Wiz Khalifa, Mick Jenkins, Chase N Cashe, Kxng Crooked & Statik Selektah React To Kanye West’s ‘Waves’ Album Title

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West once again changed the name of his upcoming seventh studio album. The G.O.O.D. Music founder announced the LP is now called Waves.

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The media and fans instantly offered their thoughts on the switch on social media. Even some other Hip Hop figures weighed in on Ye’s decision to drop Swish for Waves.

Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins made light of the fact he released a project titled Wave[s] in 2015. Pittsburgh rhymer Wiz Khalifa and Heir Waves project creator Chase N Cashe pointed out that Harlem’s Max B is known for the wavy movement.

Kxng Crooked and Statik Selektah are scheduled to release their joint effort Statik KXNG later this year. The duo joked about possibly changing the album’s title to Swaves. Statik also mentioned Max B in one of his tweets.


Max B became a trending topic on Twitter as Kanye West returned to the social media platform to show respect to him. Wiz Khalifa and Chase N Cashe posted tweets acknowledging Kanye paying homage to Max B. The tweets from all three have been added to the gallery below.

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  • RapItUp

    So did Max B use ‘Wave’ in plural fashion? I always heard Wavy.. Never multiple waves.. Sounds like they’re reaching until they hear it in some context.. Who wouldn’t want to jump on Kanye new album bandwagon.. They know he about to cause a social media disturbance

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      this is what your worthless ass care about

      • RapItUp

        I am actually VERY worried about the millions of videos being shared online of white babies being molested.. But you know.. I think it’s safe to say you got that one covered..

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        more proof your mom shit out dummys that cant think of nothing to say

      • RapItUp


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  • Pingback: Wiz Khalifa, Mick Jenkins, Chase N Cashe, Kxng Crooked & Statik Selektah React To Kanye West’s ‘Waves’ Album Title()

  • Nervz

    Max B= Waste of tax payer dollars….

  • Anthony Mason




  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    grown men arguing about who can say wave and waves

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      and @ the end of the day max b thing was WAVY not wave or waves

  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    wiz is a dumb ass – his probably upset no one cares about his album coming out and that he got sloppy seconds and his wife turned out to be a top notch ho while ye ended up with millionaire hos of the finest quality.

    • Blue Skies

      “millionaire hos of the finest quality.” So a h0e is better if they have little money? And what is so high quality about a fake body h0e? Lol Kanye is a sucka as well….this new generation are a bunch of small minded idi0ts. Smdh. Take this L little n!gga.

  • Watever

    He did kind of jack Mick Jenkins’ album title and that just came out like 5 months ago. And they’re both from Chicago…

    • I_AM_Houston

      Until now I never heard of dude so I bet Kanye hasnt either. I cant see him knowing of any small movement guys other than the popular people like Durk, Bibby, Herbo etc

      • Watever

        You don’t think Kanye West keeps track of the rising artists from his city? The same Kanye West that’s constantly connecting with up-and-coming artists. Jenkins is not just some no-name scrub. He has had a lot of buzz over the last year.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        he does but im sure some fall thru the crack like jenkins !!!! lol …. i bet its alot of people that discovered him today like myself lol …. but kanye prob still doesnt know who he is LOL !!!!!!

      • Watever

        Google Mick Jenkins and see how many blog placements on major websites he has gotten. He worked with Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper (they both have worked with Kanye). Mick is from that same Chicago brand of music as Vic and Chance. You may not have known him, but Kanye knows who he is.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol its alot of unkown artist on blogs mane how you think hip hop got wack cause of these oppurtunist bs blog sites …. but @ the end of the day that doesnt mean by anymeans that kanye should know who he is lol ……..

      • Watever

        He’s not “unknown” that’s the point. He has over 80,000 followers on Twitter and over 7 million views on YouTube. He has several songs with close 1 million plays on SoundCloud. He was a finalist for XXL Freshman list last year. Again just because you don’t know who he is doesn’t mean Kanye doesn’t.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        Lol so the chick that works @ the super market around here with the fatty. Has 50k followers on ig lmao…. yo u not helping his situation with this information lmao

      • Watever

        Does she have 1 million plays on Soundcloud? Was she a finalist for the XXL freshman list? Does she have a Wikipedia page? Did she release a critically acclaimed album? Has she been interviewed by Complex, Pitchfork, Vice, and The Chicago Tribune? You’re not helping your case.

    • golder1

      Noone owns the word Wave

      • Watever

        I didn’t say anyone did. It’s just curious Kanye would pick the same titled used by another Chicago rapper just 5 months ago. No one owns the words “surf” or “rodeo” either. But If Kanye decided to call his album “Surf” like Chance or “Rodeo” like Travis it would be the same thing.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        he wouldnt do that cause he and many people actually know of those artist and im sure the got they paperwork right so no one could use that anyway lol

      • Watever

        There are a lot of people that know of Mick. Why do you think he was even mentioned in the article? If he was a “nobody” he wouldn’t have been mentioned on this site or many other Hip Hip sites covering this topic.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      you think kanye knows who mick jenkins is ???? lmao …. i know i just heard of him …. second if his ish was official he could actually stop kanye from using that title .. artist have dont that before … go see saigon …..

  • Sean Power

    omg his using wave another rapper used wave so no one should use lol rapper so dumb the music that samples everyone is made cause another rapper is use a word that they used by the way it not even an original word surfers are dude we been using wave for years

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      especially one that will prob never see light of day .. and also prob the only one proud of kanye keeping the wave alive LOL

  • Yea its me


  • I_AM_Houston

    Its plenty of album titles that are the same or very similar. No one on a big scale has used Wave. I still think Swish is a better title, even thought I dont like either title.

  • NotTomFromMySpace

    wtf is a Max B? lol he a east coast nate dogg. Next

    • Celz

      He’s raw bro. Don’t hate.

    • Dox

      Heard him on a couple old dipset songs and he was mediocre at best. I don’t get the whole Max B thing.

  • draws

    Free Max B.

  • RayStantz

    Tom Petty

  • Frank Yoster

    Seriously i hate kanye

  • Q.

    UPDATE: Kanye West has announced he’s ditching “Waves” and will be taking fan votes for his new album title. Vote now!:

    – Free Throw
    – Chipmunk Back
    – Skeet!
    – Ready To Die: The 7 Day Theory
    – Sashay Chanté
    – Jaws 5
    – BRUCE
    – Yehovah: Witness
    – Frederick Thuglass
    – KOTUS 2020

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    Max B is the creator of the wave movement not to mention the creator of Jenny (I mean Jim) Jones biggest record….”Ballin” (We fly high)


    niggas out here acting like maxB a legend or dude cant name his album whatever he wants..really them tweeting all that shit made it even more popular

  • Tha WaveMan

    The wave will never die #FREEMAXB

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