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Kendrick Lamar’s First Week Sales Projections For ‘Untitled Unmastered” Are In

(AllHipHop News) It appears an 8-track project of unfinished demos was enough to set up Kendrick Lamar to earn another #1 album. According to HitsDailyDouble, K. Dot’s untitled unmastered is on pace to land in the top spot on the charts.

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The industry website reports the surprise EP is expected to sell between 140,000 – 150,000 copies out the gate. Streaming totals should push the equivalent album units to 175,000 – 185,000.

If those numbers hold, untitled unmastered will be Kendrick’s second #1 album. To Pimp A Butterfly spent two weeks in the pole position in 2015. The platinum certified LP sold 324,000 copies in its initial week.

Top Dawg Entertainment’s CEO revealed on Twitter that physical copies of untitled unmastered are possibly on the way. Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith replied to a questioning fan by writing, “Yep….working on that.”

Another surprise project released on March 4 is looking at a Top 10 debut as well. 2 Chainz’s ColleGrove (with Lil Wayne) is projected to move between 35,000 – 45,000 copies (55,000 – 65,000 SPS). The Atlanta rapper’s 2013 album B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 with 63,000 copies sold in its first week.

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  • Uncle Ruckus

    They need to diversify. I like TDE. I like the fact that it’s real LA street dudes or whatever that ain’t being run like Death Row. I want them to win. I want them to be around in 10 years from now but music is a fickle game. You can’t expect Kendrick to keep pulling it out the bag or hoping Q comes with that dope LP. They need to try Reggae or something else.

    • Savimbi

      I dig. Q’s album was very boring to me. They might need to snag a pure east coast cat. I think the kid Nick Grant from SC would be a good fit for them, or even Sap producer/rapper (Delaware) , i think musically in their own way they could match Kendrick’s momentum.

      • Celz

        Lets see what young Isaiah can do.. But yea Nick Grant would be flames.. Cyhi would fit better at TDE too..

    • I_AM_Houston

      I dont think Kendrick will fall off. He may fall off to us but Im in a area full of colleges and these white kids eat him up. Kind of like how Wiz might not have the black support as hard but the white crowd world wide will continue to love it.

      • Uncle Ruckus

        Nah man, while I’ll agree everyone has their core support, there was a time when we all thought Kane, KRS, LL, Cube etc would never be out of the spotlight of our culture yet these dudes been dropping albums and all AHH wanna tell us is Rihanna found a $20 sack in her pussy….I dunno where I was going with this one but it sounds right

    • Celz

      Jay Rock jusrt dropped bro its fiya.. My favorite song of the year is Traffic Jam feat SZA and Kendrick.. They could take K.Dot off and it would be song of the year IMO.. They got this shyt just trust em. I just can’t vibe with Ab Soul and Q too much. I’m just glad TDE is reppin what the real Cali emcee is like.. All that Dogg Pound gangsta rap type shyt is real too but the industry oversaturated that one sound when a majority of Cali rappers, even the ones from gangs, don’t sound shyt like that..

      • Uncle Ruckus

        Are you from Watts? Either way, I can’t really get into Rock or, try as I might, Ab Soul. q’s probably the one who’s lyrics I understand the best. Don’t get me wrong, they put out good music but as a fan, I’m just worried for them going forward. We need a Black Hippy album next anyway

      • Celz

        Naw I got homies from there.. Been out there on random missions…

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  • Weak numbers for such a “superstar” collab.
    Good for Kendrick tho !

    • ImKing

      Are you serious? These are good numbers for an EP with 8 tracks that didn’t make TPAB. These are all digital numbers. I guess you haven’t seen Rihanna numbers for Anti.


      • I am serious but I don’t think you understood my comment.

      • ImKing

        Probably not. I overlooked collab. Was anybody expecting Wayne & Chainz to do better numbers?

      • Hahaha not me. Im glad it’s this way though.

      • DreamBigLiveLarge

        im pretty sure he was referring to the wayne/2 chainz collab

      • ImKing

        Yeah I overlooked collab…Lol

      • Chyze

        He was talking about the 2Chainz/Weezy collab moving almost nothing…K dot notches another win. We need this parity in Hip Hop. Everything is trap rap…we need somebody on a Tribe called Quest vibe 2 even out the celebration of willful ignorance.

