Pop a Molly—I’m Raping—Wooooo!



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Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a Rick Ross dick phallus-rider! Mainly ’cause we grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same high school, (albeit Ross was a lil Bebe Kid when I was roaming the streets of Miami Carol City). He made me proud to be from the 3-0-5!

But homie! Dawg! What’s this new song you have out talkin’ ’bout slipping a chick a Molly just to hit the skins? I can’t cosign that! I mean, like, I messes with you heavvvvy! I defended your use of the name “Rick Ross” against that dude who helped destroy the black community with his dope-peddling proclivities! I rode (blogged) for you against Feddicent (50) who, up until you stepped on the scene—was notorious for ending rap careers! I didn’t care that you were a Correctional Officer! (Hey! I was a stripper!) I even rode for you against the Black Gangster Disciples (I rock a Star of David too!) and this is how ya gonna do me? (Pause)—rape one of my daughters by slipping a Molly in her dranky-drank?

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Ross raps, “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.” SMH (furiously!) Nigga! You could’ve rapped, “Put Molly in MY champagne/she ain’t even know it/ I took her home and enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it!” I hear Molly makes a nigga crazy in the sack. She would’ve thought that your bedroom game was top-notch, never knowing that you need Molly to achieve an erection and have decent staying-power. But no! You gave her a date-rape drug! You’re advocating rape fool!

Hey Ross! How would you like it if a woman slipped an appetite suppressor in your bucket of chicken? And you didn’t even know it! And she took your bucket of chicken home and enjoyed that!”

I have grown-ass single daughters in Miami, Atlanta and Denver. I need you to understand that! But not just for my daughters’ sake, but for all (black) women! That s#*t ain’t the business! Do you really think it’s cool to slip a Molly, a ruphie or whatever the new drug of choice is in a chick’s drink just to hit? Are you that desperate? Ross! This is date-rape! This is rape! And rape will get you 10 to 20 in the pokey my dude! Eff’s wrong with you?

I see now that I have to start calling you by your gov’ment—William Roberts. Why? Because I want you to feel comfortable when the po-po puts your butt in jail for date rape. Won’t be no mo’ Rick Ross/Ricky Rozay! If what you rapped about on this song is true and the woman decides to press charges, you’ve snitched on yourself! They’re gonna use your music against you. And when they do, maybe this will be the time that you come clean to the world and tell us you’ve never sold a brick—never ran with the Boobie Boys—never knew Noriega (“the real Noriega”) and were no hoo-rida. All of your raps—it’s just entertainment—even the Molly ish. That will be your only defense.

There are all kinds of criminals in the world, but a rapist ranks among the scourge of the penitentiary. Murders don’t like child-molesters and rapists and you, William Roberts, are aligning yourself with a motley crew of miscreants who are the lowest of the low on the pecking order of criminality sexual criminals.

Its one thing when some fat, broke, no-name ninja stoops to these levels of cunning to get some stank (and still, that is no excuse!), but a multimillionaire? Schemin’ to get some trim! All that moolah and you still have to trick a chick with Molly to get her between the sheets? What gives?

I mean, even when I was broke–as-a-joke—pushin’ a yellow hand-painted 1968 Dodge Dart with Flintstone brakes—I never had to scheme to get sex!

We’ve gone from “Pop a Molly, I’m sweatin’” to “Pop a Molly, I’m raping! Woooo!” Is that where we’re at Hip-Hop? Or is this just a case of a rapper who has a fetish for taking sex from chicks who are so drunk, inebriated, and high (because, unbeknowest to them, he slipped them a Molly) that they can hardly remember being ran through by an overweight sweaty man?

Right about now William — you need to get your P.R. people on this and make some amends to all the women of the world and particularly and specifically, chicks that love hip-hop. You have made it dangerous for a lot of women, because you know ninjas are gonna try to emulate what you rap about. It’s time for you to recognize that Freedom of Speech isn’t necessarily free. You’ve stepped over the line with this song William! What are you prepared to do about it?


southbeachKhalil Amani writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” (iuniverse.com 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One at http://www.khalilamani.ning.com Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Youtube @ yahweh 12

52 Responses to “Pop a Molly—I’m Raping—Wooooo!”

  1. JerZeBoy

    Yesterday was almost 100% same write up. We know, god forbid he makes a rape comment but all the murdering,torturing,drug selling ones are fine to say…..right?…….come on people really????

