ha ha”. 3 songs.

        A catalogue in music as you mean is someone’s ENTIRE body of work and not 3 tracks….BTW they have been throwing shots at each othe WAAAAY before the battle..Who do you think is that your chick was for??

        Jay’s GRANDMOTHER made him apologize not his mama

      • Ravishing Quinc Rude

        Grandma, mama, aunt. Point is Jay lost the battle from that apology.

      • DaHomey6Deuce

        lol…Ok if that’s how you want to win this argument sure can’t win it based on the FACTS…

  32. Splatter

    Nas my favorite rapper and ether won against takeover and super ugly. But jay did his thing on blueprint 2. That track is tuff! As a nas fan I was like oooo. But that’s cuz I respect lyrics. Don’t dickride people. Think for yourselves. Brooklyn did not want to accept defeat. City was turned up. That shit was epic.

  33. Splatter

    One of jays most clever lines that was a subliminal went over a lot of people heads was ” the minute you switch up your face I pick up the pace, it’s nothing to it.” From the bonus track “people talking”. This was a jab to Nas album covers at the time that showed just images of his face. Jay was always threatened by Nas and that line proved it.

  34. $18592567

    178 (now 179) comments combined for an already decided battle is crazy. 11 years ago Jay-Z definitely was attempting to end Nas’ career. Nas dropped a reply that decisively won the battle. Jay-Z definitely achieved more commercial success and arguably equal and if not more critical acclaim than Nas. Business wise it’s not comparable and we don’t have to mention who’s richer.


    NAS WON THE BATTLE. This is about as debatable as who won the 2012 Presidential election… It happened already Jigga lost, but he rebounded and like a great warrior he learned from his loss. Nas on the other hand is like Muhammad Ali, because he’s fought and won so many wars that inevitably a big toll has been taken on him…

    Schoolboy Q will probably pose more asinine opinions to hide the fact that he’s searching for a hit record since he’s 2nd up to bat…

    Asap Ferg makes better commercial records than Q is more valid than Jay-Z beat Nas.#facts

  35. cdj313

    Jay easily won this battle w-out this co-sign. He gave Nas a second wind Nas owes Jay a lot for making him even relevant without ether nas has nothing even to talk about lyric wise post 2000s. Jay constanly hurt his foe too much he isn’t even mentioned amog top 5. Ether was funny at most but today takeover still is a classic an still gets spins an blueprint kills stillmatic an rd kills illmatic easily.. what’s to debate about

    • HalfPast7

      Lol Nas not in any one top 5? Do u even kno how many niggas nas has influenced?
      Has nothin to talk about post 2000? You obviously don’t listen to Nas since u feel he has nothin left to say, either that or everything jus goes over ya head, can’t help u there
      Jay hurt him? Last time I checked, it was Jay on the radio sounding like his soul was burnin slow
      Blueprint kills stillmatic and rd kills illmatic?? I feel these are actually tied but I give the edge to Nas since u kno he was only 17 when he made illmatic and also the fact that as much mainstream Jay is and he STILL couldn’t get enough people to support him during this battle jus shows that he truly lost this battle.

      And trust, I hear Ether played on the radio waaayyyyy more times than takeover.

  36. ramalamafafafa

    Jay ain’t shit. He’s a puppet of corporate interests, a baldfaced liar and a classist prick. Supporting Hov you might as well be a Republican.

  37. digitallife

    Before the battle nobody was coming at Jay like that in the higher echelon..afterwards damn near everyone was either sneaking jabs, recording diss tracks, trying to get him into a battle..and this cat says he won? Before this the only folks going at Jay had been Pac and Joe Buddens.

  38. johnblacksad

    REAL TALK : I’d rather Em murder me on my own sh!t than my bodyguard Horse murder me on my own sh!t…. bwahahahahaha

    C’mon… I dare one of you liars to say Horse didn’t body Nas on Oochie wally!!!

    The truth hurts! Nas got mad at Jay spittin the truth about Horse’s verse so what he does? : childishly goes at Jay on some Em murdered you on your own sh!t… I love you Nas but lol…

    • HalfPast7

      But Em DID murder Jay on his own shit, once again you are a delusional Stan that can’t accept the fact that Jay’s fame n fortune wasn’t enough to gain him support over this battle cuz Nas was the victor. Jus accept the fact that as big a Jay stan that u are, Jay is an even bigger Nas stan n if u really paid attention to Jay since the beginning, you’d see that he was always threatened n insecure when it came to my nigga Esco.

      • johnblacksad

        Funny how you didn’t address Horse’s verse bodying Nas on Oochie Wally…

        You wish I was a delusional Stan… but the cold truth is that the difference between Jay/Em and Nas/Horse collabs is that Em murdering Jay is very arguable where Horse unquestionably bodied Nas on Oocchie wally… smh.. Esco really lost!

      • HalfPast7

        What’s funny is that if Jay never woulda said anything, you wouldn’t be, again another Stan trait. That whole song was garbage to me only time it’s acceptable is in the club cuz Lord knows how many times I had a chick on me when that came on, but let’s just say Horse really did spit a better verse than Nas (it’s all opinion anyway it’s a fukkin club song be forreal). Do u really think Horse has the lyrical capacity to handle Nas, how u kno if someone else wrote that for Horse? How u kno Nas ain’t write that for Horse n jus was a humble dude n let him shine anyway? And the Oochie Wally song wasn’t even Nas’s it was off the QB album whereas Renegade was off Blueprint n since Jay is known to be a d!ck riding ni99a jus HAD to have the white boy on it and ended up gettin got on his own sh!t. Now ask yaself if Em has the lyrical capacity to handle Jay. The damage from each claim of the other rapper spitting a better verse fell harder on Jay cuz Em was actually relevant and let’s be honest, whether Horse spit a better verse or not, everyone knew back then as they know now that Horse is by no means competition.