      • ImKing

        Yeah I overlooked collab. (Lol) I totally agree because these so called (trap) rappers are destroying the minds of so many people. It baffles me that industry folk salute that crap. PeAcE.

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  • Markus

    Kendrick’s wins are pretty much automatic these days.

  • TheAfroRican

    Nice numbers for a surprise EP. Congrats to Kendrick.

  • Wayne and 2 Chainz about to ride over to Kendrick’s grandma’s house😂😂😂.

    Embarrassing for Wayne and them. Maybe they were trying to duplicate Watch the Throne and got it confused with a toilet bowl. Those numbers are straight sh*t….

    But Kendrick is winning though…

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  • jacksjus

    I have Apple Music and listened to it that way. I wonder if that counts towards his sells because otherwise I don’t see how it will help his sells if not counted in.

  • All Headz Realize

    Heard it and aside from track 1 and 3 which are ok, the album is trash! Weirdo music! I remember when real conscious rappers like Public Enemy would move millions of units from white people alone. When your music is dope as hell, they buy it anyway besides what you’re saying about them. These sales are a reflection of all the11 undeserving Grammy nodes. Notice he only sold 25ks after the Grammy hype but MJs Thriller sold millions after the grammys. Stop jocking overrated!

    • DL

      Drake is the biggest rap star in the world and he can barely go platinum. YOu out of touch bum ass nigga know damn well you clowns stealing music and not supporting artist anymore. Trolling as fool. Damn! why did I fall for your fuckery when you’re obviously trolling

      • Weedras

        lol!! for real the folks who complain the most about music aren’t the mofos buying shit 90% of the time lol!!

      • YoungZari

        perfectly said.

      • All Headz Realize

        I’m not gonna call you any name but immature. Drake always go platinum so I don’t know what you are talking about. Kendrick is the one that barely goes platinum!

      • ImKing

        THE HATE IS REAL: Clearly you have no idea what goes on in the industry. First off, Drake is a pop artist that makes (microwavable) music for radio. He’s also signed to Apple, so of course he’s gonna sell more. Numbers are munipulated all the time. All pop artists sell more. Remember Mc Hammer, Vanilla Ice & Nelly just to name a few. You’re clearly delusional. THE HATE IS REAL…..

      • All Headz Realize

        Lol Apple owns Beats and they’re more involved in Kendrick and Dr.Dre than they are with Drake and Young Money! You just jocking Kendrick so hard that you falsify reality! Drake a HipHop artist who sings like most rappers nowadays so you need to stop hating bruh!

      • ImKing

        Again, you’re delusional. Smh & Lol.

      • Celz

        He’s a fan bro.. Try arguing facts with a Raider fan. I’ve been a Laker fan since the 90s.. So when they beat Golden State yesterday that shyt matters! When really niccas just got lucky, and no odds are going to change in Vegas. Facts don’t matter when you talk to fans bro..

    • I don’t understand this comment. Do you want the message or do you want to be entertained? Drake sings all day long if that’s your forte. But this album by Kendrick is in the vein of The Lost Tapes by Nas. Everyone can agree that Nas’s TLT was not consumable based on Billboard chart standards. But it still moved units. Why? Because it gave folks a glimpse into what he was trying to put together. Sometimes it’s good to see what goes in to making a classic like To Pimp A Butterfly because it shows the world that although the artist can make a classic, he is still just a human with errors and mistakes. Think of how dope it would be to get DJ Premier’s out takes and throwaways. What about Dre? It would be a good listen. By releasing this joint Kendrick becomes more relatable to the common man. Less bulletproof. But more legendary in the process. At least that’s what I gathered.

      • All Headz Realize

        Lol, TBAB ain’t nowhere near anything Nas has done but you dudes trying to call it great. Nowhere near the top 20 greatest rap albums of all time! Em, Drake, J Cole and Jay-Z all move more units than Kendrick and mostly without the hype.
        If Nas ever had a quarter of the hype of Kendrick Lamar, he would havebeen going diamond like Eminem! People buy music if it’s dope and I understand that rap isn’t what it use to be besides a few like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Drake and Joey Badass but you dudes are trying your best to elevated Kendrick to a status he ain’t on yet. Now you are forcing him into weirdo style cuz he thinks he’s Just that great, ala Lil Wayne!

