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Meek Mill Says “F*ck Ar-Ab” During The Pinkprint Tour Stop In Jersey (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The battle between Meek Mill and Drake now officially includes Ar-Ab. The Philadelphia rapper was first name dropped on Drizzy’s “Back To Back” track, but his latest mention is a negative one from Meek.

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While at the Camden, New Jersey stop of The Pinkprint Tour, Meek told the crowd, “F*ck Ar-Ab. How dare a f*cking Philly n*gga d*ck ride a n*gga from out of town?”

The Dreams Worth More Than Money creator’s verbal assault comes after Ab did an interview where he stated he did not have a problem with Meek and the two rhymers had a respectful relationship. The conversation did include Ab telling DJ Vlad he felt it may be too late for Meek to respond to Drake again.

Ab had an appearance on The Brilliant Idiots podcast where he talked about building his career at the same time as Meek. He told hosts Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz he supported Meek’s rise but admits there were issues with other people suggesting Meek was sneak dissing him at times. But those problems were apparently settled.

Ab also revealed he has never met Drake. However, the “Murderer” rhymer was on video saying Philadelphia would roll out the red carpet for the OVO leader.

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Watch footage of Meek Mill addressing Ar-Ab below.

  • Markus

    One L at a time,Meek. Clearly dude is done having Aubrey roast him and is looking for a new opponent. I’m not even familiar with AR-AB as far as his bars go but based on how weak Meek has been,I got him losing here too.

    • that dude

      It’s called “shifting the weight”. That’s like you snapping on someone and they roast you and you have no wins so you get at the next nigga laughing at you. Sucker move Meek, actually a stupid move. AR-AB>>>>>>>>>>Drake. You just gave AR AB the 15 minutes of fame he was looking for. No your King of Philly spot bout to get took. Everyone now is gonna be waiting for a AR AB response.

  • Roberto Ciamora

    This donkey really should just try and move on. There is no way possible he wins this situation and everything he does just makes it worse. As if having the entire world laughing at him over this Drake shit isn;t bad enough now he;s calling out people just for not siding with him. Clear example of somebody who’s too caught up in their emotions to think straight. Just let it go dude

  • Rozay23

    If Meek wanna make it to see 2016 he betta chill with all the sneak dissin and name drops. He should just take his take his L like a grown man.

  • True_Fan

    Drake just proved to be so much smarter that Meek L. I can’t believe the oldest trick in the beef book worked on him, praise someone in your opponents camp and see if you can turn them. Meek is an idiot and now has real Philly problems for nothing.

    • Pernell Whitaker

      Like you say its the oldest trick in the book, and Drake still operating at a level it’d take Meek 7 years of home schooling to graduate to

    • It was a brilliant move on some chess shit by Drake. Now Meek gotta pay for it.

  • truthhurts

    So according to today’s standard; when someone doesn’t agree with you or share your logic their either “dick riding” or ” hating”. This guy’s a joke. He’s really an emotional ass young’n. Maybe that’s why he’s always screaming on records; that’s that temper tantrum shit coming out on the track. It’s a wrap Meek, focus on making hit records and let the beef go. Winner already been announced. This shit is actually boring now.

    • Pernell Whitaker

      Real talk. Even Drake has moved on… He’s beefing himself now, sh*t he’ll probably lost that beef too

    • that dude

      “So according to today’s standard; when someone doesn’t agree with you or share your logic their either “dick riding” or ” hating”.

      Don’t you just hate when people use those terms just to use them in the wrong conversation?

  • Sad to say but Meek probably can never go home again…he needs to move his family out of there too…I know of AR-AB more for street stuff than music…if he would’ve just said “I’m disappointed in ar-ab cause Philly sticks together” I think AB would’ve just been like “I understand”…but when it becomes “F Ar-Ab, This Straight From MM, All Y’all N*ggaz P*ssy” and “You D Riding” …they gonna see Meek bout that.

    • Newarkpcp

      Lol ar don’t run philly like yall think. Meek got lotta goons lol

      • I_AM_Houston

        New goons or day1 goons?

      • Newarkpcp

        Who knows but money talks not to say he about that but puttin 100 stacks on ar ab head who not gonna take that

      • EL_BARK

        if you not from philly you shouldnt talk or speculate on philly niggas
        1. meek not getting nobody killed its not in him, smh
        2. that would be dumb to get ar ab hit, cause meek still has family and friends in the hood, and he not eating like you think too move them
        3. you think if arab got pop his peeps just going be like, oh damn that mess up and got eat a bowl of cherrios? lmao

      • exactly. ar has nothing to lose. meek does. meek done went at gillie and cass. probably the only reason he didnt go at beans is because he was locked up.

