Jay Z Takes Classic Album The Blueprint Off Spotify

(AllHipHop News) Jay Z has taken his classic album, The Blueprint, off rival streaming services Apple Music and Spotify.
The 2001 opus is regarded as one of his great works.

Furthermore, the album is not available Apple’s iTunes, the largest retailer of music. The mogul has seemingly removed The Blueprint II and The Blueprint III as well.

Last year, Jay took is freshman classic Reasonable Doubt off Spotify.

A number of his other albums are still on his competitors platforms, including Vol. I, II,  III albums and 2013’s Magna Carta…Holy Grail.

According to reports, TIDAL’s subscriptions doubled with Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo.

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37 Responses to “Jay Z Takes Classic Album The Blueprint Off Spotify”

  1. Dark Matters

    If these are paid subscriptions that would mean 3 million subscriptions at a minimum of $10 a month. Perhaps, they’re the most profitable service provider in the streaming space, at this point?

      • Anthony Mason

        Your accomplishments are stacked up so high you can see them from your mother’s basement floor…

  2. Anthony Mason

    Nigga please. Like somebody 28 plus who is hip hop head gives a f*** about this. If they didn’t cop it when it came out in 2001 and still have it on CD (people used them back then) and ripped to their HD on all their computers to this very day…don’t bother listening now.

    Young cats are 14 now from when that dropped no? Towers crashed that day….Millenials don’t listen to classics like that anyways…. Kanye was still rocking polos not apocalyptic hammer pants and shirts that look like sun scorched and rat eaten dresses….

  3. WeakSauce

    Who cares! If you never bough a copy back then when everyone actually bough music, then you don’t need to buy it now! And Fk Jay-Z and his bitch ass Tidal!

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