    • ShortDogg

      Stop sleeping with your thumb in your mouth! Nas is the greatest to ever to do it! Ether big homie! Ether! Stay on the subject!

  39. johnblacksad

    Good to see Nas rehabilitated… a few years ago Nas was the butt of every fail joke… on this very same website… niggaz was unleashin on him… Niggaz startin makin fun of the boy Nasir, and other niggaz just jumped on the wagon… same thing it became ‘cool’ to diss Hov and niggaz just hopped on the dissing-Hov wagon… it just became a cool thing to do…. niggaz mayne…

    Whatever happen to everybody referrin to Nas’ fails and L’s…? he was on a straight losing streak for a minute!

    • ShortDogg

      How? You don’t lose what you are good at big homie! Nas has a skill in writing rhymes. The style is impeccable! Over 20 years in this shit! No other rapper in history stayed that relevant. In history! Life is Good was hailed! That was a great ass album! Think about it for a second, think about your current favorite rapper right now. Do you think he will be able to do a 20 year run with several classic albums? In today’s industry hell to the no!!!!

  40. johnblacksad

    “That this Gay-Z and Cockafella Records wanted beef
    Started cockin’ up my weapon, slowly loadin’ up this ammo
    To explode it on a camel and his soldiers”

    >>> gives Nas the shaq face<<<

    c'mon Nasir, everybody know who showed you your first tech and also that you wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight!

    • ShortDogg

      Nas will always be the Man big homie! Nobody is messing with Nas’s lyrical content and ability! Dude’s pen is like a rugged and sharp sword! Shit would tear any MC to pieces! After doing this this shit against a Jay can you imagine what he would do against these other clowns!!

    • ShortDogg

      So, shit was childish to me. Nas was gone day and night hitting other women. Shit happens everyday homeboy where are you sleeping in 2013. Stop dreaming! We are talking on wax! She was a nasty hoe for the richest! She was never careful of the cars that followed. Move on but Nas ethered Jay ass. Dude bars was ridiculous!

  41. Obi Won

    Q smoking that good Cali green I see.
    Either way Nas and Jay debate is one for the history books!! Nas was always a thorn in Jigga’s azz. No matter how many millions Jay makes, #1 albums sold, mag covers he gets, etc, he still in the back of his mind KNOW that lil nigga Nas got him.

    No question Jigga is the running ish right now, but not on a hip hop level, more on the mogul side of it. In a way I still look for the sneak dissing from both to this day but cant find it. That’s what made this hip hop battle so great, the slick lines, then the up front “Takeover/Super Ugly vs Ether/LRNA. Nobody died (to my knowledge) but careers were on the line.

    I always wondered how Prodigy got it from both Nas & Jigga and was still breathing.

  42. cdj313

    Come on Man niggas can’t quote a nas bar after ether nigga smashed his baby moms an threatened his life his own squad said jay don’t play lmao dead at u clowns talkin about them ether bars. This nigga went from wearing kufis n kicking knowledge to being the face of hennessey dead getting paid to wear esco rocking other shit n wifyn up a known slut man the list goes on he straight clown status with the big red nose

    • HalfPast7

      His own squad said Jay don’t play?
      Maybe he don’t play when in a conference room cuz we can’t be talkin bout the Jay-Z that got cracked in the head with a bottle by my nigga Pun that he aint do shit about n swept under the rug cuz why would he want anybody to kno that he softer than baby thighs? THAT Jay??

    • moonfromsoufcack

      the list goes on? like what? all that shit you listed just happened. this debate is about there battle circa 01-03, and at that time nas kicked jay’s ass. what bars does jay have past takeover? nas has plenty after ether.

  43. dquinerly

    nas smoke jay z on that track an every body in da world no it well every body got their own winner mi winner is nas it ain’t to tell nas nas is like half man half amazing

  44. Pedro Matos Jr.

    Why is this still even a discussion? Every unbiased fan that I’ve talked 2 said Nas won. Did every1 4get how he had Jay stutterin on the radio after Ether? Even Jay knew he lost he was desperate that’s y he kepy trynna stress the fact he hit Carmen’s hoe ass. He couldn’t come back wit nuthin else. Hell he was so defeated he was still trynna diss on Blueprint 2 but no1 paid attention. LOL

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      right and i think he talking more about the actuall war than the battle … and imo nas never was waring with jayz he just had a battle which nas clearly won … jayz being this mogul and hip hop business man and still being very relevant in 2013 has nothing to do with nas cause nas has never tried to be that guy … jayz influence in rap is russel simmons … nas influence in rap is guys like rakim and kool g rap … nas just wants to be an artist … jayz wanted to be a mogul every since his first album …. and as an artist both jayz and nas are both legendary reguardless of record sales and #1 hits … musically neither are running from each other just business wise is what seperates the 2 …….

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Co-sign 100% Nas has never even really tried that hard 2 b a commercial artist he just wanna make that real hip hop music that’s y he would rather work wit a producer like Large Professor than a big name producer. He ain’t trippin off radio spins he just tries 2 keep the true essence of hip hop.


    There will never be another battle in hip-hop like this one. There are to many idiots rappers in the game.

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