Hip Hop Rumors: Rapper Still Saying She Could Have Been Jay's Mistress

Everybody is looking for a claim to fame, and rapper LIV is no different.

Last summer she released a song basically stating Hov hit on the rapper while married to Bey, and she turned him down out of respect for the Queen.

““The song about my life has been construed into something it’s not. I was not saying he cheated on her with me. I was saying I was given the opportunity to compromise myself and I took the route to not do that,” LIV said. “I would tell Beyoncé the drama is unintentional, the respect is real. If you listen to the song, you’ll understand why I came out with the story. I’m not sorry, it happened, but I’m going to express my story in my songs.””

Recently Life and Style magazine ran a story highlighting some of the women Jay has been linked to since married to Beyonce, including Rihanna and LIV. Riding off the wave, LIV took to Instagram to address the people.



Guuurrlllll please have a few seats…


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31 Responses to “Hip Hop Rumors: Rapper Still Saying She Could Have Been Jay's Mistress”

  1. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    lol!!!! nah this chick was reaching … she on some jayz looked in my direction so he must of wanted my number type bs … typical skinny light skin female bs ….

  2. foshow38

    Better take advantage of these 10 mins of fame! Cause your rap career is over before it started. Especially f^cking with Jay

  3. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    immma see if i can get in the same space as oprah and see if i can come up off that … yo oprah tried to give me the number steadman … sounds like a good hook for a song right ?? lol these hoes try any angle to come up …

  4. The Legendary Troll

    b***h shut up. Im sure plenty of married men approached you before. are you writing songs about them as well?? fame hungry ho. Hov probably rejected her advances and she trynna flip the story

  5. Money Nice

    Funny thing is yall dudes have no clue about LIV but you act like you know her! For the record LIV was a model with the prestigious Ford modeling agency before she ever became a rapper and she has more bread then most of your favorite bragging rappers who are really broke. She conducts herself as a lady always and is very classy! She owns her own condo and works closely with at risk youth from Marcy Projects where Jay never comes back to!!!! Third Jay is a sleaze ball but yall wouldn’t know because you are on the outside of the industry looking in. I fruuucks with her because she works closely with my Big Homie Monsta Villa!!!!! Stop d*ck riding these celebs that would walk right past you if you tried to show them love. Jay is a crab straight up! People need to learn how to separate the human being from their celebrity persona. My man Ice told me as a young buck before getting involved in the music industry. He said watch your gonna meet some of your favorite celebs and be dissapointed about who they really are as people. One love though!

    • Tell-it-like-it-is

      if she was everything you said she is, she wouldn’t of brought up this bs up in her music she would of relied on her talent alone not any extra publicity. not trying to judge and if she has accomplished all u say, kudos to her, but she put herself in a position to be judged and she looked like a fame whore the minute she uttered jays name. so its not about “dickriding” its about the way she went about the story and the fact that she used it to promote her music. so if it looks like a bird and sounds like a bird………

    • johnblacksad

      I just watched ‘Thor 2 : Dark World’ yesterday…

      He had on a big bright red cape just like yours… smh

  6. Nemesis_Enforcer

    “I would tell Beyoncé the drama is unintentional” <– Beyonce doesn't even know you exist. Stop exaggerating your influence. You won't be on that next reality show. Sorry.

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