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Kendrick Lamar Says He Never Focused On Troy Ave's Music, Dr Dre Working on His Next Album + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) To Troy Ave, Kedrick Lamar is a “Weirdo rapper”, but to Kendrick, Troy Ave is somewhat invisible. During a recent interview, Lamar took the time to address Troy Ave’s comments as well as

During an interview with Hot 97, Troy Ave stated that Kendrick Lamar was a “Weirdo rapper” and explained that while Kendrick was raised in the hood “it’s a difference between being from an area and being in the streets.” Kendrick’s response was succinct and revealed how little of Troy Ave he knows:

“I never met him, I never really focused on his music,”

Weeks ago, reports surfaced that Kendrick purchased a $524,000 4-bedroom home in Eastvale, CA. The news is real, but Kendrick explains how it does not give the full picture of what his plans for the property is:

It’s real, but it’s not my spot. I really like to buy property whether it’s apartments, whether it’s buildings, whether it’s houses. I like to stay in L.A. I still live in L.A. in a small little apartment condo in L.A. I like to invest my money in different things rather than buying things for the moment. Something that can last me a lifetime.

Lamar also confirms that Dr. Dre will be working on his untitled sophomore album. While Kendrick does say he can not confirm if Detox will be released he does state that the $3 billion sale of Beats by Dre to Apple will not stop Dre’s musical output:

One thing about Dre is you can’t take the music away from him. No matter how much money he has he’s going to be right there in that studio. That’s before the deal, after the deal, he’s always locked in that studio.

Check out Kendrick Lamar’s full interview with Kube 93 FM below:

  • Eli Pinilla

    Humble dude….Troy ave could learn something from him.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      yeah he could but doesnt need to. troy is making his own mark and not everybody has to dickride K Dot.

      • Celz

        Troy better slow his roll up before he turn to the next J Hood instead of the next Jada. He’s too cocky and his bars ain’t hot enough. Just cuz he got an old soul and can spit don’t mean he deserves to be on top. Asap is running the new New York niccas in my West Coast opinion. Troy is dope on the tracks with NY vets but he needs to stop tryin so hard he turinin me off a lil and makes me not interested in hearing him on his own..

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        i feel what you mean, sometimes the singing shit is mad annoying but he does sound cool with other new york dudes. im not too sure about his own crew though, them dudes is kinda weak.

  • dee

    Troy ave isn’t going nowhere in hiphop nobody even cares about the guy to me he really TRYING to be 50

    • Celz

      He tryin to be the next Jada or 50 in his prime.. He trys to hard.. Imma Cali dude and I fucc wit NY music heavy he just sounds unauthentic.. He disses all the rappers from NY and all the ones thats not cuz he feels he’s realer. Like how Kendrick a weirdo cuz he aint gang bangin? I don’t bang but if you catch me in Compton and call me a weirdo cuz I don’t you gon have some problems wit myself and niccas that really do.. Callin Kdot a weirdo was some weirdo shyt.. He hotter than lame ass J Hood but he needs to focus on his craft and study his big homies Jada and Styles get down a lil more..

  • Montezuma1

    The weirdo tag has other implications but all in all K. Dot is a decent artist. Not the savior of rap but a move in the right direction.

  • Brindle

    handled perfectly, smart cat

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    Very excited for anything new from Mr. Lamar.


  • Troy been around for like 8 years and nobody cared

  • Senor Binns

    I like to invest my money in different things rather than buying things for the moment. Something that can last me a lifetime.

    Gunz and butter baby.

    • Dubz

      Little Dumb Muthafucka’s

  • ggogins

    She is mad corny

  • Rico

    While I respect Troy for reppin’ for The City, he doesnt have that type of following yet. His comment was recorded right after Kendrick’s ‘Control’ verse. Then Troy gets in an interview calling Kendrick and even other rapper’s “weirdo’s”. I get his angle of trying to bring back the streets, which Hip Hop sorely needs, but build your brand a little more first, instead of trying to go at the industries ‘Golden Child’ of the moment. Not to mention I feel like he’s trying to force his way into being NYC’s next up. Although he’s good, he doesnt necessarily have the lyrical prowess to be that. My humble opinion.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      having an opinion of someone is not going at them… Troy Ave didnt go at him or any other weirdo rappers as he puts it. thats his opinion not an attack.

      • SleepyTheGreat

        I need a definition of “weirdo rapper”

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        if you listen to or search for the interview i think he breaks it down but he also said he likes a lot fo the music Kendrick and other “wierdos” make lol

      • KnowledgeSeeker

        Oh ok so if I say Troy Ave is a terrible rapper then thats not taking a shot at him. Just because you word something in an opinionated form doesnt mean it wasnt a diss. Plus, You can tell from that interview that “wierdo” wouldnt be the word he would use behind the cameras

    • KnowledgeSeeker

      Actually street rap is what we need to get out of or if anything alter it, These street rapper nowadays glorify the street life without giving the real message which is this shit is not cool or wanted. Gang life and hardcore street life is a life for people who never had a choice. But, let these niggas talk and you swear its the coolest thing ever to be a part of

      • Rico

        Agreed. I actually meant the hardcore hip hop sound. You’re right tho, no one gives the consequences of the street life anymore.

