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WTF News: Man Beats Up Father Over Mac N’ Cheese

Alex Rossi, 20, of South Carolina, allegedly beat down his 54-year-old father over an argument they had over instant macaroni and cheese. A powdered cheese packet that creates the cheesiness went missing and all hell broke loose.

Via the NY Daily News:
Alex Rossi, 20, allegedly freaked out after his 54-year-old pop Brian yelled at him for finishing off the cheese he wanted to use in the dish.

Deputies claim the young buck “ran after his dad and began to punch him in the face and head.”

He then “eventually took his father to the ground and continued to hit him.”

When officers arrived at the pair’s Spartanburg home, they saw that “Brian had a fresh laceration beneath his left eye with bruising and swelling.”

The Smoking Gun reports that, during questioning, the younger Rossi confessed to punching his father in the face.

But he also claimed that he’d been hit, too.

The son was arrested for misdemeanor assault and battery.


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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    What is life?

    • Tom Donahue

      Life is like a box of easy mac.

    • JerZeBoy

      Life is what you doing when your waiting to die.

      • Why You Crying?

        yeah that might be how it is in the lowly state of new jersey where it smells like garbage and you live in new yorks shadow

      • JerZeBoy

        OMG an internet gangster…..feel better about yourself?? we can see by your profile all you do is talk shit on here probably because you were picked on in school and now live in you mothers basement. See there are a bunch of us on here who talk and that are about the music and movement, notjustonhere to pop off at every post cause you have nothing better to do. now get your monkey as back in your cage.

  • Executive

    Lmfao@ all hell broke loose!!!!

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  • Immortal

    Coonery at it’s finest.

    • ZUBU

      Word bro, I’m sad these folks are black. Damn be inbreds from West Verginny, Not black. Once again ignorance comes in all colors, ethnic goups, etc.

      • JohnnyQuesst

        If you dumb shits clicked the NY Daily News link in the article, you would have seen that the guy is caucasian.

        Ignorance does come in all colors.

      • atle fjeldstad

        True dat!

    • Jayson C Williams

      Sorry hut Rossi doesn’t sound like a black last name

      • Tom Donahue

        Anybody fighting over easy mac is black deep down inside no matter their apperance

  • killa

    i woulda punched that old coon too bitch ass nigga dnt cuss me out ova no instant mac like momma made this shit nigga this is instant mac shit aint no good anyway