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Fetty Wap’s Baby Mama Plans To Take Him For A Lot!

Photo via Fetty Wap’s Instagram

Oh Fetty! It looks like Fetty Wap’s life is about to get pretty expensive. One of his baby mama’s, Love & Hip Hop’s Masika, plans to take a lot from him. Masika maintains her claims that Fetty Wap is definitely the father of her unborn child, and that he was the only one she was sexually involved with between late June and early July. Apparently Fetty doesn’t completely believe he’s the father, and there is only one way to find out! Masika has submitted court papers demanding Fetty take a paternity test. Masika is demanding child support, and living expenses. She also plans to seek full custody of the child. She also claims that she needs $17K a month total, and of that $17K, $4,500 will go to rent, $820 to the housekeeper, and $2,000 for clothes. Hmmmmmmm but these rappers don’t want to wear condoms to protect themselves from diseases or unwanted children. We will see how this pans out.


    F*CK Veggie Wrap or T-Painful, as his gimmick is about PLAYED OUT!, He deserves to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in Child Support & Lawsuits, for not puttin’ on a 25 cent rubber!

    • Miss.S


  • WeakSauce

    Not defending this loser but why TF do she need a housekeeper? Why she need 2 stacks for clothes?


    He did say he needed a trap queen.

    • Dubz

      She trapped him alright.

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    4500 for rent??? Gtfoh go rent urself a 1200 condo and stack the cash

    • Myleage

      and her needing $820 means for a house keeper means she’s bout to hit the club errrrnight

  • hoeyuno

    These rappers bring this bullshyt on their selves. But you can’t tell a dude in his late teens to early 20’s that bustin nuts in bus stop sluts is a bad idea. Especially when they know your making paper..Live and Learn

  • josh

    What child needs 4500 for rent what child needs 2000 a month for clothes and a housekeeper? This ho definitely isn’t planning on going to work so why does she need a house keeper. I’m getting sick of hearing about these dumb Instagram whores these rappers need to be smarter and bring their own condoms to the party

  • Wow , condoms are cheaper.



  • Markus

    If he has been a deadbeat and too dumb to not allow a third party to force him to clearly overpay for money his child will more than likely won’t see,then this is his fault.

  • crm123456

    dumb broad lol