Charlamagne Tha God Slams Kanye West For Being A Hypocrite!

(AllHipHop Rumors) While people have had mixed emotions about Kanye West and his behavior lately, Charlamagne Tha God has let it be known where he personally stands on the issue.

Charlamagne says people can’t ever be surprised that Kanye says something wild and crazy because that’s Kanye being Kanye. He believes that when Kanye says things that people agree with, people view him as a genius and one of the most forward-thinking people and artists of our generation. Charlamagne says it’s when people disagree with what Kanye is saying that causes them to claim he’s crazy.

Charlamagne does have an issue with Kanye being a hypocrite though. According to Charlamagne, Kanye West can’t talk about the politics of what artists do at MTV and radio when he does the exact same thing.

“Kanye you play the same games, so stop it. You do the exact same things. You tell award shows you aren’t going to show up if you can’t do this. I’ve seen Kanye literally hold people….he held MTV prisoner until the very last moment. He was like just give me 30 minutes to do whatever I want to do,” said Charlamagne

Charlamagne says Kanye used who he is and his position of power to leverage what he wanted, so Ye needs to practice what he preaches.

C says Yeezy can’t call Beyonce out when he is doing the exact same things. Charlamagne says he isn’t even sure if Kanye is really crazy. He believes that Ye only checked himself in to avoid these lawsuits.

He also finds it troubling that Kanye would go on stage and blast his “friend” Beyonce who is his man Jay Z’s wife off of some hearsay. He believes that it’s possible that Beyonce never even rigged the VMAs.

What are your thoughts?

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4 Responses to “Charlamagne Tha God Slams Kanye West For Being A Hypocrite!”

  1. Black Jay Supreme

    Ummmm…. AHH…. when one of your stories doesn’t gain traction due to the fact that others see it’s an obvious click bait ploy, do you then turn around and run the same story a few days down the line in hopes of gathering further attention for your bullsh*t article? I said it once and I’ll say it again. My 3rd grade English teacher is waiting in the bushes for your supposed editor after work. 😂😂

  2. Concerned Citizen

    why do non talented clowns always want to bring down someone who has? C is not creative, has never been creative in his life!! Speculating on a brothers health like u a doc, u the donkey of the day for not supporting a brother. Yes Ye is strange in his own way but so is C!!!

  3. El Dogga

    Keep your mouth out of peoples business……this dude sure has a lot of opinions on something he not involved in or know nothing about!

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