    • Dointer

      I disagree, if a person gets shot , its (usually) because they are involved with the shooter via illegal activities same with drug use, the user has the decision to buy or not to buy the drugs.

      RAPE on the other hand, is where a female ( of much less strength than a male) HAS NO CHOICE in the matter of being drugged and then made to have intercourse……… That is the major difference.

      Lets ask a gang members to talk about their gunshot wounds, and lets ask drug users to talk about their habits. I bet they will have no problem opening up and telling you all about it .Now ask a female who has be raped about her experience ..I settle my case.

      • JerZeBoy

        your still glorifying one thing while critisizing another when both are wrong. If you look at it that way being raped at least you live, being murdered there is no coming back. you cant let one thing go and then have this whole uprising about something else that is in the same catagory.

      • DesignatedH8R

        Rape is never honorable under any circumstances.

      • JerZeBoy

        really? I thought it was, thanks for clearing that up….smh

      • DesignatedH8R

        Let’s just let rape slide because of the decades of rappers talking about gun violence.

      • $43624040

        Actually, rape is a normal part of african n1gger culture.

      • JerZeBoy

        so beacuse someone gos to purchase a dime of weed they deserve to die???? you may think different one day when yu ave a kid that becomes a teen becasue 95% of kids try it these days.

      • Dointer

        No that is not the case. you have completely missed the point.

      • Dointer

        I said that the person using drugs has a choice in using them or not… A person who involves themselves in crime ( in the organised form ) should accept that there is a high chance they may die as consequence for being in that world…..A female going out to a bar with her friends for a drink should not have the worry about being raped….

      • JerZeBoy

        and to be honest there is no “case” its freedom of speech – Im not saying its right but then dont listen. Do you think Rick Ross was the 1st to talk about this??? everheard of Necro? Gravediggaz? Eminem? please…..

  2. Celz

    “Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a Rick Ross dick phallus-rider!”…..

    That’s as far as made it.. Literally or figuratively that’s mad suspect, either way you sound stupid..

  3. foh

    f**k rick ross and anyone that co-signs that snitch, c.o, fake drug dealer, murder glorifying (but only murders a burger) fat ugly tub of lard

  4. restless

    but for all (black) women!-khalil amani.. SMH! lol so its cool to rape white and latin woman just leave the black girls alone b**** you stupitt

  5. Eny Daboss

    Khalil is you gay, so when are you gona make 1 for 50 he is promoting gang violence, guyz needs to stop being gay and stop hatin on dude, most of yall raping pin up magazine

    • trlvman357

      Just cuz niggaz don’t like dat he rap about rapin a chick and that he glorify shit dat he now apart of we hatin?

    • Kevin Washington

      i hear that but i give fif props cause when the camera stops hes Curtis not 50 cent … when the cameras stop rolling Rick Ross is still rick ross ….. Fif will write a song about smoking weed but in the interview tell you he doesnt smoke weed @ all …. If Rick Ross makes a song about choppers and using them joints … in an interview he act the same way wether its true or not … i dont know if hes being real or not … hes so up and down @ this point who cares ….. but for 50 cent he always keeps it 100 in his interviews … all of his work is for entertainment value and hes stated that himself a million times … so i respect fif for being 100 …. and cant knock his hustle @ all because of that …..

      • $43624040

        They’re all n1ggers, regardless of what lies come out of their ape mouths.

  6. Q.

    “Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a Rick Ross d*ck phallus-rider!”

    “I didn’t care that you were a Correctional Officer! (Hey! I was a stripper!) I even rode for you against the Black Gangster Disciples (I rock a Star of David too!)”

    Are we supposed to take anything this clown writes seriously? Somebody actually paid $$ for this article? LOL Wow!

