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Jay Z’s Tidal Reveals Wave of Subscribers From Kanye’s ‘Life Of Pablo’ In First Year

(AllHipHop News)  After a year of big press firings, hirings, controversy and varying reports on the numbers, Tidal has officially released it’s first year tallies for it’s subscribers.

As the Jay Z fronted company glides into its sophomore year of existence, tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the famed New York City launch that pictured a host of entertainers as they signed up to be partial owners of Tidal.

Since then the streaming service has pulled in over 2.5 million subscribers in the U.S. alone.

With over a half million subscribers abroad, Tidal’s total of subscribers now surpasses over 3 million users.

To date Tidal has a few tiers for subscribers ranging from $9.99/month to $19.99/month for hi-fidelity lossless content.

Recently it was reported that Samsung wasn’t interested in buying Tidal, despite rumors that circulated after Jay-Z released his project Magna Carta Holy Grail and Rihanna’s LP ANTI via the tech giant.

The Jay Z spearheaded streaming service also made headlines earlier this month when news broke that both the COO and CFO had been fired.

Apple (11 million) and Spotify (30 million) trump Tidal by the numbers, grossing as many as 3 to 10 times as many subscribers respectively.

In April last year Tidal fell out of the top tier of apps, dropping out of the top 750 apps on Apple’s App Store, but by September Jay Z was touting 1 million subscribers. 

But despite the ups and downs, stars like Beyoncé, Madonna, Kanye West, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, and J. Cole have remain as part owners of Tidal also benefitting from the revenue earned.

According to Billboard, Kanye’s streams for his project The Life of Pablo exceeded 250,000,000 streams in the first 10 days of its release.

After the project released, reports surfaced that Kanye had doubled the subscribers of Tidal.

“I believe in Tidal and what the team is doing to affect the change the music industry needs,” said interim chief executive Peter Tonstad in a statement last April amid falling numbers. “We’re streamlining the company and refocusing our resources to ensure the platform continues to grow, and listeners can make a connection to their favorite artists. No one else is doing this.”

Of the 3 million subscribers around 1.35 million signed up for the hi-fidelity, lossless audio/video tier ($19.99), which allows users to access about 40 million songs and 130,000 videos and live streams.




  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    Dope.. Good look for Tidal.

  • DJ7

    I was trying to find a post that’ll be up for awhile to address AHH staff:

    If this site is still ran by black people, why is there no story up about Nixon’s aid spilling the beans on their conspiracy to attack blacks through their war on drugs campaign?

    Brussels attack was just a cover story….it was only used to mask the story I’m talking about! In a few days, the smoke will clear and it will seem as if no one said anything…

    I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering this and thought I’d ask since no one else has.

    • Let me have a hit of what you got. Brussels was a cover story?

      • DJ7

        You’re white! I don’t expect you to overstand anything that I speak on, it’s not a priority to / for you…

        Where are my brothas and sistas at?

      • RazaBladeKing

        I’m guessin its cuz it’s not really news, or more specifically hip hop news (not that it ever stopped em before). But, uh, there was already evidence that Nixon hated black people; the only “reveal” was that he actually created a policy to ‘enforce’ his hatred. But US presidents bein racist isn’t “news”; the first dozen or so literally owned black people. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, both Roosevelts, Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes… they were all well-known (and in some cases, published) racists. Won’t go too far into it, but its a conservative thing… conserve the status quo, which in this case is the white supremacy machine. It’s self-serving if you’re a rich white guy, not matter what time period we’re talkin about.

      • DJ7

        Who knew about this beforehand? Was it made public or was it something said that got swept under the rug?

        The rest of your post is a good read for those who know little and quest for more knowledge, which was the original intention behind my post.

        Of course it was too heavy for AHH so they closed the thread…why do you think they did that? 🤔

      • If I was white the WOD effected my hippie family as well. This why we can’t do shit now. Always quick to play a race card. My priority is not to try & educate the masses on a hip hop thread with conspiracy theories. Thats what WHITE folks do. Hop on reddit or huffpost.

      • DJ7

        Race card? You’re definitely white or a negropean…that weak ass line always gets tossed around whenever blacks want to talk about racism…go figure…

        What I’m speaking on is fact, what conspiracy are you talking about?

        Matter of fact…hold ALL of your answers to my questions for someone whose interested in debating a troll…I’m NOT that guy!

