Hip-Hop Rumors: Ciara and Future Are A Wrap?

Look like the end is near for Future and Ciara. I’m so silly, when somebody gets engaged, I’m thinking they are definitely going to get married. But, this isn’t the case. People break off all the time. In Big Sean’s case, his got broken off and he and his ex broke up…she’s already married to somebody else! Anyway, the word on the street is that Ciara and Future have ended their relationship, because a secret side chick has popped up unexpected. ATL blog maven Sandra Rose has reported that Future may be seeing his own stylist, Tyrina Lee. She also has confirmed through her sources that he’s creeping. I hope this is true, because I’m not the one to contribute to the loss of somebody’s love. NAHMEEN?  Here is the alleged homegirl…she bad.

Future and Tyrina Lee

Princess Tyrina Image source: SandraRose.com


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  • Jared

    So they got together for the sole purpose of making a baby? smh. Random but he has that hypebeast ass supreme jersey on lol

    • Immortal

      F*ckin for tracks? Milian ring a bell? Same thing happened with Dream.

  • DirkDigg1er

    If commitment was a job, there would be alot of unemployed people lol.

  • Dreday410

    LMAO so the dude with 3 other baby mamas cheat on baby momm #4 and about to have #5 and AHH is surprised….We I guess her Goodies was not Good enough.

  • WeeddiddouTT

    You meant hope it isn’t true Illdummy

  • Meh she’s alright, Ciara looks better to me. Ciara most likely knew what she was getting into.

  • Terrance

    Don’t see ANYTHING special… Maybe it’s just me???

    • Immortal

      She didn’t have some dumb ass wig and even dumber contacts looking like a fake ass Storm.

  • The Legendary Troll

    nobody feels sorry for this dumb b*tch. future got like 6 baby mamas. she knew what she was getting herself into

  • Immortal

    ” I hope this is true, because I’m not the one to contribute to the loss of somebody’s love”……yet you publish this BS. So how are you NOT contributing to the mess?

    • RapItUp

      Thank you, I was just about to post to this clown. Sounds like a 9 year old is typing these shits up. Who hopes to see a union destruct anyway? And has the validity of his stories been necessary to post all the other love and hip hop bullshit he puts up here? This is NOT illseed from early 00’s!

  • ebonyhud

    If it is ending I like that she’s not throwing her business all around. Enjoy the relationships you’re in when they are, love freely and when they arn’t remember what was and move on freely.

  • Markus

    Sad situation. Females have to make better decisions and look past the glitz and glamor before laying down with celebrities. Especially celebrities with multiple baby mamas.

  • She’s a’ight, but I’ve seen “girls that look better on a heaux stroll, working night patrol, you know what i mean? getting cash & still wearing Jordache jeans.”

    Kool G Rap – Truly Yours


    Flavor for those who don’t know!

  • For some reason I read this in a sad ass voice…prob because wrote it as if Future would NEVER EVER see ANYONE outside of Ciara…….So Sad!!!

  • regalpimp

    She never should have taken those goodies out of the jar….

  • AlbertoRipRon

    She got that bozo the clown nose. But hey, from one bird to the next, Future keeping his eyes on the future. Ciara just seems to easy. Just be (or act) hood, and shorty dropping them panties on some instant quick grits shit

    • Damn instant grits bruh….lmao

  • SlayBish

    she is okay in the face, a skinny jazmine sullivan, at best…..

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      jasmine cashmere is a Lot betta !

  • SlayBish

    sad if true

  • soyhiphop

    F*ck this bitch it seems shes only relevant cause of who shes with..she will probably move on to rich homie quan lil mouse gunplay 2chainz or biz markee who care..she should bang out some hits and stop this ghetto soap opera..

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    I’ll be glad when the hot sweaty wig era is over

  • johnblacksad

    B!tches just love them some Future.

    That new b!tch nice… but I see no future to that relation either

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  • 1hiphophiphop

    That makes that trophy song even more corny


    I hate to say this, but Ciara got what she deserved. She knew of this guy’s track record and yet she still took and chance. I guess stupid really is as stupid does…

  • RayStantz

    That pic looks photoshopped like a muf$%^&* lol

  • B.U.

    Ciara knew who he was when she made her decision to let that man RD her up. She just got punked by her own biological clock. That engagement ring was just an attempt to make her not look like another BM.

  • REEL

    You will lose them by how u got em

    • Tanya

      Tru dat

  • Slick Blak

    Regular chic

  • Tre C

    she look regular to me..and on another subject, Naya Rivera just split from Big Sean in like March/April and now she’s married? how’s that work?

  • IROC

    Nice camel toe on the side chick .If Ciara need me im here 4 u boo !

  • Dam that was fast.. #fail

  • Jake Zero

    What you’re telling me is that Ciara may sit on my face after all???
    I bet I’ma make her sit on my face! I’m taking offers. And when it happens I’ma look for this article and edit it with: TOLDJA!

  • itsadamnshame

    that’s a win

  • MsPeaceful

    Just like a negro get a girl preggers then leave, now she is just a baby mama! Bm seem to cant get married to their childrens mothers. he lied to her like the rest of his baby mommas promising them a future and that he would be wifing her up but no brothers are mostly doing this.. black women have been so accustomed to this that, its acceptable. then bm, always speak badly about a black woman. When we speak badly about a black man we still want a black man, we dont give up on brothers like yall do us.its rare for a sister to give up on yall.

    • John Holladay

      He already had 5 or 6 bm already. Why she think she was going to be different. THey didnt get engaged until after she found out she was pregnant. Women should stop thinking having a child is the way to keep a man. If she would have made efforts to not be an unwed mother then she wouldnt be in the situation. Get married before giving it up!!

      • John Holladay

        and yes i know it take two to have a child but at the end of the day she ends up a BM

      • MsPeaceful

        I agree however, she was probaly promised a future with him but no oh well. Poeple lie so thats the end result.

    • baller187

      thats why brothers run from black women they are the worst, my white bitch will lick my black ass if i tell her too

      • MsPeaceful

        thats sad. this isnt a reason. that dont make sense. you are telling me you gave up on black women because of your experiences.?

    • ghettogov

      I think one of the big issues in the black community that doesn’t get discussed is how we focus on so much on sex whether male or female and we end up banging a person before we even know if we like them or not. Then get all these emotional attachment and you bring children into a situation that doesn’t have a solid foundation. The music they put out here certainly ain’t making it any better either. If people were interested in finding a mate and not just a sex partner we would get a lot farther. That takes alot of maturity and discipline though so I don’t expect much change soon….

      • MsPeaceful

        I want it to be like that. However, people judge people by looks and their butts. It sad and our community is lost. they dint give a darn. They dont pray either.

    • Nah, he didn’t leave, they’re saying Ciara is leaving. She could stay if she wanted to. She knew what type of dude she was dealing with so tell him don’t let him get caught again and keep it movin’.

  • baller187

    he is a sucka, now start coughing up that child support, why did yo have a baby dumb ass nigga

  • Something about these super sexy, successful women like even Trina, Mya, Ashanti and now Ciara, who just can’t keep a man….I guess it’s true what they say a successful black chick, with a banging body is not all that it cracks up to be.

  • ghettogov

    I originally thought this whole “relationship” was just for publicity…any nigga who listen to future and know his history knew this wouldn’t last. He was never gonna marry bow wow ex…