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Did Young Thug Assault His Fiancee?

Rumor has it that Young Thug recently assaulted his fiancee Jerrika Karlae while the couple was at the MGM Casino Hotel in Detroit. Jerrika jumped on Twitter to deny the claims but people want her to jump on Snap Chat to show her face. It didn’t help that Thugger tweeted,

“If you’ll tex a gay man. You’ll text a man.”

It sounds like Jerrika isn’t allowed to have any male friends. Interesting enough Young Thug fans have hacked her Instagram page and are demanding that Young Thug release Slime Season 3 before they hack his page too. #GirlFight! But seriously we hope Thugger isn’t out here putting his hands on women.

Young Thug fiance

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15 Responses to “Did Young Thug Assault His Fiancee?”

  1. Markus

    Wouldn’t be surprised if she was getting beat. Knowing how he carries himself and you willingly look past all the suspect behavior most likely for monetary reasons,you deserve what you sold yourself for.

      • Banksy

        LMAO smh only you know sus niggas would even think this shit. Faggot ass niggas man I swear to God.

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