      • Troll? Negro you don’t even have a grasp on reality so you need to debate SOMEONE. 40 trillion wasted & you still hooked on some strong opiates I see. Cover up? This aint breaking news! Common knowledge we just got a little more insight when he died (his aide).

  • I told cats. Kanye caked up off of this joint. Please believe that. There’s a reason he’s saying he’s never releasing a physical album any more. Look at those numbers…. Shiiiiit…..


      I know u probably think I’m hating,this is gonna hurt the true fans, because every artist won’t do those numbers, plus you alienating your fans that got u there. Streaming is really hiding the fact that artists can’t sell physical copies,no more. JMO, it’s not bout the money, it’s about doing right by your fans. This is another way to keep us divided.

      • Nah… I don’t see that. This is just another technological jump that music has to make. It’s not a big deal. Plenty of people still wanted to bump 8 tracks. And you see what happened to them. The fans will follow good music.


        That all I’m saying, I think it a good thing, just wish it was more accessible to the less fortunate. That why physical copies are necessary.

      • I agree homie…

    • Dope

      Streams, even for him being a part owner, don’t really pay much. So even if the number is not a hyped up one, that’s not a lot of money. Streaming is the new thing, a new way to deliver music in this age when physical stuff is simply not amusing any more, nobody needs a CD. But streaming is also a way of flashing big numbers, that don’t really mean much.

      • You’re wrong homie. While streams generally don’t pay much, Tidal is a different set up. And the artists are heavily compensated for new monthly membership conversions. I think you’re referring to traditional streaming services. Catch up homie.

      • Dope

        Tidal could be paying a bit more as it relies on subscribers instead of ad generated revenue which is the primary source of revenue for free services. We’d have to see some real numbers so we can know for sure how much they’re really getting.

      • Winner15

        Streaming numbers look bigger but certainly pay less per play unless generating the kind of plays he got. People got to remember that Tidal pays slightly more then other streaming services. They pay around 0.7 cents ($0.007/play) so technically with Kanye’s 250 million streams that’s $1.75 million made which isn’t bad oppose to if Kanye would of sold through a Major Record label (Ex. If his CD debut at 250,000 copies sold which is considered high now a days because Rihanna didn’t even sell that much..) most artist’s earn only $1 – 2/per CD sold so understanding that Kanye has his Indie label ‘Good Music’ his contract is probably for $2.5 or 25% per cd sold selling for $10 = $625,000 in his pocket. . So even if Tidal artist like Kanye get to keep 75% of every stream he made $1,312,500 in his pocket which is more then double off of 250,000 physical cds selling and remember most don’t even sell half of that now a days. So after all his shenanigans online and craziness generating hype for his CD he ends up winning some how.!

      • Dope

        That’s a good breakdown. Yeah, he probably got more this way then he would trough physical copies, especially in this day and age when people just don’t want to bother to go to a shop. As for his craziness, it was obviously just to hype the CD up.. see how he’s doing barely none of it now that it’s out, and in few weeks leading up to the release he was doing something stupid daily.

      • RazaBladeKing

        That all looks right, except the $ amounts… most artists don’t get $1-$2 per cd; Michael Jackson was the highest selling musician of all time and even his best deal only got him 5 points (5%). So if a cd (or digital download) is $10, they get about 50 cents per cd, but again, you have to factor in that all of those percentages are based on net, not gross; in other words, those $10 sales added up, then that total is immediately deducted by your advance, production/feature/writer budget, video budget, and promo budget. Sample math: platinum artist sells 1 million at $10/cd = $10 million, then subtract a million for each of the 4 budgets, that leaves $6 million. 5% of that (which, again, is the best deal ever) is $300,000 profit (plus that $1 million advance on the front end). But if you think distributors/labels give out $4 million in advance and only want about $6 million back (minus your $300,000), you’re crazy… they want a lot more return on their money, and that’s what now gave rise to 360 deals. The days of hot single = automatic platinum are over, so whatever return distributors/labels are expecting, they’ll take it from your show money, t-shirt sales, and literally everything else (“360”). Having said all that, album sales (cd or digital) are still the life blood of the industry, and streams are just drops in a bucket. No amount of free streams or even $1 singles can match somebody who can sell a $10 product, and no increase in the cut of streams or singles can match that “win”. Said another way, Kanye’s larger cut of 250 million streams ain’t s*** compared to Kendrick’s cut of a platinum album. J.Cole, Drake, and Kendrick all sold platinum, and Adele went triple platinum, all in the last 12 months… people may not buy “cds” as much, but album sales still trump everything.