    • Kevin Washington

      i salute this article but yeah i stopped reading @ “Hey! I was a stripper!” … lol … this aint a joking matter this needs to be a more serious letter because its only going to get worse from this point on if all ross gets is a slap on this wrist but gets $$ and tons of free press ….. dont let the TROLLING WORK !! lol

  7. Bumpy Johnson

    dont they know my niggas gutta fkkin kidnap kids,
    fkk’em in the ass, throw’em over a bridge, —biggie smalls

  8. EQ

    yall haters,bloggers, need to stop lying acting like yall feelings were hurt over some lyrics,u act like the dude actually raped some one,yall niggas need to stop playing games.yall on some need attention heaux shit…i bet yall wont criticize slim shady like this..

    • Kevin Washington

      if he wrote about it in a song … either he did rape someone … or hes def thought about it ………………………………………. if you ask Rick Ross and countless other artist what they are doing with thier music …. they will tell you that they dont make music … they are selling a lifestyle ….. and when it comes to that … YES IT DEEPER THAN RAP !! and lyrics like this def need to be addressed !! rap = cool … when has it ever been cool to drug someone for sex ?? thats that ish only real grimey people do real losers …….. is ross putting himself in that lane … artist have characteristics … if he turned that one line into a hook or a chant .. would you recite it cause its JUST lyrics right ???????? …. and you know most people are oppurtunist … someone looking for a come up will see the attention ross got over that lyric with nothing but commentary as the backlash and will run with that and take it to the next level for thier own monetary gain ….. letting ish like this slide will just snow ball it ….. its already bad enuff that hip hop today is the back drop for violent, drug infested, hoochie ratchet infested club scenes which looks to already be in a mickey faze …. but to broadcast it nationally like hey i did it had fun doing it and got away with it … is dangerous ….. and people wonder why Techno club music is getting very popular these days …….these new artist about kill hiphop by adding more distructive elements drugs, death, murder now we adding rape to the list … smh!! dont let artist INFLUENCING LIFE !!

      • $43624040

        cRap is dying off (finally), these worthless n1ggers are just trying to keep it alive.

  9. rocnation30

    Wow this dude typed up a whole book on this , c’mon I get it it was wrong but I agree with NJALLDAY All the stuff goin on in the world Rick Ross says one line and everybody feel slighted what about the countless rappers before him that said similar stuff . I don’t know I remember Camron saying I kill girls rape em bury their skirts …. People sound real crazy let it go its entertainment it was bad an now lets move on the unemployment rate is goin up while we speak about this nonsense

    • $43624040

      N1ggers don’t need jobs, we give you worthless apes welfare checks and food stamps. We are responsible for feeding/ clothing, and sheltering our precious little pet ape n1ggers.

  10. Depressed Insomniac

    You people just don’t get Rick Ross’s genius, He said it himself ”We don’t condone rape” Meaning him and his ghostwriters are just trying he’s trying to put a humorous light on rape in order to alleviate the awkwardness of getting drugged and rape. Rick Ross is the last socially conscious rapper.

  11. WillVetterGoodin

    It doesn’t matter what this dude talks about, he’s a fake, and that’s that. Discredited from the very beginning for being a fraud.

  12. Kevin Washington

    sad part is rick ross said that line and rocko prob didnt even know it … lol joke lol … but damn why cant some of these dudes have some kind of integrity these days … Lorel told cons straight up i aint doing the song …. but then you got joints like this .. def would like to hear rockos stance on it …..

  13. Pedro Matos Jr.

    Dis n*gga stole my “Popped a molly I’m rapin” line from one of the earlier posts where I was clownin Rozay about that line.SMH no originality on this site.

  14. paul blake

    “Schemin to get some trim” LOL! That had me dyin for hours! It’s so true. Rappers used to brag about “Beating it up” because their “pimp game” was so tight. Now they need little white girls for help!

    • $43624040

      Fortunately, White women are finally starting to display some common sense, and avoiding these n1gger apes at all cost.

  15. $11625525

    MDMA is big on the gay Club scene, has been for 10 years or more. Coincidence its now a rappers drug of choice?

    • $43624040

      Being gay or straight is a sexual condition for human beings. N1ggers aren’t human beings, they’ll stick their dicks into anything that it will fit in.

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