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50 Cent Calls Out Diddy For Never Making Hot Music & Living In Miami

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent’s verbal assault on Sean “Diddy” Combs is still ongoing. Forbes’ 5th richest Hip Hop mogul fired more shots at the magazine’s #1 richest mogul while speaking with DJ Self.

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Once again Fiddy takes aim at was he sees as Puff’s lack of hits. He states that his success with French Montana’s “Pop That” was luck based on the Luke sampled used for the track and adds Diddy’s recent single “Big Homie” is not working.

“That is definitely not popping,” said 50 about the track. “He said he’s Big Meech? Like he’s Rich Porter. Puffy’s a college student, party promoter. That ain’t no gangster.”

50 adds falling off a skateboard and hitting your head is the only way someone could think Diddy’s Last Train To Paris album is “hot.” When asked about keeping New York unified, 50 responds that Diddy is now in Miami.

“Ain’t they in Miami now? Ain’t he in Miami now?” he sarcastically asked. “He ain’t even in New York no more. They on ‘Star Island’ sniffing everything.”

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Listen to 50 Cent’s interview below.


  • STFUUIgnants

    most of the gangsters running this country and the world have college degrees

    • Raheem Classick

      Tell them again!

    • $28825362

      Now that’s gangster

    • Bumpy Johnson

      i hate you suburban kids that come on here and say w.e comes to your mind…..most the gangsters of this country like my bro and other friends died before 25.. the rest are in jail…f*** u

      • Jared

        You say that like its a good thing and you are on here responding with the rest of the suburban kids lol

  • Jared

    50 sounds like a bitter ex-girlfriend nowadays smh…Why are you worried about Diddy’s “gangsta” of all people though? Why you mad? lol

    • Jared

      This man has his own TV station granted I don’t know what channel and he’s talking about his “gangster”? C’mon son lol

      • ATGreat

        Diddy has houndreds of shooters, how is he far from big meech? the only difference between them is the product they selling, so diddy is better than meech in a way

      • ZUBU

        “Diddy has houndreds of shooters, how is he far from big meech?”
        Hundreds of shooters?? C’mon bro. Dang bro you act like Puff is the hip hop John Gotti or something lol. Puff ain’t no mob figure

      • Bumpy Johnson

        dumb kid that watches too many mob movies, he don’t know.

      • ATGreat

        But I think his donship ground is solid, so if things go sour he will sure have a lot of back ups. To stay on a position like that you must be really powerful.

      • And he is offering to buy the Clippers too…. #teamdiddy

      • Bumpy Johnson

        wachu know about being a gangster?

      • Jared

        I’m oblivious to why this question is even applicable. I didn’t offer an opinion nor a suggestion to what being a “gangster” is.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i was really drunk last night. My apologies.

  • Son Dollars

    Snorting everything… 50 get em!!!

  • David Gonz


  • Reblogged this on HUEY mix wit RILEY.

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    where does Fif reside now?

  • southside4lyfe

    i remember when puff didn have dick riders. Now he got a puffy band wagon. He may own a channel at the end of the day he still a bitch and their aint no denying that but I do respect his hustle but its alot of people that are rich that are still bitchs

  • Fiddy seems like a VERY BITTER dude.
    Why does he always have that crabs in a bucket mentality.

    Everyone has a friend like fiddy, the “friend” that wishes he could have what you’ve got and burns up inside every time he / she sees you.

    Dude continuously bites the hand that could end up feeding him.

    • beezy

      Yeah, its odd. All his money and he does not appear to be anywhere near being at peace. It must be exhausting to be around someone like him.

    • Ricky Aha Aha

      Crabs in the bucket. BECAUSE HES CANCER THATS WHY !

    • The Ripper

      50 is bitter because he is longer hot. Dude is always going after Puff….smh… He is hating him because Ross rolls with Puff.

  • Brindle

    gettem fif, they call it bitter, but fact is P. Diddy is a coon with vaseline for skin, who wouldn’t go after him unless you trying to kiss is a$$

    • DLOUPO

      So u admit 50 is a bitter bitch

  • 50 been talking a lot of smack lately………..Dam who would want to work with a business man who runs his mouth about all of his own business affairs. 50 cent is bored out of his mind all the money in the world and he is still talking reckless like he is still on the block crapping for change.

  • It’s interesting how everyone is talking about Donald Sterling, Civil Rights, and American Racism and 50 cent out of all people don’t have anything to say? 50 need to use his star power and be a more responsible leader and stop trying to tear down his own black brothers and sisters.

    • Twonpass

      You miss one very big point, he aint no leader. He is a typical sambo ( most dont get the reference) HE got his finger up a white mans ass, dont be fooled.
      First of all, a real gangster aint gon do an interview , aint going on twitter, IG none of that shit. so in cased you missed it, that would mean there aint no gangstas rapping, cause a real gangsta dont rap, and a real rapper aint gangsta….keep it 100

      I know, it went over a lot of peoples head. For my brothas and sistas who get it… right on

      we got work to do.

