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‘Money & Violence’ Season 2 Premiere Date Announced (TRAILER)

(AllHipHop News) The popular web series Money & Violence is finally set to return. The street drama set in Brooklyn, New York will premiere its next set of episodes on February 9 on Tidal.

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Fans that do not have a subscription to Tidal will be able to watch Money & Violence after the shows first debut on the streaming site. spoke with Moe Verneau, the writer/director of Money & Violence, in October about the move to the Jay Z led Tidal.

“The deal with Tidal is structured in a way that they have exclusivity for a limited amount of time. The episodes will come out on Tidal first, then after a week we’re able to put it up on whichever platform that we want,” said Verneau. “I made sure to keep in mind all of my day one viewers, so they won’t feel left out.”

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Watch the trailer for Money & Violence season 2 below.

  • Markus

    Intelligent, aspiring, talented black men in the door of the entertainment industry and they use their voice exploiting the ills of communities that are losing people left and right and fascinating the ignorant. Damn shame. Here we are talking about being excluded from recognition amongst the inner workings of Hollywood and this is what we provide as vehicles to be supported. Pass.

    • Nyga07

      This three different things but I do get your point. But facts dudes came from nothing and at least trying to do something is good, they could actually be robbing and drug dealing. And if they took the effort to do this. I ‘m sure they have other business ventures to go for, HBO did the wire, so it is not about them using it to exploit really, it is just them attacking the avenue available the best they know how. They can make 500 black history shows, and still won’t change Hollywood, and fugg the Oscars we dont need that , or any trophy handed to us by any fool to validate who we are, and what we strive for. Stop looking for acceptance,like and rewards from man, its not worth it. This world gone be what it is

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  • ba1500

    a low budget wire,why watch this when we already had and still got da wire, i.j.s. if u wanna come with somethin new than come with somethin new, not this trash