      • Q.

        …And that avi is SUSPECT.

      • KashIsKlay

        You sound like a hater who is stuck in the past. One of those “back in my day types”

        Kendrick is super dope. That’s undeniable.

    • ChiVa02

      public enemy would move millions of units….in 1989. and thriller….in 1983.. you’re comparing different eras, which invalidates your whole argument. a whole bunch of people in rap music today would take 150,000 and have a party for it. and I love PE and thriller goes without saying. but if you don’t like kendrick, just say you dont like him. all that other nonsense you typed was garbage.

    • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

      That’s because white people don’t really care if you talk about them. If anything other races are the ones who bug out at the slightest provocation.

    • casarezrich

      – Retard

      P.S. We don’t believe you, you need more people

    • Uncle Ruckus

      You still hating in 2016 Shyne?! Seriously, I think you’re entitled to your opinion so I can’t understand the reactions you’re getting. Bro, as for Drake they tried to rewrite what an MC is and battle rap (using memes to kill Meek) for this Canadian to still exist in the scene.

      • All Headz Realize

        Ruc, I was at a football game and they started bumping “Back 2 Back”! Lol! That’s when the memes started from. I think Kendrick got potential but he ain’t no where near the level of greats like Nas, bruh! You Kendrick fans need a reality check cuz yall riding dude too hard!

      • Uncle Ruckus

        He aint Nas, you’re right but then Rakim fans would say Nas aint Rakim. Some of Kendrick’s stuff flies over my head. Control verse was nothing compared to the class of 94. Ain’t no cat around that could exist in that company but in an era where French Montana is considered a headliner, Kendrick is simply the best of a rotten breed. Also, he’s doing something different on the West COast which is, IMO, the main reason he’s getting the push

      • All Headz Realize

        That’s my whole point, Kendrick seems to be bigger than life out in the Westcoast and Midwest. Ain’t nobody in real HipHop culture putting this dude right along side of the greatest mcs ever out east! Yall wishing out there and as far as the best of his generation, very debatable cuz he lacks the worldwide appeal Drake and J Cole have. Kendrick probably gonna fall before all them kats cuz yall holding his nuts too tight out west!

      • Uncle Ruckus

        I’m in London. I seen Kendrick have a commercial for his album. The last rapper I seen get that was Jay! Bro, you CAN NOT put Drake in the same sentence as Kendrick. That is like comparing Jason Derulo to Neyo. Neyo writes his own shit. Drake is a great performer who sings, raps and dances and ain’t exceptional at any of them!

  • King Alvarez

    album was boo boo

    • KashIsKlay

      Shut up

    • Celz

      It’s for real niccas only..

      • King Alvarez

        That’s what future fans say too haha but nah its alright but it’s not the greatest album ever. People are over hyping it, buts ok for what it is.

      • Celz

        Come on man chill with the hate.. Music =/= shyt my lil bih could twerk on.. Would I play the shyt at a function? Hell naw, but in the car on the way to work it goes hard af.. Number 2 and 7 on repeat right now..

  • THISIS50

    Good numbers for a surprise EP

  • Black Adam

    Consciousness winning in 2016 means we are headed in the right direction. Salute to Kendrick for releasing those liver performance pieces especially the Colbert 1. Peace.

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  • The Legendary Troll

    fake manipulated status.. nobody was listening to this ish. keep it 100

    • Celz

      That shyt bang..

      Get Top on tha phone! I see jiggaboos, I see styrfoams.. My hood goin brazy, where we did we go wrong?

    • You’re a Drake fan to the end, I’ll give you that. You still mad cause your boy sold more records to White folks and K Dot took all his shine? I know. Drake “gone be alright”. 😂😂

  • Zodiak Killa

    My new album is available on Tidal. It’s called Zodiak Killa- Look What You Made Me Do.

  • Zodiak Killa

    Zodiak Killa-Look What You Made Me Do. On itunes,Tidal,Spotify,Pandora.

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