Jay Z & Beyonce Sit Courtside At Nets Games Following Elevator Incident

(AllHipHop News) Many questions began circulating after surveillance video of R&B singer Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z was leaked yesterday. What exactly set Beyoncé’s sister off? Why didn’t the “Drunk In Love” creator react? Did this cause a permanent rift between Bey and Jay?

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One of those questions appears to have been answered last night when the celebrity couple showed up together at the Brooklyn Nets playoff game against the Miami Heat. Jay Z and Beyoncé sat courtside as Miami defeated Brooklyn 102 to 96.

Neither superstar performer answered questions about the elevator incident that happened last week at New York’s Standard Hotel. A 3-minute video of Solange kicking and swinging at Jay took over the internet yesterday. Solange has yet to comment on the situation as well.

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35 Responses to “Jay Z & Beyonce Sit Courtside At Nets Games Following Elevator Incident”

  1. johnblacksad

    The elevator fight was at a party at Hotel Standard, after the Met Gala

    Reports sayin Solange was drunk and had previously fought another dude

    Still hard to draw conclusions tho… but if Jay told her to calm her azz down or they wouldn’t bring her out again, or something in that nature, and if she was really drunk like that, then I could begin understanding why B. just stood there… you don’t try to reason someone that’s drunk… you just let’em sober off… and there were no point physically stopping her and messing that Givenchy Haute Couture dress when there’s a bodyguard that’s paid for it.

    I bet Solange feels stupid as fcuk… Hov is gonna walk out on top in this… just watch… I see he gettin praises already for how he handled it (of course not from the “real naggaz” who think he should have beaten her azz right there in the elevator… smh)

    • Qudus

      Lawd, the things a groupie will say…You don’t know jack about what transpired? Why do you feel the need to defend Jay this much? Jay is man enough to handle his own bizness and he’s being doing it all these years. So I reiterate, why the need to jump to Jay’s defense this hard? I don’t get it…it’s very unusual for a dude.

  2. Gonja

    Salute Jay! Didn’t wipe that bitch all over the elevator & didn’t hide in the house from media the next day.. Dude is being coached by the right people..

  3. The Legendary Troll

    Depending on what Solange comes out and says, this could either be career damaging or something petty that will be forgotten

    • Freeing Eritrea

      It’s that security dude’s mouth they should be worried about. He should be fired for letting Solange hit and kick Hov that many times..but then again..he is a liability right now. Either he got to GO or get paid to keep that mouth shut.

  4. Mack

    That, Chris Brown, is how you handle a girl problem. “A wise man told me don’t argue with fools / Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who”

    • johnblacksad

      Money Over B!tches… Hov just proved that again…

      He said in his Decoded book (which I read of course) that the little situation he had with Lance Un’s stabbing made him realize how much “they” were out there to get him and how he could go to jail for something stupid and loose everything he has worked for…

      Sadly, at this point, many motherfcuks have the balls to pray and pray for Hov’s downfall!

      • timwest1000

        What are you, rumor control? You are the biggest d!ck rider known to man homey. No One has a vested interest in JayZ Penneys dog. This is just speculation, who REALLY gives a flying f*ck other than you? You must be on the payroll. Slow down, you might get a ticket. Going all deep into sh!t like you breaking some code or something SMH. You are the real loser here.

  5. ZUBU

    This is just some average family problem stuff that we all experience, except they are under the microscope.

  6. W.E.B. Du Bois

    solange jealous, bald headed, unhappy, – feels better by damaging theirs – happens all the time with humans

  7. pauleyPee

    Embarrassing, but at the end of the day… He handled it with the most amount of class possible. At the same time, man, if we could get that elevator audio though. IJS

  8. Splatter

    one thing is for sure. Beyoncé is not gonna make a single comment about what took place. that bitch has been using the ” I don’t talk about my personal life” answer for over a decade. Beyoncé demands soo much attention but she wants the little people who made her popular to stay as far away from her as possible. Jay and B are like the complete opposite of Swizz and Alicia. everything with them has to be away from the peasants eyes. But at the end of the day these fanatics gas there heads up to where it is now.

    • Nick ManGold Jimenez

      Stop being so thirsty. Only you see yourself as a peasant. Their business is theirs and not yours. Worry about your own life and the people in it.

    • Freeing Eritrea

      You seem like a hater who is super frustrated because they didn’t share their personal biz with you. Hey lighten up, you can always go watch the kardashians. They are an open book.

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