50 Cent Launches His SMS Audio Headphones

Hip-Hop Rumors: Peep Who Is Joking 50 Cent!

Being in the public is a tough sell, I’m telling ya!

With everything famous people do, everything is under scrutiny. Nobody has been more about this like other than 50 Cent, who has joked or dissed everybody. Well, he has found an unlikely nemesis recently. Gabrielle Giffords, the former congress woman, has stepped up to the plate, trolling 50. She threw out the pitch at the Congressional Women’s Softball Game recently and called 50 out for this:

Gabby Giffords 50 Cent

And, her pitch was better than Fif’s. Remember, she’s physically recovering to this day from a shooting in 2011, where she caught a slug to the head. Giffords was shot, but so were 18 other folks. Six of them died. I don’t know if she was comparing on that level, but I found it odd that she called him out.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Dreday410

    50 cent is a market monster
    Only dude I know get cover for a bad pitch, jerry curl hair cut, and Nascar moment got more coverage then TOP artist

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      lady look like she recovered good enuff to get banged lol

      • Executive

        Lmao, I was thinking the same shit! I’d lick and stick that pussay!

      • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

        That’s crazy! lol

      • GP

        you going smash with the seeing eye dawg there and all, lmao.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        man you going to hell hahahahahaha yall nigs is wild for this hahahaha

      • Executive

        I ain’t lyin bruh! Lol, I’d stiff tounge her from the back.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        she has that MILF pornstar Nina Hartley look to her!

      • Executive

        Lol, hell yeah bruh. Nina be leaving a nigga nuts on E.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        Word thats my bish right there!

      • plsDontreply

        nah she dont

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        yes she do, she not as bad as Hartley, but a lotta milfs ain’t

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        word! Nina was tough as hell in her younger days and always had a nice ass.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        smh lmao tho

      • Boy you hell.

      • plsDontreply

        you bangin them short bus bitches huh?

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        I’ve made a fun and successful sex life in taking the chicks that others don’t want – its a gold mine of bad chicks – And less hassle

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    50 should say bet i can get shot and recover better then you lol


      • Brooklyn Stoop

        I cringed when i typed it…………but its one of them things that you be like…………ok, who gonna be the first to say the obvious

      • Dope

        Definitely was thinking it as soon as I read she was shot.

      • You should be rubbed down with foul grease for that!

        That ‘chet was:

        >>In Rick James’ voice : “Cold BloooDEDdddddd!”

    • The Legendary Troll


    • Executive

      Them crackers would ban him from America, lmao!

    • El Dogga

      50 up 9 to 1 lol

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      bruh you stupid but that ish was funny

  • scullyson

    LOL @ Gabrielle…smh…

  • $30071418

    The only rapper crazy enough to do shit, another rapper would consider otherwise humiliating, on purpose. If he didn’t throw that wild pitch, it wouldn’t have made the news. Every other rapper is too worried about what broke people think of them.

    • Mec-One

      Stop trying to spin it ……. he threw that ball worse than special olympic kids ….. and tried to make fun of himself before anybody else could

      • donniebrasko

        Thats that eric cartman mentality lol

  • hoeyuno

    “Peep who is joking 50 cent” really!!??

  • GP

    next week rumor section 50 cent banging Gabrielle

  • southside4lyfe

    bitch got a seeing eye dog lol

    • Mec-One

      what’s funny about that?

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    That headshot got her going crazy

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  • Popped in the head now she talking sht like 50….ironic as fk.

    • Her album drops next week!

      • donniebrasko



    50 a smart mf. He threw that bad pitch on purpose for publicity right when his album was bout to drop.

    • Mec-One

      you wish

    • donniebrasko

      I know, thats y 40k fans rushed to best buy to buy it. The other 2million are still makin their way to the store, its been 3 weeks though, oh well traffic these dayz!

      • KOOL KING K

        40k fans rushed? Wow looks like it paid off.

      • Jared


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  • Eric Cartman

    If you think 50 that bad at pitching, kill yourself. Anyone who has half a brain knew it was intentional

  • 2012Industry1

    50’s Internet Army is strong boy!!! He has at least 1, 2 million followers and commenters showing up on EVERY site that mentions him….YET, none showed up to iTunes or the Stores to cop that album??? He threw a pitch bad…for publicity?? Y’all killing me! Never thought i’d see the day that 50 is the butt of so many jokes for races across the board! Yeah…that publicity racked up mad sells didn’t it!