    • Myleage

      i wonder if he thinks new york’s biggest new artist, asap rocky, is a weirdo too.

  • GP

    troy ave corny.

  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    i hate when people respond like that… on some im not going to give him any shine. it wasnt a diss and im sure he has heard of troy ave

    • He didn’t say he don’t know who he is though. He said he never met him and he doesn’t focus on his music, which to me is saying he doesn’t know enough about the dude to classify or label him in any way. You know kinda like Troy did Kendrick

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        i feel you

    • RightOn

      I love the response. It was worse than a diss. More like “eh you’re not worth talking about”

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        if thats the case he responded like that because the world has somehow deemed him a rap god!

      • Tom Donahue

        I’ve seen troy aves name for awhile, a lot lately, but I’ve never took the time to listen to his music either, kendricks response was genuine I think

      • Splatter

        you not missing anything unless you like a 50 cent impersonator.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        You might be right! I just dont like that answer. Its just me ya know! I like em both!

      • whatupdoe

        You sound like a hater. lol. Its all good tho. There are some rappers that shine that I can’t for the life of me understand why people go so hard for them.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        Nah im actually a supporter of kendrick who went out and bought the album and plan to buy the rest.

      • KEEP IT 100

        You sound like an upset bitch

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        Nah dummy im actually a supporter of kendrick who went out and bought the album and plan to buy the rest. Miss me with the name calling potna! You must be one of the people i was talking about! Let me break it down so you can understand… Kendrick is dope but a living legend he is not nor is he a rap god. Got it! Good!

      • KEEP IT 100

        another internet tough guy. kill yo self

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        how am i acting tough, you called me a bitch!!!! WTF type logic is that? since you couldnt comprehend i decided to break it down. now you sound corny for coming at me and not being able to understand my response!!!

    • John Q. Public

      He actually might NOT know of Troy Aves music… I don’t

      Webbie said during his Breakfast Club interview he didn’t know who Kendrick Lamar was, then they brought up “Bitch Don’t Kill my Vibe” and he was like oh yea I like that song but didn’t know who it was Kendricks song

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        True that… Thats a good point

    • $18559328

      troy ave not that big bro he might not of heard of him

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        you might be right

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  • Kube 93… SEATTLE!

  • kpman80

    Troy ave?

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  • Splatter

    listen, the Unit is back. The LOX is back. Nas still got it. Mobb Deep working again. A lot of kids from other coast dig Action Bronson and I hear Dipset is working on music again. Seems like my city trying to reemerge but I don’t see how Troy fits in. 50 exposed it early of him using his style. 50 is really the blueprint for making a mixtape. jack somebodys beat. redo the chorus and spit. people aren’t gonna wanna listen to a copycat. He better step them bars up.

    • E McArthur

      Yo, the 90s or early 2000s or whatever is not coming back! SMH. I live in NYC and I swear….some of ya’ll really kill me with this….let the youngins here have memories like you did and stop hatin in the new artists from your city..regardless if they have the new sound like they should cuz it’s their era!

      • Splatter

        Uh no I don’t like wack music and this site is here to express opinions on the given article. If you like wack music or live on Troy block or something, went to his junior high or whatever that’s your prerogative. New or old, I listen to quality music.

      • E McArthur

        No, I don’t listen to Troy Ave. Ok, time to time I do. However, I miss some old school cats from my prime too like Jeezy but I know if he was still out there like he was back in the day-I probably wouldn’t like him no more like Kanye West (who stays ruining his legacy) where I had to move on to an artist like Kendrick. I think mad Kanye West fans moved over to Kendrick as a matter of fact…you still got Jay Z from your era so tell me what you think about him now? Those artists cannot continue to be relevant because times change and even if they did, you wouldn’t find them the same. There is good music out there but it may just not be for you. I was born in the 80s so I saw the end of the crack era so I like an artist like Jeezy but I cannot relate to artists from the 90s cuz that was for people coming from a different era. I like Wiz Khalifa cuz he’s around my age too and I understand the whole ‘just be chill’ thing too, but that’s for those people that feel it. I’m not gonna knock the 90s but I see old heads all mad cuz they wanna relive their time again. It’s not fair to a lil 19 year old though to knock his era and he will never see a time where New York was poppin like you did because all you old execs and bloggers and their friends (if that don’t pertain to whomever is reading-then you straight) won’t let go and stop being selfish. I know a lot of hip hop media is in New York but won’t put a New York artist on because they don’t like sound someone from the 90s. There are few that do and allow the new sound in, but until everyone is in agreement then NY is done for. It’s about the youth! I”m not even 19 but let the youngins have their time!

  • Myleage

    modest house for 600k?? does she not know what modest mean??

    • Celz

      In Cali that is modest.. Shyt is prolly around the ballpark of where you livin at.. A 600,000 house in Dallas might run you 2 milli an hour from LA.. But a 600,000 house in Dallas is damn near a mansion..

  • Johnny Boy

    Troy Ave the knockoff 50 Cent…

    • Gonja

      I never heard the nigga’s music but people KEEP saying he a fake 50 Cent. What’s the biggest song he put out?

      • Johnny Boy

        ”Show Me Love”

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  • Gonja

    Dope interview…

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