    • 50 a leader bro?

      You owe me a Starbuck coffee.
      I’ve just spilt mine laughing at your statement.

  • water_ur_seeds

    50 knows the deal with Puffy, Puffy lived through the most dangerous era of hip hop and deadly beefs with, Pac, BIG, Wolf and so on…

    You dont stay alive and stay rich unless your built for war…

    Puff acts happy go lucky but unless you want the hip hop police all over you, thats the best way to act, hes on his Sun Tzu schitt…

    • tra mo

      Fif ain’t no slouch either done had beef wit preme jimmy henchmen which is y he and game wnt ever reunite been in shootouts wit world Hardy everybody no it take money to go to war it aint long as diddy but still 50 just a rich goon

      • water_ur_seeds

        No doubt, 50 is a G, I never said he wasnt… I was just saying Puffy isnt as pussyy as much as 50 was implying…

    • bisolabliss

      You do know Puff’s alienated himself from all the heads that facilitated those moves he made in ‘the most dangerous era of Hip-Hop’ right?

      The number one person that co-signed him all through that BS, Eric ‘Von Zip’ Martin (his OG uncle from Harlem), he completely neglected and shitted on till his death.

      Puff ain’t built like that no more. He rolls with the JDL (Jewish Defence League) now for security (ask Jadakiss). Puff recognizes how bad his own sh1t stinks and he knows if he’s caught slipping – just for a second – he’s done.

      • water_ur_seeds

        At this stage in hip hop and his career now he just needs to stay relevant, hosting parties (like 50 said) and jumping on trends and remixes, like with French Montana etc Puff likes to be everyones friend (on the surface of things)…

        But back in the day he rolled with BMF and other crews, plus Badboy had loads of hard artists, Black Rob & G Dep etc he was legit back then, did you ever read that ‘thisisscola’ schitt back like 4 years ago or so, and it talked about how Puff was g’d out…

  • im_a_hater

    Is Fif lying? NO! You aint got to be from New York to see that Puffy jumped to the Miami side of things…Puffy only stands to whatever is hot and dances like a Sambo. All the grief we as fans gave “MC Hammer” for being a “Sellout” nigga please. Puff is the biggest sellout. When the comeback wave of New York Hiphop circles back, that’s when you see Puffy ass shaking for dollar signs like he King or something? Hell even in the “NOTORIUS” movie he made himself look better than BIG.
    Besides B.I.G. (R.I.P.) and the LOX (Let the Lox GO)
    At least 50 Cent can sound like the rawness of Hiphop while maintaining the Forbes list.

    • 50 need to aim focus on things that matter in this world…There is much more going on that could use 50’s input, instead of 50, Jay and Hating on other artists.

      • DJ7

        That goes for every rapper out there D…you’re quick to comment on every 50 post with niggativity yet you constantly on this cats sack about his niggativity…old saying of the pot calling the kettle black comes to mind…

      • im_a_hater

        Hey, fa’ real, I believe he is more than focused. The new music is good, he stay making power moves, plus Hiphop is competitive, everybody whine about fake rappers need to be “aired out”… what is 50 doing wrong?
        Lot of ppl stay hating on Fif, but if he was gone them same haters be crying how they miss him or how real or how good he was for Hiphop.

      • KEEP IT 100

        u must work for 50

      • im_a_hater

        Just come out the closet already….


    Yo stop falling for this clown 50 cent act who can’t do an interview without puff dic in his mouth….. This clown got stabbed up, the dude who stab 50 went on YouTube said he did it and what 50 the gangsta do? Nothing! that dude still in queens running around 50 is a fraud he’s mad at puff because 50 paper needs to get its weight up, personally I think he’s in love with puff 50 wanna be the new cassie they don’t even be talkn about puff they be like so 50 I heard u a new daddy 50 be like daddy, puff daddy I hate it big homie is wack,

    • im_a_hater

      You get stabbed up, shot up 9 times, blackballed, and still come back with hit records, taking out all your enemies, dating high priced celebrity women and dumping them like trash, staying street while maintaining the Forbes list every year, YOU WOULD TALK SHIT TOO ! ! !
      All that clown and fraud talk about 50, I bet the bar you wouldn’t say that to his face! Lmao!
      As far as Puffy…tell that nigga come clean bout them Pac and Biggie Murders

      • Ricky Aha Aha

        Damn you i was about to say that last sentence .

      • im_a_hater

        and you are Man? Woman?

      • F.U.

        You’re pretty stupid. It’s been confirmed that Jimmy Henchmen set Pac up to be robbed in 94′. Fast forward two years he stomps out a gang member and gets shot an hour later. Biggie was in enemy territory over some east/west bs. Wtf does Puffy have to do with their murders? If anything Suge has something to do with it. Dumb ass comment!

      • im_a_hater

        oh wow…another fake tough guy. how many comments you got on Disquis damn near 200? Its official you have no life, you live on the internet tryna front like you a gangster. You posing ass lame. LMAO

      • F.U.