  • Kaletre Montasito

    50 cent is a genius…..from music to books to motion pictures…everything is calculated…a good pitch at a ball game does not get noticed but a really bad one stays in the media for months….and top of that his show power on starz is the best show out!!!!

    • MrsOno

      You people give 50 too much credit 😒
      His every move is not calculated.

  • brotha_man

    trying to get the black vote type shit

  • So I’m reading comments about 50 being a marketing monster and some peeps saying that he tripped up intentionally. If that was marketing I hold my head in shame.

    I don’t think some of you guys know what the role of a marketer is, or even what marketing is.
    When you market you want people to buy and not just to talk about you. I’m doubting 50 did this to garner publicity it seemed like a genuine mistake. I’m sure his business manager would never advise him to do this.

    I don’t know how many fans he has on social media but a marketing monster / genius would surely have been able to use those tools effectively.

    Well done to 50 though for getting to the position he is today.

    I know there are a number of intelligent folks here and I’d love to hear what they have to say too.

    • 5% Hov

      I dont think he did BUT its 50/50 whether that move would be considered legit in terms of raising awareness of a project. And it did. So….

      Also as far as I’m aware he has no “business managers” just advisers…. that’s why he is so unfiltered. U think someone else came up with pimping curly? or Pranking Shyne?

      • Wasn’t pimpin curly meant to end Rick Ross’s career?
        I remember that vaguely.

        I also remember Shyne’s face when 50 called in that was a face to remember full of confusion and ” why did this have to happen to me” written all over it.. LOL.

    • Montezuma1

      50 threw a bad pitch and it was covered everywhere for days even drawing a response from Ms. Giffords. Had the pitch been perfect who would’ve cared. Every time this staged event is discussed his relevancy is demonstrated and his brand gets exposure. That is a form of marketing. Not my style but that’s what’s passing for marketing these days. “All news is good news.” Or something to that effect. The gimmicks are overbearing these days.

      • He doesn’t really need that form of marketing though. That’s what a newbie will do to gain recognition.

        Yep ” The gimmicks are overbearing these days.”.

      • Montezuma1

        I agree. I don’t think it resonates in sales but never underestimate the need for attention these people have. They talk about money but they’d rather be known than filthy rich.

      • You hit the nail on the head bro.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    No ugly old bird should be talking smack.

    • Godless Heathen

      – 1

  • Immortal

    AHH is stretching this one. She sent a tweet giving 50 some shit. How many time has others done the same to others and no one cares? Where was AHH when Chelsey Handler was handing 50 his ass after she gave him the booty and he was whipped and buying her stuff? This is another AHH non story made into a story.

  • Jared

    I’m sure she knew the connection and I’m sure 50 won’t take that personal. They have an experience very few people know of

    • Montezuma1

      Very few people? Really? Guess you’re not from a major city.

      • Jared

        I’m from 143rd st and 8th ave, Harlem NY. Tell me one “major” city that would have more than lets say 2-5% of citizens that have gun shot wounds?

      • Montezuma1

        Isn’t that enough? How many would it take to satisfy you? Then there’s also demographics. I need more fingers and toes to count all the gunshot fatalities I personally knew or knew of much less survivors. I see far too many young black men in wheelchairs for my liking but it’s all perspective right? Harlem isn’t even really Harlem anymore so I’m sure your vantage point is accurate for you. Just know the world isn’t as safe as the “new” Harlem.

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  • jeezuz_walkz

    lmao i dare 50 to talk shit, she’ll prolly drop his ass. lol

  • 5% Hov

    50Cent: @GabrielleGiffords i bet you can’t take 8 more shots to the head and throw that pitch better tho….

    Too Soon?

  • Sy

    This woman was shot, and AHH describes it as “caught a slug to the head”? Whoever wrote that…is stupid, and whoever let that go to press…is also stupid.

  • diesel james

    50 don’t talk shit to white people.

    • Southcidal

      Nope. He’s a trained puppy.

  • stealth

    Did it help with his sales ? Niggas give him waaaaaay more credit than he deserves. You can clearly see the ball slip out the side of his hand. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID HAPPENED.