      • EL_BARK

        lmao he wont go at beans cause bean is an OG and official and his homie is from beans block…
        he diss mack he will have problems and will be banned from SP

      • i’m pretty sure meek is from north philly and beans is from south philly…

      • EL_BARK

        lmao i pretty sure you are wrong.
        meek moms is from north and dad is from south philly. when he started rapping he was living in south philly, we he blew he was living in south philly,
        most of his squad is from south philly.
        so you are wrong my friend lol

      • Newarkpcp

        You got good points so what the hell he was thinking by pulling this move? He not using his brain Minaj messed this nigga up

      • EL_BARK

        meek dont got a lot of goons.
        meek is getting extorted by the new goons he hang around.
        meek give them exposure & cut a check…. but at the end of the day they not killing for him…

    • Celz

      All the AR AB videos I seen dude was saying Meek and his people is no joke..

    • I_AM_Houston

      Philly dont stick together though, thats just a line they like to say in times like this lol

  • Juleo478

    AR was voicing his opinion but was not getting disrespectful with meek…AR said there was tension but he wasnt gonna let it get out of control but then meek does this.

    Drake just did the same thing that meek did with Cassidy by shouting out AR when cass had an problem.

    AR stayed neutral while meek fail for the bait by drake like an dummy.

    • truthhurts

      AR shouldn’t even respond to this fool, at least negatively. He should respond with success to kill him. He should just officially sign to Drake and be the next representative of Philly because a new one is definitely due because this guy Meek isn’t repping it right.

      • Dark Matters

        but AR hasn’t got that kind of talent. So, chances that he’ll be anything but a flash in the pan rapper, are next to nil.

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  • Quintin Williams

    I watched Ar- Ab interview and he said nothing wrong. Meek gets a little sensitive when people don’t side with him or promote his album in a tweet. Now he has created more enemies with a well known goon from his city.

    • that dude

      Very sensitive. That’s exactly what Joe Buddens was talking about.

      • I_AM_Houston

        Meek got a lot of insecurities

  • David Cash

    Meek out there dissin niggas to a crowd that did not come to see him in the first place smh! Thats the PinkPrint tour they came for Nicki and most of them are females who probably dont even know who he is, and he’s out there acting like the crowd are people from the streets !

    • WeakSauce

      He does it for the Barbz lmaooooo

  • TheAfroRican

    This is another “You know you done fucked up, right?” moment from Meek…..the ditch keeps getting deeper.

  • Papi Peligro

    Yeah this why this stuff gets out of hand man. Its like everybody want to be in the middle.

  • WeakSauce

    You keep burring yourself deeper Weak Mills!

  • A Learned Man

    Surprised no one is even mentioning the fact that Meek has yet again started shit with another person. It would be one thing if someone would have been calling him out first. But to continuously keep calling nigga’s out for no real viable reason, and doing it recklessly, says more about that man than anything else.

  • jacksjus

    Now Meek likely has a street problem. WTF is he doing? Smdh!

    • Shawn Williams

      He had to respond, this shit is all bout image, dats how u eat, meek got supporters n philly plus meek got more cake than Ar ab, on the real, if shit were to get real ugly, I know ni66@$ n philly dat will put n work for dat grip, hunger season, no one ni66@ run philly or any where, respect is respect, u disrespect u get dealt wit, now or later

  • Renegade

    Ar-Ab been flaw tho. First he was down with Cassidy then he jumped on Meek’s side during the Cassidy/Meek beef. Said Cassidy was broke and bought niggaz bootleg jerseys. Now he’s on Drake’s side in the Meek/Drake beef. Nigga pick a side and stay there.

  • chosenxeno

    I aish Meek would stop but goddamnit he’s calling it right again. I do not respect OBH for that shit. Nigga put a bag before his city.

    • all drake did shout them out in a song. never gave em any money to do anything. you cant be that mad cuz they shouted them out. and meek is the biggest dick rider. he dick rides every nyc artist. he need to chill. ar even said he’s not taking any sides.

      • Shawn Williams

        Did u c da video when obh dudes where being disrespectful, talkin bout they give drake da red carpet treatment n such, do ya lil dudes on here research ya shit before ya open ya donkey mouth calling it horse,

      • yes i did see it. the video after that ab addressed it and said my niggaz had to much to drink and was just talking shit. then went on and said me and meek have no problems i spoke to him a month ago and he seemed cool. did you see that video? simmer down bruh.

      • Shawn Williams

        Bruh, I tell u aint a wise street ni66a, chess move, check…..when a dude is drunk, dats when u know how they really feel, of course Ar ab is gettin a lil smarter now, n he know betta to play it low, the thing is, meek fuk up n didn’t do songs wit these ni66as; after dat Cassidy battle, left dem ni66as still tryin to make the rap shit work, now drake made a chess move mentioning Ar ab, I tell u on thing tho, ab need to need to force drake hand asap for some kind of deal immediately before he get left out wit no real money on da table, chess being played, no winners yet

      • you’re right. i’m just smart with street sense and grew up in one of th emost dangerous projects in the bx. listen to the brilliant idiots podcast on soundcloud. Lo also said int he interview they were hating them from jump. all meek did was more gasoline on the fire. his problem is instead of reaching out to the person directly, he broadcasts it to the whole world first. he did it with louie v and even wale. i’m just waiting for him to say something about future since he just dropped a new video with drake.