      • Winner15

        Hey man you obviously have good points and I am not convinced yet with Tidal and streaming because it is Kanye who is a seasoned Rapper and been around more then 2 decades. But overall the straight money is there from his streams because of who he is. Technically for him it makes sense because of his last Cd flopping people and craziness people still want to know what is going on with his Artistic creation with him being a Narcassic and half crazy man so some will spend $19,99/monthly membership. Over all CD sales should be calculating more money but for the MAJORITY of Mainstream Artist’s it is not. Forget the advances scenario with Kanye because he owns his own Indie label so you have to factor in those numbers 1st oppose to a unknown/new artist getting signed to a Major and needs the advances. Advances maybe giving out but on certain contractual term in the contract agreement negotiations with the artist and a major Rapper like Kanye and his indie label who have already generated ‘X’ amount of dollars they certainly will be getting more then 5% (5 Points) per Cd or digital downloads. I believe that those days are over with the whole point system from 19 how long… Indie labels figured this out around 2006 and have escalated which is WHY the Big 4 have become the Big 3 now soon and possibly in the next decade the big 2 then eventually 1 Major left. The business has change including a lot of Payola and fabricated propaganda numbers like Adele where I rarely hear he music off her latest Cd pumping anywhere…that says a lot.

      • RazaBladeKing

        Just a couple things (and good discussion, btw)… GOOD music isn’t exactly an indie label, I believe they were given a label deal through Def Jam… but both of those facts are irrelevant. Labels make *music*, and the big money has always been in the *manufacturing*, not the music. So whether it was 8 tracks, casettes, cds, or today’s “digital bundle”, the big money has always been in the creation of those, not the songs housed on them. What does that mean? Universal (the distributor) makes the lion’s share of everything, and break off Def Jam at a label deal rate, who then break off their artists at either an artist or label rate. But yeah, you can damn sure bet Kanye, Jay-Z, Adele, and every other music creator would starve without those advances from the music distributors. As for the rates? Kanye’s label deal probably gives him a 50/50 split on the artists he signs to his label, but that split is still going to be no better than 2.5%, because again, the greatest selling musician of all time could only negotiate to 5%, and Kanye nor anybody on G.O.O.D. ain’t sold anywhere near MJ numbers. Said another way, Kanye the artist gets 5% of his sales (at best, probably not though), and gets half of Big Sean’s 5%. That’s why labels sign artists to label deals; it saves them the time and money to have to find and develop new artists, and they only give up half of the small piece of pie they were already gonna give out any way. And that’s why you see these pyramid schemes, like Universal -> Cash Money -> Young Money -> OVO; Universal eats the lion’s share anyway, Birdman will eat more off the combined 2.5%s than he would off his 5% artist fee, Wayne follows suit, Drake follows suit, etc… Universal still gets the lion’s share of an OVO artist without having to find them, and let the rest bicker over the remaining 2.5% while thinking they’re “entrepreneurs”. Wayne gets to think he’s a “boss” because Drake’s 2.5 + Nicki’s 2.5 + Tyga’s 2.5 is greater than he’d get at just 5% as an artist. Now its a lot of info and I’m all over the place, here’s the short version:
        The deals that artists get are actually worse than you think (including label deals, really), but the money they make off albums is still much more than they get off album streams. You were comparing first week sales to overall streams; Kanye’s last album sold about 700,000 so 250,000 the first week is irrelevant. And you’re assuming he gets 75% of the $1.75 million, but we have no idea what the actual rate is; we just know its better than artists get from Spotify. As for the Adele comment; no mystery there. I don’t hear Kendrick or J. Cole as much as I hear Future, but the numbers show they out-sell him 10 to 1. The reason(s)? Rap’s target market is 15-18 yr old males… Future hits them better than the other two, but unfortunately for him, they don’t buy music. The other reason is those two I mentioned were propped up by the people (ie paying fans), not the machine, so radio and video may favor Future’s stupidity, but the paying audience does not.

  • Lyrics

    Jay been winning since 98! Wish Tidal was still offering their stock up.


    Stop all this fronting spotify has 30 million subscribers and 1 million that pays how many paid subscribers does tidal has period this article also leaves out the fact TLOP was illegally downloaded 500,000 times it’s first week so imagine how many times now

  • 5% Hov

    Been said this.

    Hov haters look left.