        You mad I stated facts lol now you’re in your feelings. Bitch ass nigga lol

      • im_a_hater

        My bad…you was right. I was wrong. I didn’t respect your facts, I didn’t know you was in the backseat of the car with Suge and Pac in Vegas, i forgot you was riding with Puff behind B.I.G. in Cali. Silly me forgetting your bum ass being there since you know all the facts. Since you Mr. FuckingKnowItAll go to Mrs. Shakur and Miss Wallace and tell them what happen with their sons.
        Tell you what…how bout you go play 50 Cent’s new song “Funeral” and kill yourself.
        I’m done talking to this bum

      • DLOUPO

        Yeah u super clown just like ur idol

      • im_a_hater

        Its official…Your a lame

  • Executive

    50 really turned into a ho ass nigga, what happened to you?

    • Hector G

      yer just another lame who forgets about peoples good work. 50 made get rich or die trying and puffy made last train to paris so stop it.

      • Executive

        How can you compare the 2? Dick rider.

  • Executive

    He needs to focus less on $700,000,000 Diddy and focus on that wack ass shit you call music.

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  • JD

    50 is trying to use the same tactic he used back in the day to get his name out there… talking ‘ish (How to Rob) but it isn’t working. No one (Jay Z, Puffy, exc) is taking the bait. All 50’s doing now is alienating himself from the people who could help him be relevant again.

  • Thanx Nerve

    50 Cent= Angry bird= Hater bird= insecure bird. The guy will never find peace despite his money. Diddy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 50 Cent

    • Hector G

      yer a joke bud….did you enjoy last train to paris?? lol how bout get rich or die trying? 50 cent >>>>>>>>diddy, sorry pal stay soft

      • $28825362

        Damn 50 you mad. Drink some vitamin water.

      • Thanx Nerve

        Don’t be butthurt son, 50 Cent= bitter bird= insecure bird, even his stans know that. Diddy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 50 Cent

  • bigdoe6

    50 is a real nigga with a lot of haters. He saying some real shit. That diddy song is trash and just because Ross on it aint helping it.

    • DLOUPO

      Ok so cool 50’thinks the songs is trash but how can u respect a person when they wasn’t even talkn bout puff and he goes in like that? In every interview, ain’t nothing real about that it’s more like single white female

    • im_a_hater

      Ross still got it coming…cuz “Officer Ricky” getting cold now and 50 is dropping heat by the week

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  • i’mreloaded!

    50, u buggin man. Diddy’s Bad Boy label WAS the East Coast in da 90’s. Take your meds man.

    • Hector G

      so machine gun kelly and red cafe are a success….lol, peace bud

      • i’mreloaded!

        What da hell r u talkin bout?

    • im_a_hater

      In my opinion. As far as East Coast Label of the 90’s that has to go to Def Jam or Loud/Rawkus Records. Hiphop in Bad Boy Records left when the Lox bounced.

      • i’mreloaded!

        I’m not talking labels like Universal, Def Jam, Motown and all the major labels. I’ talking the umbrella labels such as like a Death Row, Duck Down, RocAFella, ish like dat man. I’m not just talking rap music, even though he had Biggie, Mase, Craig Mack, Black Rob, G-Dep(I guess), Lil Kim(closely affiliated) and other rappers, Dat nigga had Faith, 112, Gina Thompson, New Edition, discovered Usher, Mary.J, and Jodeci, Carl Thomas and was the first nigga to really make classic remixes! Wake up man, Diddy was killin it in the 90’s.

      • im_a_hater

        I respect your opinion, i’m just looking at it from a straight Hiphop level no R&B.

  • Keylon Jackson Di Natale

    and you in conecticut lolll

    • Tx_Vandal187


    • Weedras

      still in the Tri-State Area

  • Frank

    50 gets asked questions. 50 responds like he wants. Repeat.

    Crazy how this all works.

    I like him even more now cuz he’s the same dude since he got in.

    • Qudus

      Word! He’s the last of a dying breed.
      50 be going in whenever…about whoever
      At the end of the day, what’s Puff or Jay gonna do?
      Shoot up peeps/stuffs like Jimmy Henchman?
      I don’t think so…

  • $18916246

    50 was hot…..notinymur…..stop hating Curtis.

  • keylon jackson

    50 shut the f*** up and move on you aint hot your single aint selling … you not living in new york you only in connecticut and los angeles, stop being a hoe ass niqqa … diddy is way on top of you he got 7x 100 millie .. you been hatin on niggas like you should be on the top my niqqa noooo you got punked
    diddy and jayz run the shit

  • Twonpass

    Funny, a fag talking shit about another fag…

    get out of here…

    and yeah he is flaming too…dont be fooled…

    • Ipullcards

      Yea you would know. Comment about wtf they’re talking about niggaz hate like it’s ok smh. Ain’t got shit to say but hate. Ya must really hate your lives


      How the phukkk you know???

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  • atlantahiphopshop

    Fu(k that, 50 tells the truth. How you gonna defend Diddy? GTFOH all you asshole lickas!

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