      • Shawn Williams

        There is always ways to handle a situation, Ar ab also said dat he had issues one time n meek came thru for him, remember….da thing is this, meek feel he’s da boss wit da money n Ar ab thing he da top goon without da money, let these ni66as do wat they do , rap , I want to hear some bars, even some action, not gonna lie, somebody need their ass beat, one on one or crew on crew, dreamchasers, ovo or obh

      • bruh! thats eaxctly what im trying to tell you. check out the podcast thats exactly what ab said. its a power struggle and it’s dudes from each others camp

      • Shawn Williams

        If u a general n one of ya soldiers get out of line on da war front u shoot dem, ab know wats going on, he approve it, same way Nikki know wats going on, she approve wat meek is doin, yet she haven’t spoken, do u play chess or not, or checkers

      • Isa Ibn Maryam

        Chess? Lol I swear it ain’t like you see any future Bobby Fisher’s on the current board…

      • Disqus_deez

        So giving Drake a red carpet is disrespect to Meek. U sound like a Meek fan

  • MrNoName2K

    Meek mad because the truth hurts lmao.. n*gga was caught off guard with that sh*t

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    whats up with philly nagas being cool being used as pawns??? 1st time i saw this was with beanie
    and according to these comments…………..its ok to be a rapper that dont write and there is nothing strange with nagas riding against they city

    • Shawn Williams

      When u hungry ribs touchin, u ride wit who eva dat feed u

    • DeezNizutz

      U funny like peeps from Brooklyn aint get the shaft and get used like pawns…FOH. lol.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        lol the topic and spot light is on philly and how philly nagas get down

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  • bigdoe6

    A bunch of killas but we come across so calm – So cool so collective til it’s go time. -Dark Lo.

    Meek aint ready for OBH.

  • ApricotNapalm

    stay tuned

  • knuckles

    Yo Meek why you mad son? When is the last time you shout out AR since you sign deal with MMG? Drake did more for AR with that one songe than you so shut up nicca.

  • i respect ab for first saying there is no proof of that. cuz he could have went off on hear say… but now that there is video… RIP bruh

    • SupaDoopaGhost1

      Thats def. some real nigga shit too.

    • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

      Yep some people call THAT “Hearsay”

  • Dark Matters

    Meek’s probation officers are like…

    • that dude


    • El Dogga


    • MURDER(2.0 coming soon)

      Too true

  • Don’t be afraid

    This Brother is self destructing under the pressure of fame. Real talk. After this tour.. take a long vacation. Away from all this.. get your head clear. Trust me.

  • disqus_8gQkV1Y55t

    Drake would never do a show in Camden

    • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

      Why?? Doesn’t everybody loves Drake. International community. ( ´◔ ‸◔‘) ┐(´д‘)┌

    • STEPH

      he’d be terrified lmao

  • i’mreloaded!

    Never even heard of an AR-AB or whatever his name is but at the rate Meek is going, Meek don’t want it with him either.

  • Q.



  • Anthony Mason

    Philly niggas love those pork chop side burns and think chicks all over the world do too….LMAO!

    • DeezNizutz

      *Drake Stan Alert*

      • Anthony Mason

        Or….not….at….all… ever… there a new drug you dudes are on?

        You cats are killing me with these weak assumptions today…….(logging off)….

  • Realest Minority

    gotta respect meek tho i dont agree with him but he say it

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    meek lose again fo even acknowledging these bums

  • main0

    So this is why having a publicist is sooooo important. At least he didn’t take it to Twitter, but he Also didn’t do it on stage in philly or put it in bars once again.

  • ThaShadowKing

    Drake played Meek like a pawn. Now he has real street beef with Ar-Ab which will only end in violence…. while Drake watches from Canada. Making jokes with his ghost-writers on how he barely escaped real beef.

    • Troy Drew

      Real shit… He’s really been watching 50 cent that’s what 50 did with beans when he went at Jay

      • ThaShadowKing

        tru dat

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    meek same as commenters wanting to talk but got nothing to say

  • King Kredible

    Drake, Meek, Ar-ab, not a one of them could see Sean Price. That’s not a diss, that’s just actual fact. it’s important to respect our culture when it’s called for. RIP Sean Price. Most of today’s heirs to the throne are clowns in comparison.

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  • not that Jersey is far..but why didn’t he say this IN PHILLY

  • I know the truth

    Nicki set meek up

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