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EXCLUSIVE: Chevy Woods Talks Mike Brown Shooting, Says Slavery Still Exists + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Chevy Woods is coming straight out of Gangland with a few solutions to the recent uprisings in Ferguson, M.O. following Michael Brown’s tragic death. In the FIRST PART of our EXCLUSIVE interview with Woods, the Taylor Gang co-founder speaks on how his experience with the police is similar to that of Michael Brown, how he’d handle protests if he was President and more backstage at his show at Grammercy Theatre last night (August 20th).

The population of Woods’ home city, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania is roughly 26% African American with over 60% of the population being White. On November 11th, 2012, unarmed African American teenager Leon Ford Jr. was shot and paralyzed by Pittsburg police with no weapon recovered after police confronted the man in his car over suspicions of gun possession. According to Woods, the experience of police brutality exhibited in Michael Brown’s shooting is one he is all too familiar with:

Same thing. I mean, I’m just going to be honest. It’s usually not too many Black officers that are coming to the neighborhood like ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ It’s harassment and slavery still and all of that stuff still. It’s still going on. It might be hidden a little bit but for something like this to happen, or something like that to happen, you see it. Now it’s on world news. It’s right in your face.

A major criticism of the handling of the Ferguson, M.O. riots and protests has been Gov. Jay Nixon ordering National Guard soldiers and military police in Ferguson this Monday (August 18th). If Chevy Woods was the President of the United States, that would have been vetoed after assessment of the crisis:

Some things will die down. If somebody loot a store, you can take everything out of there but then what you going to do next? It’s just like I wouldn’t send no army out there. That’s all. I would’ve just handled it with whatever the local police or state troopers, whatever that is. Just to make it like a warzone was totally out of order to me.

Check out the FIRST PART of AllHipHop’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Taylor Gang’s Chevy Woods below:

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  • britishrose

    HOW TO STOP IT ? they have to stop themselves .. like a crackhead has to get off crack a racist cop has his job to do for his own safety … get therapy do somthing for yourself , you are outta control (MR OFFICER ) the similaritys of a crackhead and a skin head is this… AND UNDERSTAND THE 2
    1. both need to be counseled something in their background is causeing this behavior
    2. its an addition bought on by you, your weak mind cant accept life so you try to make others pay for your unacceptance .and pain and crisis of the mind .
    3 . your family and kids scared ., wife scared for you society as a whole fear you
    5. you become a national crisis and a out cry for help and given a gun by the very people who dont even support you when you exit the military.
    6. the white house consider getting in on the war you created and apart of
    7. the skeleton of this system comes from years of belief from ancestory hereditary value , slave of people , hate crimes and disloyality to your job .
    8l your feared by many who believe you will harm innocent people in your desperate quest to get what you want ..MANY OF YOU HAVE KILLED YOUR WIVE KIDS AND SELF , so why should we all fear you?
    9. your a product of your enviroment .forgotten .. sometimes over looked for someone elses convience
    10. you must be stopped , be cause your addiction is ruining lives and destroying whats not your own . a waste to society unless you get the help you need
    11. LASTLY you dont need to think othere people you target is worst off than you are ,cause that addiction you have has made your complacent , delusional , unbearable , mean, hateful , threatening and plum stupid ..
    disliked and feared .. our children are afraid of you and from the incident in ferguson we will have a whole new generation of young children scared of your kind. , THE DRUG YOU ARE ON INVISABLE IN TOUCH . BUT OVIOUS IN THE AIR … YOUR JUST AS STRUNG OUT AS A ADDICT WHO SHOULD BE FEARED … and most dont want to try to help you ..

    A RACIST COP IS AN ADDICT TO ME … NO BETTER THAN THE PEOPLE THEY KILL IN FACT WAY WORST OFF ….. so why do we have to comply with someone with an ovious illness of the mind? sick with something there is no antedote for … >>> you tell me ? signed the angry black woman

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  • Whomydaddy

    If Mikey hadn’t been high and all paranoid cause he just stole a box of cigars he prolly wouldn’t have assaulted the cop in the first place resulting in him getting shot. But then he was a member of the Cripps and most likely dint much care. Like Elvis said, “In the Ghetto”.